Issue #15: May 2014

Issue #15
Date: May 10th, 2014

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s fifteenth issue of the Poptropican’s 911! As we started in the previous issue, along with entries people have sent in, we’ll also be handpicking some creative works to feature, marked by a ★ beside the title. As always: enjoy!


We’ve selected a few Poptropica-related questions from our e-mail inbox this month to answer… and here’s what we’ve got.

I have a question for the Poptropican 911-is there a page where I can read all of the posts by the previous authors in the PHB? ~Striped Shell

You can always go back to older posts by the sidebar, but if you’re wondering where to start the journey, we recommend starting here. You can also view all of the past PHB authors and from there view their posts separately on the About page.

Hi, PHB. How can I get free Poptropica membership? ~Skinny Ice

Membership is not free. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have someone buy it for you as a gift (for your birthday, Christmas, or another occasion), then you could consider it “free”, although someone else still has to pay for it. Also, check out our Membership Tour page for a list of Poptropica members’ benefits and help on deciding whether or not to buy it.

Well, I did the ad called Dragons: Defenders of Berk, and I got the dragon to follow you, but after having it a while, the ad in my items went off, and now I can’t take the dragon off? is there anything to do? ~Savannah

You can take off the dragon by going to your Store items inventory (on a regular island without the bigger screen and sound, such as Early Poptropica) and clicking on ‘turn off special effects’ at the bottom. Hope this helps!


What’s going on in the fictional fan-created universes of Poptropica?

★Nevermore (Monster Carnival Fanfiction): by Brave Tomato (1313cookie)


(continued from the previous issue – see BT’s deviantArt for the full story!)

The Bird Boy despised the word “freak”. Just because he is part bird doesn’t mean he’s a freak… can’t he just live among society, just like anybody else would? He sighed to himself and got off on his feet. The grass around the tank was wet from him being dunked in multiple times, and the carnie led him to the big red and yellow tent.

The tent was made up of a wide open space, cages surrounding the circle. Freaks just like him were found there, some wild ones bound in cages, while others showing off in a ring outside the cage, like the Strongman. Bird Boy sighed and sat on the swing set up in his giant birdcage, waiting for the ringmaster to open the tent.

Despite him thinking of the freaks as moneymakers, the ringmaster was still the only carnie to treat the “freaks” at least more positively. He was a tall, slim man with a black coif of hair on his head and a mustache and beard bearing on his chin. He had on a tall black and scarlet top hat and wore a red, gold and black ringmaster’s outfit. His cape was also gold and red and it almost reached the floor, but it stopped just two inches above it. As a result, the young raven boy found himself quite admiring the top- hat fellow.

The ringmaster went up and checked all of the cages and talked to the fellow freaks in them. He then approached Bird Boy and smiled.

“Good evening, Bird Boy!” he greeted, “How is my favorite bird doing today?”

Bird Boy smiled a bit. “I’m doing fine, Ringmaster Allan.”

The ringmaster laughed a little and sighed, “I saw you over at the dunk tank from the tent, my raven boy. It must be cold in that water!”

“Yeah, it is, but I found a way to deal with it after a few dunks,” the Bird Boy replied.

“Well anyways,” Ringmaster Allan concluded, “Put on a good show tonight, my raven boy! Good luck!”

“Thanks, Ringmaster…” the Bird Boy said.

The ringmaster ran off to check on the other cages and rings that surrounded the inside of the scarlet and yellow circus tent. A few minutes later, the ringmaster finally looked up and approached the tent doors and unclasped the clasp, letting the curtains fly and the flood of carnival attendees enter the freak show.

A variety of people of different ages wandered the freak show, and Bird Boy, sitting on the swing in his enormous birdcage, watched. The townspeople wandered the freak show, and whenever they saw Bird Boy, they’d flinch at the sight of his beak-like nose, yet at the same time stared in wonder of the fact that he had wings. With that, Bird Boy sighed- he can’t actually use his wings, for they wouldn’t move.

Once the show was all said and done, the curtains were closed once again, and as the moon reached its peak, all of its guests left as quickly as they came. The operator went over to the Bird Boy.

“Well it’s about time for dinner, Bird Boy,” he said, opening the gate. Bird Boy looked at the exit out of the cage and got up off the swing.

On his way to the dining area, he realized that he wasn’t all that hungry tonight. He was more tired than hungry, in fact, so he looked at the woods nearby the carnival and walked over and sat by a tree.

At night, the woods were a dark and cryptic place that mere mortals have a difficult time trying to venture to. The trees’ branches twisted above, almost blocking out what little light the moon gave, and the leaves were such a dark shade of olive green that it was almost indistinguishable from the branch on which it hung.

The young bird boy decided to sit and rest under the tallest tree in the area he was in. He sat down and let his still cold wings rest. It was there that evening when he found himself fast asleep, dreaming of being accepted into society.

(to read the rest of the story, click here for the PDF!)

The True Story of Ned Noodlehead: by Muddy Lizard

Muddy Lizard maneuvered around Betty Jetty’s attacks, zipping and zooming and such. Muddy sped forward and knocked Betty out of the sky. As they were both plummeting towards a rooftop, Betty whispered into her wrist, “I’m ready.” As she and Muddy crashed onto the rooftop, Betty shouts, “It’ll take a lot more than that to defeat me!”

A split second later, Ned Noodlehead, or known as his superhero ego…ahem…Super Hot Dog Boy, rushes over and knocks out Betty. Ned is rewarded for taking down the super villain (which is not really fair at all, considering Muddy took down five of them). He is given the Super Power Island medallion and trades it with Muddy for a hot dog.

So, let’s say you didn’t know that Betty says “I’m ready.” How does Ned know that Betty Jetty and Muddy Lizard were fighting? If Betty says it’ll take a lot more to stop her, how does Ned knock her out with one blow? And if he did have the power to do that, where did he gain the skill to do it? Let’s go back to the story…

Ned Noodlehead watched as Muddy Lizard flew away from Super Power Island. When the balloon was out of sight, Ned grinned. He sped to his comic shop and tore down one of his posters. Behind it was a safe filled with advanced gadgets and weaponry. He took out the smallest one, a green rod with a small satellite connected to it. Ned went to his closet and put on his super suit, underwear over a purple shirt and brown jeans. He then went outside to the coast of the island. There was a speedboat there, so Ned boarded it and headed to the island prison.

When Ned arrived at the jail, there were the six super villains that were recently jailed: Speeding Spike, The Crusher, Sir Rebral, Ratman, Copycat, and Betty Jetty. The warden and guard of the prison were standing there (as usual). “Ned, my boy!” The warden greeted Ned heartily. “Has the hero of the island come to visit us?” Ned briefly stared at the warden, and shook his head.

“Sorry, I’m here for the prisoners,” Ned said. “In fact…I don’t think they should be in jail anymore.”

The warden and the guard wore confused looks, when suddenly, Ned took his satellite device out of his pocket (yes, his underwear had pockets). He pressed the red button on the rod. A signal was sent all around the island. No one was safe, in the air or underground. However, the super villains were unaffected. If one looked closely, there were devices in their ears that intercepted the radio signal, protecting them. Ned released the button, and everyone on the island was in his control.

Ned looked up at the villains behind the iron bars. Then he looked back at the warden. “Warden,” Ned shouted. “I order you to release these prisoners!” The dazed and hypnotized man walked to each cell and opened the bars to let them out. Every super-powered person ran out the prison with glee. “Thanks, little brother,” Betty Jetty said to Ned. Ned nodded to her and led everyone to the speedboat. When they sailed back to the island, he got out a megaphone (a super powered megaphone :D) and shouted, “Citizens of Super Power Island, you are now under my control. I order you to create a palace and statue for each super villain you once hated!”

The slaves immediately went to work and in three days, the job was completed. However, as soon as it was finished, Ned went back to his comic shop. He went back to his safe behind the poster and retrieved a small, pink cube. Ned traveled to the center of the island and placed the cube there. He activated it via remote and a veil was created around the island, making it look the same as it was before Muddy Lizard left.

So when you travel to the island, everyone’s in a loop, saying the exact same thing until the cube wears down. Then Ned will make a new one, again and again and again, until his and his fellow super villains rule of Super Power Island has ended. How do I know all this, you ask? Well, I am Ned’s glasses, a robot companion for him. He treats me cruelly and never gives me thanks for the things I do for him. So please, someone, anyone, go to city hall and destroy the cube, defeat Ned and his gang, and save the island. I’m begging you….help.

Poptropica Universe, Episode 8 (A Terrible Betrayal): by Tough Spider & Fearless Fox

(to read more of the Poptropica Universe episodes, see their official website!)

“NO!” I screamed.

Tough Spider shrugged. “There’s nothing wrong with working for OWL. It’s fun, actually.”

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” we yelled.

“Well,” he replied, “it IS fun to blow islands up.”

He snapped his fingers and a distant BOOM! was heard. “There goes Shrink Ray,” he said.

I stood dumbfounded.

“Just out of curiosity,” Spotted Dragon asked, “What chemical reaction is used to cause an explosion massive enough to desecrate an entire island at the precise moment at which you snap your fingers?”

Tough Spider said something, but I wasn’t listening. Trillions of memories and emotions were flying through my head at once. Disgust. Hate. Confusion. Our previous friendship. Magma. OWL. Fearless Owl. Incredible Carrot. Super Power. The taste of a pretzel I bought while running all over there. (Hey, it was delicious.) I didn’t know what to think or what to say, if I should say anything. That’s why, during a pause between everyone talking, a weird croaking sound came out of my mouth.

“What?” Tough Spider asked. He was being awfully nice to us for someone who had just joined a group whose goal was to destroy Poptropica and all poptropicans and to somehow profit from it.

I tried to repeat the croaking sound that I made, but a question came out instead.


I guess it wasn’t really a question, but more of a plea. A plea asking for a reason to a senseless act. A plea asking for reconsideration. A plea that everyone wanted, but a plea that no one knew how exactly to ask.

And then I saw it for half a second.

The coldness and harshness in his face melted. For that half second, I saw the old Tough Spider, desperate and terrified.

But as soon as it came, it left. The new Tough Spider looked downright angry.

“Because!” he shouted as if I had hurt him. “Do you want to fight?” He drew his sword. Rage was bubbling up inside of me. I was about to answer, but Tough Icicle did for me.

“Yes,” he said softly, drawing his sword.

“En garde!” Tough Spider shrieked and charged at Tough Icicle.

Tough Icicle did not have enough time to react, so I swooped in to fight and probably saved him. I took Tough Spider by surprise and knocked him backward, but he jumped back up and we kept fighting.

I’m not going to go into detail about the fight. Everyone got involved and we fought our hardest, but even when fighting six people at once, Tough Spider had the upper hand with his sword, or rather, MY sword, which I clearly shouldn’t have given to him, and he won. We were lying on the floor, completely exhausted. He started circling us.

“You know,” he said. “Anyone on OWL would take now as a great opportunity to kill you. But I’m giving you a chance.”

“Whhaaatt?” Someone moaned weakly. I think it was Silver Wolf.

“You guys have proven yourselves strong and worthy. That’s why I’m asking all of you to join OWL.”

“Join OWL? Never!” I replied weakly.

“Then,” he said raising his sword, “it’ll end here.”

I wondered why he wasn’t emotional. Anyone in their right mind would be devastated to kill their friends, and here was one of my friends, doing the same thing with absolutely no emotions on his face. What if…

My thoughts were interrupted by something we didn’t expect at all.

“I’ll do it,” Tough Icicle said.

“NO!” his sister yelled. “Please!”

“What choice do we have?” he asked. “It’s this or… or… or…”

Tough Spider nodded approvingly. “He’s right,” he said.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Two of my friends were betraying me?! What was next, everyone else?!

Tough Icicle stood up. He had tears in his eyes. He walked over to where Tough Spider was standing and stared at him.

“The first thing you should do,” Tough Spider told him, “is go help Fearless Owl set up the next bomb.

All of a sudden, a door appeared out of the wall. Tough Icicle, crying, slowly walked towards it, and when he was right in front of it he said:

“Please, everyone, join me. I’m worried OWL won’t just want me. They want all of us. If they just get me, I’m worried that they’ll… they’ll…”

He stopped there and burst into tears. He ran through the door, which slammed and disappeared behind him.

“So,” Tough Spider asked slyly, “anyone else?”

“No.” I said quietly. “We’re never joining OWL and you know that.”

“That’s a shame,” he said, pulling out his sword again. “That’s such a waste. You guys are strong.”

“We will never join OWL!” shouted Fearless Fox, “Even if it means we have to die!”

“Fine then,” Tough Spider said. “I’ll kill you first, Fearless Fox.”

“I won’t lose!” Fearless Fox yelled. He launched up into the air, swinging his nunchuks.

“Fire!” shouted Tough Spider. He pointed his sword at Fearless Fox. Suddenly there was a huge scream, and Fearless Fox burst into flames. He landed on the floor rolling around screaming, desperately trying to put the fire out. He continued to yelp and scream in pain, when, all of a sudden, the screaming stopped. He was covered in flames. The flames started to rise. There was no movement.

No, I thought. No. “NO!” I screamed. This was insane. I’m dreaming, I told myself. This is a long and horrible nightmare, but it’ll be over.

“Don’t worry, Cool Smarticle, I’m not GIVING UP!” shouted Fearless Fox, from the flames.

That’s when I realised he never took off his magma proof suit. He was faking it all along!

He leaped out and kicked Tough Spider in the face. Tough Spider let out a muffled scream.

“Looks like I’m going to have to do more than that to kill you, friend.” Tough Spider said slyly. He launched forward at Fearless Fox.

I heard a scream and saw the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life.

More than half of Tough Spider’s sword was sticking into Fearless Fox.

“Ah…” cried Fearless Fox. Blood was coming out of his mouth. He collapsed.

“Sorry…everyone,” he moaned weakly, with tears in his eyes, “but… this… is it.” His eyes closed and he was completely still.

There was no way this was a dream. This was real. One of my best friends killed another one of my best friends. Now he was going to kill another best friend, and another, and then… me.

“NO!” we screamed. We rushed over to Fearless Fox. I shook him.

“Fearless Fox!” I shouted, crying.

“Awww… how sad,” said Tough Spider sarcastically.

Then I noticed that he was… he was… he was laughing.

Have you ever been completely, totally, and utterly enraged?

Because that was what I felt now. It was uncontrollable. Without warning, I ran over, and we fought the battle of our lives.

I’m sure my friends felt the same way, but they must have been too tired to fight. Or maybe they were too grieved over Fearless Fox for rage to affect them. For whatever reason, this was a one on one fight.

Well, it was a much faster-paced fight than before. Even when I was exhausted, I kept on fighting. Energy can come from rage. We fought for an hour.

During this long hour, Tough Spider tried to call a truce, but I wouldn’t accept. This guy had betrayed me, made someone turn on me, and killed one of my best friends while LAUGHING!? I wasn’t sparing him anytime soon.

Tough Spider was a good sword fighter, but I was too. For a good chunk of that hour, we never hit each other. My defences were too good for him. After awhile, though, I finally managed to get a hit. I slashed at his face, and you’ll never believe what I saw.

About half of his face fell away to reveal a metal casing in place of his head.

This wasn’t Tough Spider at all! This was a robot wearing a human mask!

A sense of relief rushed over me. Tough Spider wasn’t the one who killed Fearless Fox! A robot had! And OWL had tricked me into thinking that this was Tough Spider!

That meant that the real Tough Spider was still missing. Where was he? WHERE WAS HE?!

I knew where he was. OWL must have kidnapped him when he was stuck in their magma room. Why else would they bother to make a robo-Tough Spider?

My discovery seemed to make the robo-Tough Spider mad (if robots have emotions), and he fought harder.

After a few more minutes, he (or should that be it? He seemed like my friend, I’m still going to call him he.) said that he had to go plant the next bomb. As if on cue, the door Tough Icicle walked through appeared and opened. He ran through it, but that wouldn’t keep me from stopping the robo-imposter.

“Guys! Come on! Run after Tough Spider with me!” I screamed, running through the door.

Everyone (except Fearless Fox, of course) hopped up and followed me. The door closed just behind Spotted Dragon, the last of the bunch, and we ran down a long tunnel.

Suddenly, the robo-Tough Spider disappeared.

Just simply vanished.

I had no idea where to go, but in my rage, I kept running. Running everywhere. We ran for ages, but eventually we made it to a huge room with a huge helicopter ready to take off. The dark OWL logo was painted on the side.

The helicopter started to take off, but I wouldn’t let that happen.

“FEARLESS OWL!” I shrieked.

She leaned out of the helicopter, which was inches off the ground. “Oh? Do we have a new recruit?” she asked coldly.

“NO!” I screamed. “WHERE IS TOUGH SPIDER?!”

“No?” Tough Icicle leaned out. “Why? Tough Spider was right! This is a blast!”

Fearless Owl pushed Tough Icicle back in.

“You just fought him!” she said.

“LIAR!” I screamed, “IT WAS A ROBOT!”

Everyone around me gasped. I had forgotten to tell them that this wasn’t the real Tough Spider. Oh well, that could wait. This couldn’t.

“Oh,” Fearless Owl said. She laughed. “The real Tough Spider will be coming on the helicopter any second now.”

Suddenly, the robo-Tough Spider appeared again. Half of his mask was gone, but the other half was still there. He looked like a cyborg. He hopped onto the helicopter and screamed to us:


The helicopter took off.

“LIES!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

(to read more of the Poptropica Universe episodes, see their official website!)

Silly Sword’s Story: by Lula S.

Chapter 1 – moving

I look at the orphanage one last time. “I’ll miss this place.” I say to myself. My parents abandoned me when I was born. I remember how cold it was on that winter day. When someone found me I was so cold my tiny heart was barely beating. They brought me to that orphanage. I always felt that place was my home. I say good bye. I jump into the bus and look out the window at the orphanage until it disappeared.

Chapter 2 – the blimp port

When I got to the blimp port I start to cry a little. I give my blimp ticket to the caption. He noticed I was crying. “What’s the matter?” He asked. “I’m going to my new parent’s house on back lot island.” Before he could say anything else to me I ran to the blimp. I go on it. “Good bye.” I say quietly.

Chapter 3 – the ride

The blimp started rising. I hold on to the sides of the blimp. I was afraid. Soon it was night. I fall asleep. I wake up with a start. “We’re here!” I thought. I get out of the blimp. Some one wearing something that Said “Mechanic Shy Eye” came toward me.

Chapter 4 – think

“That name sounds familiar.” I say to myself. Then I suddenly know where I heard that name before. I saw her on the news last night. Shy Eye,the mechanic. “I wonder why she’s here. Maybe she’s here to fix a blimp or something.” She looks at me and comes closer. I run. “Wait, Silly Sword, come back!” she says. I freeze.

Chapter 5 – Meeting Mom

“How do you know my name?” I say as I slowly turn Around. I shake Nervously. “I’m your new mom.” she said. Suddenly I black out. When I wake up I’m in a bed at the pharmacy on Monster Carnival Island. I see Dr.Dan running out the door. “Did he just grow a tail?” I say to myself. I try to get glass of water next to me. I just fall off the bed. “Well,well,well, look what we have here!” said a voice.

★The Tale of Two Icicles: (Episode 2: Barefoot Icicle) by Cuddly Lion

(for episode 1 of TOTI, see the previous issue of the PHB magazine!)


‘Sup? It’s B.F. I guess Slip already introduced me, so let’s skip right up to packing. So while she packed her thousand pairs of shoes, I stole her phone and played Forgotten Islands for a while. I’ve always been a little jealous of her. I’m the older brother, I’m almost 16, and I get a crummy flip phone. She’s three years younger and she has a pPhone 7s! It’s not fair! Oops, getting off topic. So Slip came in to grab her phone, cause she had left it charging. She saw me playing it, came over, and slapped me. She’s got a fiery spirit. That’s gonna scare away quite a few guys. [Shut, up, Slip, you know it’s true.]

She grabbed it out of my hands, and I gave her a crooked smile. Hey, not my fault I’m a jokester. Dad tells us stories all the time about stealing Aunt Grumpy’s phone. She’s not very well-named, Aunt Grumpy’s the nicest lady on Poptropica. “We’re leaving in two hours, Slip!” Mom yelled up the stairs. I huffed. That’s another thing-they treat her like she’s the oldest, and more responsible. It makes me want to vomit. I stomped into my room and sighed.

I could almost feel my leg burning, the shark’s teeth sinking into it. But I couldn’t feel my leg anymore. My leg was a big pile of shark poo in the middle of the Shark Tooth ocean. All I had was this big hunk of wood. Whenever I meet someone, no matter how open-minded or polite they are, they always stare at my leg for an uncomfortable minute, mouth open, eyes gawking. I just like to be known for who I am, not that poor kid with the peg leg who everyone feels sorry for. Heck, I’d rather just be totally ignored. This is not fun. I snatched my phone up from the bedside table. “1 hour!?” I said, not believing it. How had so much time already passed? Whatever. I texted Happy. She replied immediately.

Me: What’s up?

Her: Hi sweetie!! Why haven’t you been answering my texts?

Me: Because you sent me fifteen in the last five minutes?

Her: Just wanted to make sure you were doing amazing, baby!

I sighed. I liked Happy and all, and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I needed to dump her. She was driving me nuts. I knocked on the door. “Come in,” said Slip. I walked in. “Hey, B.F, guess what? Nameless is coming with us to the beach! And she said that her parents aren’t coming and our parents will probably just be sunbathing, so we get the whole island to ourselves!” I groaned. “Come on. Nameless?” I actually didn’t mind, Nameless is actually really nice. [Yeah, I said actually, Nameless. I notice you don’t interrupt when Slip’s telling the story.] But still, she’s my sister’s friend, so I have to pretend to hate her. She knows it’s an act and likes to tease me and say I like her. [I don’t, Nameless! Drop it!]

“Kids!” Dad yelled. “Nameless is here!” Slip squealed and ran downstairs. Unfortunately, she took her phone with her this time. I need to be more careful to see if she’s watching. When I came downstairs, Slip and Nameless were chatting on the couch as my parents threw them a couple of sodas and some chips. They offered me a soda, too, but I said I wasn’t thirsty. As Nameless sipped on her soda, she asked Slip, “How’s it doing between you and that cute guy who runs the blimps?” Slip blushed at that and glanced over at me, trying not to laugh. Her expression changed and it clearly said, “If you embarrass me in front of my friend, you will never see the light of day again.” That shut me up. She’s the expert of dirty looks. She dropped her volume down quite a few notches, and whispered, “I’m planning on making my move this time.” That  piqued my curiosity. It’s fun to mess with her love life.

“Let’s get in the car, guys,” mom said. “Gladly,” I replied, with a mischievous smile on my face. Both Nameless and Slip looked at me suspiciously, especially Slip. Three hours ago, I had been saying I never wanted to go again, and now I was acting as friendly as the Pillsbury Doughboy? She figured something was up. She has some good detective skills, I’ll give her that. I ran upstairs and grabbed my duffel bag and jumped into Dad’s car. We drove half a mile before he turned the rearview mirror to face me. “You do like that girl, don’t you?” he asked. Oh, no. Well, at least Slip and Nameless were taking Mom’s car. They would have been torture if they heard this. “No!” I said, my ears turning an uncomfortable crimson and darkening into a deep purple. He nodded skeptically. “Of course you don’t.” But we drove on in silence.

About twenty minutes later, we pulled in to the big airport Golden Blimp uses. I saw that guy that Slip likes waving to us as we found a parking spot. As we got out of the car, I cracked my knuckles. Time to get started. “Hey, guys. Glad you could make it!” He stuck out his hand to shake mine. Hooccchh…PTOOO! I spit into my hand and shook his. Dad looked disgusted. “Barefoot Icicle! You apologize this moment!” I turned to him and gave him a mocking smile. “Sorry, bro,” I said. He looked a little grossed out, but he wiped his hand on his jeans and said, “No problem. Hey, isn’t that your sister?” I raised my eyebrow. He almost sounded a little hopeful.

“Yes, Speedy,” my dad replied. Ah, Speedy. That was his name. Speedy Tomato. “That’s her. Again, I’m sorry for B.F. Here’s a tip.” He handed Speedy a five dollar bill. As Nameless came over, her eyes widened and she whispered frantically to Slip. She glowered at me, like “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I shrugged and grinned. She looked about ready to punch me, but she restrained herself. She didn’t want to look bad in front of Speedy. So she came over and gave him her cutest smile. “Hey, Slip,” he said. She looked overjoyed, as if him remembering her name meant “Will you marry me?” I rolled my eyes.

Mom jogged over. “Hey, Speedy,” she said brightly. She turned and winked at my sister. “So! Where’s the blimp?” asked Dad. A confused look crossed his face. “What blimp?” He studied our astonished faces for a few moments, then burst out laughing. “Nah, I’m just messing with you. Behind the building.” And, still chuckling to himself, he brought us to it. “Priceless,” I muttered. “Ha ha.”

We climbed into the blimp. I sat next to my dad, who sat next to Mom, who sat next to Nameless, who sat next to Slip, who sat next to-who else- Speedy. We were going up really high when Speedy frowned. “Sorry, guys, we have to go a little higher. I know  it’s warm, but we have to let one of the bags drop.” Meanwhile, I was tying Nameless’s shoelaces to the ropes. Speedy let the bag fall. And Nameless was tugged out of the blimp and started to fall, screaming for help.

(for more episodes of The Tales of Two Icicles (TOTI), visit the Top Pop!)

Island Ideas

What sort of lands would you conjure up and visit?

Portal 101 Island: by Molly

You are greeted by a scientist who is holding his new invention: The Super Portal 101. He is about to test it but, he realizes that he left his electric battery at the coffee shop. You will have to travel to the coffee shop, and you will find the battery on a table. After you get the battery, the scientist will be at the next building. A criminal will appear and take the the scientist’s device after you put in the battery. You would have to go to the power plant and do some puzzles. Near the end, a guy will give you a wrench. Once you are at the top, The villain will be there and have broke the machine. A police will come and arrest the criminal, and you will have to use the wrench. The police will award you with this levels medallion.

Lost Airplane Island: by Muddy Kid

In this island, a pilot tells you that the Malaysia airline is lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s your job to find the airplane, rescue the people in the airline, and bring them to Beijing. After you bring the people to Beijing, then the pilot gives you the Island Medallion.


Check out the crazy colorful costumes we found in this Multiverse!


Rockstar Superhero: designed by Wild Shark

  • DSC01028Superhero suit: Masks and Capes(Super Power Island)
  • Headphones: Boy with MP3 (Lunar Colony Island)
  • Jacket: Randomizing your character
  • Guitar: Rock Star 2 outfit (Poptropica Store)

Ice King (from Adventure Time): by Spotted Dragon

  • 911 ice kingCrown w/ Hair – King of Arturus (Astro-Knights Island – Castle of Arturus)
  • Mouth – Boy in Blue (Astro-Knights Island – Main Street)
  • Beard – Beards & Mustaches (see Cheats page)
  • Robe – Blue Graduate (Store)
  • Necklace – Zeus Mythology Surfer (Store)
  • Skin – Light Blue
  • Hair – Light Grey (White)
  • For special effect – add Electrify (Store), Lightning Staff (Store), or Lightning Sword (Lightning Knight – exclusive code from Poptropica Adventures DS game)

Lumpy Space Princess (from Adventure Time): by Spotted Dragon

  • 911 lumpyHair – Friend: wavygirl26
  • Bang – Goth Boy (Reality T.V. Island – Main Street)
  • Mouth – Zaggy Moondust (Store – Lunar Colony Island Member Item)
  • Shirt – Woman in Purple (Mythology Island – Herc’s Hero Hut)
  • Necklace – Goth Girl (Astro-Knights Island – Ye Olde Rumour Mille)
  • Skirt – Sleepy Bird (24 Carrot Island – Carrot King Diner)
  • Skin – Light Purple
  • Hair – Dark Purple

Fan Art

Check out the creativity of these Poptropica fan artists!

Poptropica Posters: by Mashimai

Four awesome Poptropica posters sent in by Mashimai! Click to enlarge the images.

PHB gif: by Giant Rock

A little animation with the Poptropican heads of PHB authors Sam, HP, and Fishy!


Comics: by Lula S.

Four Poptropica comics created by Lula S. – click to enlarge the pictures!

Minimalist Dr. Hare & Shark Boy wallpaper: by HPuterpop

If you like Dr. Hare and Shark Boy, use this as your desktop wallpaper! Click to enlarge.

main poptropica minimal background3

★ Owl from Poptropica: by CERBURUS253

Poptropica Owl on Astro Knights island ^-^ Merlin!

Owl from Poptropica by CERBERUS253

PHB Special – Poptropica Edition 2048: by Slanted Fish

A Poptropica version of the popular tile-swiping game, 2048! Click on the image below to play, or check out this PHB Sunday Special post for instructions. Can you reach the elusive Slanted Fish tile?

2048 Poptropica Edition

★Poptropica Villains: by Robin at the bird who blogs (aka Draw-and-Stuff)

Pencil doodles of Ringmaster Raven, Black Widow, Dr. Hare, and Binary Bard!


★Oh Joy…: by Draw-and-Stuff

Just a random headcanon that Dr. Hare was blabbing to Binary Bard nonstop and acted like they were the best of friends (since it was mentioned that Binary Bard was lost in space and you (the player) made sure that Dr. Hare was trapped in space so he wouldn’t take over the world).


★Director D: by pengu1nsane (White Seal)

He’s surrounded by off-screen idiots.

911 director d

★White Seal: by pengu1nsane

White Seal, stand at ease! – a Poptropican self-portrait

911 white seal

★This is what happens…: by Brave Tomato (1313cookie)

When I find a blue balloon and I have markers nearby. It’s a Monster Carnival style balloon!

mci balloon

★ Poptropica Costume Idea: by Child-Of-Hades

A saber-toothed tiger costume, what do you think?

  • you can roar as long as you’re wearing the tail, ears, or muzzle
  • when you roar, all of the nearest non-player characters run away

Poptropica Costume Idea by Child-Of-Hades

★ Astro-Knights Cover (Remake): by Slaytoomuch1960

Check out the Astro-Knights Island official book by Tracey West on Amazon!

Fight the Bots (a parody of’s Scream and Shout): by Super Drummer

This is a song about the Legendary Swords Quest. It goes:
(Battle the Bots)
When you jump out of the ship
All the creatures run
All the creatures run
All the creatures run
When you walk into the cave

You must pull the sword out
You must pull the sword out
You must pull the sword out

See the bots on the right
They ready to invade
They ready to invade
They ready to invade
See the bots on the right
They ready to attack
They ready to attack
They ready to attack
I’m gonna scream and shout
And get my sword out
And scream and shout
And fight the bots
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder,”
They saying “Beep boop, beep, boop, intruder.”
I’m gonna scream and shout
And get my sword out
And scream and shout
And fight the bots
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”
(E. Vile: You are so, so, stupid, now give up as (while you can!))

Aw, yeah(3x)

(Battle the Bots)

Rocket Bots
Ready to shoot their fast missles
Come on, get ready to fight
The evil bots on the land, oh, oh

Let’s go, fight the bots and fight some more
Break the crystals, break some more,
Kill the bots and watch them blow, blow, blow

Hey, yo, power up, power now,
If you could fight all the bots
Take them down and break the crystals, crystals
Hey, yo, kill the bots and take them down

Here we go, we go fight the bots,
Cause everywhere we go, we
(Battle the Bots)

When you see the laser bots
You gotta swing your sword
You gotta swing your sword
You gotta swing your sword

‘Fore they shoot their lasers
You gotta bring them down
You gotta bring them down
You gotta bring them down

You see Mr. Bounder on the hill?
He picks up the rock
He picks up the rock
He picks up the rock

See Mr. Bounder on the hill
He’s ready to attack
He’s ready to attack
He’s ready to attack

I’m gonna scream and shout
And get my sword out
And scream and shout
And fight the bots
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”

I’m gonna scream and shout
And get my sword out
And scream and shout
And ight the bots
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”
(E. Ville: You’re no, no, match for me, give up while (as you can!))

Aw, yeah! (3x)

It goes on and on and on and on
When you kill all the bots
I hope Poptropica would last forever
Cause the army was strong, now I’m feeling stronger (2x)

I’m gonna scream and shout
And get my sword out
And scream and shout
And fight the bots
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”

I’m gonna scream and shout
And get my sword out
And scream and shout
And fight the bots
They saying “Beep boop, beep boop, intruder”
(E. Ville: You’re no, no, match for me, give up while (as you can!))

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines and learn how you can submit an entry too! Thanks for reading! 🙂

47 thoughts on “Issue #15: May 2014”

    1. Ty, sorry about HP not finishing the sneak peek yet, I’ve been asking him for a while and he keeps putting it off ;-; so I had to post it before May 11, and unfortunately it was without the sneak peek.

  1. I love how there’s something in the magazine that took me two months to complete (“Nevermore”) and then there’s something that took me only, like, 5 minutes (the balloon) XD

    Well, thanks for featuring them, guys! Now I’m gotta get back to my series.

  2. Anyway, I also love the drawings. I’ve seen the ones you guys got from deviantArt, and I’m happy to see them here!

  3. I especially enjoyed the fan art! The stories were incredible too, this might be the best issue yet!!

  4. BT, you are on a new level of awesome. My brother complimented your drawing as he was walking by (and critiqued it a little) and he criticizes pretty much everything. XD

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