Issue #16: June 2014

Issue #16
Date: June 1st, 2014

★The Popcorn★

Munch on the PHB’s pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine!

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of the Poptropica Help Blog’s fan magazine! While we’ve previously called it The Poptropican’s 911, we have recently decided to give it a more delicious name, The Popcorn, and we will be back to publishing monthly, just like the beginning days of the 911. Enjoy!


We’ve selected a few Poptropica-related questions from our e-mail inbox this month to answer… and here’s what we’ve got.

I’ve been waiting for Survival Island Episode 2 to be available for everyone for a very long time! When will it be available for nonmembers?! *groan* ~Cuddly Knuckle

We don’t know the exact release date for now, but now that Survival: Episode 2 has been released to members, it shouldn’t be too long before non-members will get to play too – hopefully within the next few weeks.

Why can’t I access the music files on the PHB’s Behind the Scenes page? ~Nathan W.

Recently, the Poptropica Creators placed a block on the music files. To bypass this, click on any of the music links and change one of the slashes in the URL (/) to the other slash (\), then hit enter.

Monthly Poptropica News

Read a monthly review of the newest happenings on Poptropica — you may find something you might have missed in the past month (May 2014)!


What’s going on in the fictional fan-created universes of Poptropica?

Even Then: by Young Singer

This is a story about a girl who recounts an interview with three of the main four super-villains on Super Villain Island, after discovering that they became evil.

The ghost-like figures of a pirate, a guy in a bunny suit, a cyborg jester, and a crazy woman are chasing me. I’m trying to dodge lightning bolts from above, until a huge guy in a red dress and toga is in front of me, laughing wickedly. “No one can save you now!” The man cackled. Then the lightning came- “AAAAHH!” I shot up from my bed.

Just a dream, I realized. But what could it mean? I found the book I’d gotten on dream interpretation, since dreams like that had been happening a lot lately. I flipped through, but I wasn’t finding a lot. Then I saw something at the end. “If what you’re looking for isn’t here, call 1800-123-SLEEP.” I read aloud.

I picked up my cellphone, and dialed the number. “Hello, this is Dr. Jupiter speaking.” An elderly man said. “Hello, I just read your book, and-” I was cut off by him. “Ah, you couldn’t find your specifics. I really just need to set up a clinic. What seems to be the matter with your dreams, miss?” Dr. Jupiter asked. I explained the matter. “Ah, sounds like the past is guilt-ridden in your mind.” Dr. Jupiter suggested. “But I don’t know what’s wrong!” I protested.

“Of course, dreams can be total nonsense as well.” Dr. Jupiter assured me. “Well thank you for your time, Dr. Jupiter, sir.” I said with a sigh. “You are very welcome. If you would like, due to technology I have invented, I could set up an appointment for you.” Dr. Jupiter suggested. I considered it for a moment.

“Sure. How is 5:00 tomorrow?” I asked. “That would be wonderful. First, go to Super Villain Island, go into the office, and ask to see Dr. Jupiter.” Dr. Jupiter said. “I will inform them that- what’s your name, miss?”

“Elizabeth Ridley.” I said. The line was silent. “Hello? Uh, hello? Is anyone there?” I asked. “Miss Ridley, we are sending a helicopter at once to pick you up on Cryptids Island.” The doctor’s voice sounded hollow. “Wait, how do you know where I-” the line went dead.

I heard a helicopter rotor die down. I sighed. I quickly changed into a blue long-sleeved t-shirt and a dark gray pleated skirt with black sneakers. I shoved all my clothes into the purse, since I didn’t have very much. I then slid my flats, book, and cellphone in, as well as my wallet, and I adjusted the strap on my shoulder.

I hiked up to the roof, after turning on my room key to a very disgruntled Bert. A man was waiting. “Are you Elizabeth Ridley?” The man in the cockpit of the helicopter asked. “Yes.” I said with a nod. “The boss wants you immediately. Get in.” I obeyed, and strapped myself in. My purse was in my lap, the victim of my fear.

I’m sorry, but I hate flying. I don’t mind a balcony above the second story, but flying scares me to death. I squeezed it harder during every minor bout of turbulence. My knuckles looked white as it was, clutched to the purse. Matters were worse when we passed through a thunderstorm, and I almost had to jump out of the helicopter.

Still, the man got me to my destination. “Erewhon Prison?” I read aloud in dismay. “Is this the right place?” I asked. The man shrugged. “According to the boss, I’m not allowed to answer any questions.”

I sighed. “Where’s the door?” I groaned. Out of frustration, I punched the brick wall. Immediately, the door opened. A man was waiting there. “I’m Elizabeth Ridley, Dr. Jupiter wants to see me.” I said breathlessly. “One, don’t punch our walls again or we’ll lock you up in a cell here. Two, first you have to go through security. We’ll take your purse for now.” The guard said. I went up to the security machine. “I’m ready.” I said to the old operator.

“It’s your life.” The guard grumbled, and started the machine.

I stepped onto the platform. First, I went through an X-ray. Then, I went through this scanner. I got knocked to my feet by the radiation, and barely got to my feet when the floor moved, and the ice cold shower poured over me, soaking me to the bones. Then came the fans that dried my clothes off. But my hair was still damp, and I was still chilly. Plus, that hurt because I was tumbled around. I then shivered for a picture. What was this, a tourist attraction?

I stepped off the platform. “You’re clear.” The operator said. Immediately, two guards, armed in full-out helmets and riot gear, came up. “We’ll escort the girl. Dr. Jupiter’s orders.” A gruff-sounding woman said from under her helmet. The security operator raised a bushy eyebrow, his eyes wide through his glasses, but he asked no questions.

We went down a corridor, up an elevator, past prison cells, to what looked like an interrogation room. I saw a man with a fluffy, cloud-like beard, black glasses, a white lab coat, a golden vest, black tie, and black dress pants and shoes waiting for me. He was spinning a golden pen around in his hand. “Miss Ridley, you came.” He said. I nodded. Then looked around. “Am I in trouble?” I asked. I racked my brain for any crimes. “No, just we need your help. I created this prison, to hold all the villains captured.”

I started to back away. “I don’t want to work here.” I said, crossing my hands over my chest. “Miss Ridley, we do not wish to do this by force, but we will if we need to.” Dr. Jupiter threatened calmly. I sighed. “What do you what me to do?”
“We just need you to do four interviews. We were not able to get good ones, but we have heard all four speak your name in their- well, we think you may be able to coax better information out of them.

I was escorted into the room, and I sat there waiting patiently. Then, the guards dragged in a pirate with gray hair to the chair across from me. He looked to be recovering from a long term sedative. “Elizabeth?” He asked, as his brown eyes cracked open.

“How do you know my name?” I asked. His eyes opened more. “You look no older than the day you left, fifteen years old.” He said, in a daze. Then something appeared to dawn on him. “You’re just an illusion.” He said. I glanced at the glass behind me. Dr. Jupiter appeared to be writing all this down.

I turned back. “No, I’m here in front of you. I’m Elizabeth Ridley.” I said. Suddenly, the pirate laughed wickedly. “Ridley! I was no match for him! He thought he could outsmart me, but I needed no map to be findin’ his treasure, like the whale food that somehow bested me.” The pirate exclaimed. “Who are you?” I asked, repulsed a bit. “Me? I’m the most famous pirate in all of Poptropica! Captain James Crawfish!”

Suddenly, memories darted through my mind…

I’m sitting on a greenery patch between the cobblestone square and the lower docks. I’m watching the sea swirl and turn and wave. My blonde hair is bobbing in the cool summer breeze on Fort Ridley.

“Hey, Elizabeth!” A boy with auburn hair, clever brown eyes, and a mischievous smiled bounds towards me. I look to see him coming, in his tattered, dirty clothes, a great difference from my ruffled white cotton dress.

I give a tiny wave. “Hello, James.” I greet him politely. He stands, looking down at me, hand clutched in his hands. “I got a job sweeping up at the trading center. Five gold coins per week!” He announced proudly. “May I?” James asks, pointing at the patch of grass beside me. I smile a sweet smile. “Of course.” I say.

We watch the ocean for a bit. “Someday, I’ll be on the harbor you know.” James says. “I imagine you will.” I say. “When I’ve saved up enough, I’ll buy a ship, and I’ll go trading to make my fortune, then I’ll have adventures!” James exclaims. “Sounds exciting.” I comment, not taking my eyes off the docks, and the merchants taking off.

“Say, Elizabeth, would you voyage with me? Once I got my boat?” James asks me. I look at him, straight in those eyes. “I promise James, when you get your boat, I will join you.” I vow…

All the memories come back to me. “Oh, James.” I moaned. “Is my father still alive?” I asked. James laughed. “No! Old Governor Ridley died! Long time ago, don’t know the exact time, since I was stranded by that (omitted).” I gasped, trying not to cry. This wasn’t the James I remembered. “I’m so sorry.” I whispered. “What happened to you, when you did get your boat?” I asked.

“I was robbed! Cheated! So I met the pirates, and I decided to take, now that everyone had taken from me!” James yelled in a vengeful voice. I started to lose control over my tears. “I-I never took from you James.” I said. “True! But that made it sting anymore when you left, when you were taken from my life!” James shouted. He somehow disabled the cuffs.

I started back away. “I’m sorry!” I cried out, just as the chair flew. I ducked under the table, then that was flipped over. I ran up to the glass. “DR. JUPITER!” I screamed, pounding on the bullet-proof stuff.

The armed guards ran in, stuck James with a sedative, and dragged him out. I whimpered in fear, tears running down my cheeks. I quickly swiped them away. “Well, that was productive.” Dr. Jupiter said happily. “I nearly got killed!” I exclaimed. “Don’t worry, the guards will be extremely quick with this next one. She’s feisty,” he assured me.

The room was reset, and I was sitting across from someone else in my dream. The crazy lady. Her black hair was everywhere, her outfit black, except for a red belt, red earrings, and a red hourglass on her sleeveless shirt. I then realized who she was. “Charlotte?!” I exclaimed. Her bright blue eyes opened instantly.

She started shaking, and struggling. “Charlotte Lueve-Noir!” I yelled. She stopped and squinted. “Elizabeth Ridley?” She asked, genuinely confused. “It’s been six years!” Charlotte exclaimed. “Oh, I uh, shared this golden apple of immortality about a month after I was sixteen with this guy, but we kind of went separate ways…”

I swear, in the corner of my vision, I saw Dr. Jupiter clutch his pen in an angry fashion at that, but the spasm ended as quickly as it began.

“What happened to you? How’s you end up in prison?” I asked. “Oh, I got busted by some kid for stealing a bunch of paintings, including the Scream, under the alias, the Black Widow.” Charlotte said casually. “Stealing art? I thought you wanted to make art?” I shouted.

Charlotte winced. “No need to shout, Eliza.” She complained. “No one wanted my art, so I thought I’d steal the so-called masterpieces.” She confessed. “But you loved all art.” I protested. “Oh please, Liza, you were the only one who thought them good.”

…I see Charlotte easier than the others in her bright homemade dress. I love all of her painting and sketches and clothing. I think she’s a real artist. “I’m here to help.” I tell her. “Could you work the register?” Charlotte asks. “Of course!” I say. It’s a perfect day, nothing could go wrong…

Charlotte shoved it to the side. Then she struggled, harder again. The guards escorted her out. “Better.” I muttered.

Time for Prisoner #3. A cyborg jester. Was I seeing a pattern? Yep. Except the face, I do remember this time. Except half was metal. “Rainbow geese!” I cursed. “Seriously Jupiter, do you have to drag out my past?” I called behind Mordred.

He woke up. “Elizabeth?” I sighed. “This again. Mordred, what did you do while I was gone that got you put in prison?” I asked. These memories were really painful.

“Oh, um, I tried to take Arturus and the universe out of revenge for the king for banishing me because I studied the ‘dark arts.'” Mordred said. I banged my head into the desk…

I sit by his side, watching him sketch out his plans for intergalactic travel. “You’re so intelligent.” I say. “Well thanks.” He says, not once taking those gorgeous hazel eyes off of his desk. I look down at my feet. I wish constantly that I could get his attention, somehow. Even studying invention didn’t work. I barely even grasped that concept. I might as well go play a lute, and figure out a sad tragic love song.

I raised my head. “Seriously? Why does everybody from my past have to go down the evil path?!” I yelled. Mordred stood. “Well we are not evil! You are! You unenlightened thinkers!” Basically from there, I started crying. ( I am such a damsel in distress.) Mordred then took my chin into one metal hand, one flesh, and then the guards pulled him away.

I sighed. “Jupiter. What’s left?” I asked. “Just Dr. Hare.” Dr. Jupiter said. “I don’t even know him! Can I just leave?” I asked.

“Fine.” Dr. Jupiter huffed. I then went through security again, and grabbed my purse.

On the flight back to Skullduggery Island, I thought of the three I’d seen, and I remembered how I had left them all. In a way, it was all my fault. I broke my promise to James, left Charlotte, and I left Mordred as well.

So now I’m writing this testimony. To whoever’s out there, reading this, it’s my fault three of the big four are evil. I’m so sorry for bringing that upon you. But just remember, that they weren’t always evil.


Elizabeth Ridley
Daughter of Governor Ridley of Skullduggery Island

Poptropica Universe, Episode 9 (Deal or No Deal?): by Tough Spider & Fearless Fox

The helicopter’s propeller started spinning and the helicopter started to go up.

“Oh no you don’t!” shouted Silver Wolf. She quickly got out her bow and arrow and shot at the helicopter. The arrow hit the engine with a satisfying “THUMP!” and the helicopter started to go down.

“Nice work!” Slippery Icicle shouted as the helicopter crashed to the ground.

I was pretty happy. I thought we had them. I thought we would finally get all of our answers, but these hopes were shattered just like the helicopter shattering as it crashed on the ground.

Silver Wolf ran over to it and looked inside.

“It’s empty,” she said, confused.

“IT‘S EMPTY?!” I roared. “NO WAY!”

I ran over to it, but just as Silver Wolf had said, no one was in it.

“It’s like they just teleported away!” Slippery Icicle said. She was clearly frustrated, but I, on the other hand, was enraged. Another whirl of emotions hit me just as it had when the robo-Tough Spider killed Fearless Fox. Confused, sad, angry, annoyed, the list went on and on.

I grabbed my sword and threw it at the helicopter, It hit the propeller and snapped in half.

“Well, there goes your sword,” Spotted Dragon sighed.

“Sticky Clown ripped us off!” Silver Wolf shouted angrily.

“We better go buy a new sword then,” said Slippery Icicle.

“There’s no way I’m walking up those stairs again!” I complained.

“I got an idea!” said Spotted Dragon. She got out a few test tubes and then got out what looked like bleach. She mixed a bunch of chemicals together and added a fuse. She was making a bomb.

“You wouldn’t think this would work,” she continued, “but it does!” She ran and put the bomb down near the helicopter, got out a match, and lit the fuse.

“Stand back everyone!” she said, “3…2….1….”


There was a huge explosion. The pressure caused the fuel in the helicopter to explode as well. Smoke was everywhere.

After the smoke cleared, we got up and saw a massive hole in the wall. I ran over and looked down through it. Of all things, our blimp was there!

“It’s our blimp!” I shouted.

“That’s great,” said Spotted Dragon, “but watch this!”

She jumped through the hole and landed on top of the blimp. She carefully climbed down and slid down into the cockpit.

“It’s time for you guys to follow suit!” she shouted to us from down below.

“Are you crazy?!” I shouted, stepping back.

“Do it!” screamed Slippery Icicle, as she pushed me through the hole.

I looked down. I shouldn’t have. If I missed the blimp, I would surely fall to my death. I screamed. Heights aren’t exactly my thing. Time always slows down in a catastrophe, and I guess falling like that is a disaster, because it took years for me to finally land on the blimp and slide into the cockpit.

But I made it, and once it was over, time snapped. In what felt like a matter of seconds, the rest of the gang finished the jump.

“Ok, let’s go!” said Spotted Dragon. She grabbed control of the blimp and steered it towards Zomberry Island.

The ride there was silent.

Well, for a few seconds. After that, Silver Wolf started crying.

We all joined in.

The sky is supposedly blue because oxygen particles reflect blue light. But right then, I was sure that it was dyed blue from our tears.

After a while we reached Zomberry. We slowly walked over to Sticky Clown’s store and opened the door.

“Oi! I’m closed! Read the sign!” shouted Sticky Clown.

We didn’t listen. We didn’t move a muscle.

“HEY! DID YOU GUYS GO DEAF?!” he shouted.

That did it. I broke.

“HE’S DEEAAADDD!” I wailed before collapsing on the ground in tears.

“What?!” Sticky Clown exclaimed.

“Fearless Fox… got killed.” said Slippery Icicle. She suddenly joined me in my art of coloring the sky.

Sticky Clown’s face turned pale. “I guess…I’ll…serve…you… then.”

I got up and asked him for a sword. He ran to the back and gave me a blue, twinkling sword.

“It’s made of diamonds!” he said, “So I can guarantee it won’t break For the great price of 1,000 credits!”

“WHAT!?” I shouted, “Our friend died and you’re going to charge us that much!?”

“Sorry! No death discount! About 2 people die every second, and I can’t afford to lose money twice every second.”

This was ridiculous. We all knew it. I walked up to him and just glared at him for a few seconds. That seemed to do the trick.

“Alright,” he said,  “I’ll give it to you for 500 credits. Is that good enough?”

I actually did have 500 credits in emergency money my Mom gave me once. But I didn’t want Sticky Clown to know that.

“NO!” I shouted. “LOWER!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll give you the sword and this for 500 credits.” He held up a tiny glass bottle.

“What is that?” Spotted Dragon asked, mystified.

“It is a tiny amount if the mythical potion of immortality. Just a few drops can bring a person back to life. A bottleful can make one immune to pain. A bowl fill can make one imortal.”

We stared, dumbfounded.

“Wh-where did you get that?!” Slippery Icicle asked.

Sticky Clown ignored her and seemed angry. “Well?” he snapped. “Do we have a deal?”

“Deal.” I said immediately, putting down my wallet on the table.

(to read more of the Poptropica Universe episodes, see their official website!)

Island Ideas

What sort of lands would you conjure up and visit?

Anime Island: by Bony Catfish

The people in the town of Tokyo are addicted to anime. To make them more excited, the creators of an anime, In and Out of Love (made up) or In to Ai Kara. However, someone has leaked the unfinished piece! The creators need your help to find the leaker. The reward: why, to have your own anime show, of course! You get clues and someone named Ryota (girl) puts the clues together, and you find out that Nori Mitsuru (boy) leaked the anime. You don’t get your own anime show, as promised, but you get a medallion.

Bonus Quest: Even though you found the leaker, Nori is still trouble. Instead, he owns a rival company, Happy Action (Happīakushon). He *accidently* installs a camera chip on you (Stalker…, your character thinks), so he can make an anime. You break it at some point, and something bad happens, a robot comes and squshes you flat. You then realize it’s Nori. Quick! You need to run. You do and you got him lost. Then, you see a robot knock him out. You then see it’s Ryota, that girl you met in the beginning. He then goes down for surrender, and you get the remote to shut down the cameras. You also take the SD card and trash it. Yay! You are officially done the island and saved the day.

Binary Holmes Island: by Rahul R.

Binary holmes

When you enter the island you will be caught by some robots.they keep you in jail with other humans. They explain that Binary Bard and Holmes are back and they team up to takeover the whole Earth. Then we escape through the jail with the help of the scientist of Game Show Island.He gives us a teleporter, robot suit and the Virus maker 3000.You go to the castle where Binary bard lives and kill him by confusing him and hit him to a wall. Then you go to Holmes and enter into his circuits and use the Virus Maker 3000. When you release the humans in the jail the scientist awards yo with a medallion and credits to spend.

PetPalooza Island: by Big Crush (the romantic)

You go to the island to go buy an apartment to crash. the landlord says no pets allowed, witch bums you out because you love animals. after you go to the apartment, you go to get a bite to eat and you see a mouse in place of the landlord. thinking it escaped from the pet shop, you go there to try to return it. once you get to the pet store, this blond headed worker guy comes and asks what your favorite pet is. you can choose between dog, cat, bird, fish, or bunny. after you choose your pet, the guy goes to “get one to show you” even though you try to tell him you cant have a pet, you are just returning the lost mouse.

after he goes to the back, a zap shocks you and you turn into the pet of your choosing, the fur being the same color as your hair. as your animal, the guy takes the mouse (which is actually the landlord) and trys to take you, but you escape. on the streets, (or water if you are a fish), you have to talk to other talking animals (which are people) to find out whats going on. in land animals, you find a boby pin to pick up. in a fish, you find a mini castle. at some point, you get aught by a stupid dogcatcher which works for the strange man who shocked you.

you have to find a way back to the pet store to save the landlord, worker, and everyone else. the dog catcher actually takes you to the pet store though. there, you find out that the worker is actually the mad scientist who is turning everyone into pets and taking them to his pet store so he will be the only pet store in the world and he will be rich. you then tell him that if he turns everyone into pets, then no one will be able to buy them. he then gets mad at you and tells you that he is going to turn you into a flea instead, and orders his dog catcher to get you.

if you are a fish, you hide in the castle then squirt water in the guys face, jump out of the fish bowl, land on the machine, turn back to normal,(along with everyone else), and the 2 guys are turned into dogs and are taken to the dog pound. in you are a land animal, you use the boby pin to pick the lock, jump out of the cage onto the machine, and so fourth. you then get the madalian. in an optional bonus quest, the guys have escaped from the dog pound and you must get them before they……eat all of the dog food, thats the scientist plan.


Cool costumes inspired by pop culture!

CaptureAphrodite Variant: designed by sindyblue10 (Shiny Fox)

I’m currently replaying Mythology island so you can tell that’s why I’m dressed like that. I personally think it’s a nice peaceful look. But it also looks powerful and bold. ^_^

Oh I would try to tell you where I got them, it would be a bit difficult though as I don’t remember all of them. The blue dress, hair (except the fringe), and heart necklace are all from mythology island. The hair (except the fringe) and the heart necklace is found inside Poseidon’s place on mythology island, you get them form Aphrodite. The sword is from this pirate costume from the store.

I’m dressed a lot like Aphrodite because I used her hair and heart necklace. I look like a darker version of her!

Amelia Pond (from Doctor Who): designed by Purple Stomper

  • Hair: Vampire Girl #1 (store)
  • Mouth: Can be any mouth
  • Shirt: Guy in one of the Queequeg Coffee Shops (Back Lot Island)
  • Pants: Vampire Girl #1 (store)
  • Hair Color: 24 Carrot
  • Jacket: Biker (store) -or- Ferris wheel operator (Monster Carnival Island)


Thor (from the Thor movies): designed by Mashimai

  • potropica_thor_pictureHair — from the guy in a green shirt in Shrink Ray Island
  • Beard — from the man selling souvenirs in Ghost Story Island
  • Armor & pants — from the knights in Astro Knight Island
  • Cape — from the old superhero sitting on top of The Daily Paper in Super Power Island
  • Hammer — from Monster Carnival Island

Walter White: (from the Breaking Bad television series): designed by Mashimai

  • poptropica_walterwhite_posterHat — from the man in blue clothing in Mystery Train Island
  • Glasses — from random NPCs in main streets (e.g. Early Poptropica)
  • Beard (dark brown) — from the man selling souvenirs in Ghost Story Island
  • Mouth — from random players in Common Rooms
  • Skin (slightly pale) — used Colorizer which can be bought from the Poptropica Store
  • Jacket, sweater & shirt — from the guy standing between the orange-haired girl and the girl in the tent in Night Watch Island
  • Pants — from Leonardo da Vinci in Pop Art Museum in Early Poptropica Island

Flame Princess (from Adventure Time): designed by Spotted Dragon

  • popcorn-flameprincessHair – Hypnotic (see our Glitching page)
  • Bangs – Girl w/ Braid (Reality T.V. Island – Main Street)
  • Eyes – Zombify! (Haunted House – Prize)
  • Mouth – Cowgirl (Store)
  • Dress – Red Graduate (Store)
  • Necklace – King of Arturus (Astro-Knights Island – Castle of Arturus)
  • Skin – Gold
  • Hair – Red/Orange
  • (For Special Effect – Add Torch (Store) or Yellow Electrify (Store))

Lady Rainicorn (from Adventure Time): designed by Spotted Dragon

  • popcorn-lady-rainicornHair – Vampire Girl 1 (Store)
  • Bangs w/ Hash Tag – Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Lips – Cheerleader (Store
  • Shirt – Psychedelic Shirt (Store)
  • Jacket – Bucky Lucas
  • Skirt – Teen Girl (Lunar Colony Island – Cape Carpenter)
  • (If you are a boy add the horn from Furry Monster 3 – Store)

Fan Art

Check out the creativity of these Poptropica fan artists!

Shark Boy? Rage Comic: by Mashimai


Posters/wallpaper collection: by Mashimai


Washed-up Poptropica Villains (wallpaper): by HPuterpop


★ Fan Made Villain – Lectro: by HoverBoardFan14


★ Poptropica Problems Pin: by TFCO


★ Unicorn Cat Plush Doll: by Unicorn Cat


★ Super Villain Island Chibis: by Brave Tomato (1313cookie)

popcorn-svi chibis

Poptropica Music Video (You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift): by Magic Fire

Movable Samwow5 Head (SWF Game): by Giant Rock

Samwow5This is a SWF game. There’s not really a motive to this game except moving and jumping. 🙂 Click here to play! KEYS:

  • LEFT – Left arrow
  • RIGHT – Right arrow
  • Jump – Spacebar/Up arrow

Link to game:

Ice Blaster Pistol Glitch: by Mashimai

My Future (a parody of Coldplay’s “Paradise”): by Cuddly Knuckle

This is a song about Time Tangled Island, a parody of Coldplay’s song “Paradise.”

When I traveled to Time Tangled
Something wrong was with the past
When I went into the time machine
I knew that there could be something wrong with
My, my, future
My, my, future
My, my, future
Every time I travel back in time

When I traveled back in time
I heard that those things were lost
But I’ve got my time machine with me
So I’ve got the plan to save the island

Every time I visit the past
It depends on the future
Every time I travel back
From Ancient Greece to Mount Everest
Until the oracle, says “there is nowhere to be found”
For my, my, future,
My, my, future
My, my, future
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,

My, my, future
My, my, future
My, my, future
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
From Ancient Greece to Mount Everest
Until the oracle says, “there is no where to be found”
For my, my future
My, my, future
My, my, future
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
My, my, future,
My, my, future,
My, my, future
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

(Electric guitar sound)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
(Electric guitar sound)
Oh, my, my, future,
My, my, future
My, my, future
Oh oh oh oh oh Yeah, yeah


Take a look at our main magazines page for more information about the PHB’s POPCORN magazine issues and learn how you can submit an entry too! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Lol the Bloody Mary Twins creeped me out o_O … I love Mashimai’s art, they’re hilarious. xD

      1. This is a tutorial on how to get the beard from Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab. (You need to buy Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab item card first which is free!)

      2. After you have watched the tutorial, use the username, dummypoptropican101 instead of the one in the video because it has the same beard as the man selling souvenirs. 🙂

  2. OMG the rage poster made me laugh XD I’m gonna try to make something for the next magazine 🙂

  3. Unicorn Cat’s plush is so cute :3 Also the Super Villain Island Chibis
    Kewl, parody of Paradise by Coldplay 😆 MF’s music video is also neat

  4. I think you like my story Binary Holmes island.See you in the next issue making a costume this is Slippery Stomper aka hamsteroo1.Reporting from rocking India.

      1. I posted a stpry for the PHB! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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