Issue #12: May 2010

Issue #12
Date: May 2, 2010

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s twelfth issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! May is here and ready to bloom with Poptropica joy!


Need some help with Poptropica? The experts are here to answer your questions!

What are the names of the Poptropica villains? ~MikelAltmn

Each island has its own villains, and your mission is usually to stop their evil schemes. For example, on 24 Carrot Island, the criminal is Dr. Hare, and you have to prevent him from stealing the island’s entire carrot supply.

How do you defeat the Black Widow? ~MikelAltmn

To defeat the Black Widow, you need to help a shady man get all the way to the top so he can knock over the Black Widow, who is busily destroying expensive artwork. At the same time, you must save the artwork – if more than one million dollars’ worth is damaged, you must start over. Click here for our Counterfeit Island help guide.


In the final installments of the stories we’ve been following these past months, what’s going to happen?

Phoenix Master – The Legend Of Great Booga (Chapter Three): by Hapykidi1

[Continued from April’s magazine!] After all making a pact that we wouldn’t tell, he grabbed our arms and rushed us the the beach and ran almost aross the water! soon he was swimming so fast i could tell he a Chimera master, and one of the stronger kinds. Soon I passed out due to no air to breath.

“Yes” was all she said. I couldn’t help but cry, fall to my knees, hug her, or all the above… When I awoke, i saw sharkboy talking to lion. I got up and asked why everyone was wearing shark suits. “We,my friend are going to awake booga. I stood there for a few moments, then BURST OUT LAUGHING! i didn’t see sharkboy coming to give me an upper cut, but he did set off my powers. my wings ripped through my shirt i had bought while shopping with the girl. the only problem was,my pheonix was out in the water, and it couldn’t help.

it lit itself from its ashes then got burnt out by the water so many times. I turned to smack in with my wings, but he was too quick. I pulled out a match and dispelled my pheonix. i pulled out the ashes from the fire at my home with my parents, then lit them before i suffocated, but it was too late, the air was being drained, and the pheonix wouldn’t burst into flames. I fell to my knees, just then, Lion pounced on sharkboy! i tried to make out what lion was. He was a manticore master!(one of the stronger kinds)just then, I saw puddle. “GUYS! I THINK WE HAVE A LEAK!”

suddenly that puddle turned into the girl. “FALSE ALARM!!!!” she called, then glared at me. “I’m sorry.”i said then bit my lip. “by the way, what is your name?” I asked. she looked away. “I’ll say this, you’ve known me throughout middle school.” I was a little startled. “Y-y-y-you survived, IO?”(IO means Invisible Onion) [The End!]

The Travel through the Games – Chapter 3:  The Dimension Invention [When Things Kinda Go Bonkers] – by Llama Lover/Cheerful Cheetah

[Continued from February’s magazine!] Monopoly! CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( for our younger viewers, CHEESEMUFFINS!!!!) This game takes forever. I don’t want to play. And with that, a big marshmallow fairy turned up and started singing something like “Bubble Dubble Bibbidy Bobbidy Ching-an lon, ka-ka! ka-ka yama shama! ”    “what the heck?” I said. And she said,”I am the Marshmallow Fairy! You said you wanted to skip this game?” Yeah, pretty much, I said.

“Well then. I’ll poof you out. If my magic goes awry, sorry. Please sign this contract to get out of it, saying that no liabilities go to the Marshmallow Fairy, Fairy Inc. Thank You.”    I signed, and then, suddenly, I wasn’t there. Instead of a board game, I seemed to be, um, somewhere. I saw pixies, fairies with big hairdos , and, what looked like, a cheese castle. Seriously. A castle made of CHEESE! (must be the PHB writers Dream. ) and suddenly, it looked like I WAS in a dream. Who’s though? Codien? coderkid? Smockers? and then I saw Coskit, riding on what looked like an ostrich made of Cheese.

Then I looked around, and saw that everything was made of Cheese. WHERE THE HECK WAS I? bless  that fairy. I was in A CHEESE WONDERLAND!  I walked around, eating some American cheese in one hand, and cheddar in the other. I was talking to a cheese lawn-gnome , about how much I like cheddar cheese. “…it’s like so good. I LOVE CHEESE! maybe i should move to Wisconsin, ya know? because they make cheese? no? never mind then…”

when I saw a door in a cheese mushroom. I walked in, and landed somewhere else.  I don’t know whose dream this was, but it was really weird.  I saw some more lawn-gnomes, some llamas with wings, a gerbil corn? What? ( A gerbil-corn is half-gerbil half-unicorn… i know, right?) A saw some fish,swimming in the clouds, and the water was purple. It looked like I was standing on a donut. When I saw a toaster sort of moving toward me, i knew whose dream this was. This was Llama Lover’s dream! [The End!]

My Poptropican Stories [Chapter 1 – Sudden Disturbance]: by Popular Walker

It was 3:48 A.M. and the sun was just coming up. Only a sliver of light shone as a nervous Popular Walker waited outside Mount Olympus. The new morning sun made the golden gates shine and glimmer, but even the wondrous sight of the sparkling gates couldn’t Popular Walker. All she could think about was what had happened the night before. She had finally gotten a membership, and all through the day she had been solving puzzles and defeating monsters.

When she had finally defeated Zeus she went home to her new house on Mythology Island. She opened the door and saw no sign of anyone. Her sister, Young Walker, had been staying with her at the time. She went inside and prepared to make dinner. Knowing her sister when would probably be out most of the night talking with her friends over at the gym. Popular Walker walked over to turn on the oven when something caught her eye. There was a note on the fridge. She removed the magnet and prepared to sit down because she saw immediately that something terrible had happened.

The note was written with cut out letters from magazines, and that alwys meant something bad had happened. She read the note aloud to herself:

Dear Miss Walker: We have your sister. Bring us the staff and the crown or else. Meet us at the gate at 4:00 A.M. tomorrow. ~Anonymous

“Oh no!” Popular Walker gasped. She knew what they wanted; the crown of Hades and the staff if Poseidon. She was going to save her sister no matter what. Then it occurred to her, what would happen if she gave them crown of Hades and the staff of Poseidon? She was being faced with too many difficulties. The worst problem of all, though, would be would she have to betray her sister?

{Special!} Poptropican’s Truth or Dare: hosted by Golden Shell

Golden Shell: *dancing*
Golden Shell: Oh, hi loyal readers of the PHB and 911 issues! I’m your host, Golden Shell, of a little game I like to call Poptropican’s Truth or Dare!
Let me explain.
Every issue, you guys get to put truths and dares in the comments for ANY Poptropican of your choice because ALL Poptropicans (and I mean ALL, yes, even the ones that can’t be played) will be on here, and so I’m going to pick truths and dares and put them in the next issue. Sometimes I’ll pick guest hosts, but guest hosts ONLY, and you have to have a good reason to be a guest host! I’m the only permanent host here. For this first part, I’m just going to make up truths and dares of my own. But, first, of course, the Poptropicans! 😀

Golden Shell: *creates huge swirling purple portal*
*all residents of Poptropica tumble out of the portal in huge heaps*
Everyone: Where am I? What is this place? Who’s that blond Poptropican girl over there with Hades’ crown and Posiedon’s trident? (Sorry if I spelled Posiedon wrong)

Golden Shell: Hello everyone, I’m Golden Shell, your host of Poptropican’s Truth or Dare! *explains everything about the game*
…And, last but not least, if you refuse to do a dare, you get thrown into the Closet of Madness. *ominous music plays* *points to huge closet*

Sarah Snooty: What, like, happens in there when you, like, go in there? I mean, like, it’s just like totally a Closet.
Golden Shell: Why don’t YOU go in there and find out? (I hate Sarah Snooty! XD) *shoves Sarah Snooty into Closet and shuts door*

*5 seconds later*

Golden Shell: *lets Sarah Snooty out of Closet of Madness*
Sarah Snooty: *laughs maniacally with a crazed look in her eyes*
Everyone: O_O
Hippie Harry: Um, Golden Shell, what just happened to her in that Closet?
Golden Shell: *grinning evilly* Want to find out?
Hippie Harry: O_O No….
Golden Shell: Good. Now let’s get started! For now, I’ll be the one doing the daring and truths. But in the other parts, it’ll be the readers deciding.


  • Sarah Snooty: Sing “I Love You” aka a Barney song
  • Coskit: Destroy New York City with anything you want.
  • Neat Whale: Go hide all of Hijuyo’s cheese somewhere. He/she will have 5 minutes to do so. If Hijuyo doesn’t find his/her cheese by the end of 5 minutes, you win a grand prize. If Hijuyo does, you have a choice to either go into the Closet of Madness or jump off a cliff.
  • Hijuyo: Close your eyes while NW’s hiding your cheese. Once NW says, “DONE!” you can go look for your cheese. You’ll have 5 minutes to do so. If you find your cheese by the end of 5 minutes, you win a grand prize. If you don’t, you have a choice to either go into the Closet of Madness or jump in a bottomless lake.
  • Smockers and Codien: Dance to “I Like to Move It, Move It” from “Madagascar” for 3 hours straight, longer if you can.
  • Hyper Star: Turn Coderkid into a pink rose.
  • Coderkid: Once Hyper Star turns you into a pink rose, run around yelling “I LIKE CHEESE!” for 3 hours straight.
  • Early Poptropica Skater Boy: Go without your skateboard for 5 hours and 30 minutes STRAIGHT.


  • Hijuyo: Do you really have all the cheeses in the world?
  • Coskit: When you abandoned your DaVinci alter-ego, where did she go?

-Golden Shell

Golden Shell: *grins evilly* Well, looks like we’re going to have some fun here…Sarah Snooty?
Sarah Snooty: *rocks back and forth in a corner laughing like a maniac*
Golden Shell: *waves hand*
Sarah Snooty: *turns back to normal* Huh? What?
Golden Shell: Your dare is to sing “I Love You” aka a Barney song.
Hyper Star: O_O
Sarah Snooty: Uh….okay….
Sarah Snooty: *starts singing* I love you….you love me….
*at the end of Barney song*
Everyone including GS: O_O *dies*
Sarah Snooty: What the—*dies*
Golden Shell: *revives herself and everyone else* Okaaay….NEXT DARE!

Golden Shell: Coskit, you can destroy New York City with ANYTHING you want.
Coskit: ANYTHING? 😀
Golden Shell: Yep, anything.
Coskit: 😀 Can I have an army tank?
Golden Shell: O_O Um….okay….
*two seconds later*
Coskit: *riding in huge army tank* WOOHOO!!! OH YEAH!!! *rumbles off to NYC*
Sarah Snooty: NOOOO!!! Not NYC!!! That’s like a totally awesome place to shop!!
Golden Shell: WELL TOO BAD! XD

*five minutes later*
Coskit: *rumbles back in army tank* THAT WAS AWESOME!!! *hops out of tank*
Golden Shell: Um….alright….*puts army tank away and rebuilds NYC* NEXT DARE!
Golden Shell: Alright…HIJUYO! NEAT WHALE!
*explains the dares to Hijuyo and NW*
Hijuyo and Neat Whale: O_O
Golden Shell: Alright, Hijuyo, close your eyes…..
*2 minutes later*
Neat Whale: DONE! 😀
Hijuyo: *opens eyes*
Golden Shell: *gets stopwatch and sets it to 5 minutes* Ready….set….GO!!!!
Hijuyo: *runs off*

*5 minutes later*
Hijuyo: *finds his/her cheese on top of Mt. Everest* FOUND IT!!! 😀
Golden Shell: Great job, Hijuyo! 🙂 Your grand prize is…$1,000 and a year’s worth supply of chocolate!!! 🙂
Hijuyo: YAHOO!!!! 😀 *jumps into huge stack of chocolate and money*
Golden Shell: As for you, Neat Whale….you must choose between going into the Closet of Madness, or jumping off a cliff. Which one will you take?
*dramatic music plays*
GS: Why? It adds to the drama of your decision!
NW: It’s breaking my concentration. 😡
GS: *sigh* Fine…*turns off dramatic music*

NW: OK….I’ll jump off a cliff.
Golden Shell: Alright. Go ahead.
Neat Whale: *jumps off cliff* AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! *dies*
Golden Shell: *revives Neat Whale* OK, Smockers and Codien, your dare is to dance to “I Like to Move It, Move It” from “Madagascar” for 3 hours straight or longer.
Smockers and Codien: O_O
Golden Shell: Ready….set….GO!!!! *turns on music*
*3 hours and 1 minute later*
Smockers: ….can’t…..breathe….. *collapses*

Codien: …..agghhhh….*collapses 2 seconds later*
Golden Shell: Looks like Codien beat Smockers at dancing! XD
Golden Shell: But let’s let them rest. Next dare!
Golden Shell: Okay, Hyper Star, your dare is to turn Coderkid into a pink rose, and Coderkid, your dare is to run around yelling “I LIKE CHEESE!” for 3 hours straight.
Hyper Star: >:D
Coderkid: O_O
Hyper Star: *turns Coderkid into pink rose*
Coderkid: *as pink rose* AAAHHHH THE FIERY PAIN!!!!
GS: Get your lazy butt in gear and start running and yelling, boy!
Coderkid: *running around* I LIKE CHEESE! I LIKE CHEESE!

*3 hours later*
Coderkid: ….I………………cheese……..*dies*
Golden Shell: *revives Coderkid* Alright then….next dare!
Golden Shell: Early Poptropica Skater Boy, your dare is to go WITHOUT your skateboard for 5 hours and 30 minutes STRAIGHT.
Early Poptropica Skater Boy: *nods* O_O
Golden Shell: *takes away skateboard* Alright, ready, set, GO!

*1 millisecond later*
Early Poptropica Skater Boy: *dies*
Golden Shell: ….Wow, that’s pathetic. Only 1 millisecond into the 5 hours and 30 minutes and he’s already dead. Looks like he’s going into the Closet of Madness.
GS: *revives EP Skater Boy* *shoves EP Skater Boy into Closet*

*5 seconds later*
GS: *lets EP Skater Boy out of Closet*
EP Skater Boy: *zombie look* Madness. Madness. Madness. *rocks back and forth repeating “Madness” over and over again*
Everyone: O_O
Golden Shell: Okaaaaay….truth time!
Golden Shell: Hijuyo, do you really have all the cheeses in the world? *whips out lie detector* If you lie, you’ll go into the Closet of Madness.
Hijuyo: Uh….yes….
GS: *lie detector goes smoothly* OK, good. And Coskit?
Coskit: Yes?
Golden Shell: When you abandoned your DaVinci alter-ego, where did she go?
Coskit: Uh….that’s classified information.
GS: *lie detector starts beeping* Or it isn’t! You’ve got 3 seconds to tell the truth, Coskit!
Coskit: O_O
GS: 3….2……1……
Golden Shell: *lie detector goes smoothly* Alright…you’re spared from the Closet of Madness.

Golden Shell: Well, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed the first part of Poptropican’s Truth or Dare! Remember to submit your own truths and dares for our fellow Poptropicans in the comments! Byeee! Hope you enjoyed it! XD

The Diabolical Scheme, Part 3: by Golden Shell

[Continued from March’s magazine!] “Argh…what…just….happened…?”
Neat Whale slowly sat up, rubbing her head, and she looked around. Where was she? In the Poptropica Stadium. What was she doing here? She had come to compete in a contest. What had happened after the contest? A monster named Barry Beast had come and tried to take Carlotta and Fredericka away and she had hit him in the head, but Barry Beast grabbed her and knocked her out. Where were the others?

All of it rushing back to her now, she scrambled to her feet, frantic. She had to save Scary Tomato and Green Seal! But they had been captured, turned into books, now being held hostage on the Villain King. THUMP!

Neat Whale spun around, startled. Unfortunately, there stood one of the very last people she wanted to see—Director D!
He didn’t even bother making some long mocking speech to NW. He just cut straight to the point. Suddenly— POW!

A long ray of green shot into NW, causing her to fall to the ground, nothing but a mere, lifeless book form. She didn’t even have any time to scream.

Director D smirked with satisfaction as he picked NW up. Then he flew back to the huge ship on his platform, book-transformed NW hanging limply in his hands.

Meanwhile… WHAM!

No, that’s not the sound of you and Fredericka slamming into the ground and dying from the long fall. That’s the sound of the platform slamming onto the ground with you and Fredericka on the platform. Fredericka somehow managed to conjure up the platform in the nick of time while falling.

“Whew!” you let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, though—


A sharp, loud scream smashes through the air, ripping its way all the way to your invisible ears and making its eardrums ring.
“Who’s screaming…?” you ask, but you have a nasty feeling in your gut that you know who’s screaming.
“Come on!” Fredericka snaps, grabbing your hand and dragging you up with her as she does one of her powerful jumps up into the air, propelling herself through the sky. As the wind whistles through your head, the scream comes again.

“That way!” Fredericka yells, her long skirt rippling in the whistling wind, and you manage to nod shortly before you and the Princess start coming down, the wind whirling, swirling, twirling around in a—

No, it isn’t the scream you heard previously. It’s your own, and Fredericka’s as well. The wind suddenly becomes so strong it rips Fredericka’s hand out of yours and you fall, screaming, through the air, no longer having Fredericka’s magic by your side to help you keep high with your jump. You close your eyes, hoping you’ll get killed quickly, without any pain.

You don’t die. You just land on the branches of a pine tree and slide from branch to branch until you land on the ground with an “OOF!” You quickly scramble to your feet, dusting yourself off because of the many pine needles all over you, when you suddenly hear Fredericka scream.

You start running to the place you think you heard her scream, but suddenly, a strange humpbacked creature emerges from the shadows, clutching a limp, lifeless, book-shaped form. You yell, but then, all of a sudden, a long bright green ray shoots out of nowhere and straight into your chest, driving through it easily as if a ghost, and excruciating pain erupts in your body. You open your mouth to scream, but no sound comes out, and you collapse to the ground. Everything goes black.
“Uuuughhh….what’s going on….?”

You slowly wake up, only to find yourself chained to the wall. You struggle, but the chains are so strong and firm, you can’t break free. Next to you, Smockers, Codien, Coderkid, Coskit, Neat Whale, Fredericka, Carlotta, Hyper Star, Scary Tomato, and Green Seal are also chained up.

“Fredericka!” you say promptly. “Can’t you use your sp—”
“It’s no use,” Fredericka says. “These chains are spell-proof.”
Before anyone can say anything else, the door of the chamber bursts open and in walk the Black Widow and Dr. Hare.
“Good, I’ve seen you’re awake,” the Black Widow says curtly. “Now, time for what she’s been telling us to do Hare, get the Princess into the main HQ.”

“Which one?” Dr. Hare says confusedly, looking from Fredericka to Carlotta.
“The blonde one, you stupid pink furball, now get her,” the Black Widow snarls, spinning on her heel and leaving.
“Hmph,” Dr. Hare grunts, but disconnects Fredericka’s chains from the wall and drags her rather forcefully into the next room.
When they leave with the door clanging shut behind them, Hyper Star struggles wildly in her chains. “WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HER!” she cries.

“Shut up, HS, they might hear you!” Coskit whispers.
“I don’t care!” HS yells. “We’ve GOT to get outta here!”
“But how?” Coderkid asks. “These chains are heavy and they’re killing me. Plus, they’re spell-proof, too, even Fredericka couldn’t break them.”

“Hmm…” you say, but suddenly you bump your head accidentally on the wall and, much to your surprise, a panel slides open to reveal—a secret door!
“GUYS!” you yell. “Look!”
At this, all  the others crowd around the door, eyes bigger than saucers.
“A secret passageway!” ST shouts happily.
“But what about Fredericka?” Carlotta cries. As if to reply to this, Fredericka’s screams echo throughout the ship as she is tortured.
“We’ll get her,” you say. “…somehow.”

Suddenly, Smockers bangs his head on the wall as if to try to think of a way to get out of the chains, and then—another panel slides open—to reveal a silver key!

“A KEY!” you yell.
“Quick!” Coderkid shouts. “Put it in the chain locks!”
“I’M TRYING!” Smockers says, fumbling with the key before managing to shove it into his chain locks. At once, they open and Smockers quickly frees everyone, including you. Once everyone’s free, you happen to hear Fredericka scream again, this time louder than ever, and you instantly hurl yourself out the door and burst into the main HQ.

“GO! Just go! I’ll catch up!” you yell back at the chamber, at the others, who look ready to go with you, but upon seeing the look on your face, they obey—all except for Carlotta.

“FREDERICKA!” you and Carlotta, who’s right behind you, scream.
But Fredericka looks almost half-dead. She’s gazing at you through pale eyes, her skin as pale as death, her hair white as if she’s old, only without wrinkles, and she’s faint and weak. She collapses to the ground, no longer screaming, and closes her eyes helplessly.

“NO!” Carlotta shrieks. She hurls herself down next to her sister and tries to pull her up. “No, Fredericka, no, please be alright, please be alright…”

You don’t pay any attention. You turn to face the Black Widow, seething with fury, pure, flaming hatred blazing in your eyes.
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?!” you scream.

“Sucked out her powers, you foolish child,” the Black Widow says smugly. “They will be perfect enough to please the Mistress.”
That’s the last straw. With a shriek of rage, you run forward, pull your fist back, and launch the hardest punch of your life right into the Black Widow’s stupid face.


With a scream of pain, the Black Widow is sent skidding across the floor, struggling to stay conscious with the sharp knife-like pain cutting through her face. Bellowing, Dr. Hare hurls himself at you, but you deflect it with a high-flying kick. He crashes into the Black Widow and without hanging around to see what’s going to happen next, you spin on your heel and run back to the prison chamber. Carlotta is supporting Fredericka, one arm around her, as they hobble into the chamber as well. The chamber, though, is unsurprisingly empty, with the entrance to the secret door open. You, Carlotta, and Fredericka hurl yourselves towards the entrance when— BANG.

The chamber door clangs open and you spin around. The Binary Bard is standing there, a look of pure rage and shock on his face, and then with a howl of fury, he hurls himself at you, crashing into Carlotta and half-dead, half-unconscious Fredericka right through a trapdoor in the floor. Tumbling down a staircase, you quickly spot a sparkling whirlpool of purple stars just a few feet away. Grabbing Carlotta and Fredericka, you jump into it, hearing the Binary Bard’s screams of rage gradually fade behind you.
“Well, well, well…”

A quiet, mocking voice rips through the darkness that greets your eyes upon tumbling out of the whirlpool that instantly disappears behind you. You look up and see a woman. A beautiful, beautiful woman, with long black curls that cascade down to her waist and dark purple eyes and pale skin. She’s wearing a long gray brocade dress with a dark purple silk sash wrapped across it, diagonally from her shoulder down to her waist. But the smile on her face is creepy. It’s evil, wicked, and it sends chills up your spine.
“W-who a-are y-you?” you stutter.

“Why, it is none other than the Mistress, you foolish mortal,” the woman laughs mockingly. “Boss of Poptropica’s villains and soon-to-be eternal ruler of the universe.”

“WHAT?” you scream. You look around for Carlotta or Fredericka for help—but they’re not there.
“Looking for your little Princess friends, are you?” the Mistress laughs. “They’re gone. Imprisoned for eternity.”
“B-but why?” you stammer.

“Why, because they were the ones who supported you the most,” the Mistress says. “Especially that dumb blonde. Stupid as she is, she also has very good, quite useful powers…provided faithfully by that dimwitted Black Widow.”

“Let me explain,” the Mistress says. “It was I who has been giving those Poptropica villain fools orders. You see, many years ago, the Poptropica Creators created me to be queen of Poptropica. But I was soon stripped of that grand title, as they claimed I was abusing my powers, that I was cruel and selfish.” She chuckled humorlessly. “They banished me into this dark castle, which they sealed permanently.

“But then, a group of Poptropica villains managed to remove the seal by somehow creating a whirlpool that could access my dark castle. I could see I could use them to my advantage, to get revenge on those worthless, pathetic Creators, to regain my power and glory.

So I posed as a goddess to those idiot villains. I told them that if they helped me, if they did as I asked, then I would give them eternal power over Poptropica. But they knew nothing of my real plans. They obeyed me like blind fools. They carried out my orders, they spied, they worked. But now that the Black Widow, the most faithful one, has supplied me with the stupid Princess’s rare powers, I can dispose of those idiots and use the stupid Princess’s powers to power up the Universal Orb.” And at this, she gestures to a huge, glowing, dark blue orb, perched on a long black clawed stand.

“Or so you think,” you snarl, clutching your fists. That Mistress—she may be look as beautiful as a goddess, but behind that exterior, she’s a selfish, hideous monster.

“Really?” A hideously sugary sweet smile appears on the Mistress’s face. “Let’s see you prove it.”

Suddenly, a whirl of white light appears, gradually forming into a long, slender, strong sword with a sharp, silver blade and a jewel-studded gold handle that fits itself into your hand. A sudden warmth spreads through your hand, as if the sword is meant to be yours.

“So…” the Mistress says, her smile disappearing. “It appears as if you are the one worthy to wield the Sword of Poptropica.”
“Looks like I am,” you say boldly.
“Then,” the Mistress says very quietly, “let the battle begin.” And she pulls out her own sword, one with a long, sharp, gleaming silver blade and a pearl-studded ebony handle, the Sword of Darkness.
And the battle began.

It was difficult, the hardest battle you ever fought in your life. For one thing, you’ve never sword-fought before. And you’ve never, ever clashed swords with a hideously evil woman who was the boss of Poptropica’s villains.
Let’s skip to the end of that LONG battle, shall we?

You leap onto a shelf and she follows, trying to strike you from behind, but you spin around just in time to hold your sword up, deflecting the hit. However, you fall off the shelf, landing on your back on the ground. Yelling with triumph, the Mistress raises her sword to hit you, but you raise your own sword to deflect the hit once more as you struggle up. Then you slash your sword at her sash, ripping it, and she slashes her sword at your shirt, ripping its sleeve.

But then you stumble backwards and fall again, your foot stuck in a large, tangled clump of the roots of a fallen, uprooted plant that fell from its pot. You work frantically to get your foot out, but it’s no use. The Mistress then leaps and raises her sword to hit you, but you deflect the hit again, and the straining of the swords begins, ending when the Mistress is shoved back when your sword manages to push hers back. You quickly slash at the roots of the plant to get your foot free, and then you run forward, leap into the air, sword raised, and bring it down with all your might on the Universal Orb, smashing it with an earsplitting yet satisfying CRA-A-A-ACK!

As the crack of the shattering orb rips through the air, the Mistress instantly collapses, screaming with pain, writhing on the floor, as pale green sparkling mist pours from the smashed orb. Then the Mistress finally yells, “Please! Make it stop, make it stop! Put me in prison for fifty years! I’ll promise I’ll be good!” just as, as if an invisible curtain is being pulled back, you spot Fredericka and Carlotta, imprisoned in a cage that shatters instantly, and the pale green sparkling mist pours into Fredericka, bringing the color back to her skin, bringing her to full health.

She cries with joy as she and Carlotta both hug you, and then, with sword in hand, with the Mistress bound in chains that Fredericka conjures up, you and the two Princesses teleport back to the Poptropica Stadium, where the Poptropica Creators and the others who were with you in the prison chamber are, where they reward you with a medal and 150,000 credits to the Poptropica Store, and where the Mistress is arrested and dragged away to prison, where she will stay for a hundred years, along with the other Poptropica villains, who have also been found. And you jump with joy as the crowd cheers and applauds, as the Sword of Poptropica glitters in a glass case with a brick stand. On the brick stand are engraved the words:


Hope you liked it! Everyone lives happily ever after (except for the villains and the Mistress :D). [The End]

Tomzilla’s Revenge: by Tomzilla

(This is only a preview of the Tomzilla’s Revenge series. If you’re interested in reading more, browse them all in Tomzilla’s collection!)

-Chapter One: Flashback-

Narator: Long ago, In the South Pole, A Tomsaurus was traped in a ice cavern for millions of years. But the dangers humans bring to Earth awoken the 10,000 year old Tomsaurus and transformed him, In to a bigger, more powerful, smarter Tomsaurus, Thus TomZilla was born.

-Chapter Two: Tokyo-

Chilly Raptor: Oh come on where can a ugly boy get food in this place…..
Kutie Pie: Oh shut up CR we all know your not aloud in Japan after what happened last time…. So what are you doing here?!
Chilly Raptor: Yes…. Im in a disguise…….. *pulls out Fredy Krueger disguise*
*Starlit comes from another room*
Starlit: Hey guys! Did you hear?! They found some weird bones in ice at the South Pole!
Kutie Pie: What?
*Chilly Raptor puts on Fredy Krueger disgiuse as Cop walks by*
Chilly Raptor: Um…. Hi? This is Fredy Krueger…..
*Starlit and Kutie Pie laugh at CR*
Starlit: Why do you follow us CR? Its freaky……
Kutie Pie: Yeah, You need to get a life…
*Chilly Raptor ignores them and watches TV*
Chilly Raptor: Hey look! Their having a documentry about those bones!
Tv Reporter: And these…. Mysterious bones have been took in to investagate, and have found out their millions of years old! This is weird their here because 2 years ago we bombed the South Pole.
Kutie Pie: Wow, I wound what happened to the other bones, like the head, and body…..
*Josh Opens door*
Josh: Sorry I was late! I just heard the Tv Report and hurried over here as fast as I could!
Josh: Chilly Raptor? WTF are you doing here?
Chilly Raptor: SHHHHHH! All you know is Im Fredy Krueger…….
Starlit: Ok….. Other than That, I heard that a small island was attacked by some monster…..!
*Starlit changes TV channel*
TV Reporter: And as we head to the Weather, The small islands off Japan were resently attack by a “Monster” as they say….
StarLit: See? They said the radioactive rays they found in the islands were found in car sized footprints! And its skin and blood is almost like the skin and blood of a Tomsaurus!
*Chilly Raptor puts on Fredy Krueger disguise*
Cop: Hello How is your day? (In Japanese)
Chilly Raptor: Hi I am Fredy Krueger….. I guess……
*suddenly they all hear footsteps*
Kutie Pie: WHAT WAS THAT!?
StarLit: Who knows? It could be that monster I was talking about….!
Cop: Be still. I’ll take care of this!

-Chapter Three: Outside At Night-

Cop: Hmm….. Hey…. Is that a explosion?!
Kutie Pie: Looks like…… I giant… DINOSAUR?!?!….
StarLit: Woah, I didn’t really want the monster to come to Tokyo now…!
Chilly Raptor: I always wanted to kiss a giant dinaosaur….
*monster comes closer*
Cop: Woah….. RUN!

*Cop tells them to follow him to a Science Fair* [For more of Tomzilla’s Revenge, click here!]

Shark Tooth: by Maya F-M

[Continued from September’s magazine!] As she ran from ledge to ledge she thought, “well, this is definitely the hardest so far” then would have to jump again to another ledge hanging from a thin wire above her head. It was all terrifying yes, but she has had such experience. She’s saved carrots; people from going bald, fought criminals, and even saved a boy named “Nate.” But never, has she defeated a shark so big no one has ever passed. I would keep going from where I am but this is the end. If you want to know the real story you might as well learn from the start, yes?

It all started when Claire Greene, our main character, moved to Madison Island. Her parents were Poptropicans so naturally she was one too. She and her family had moved when she was a baby, so she doesn’t remember the horrors of the dreadful Shark Tooth Island.

Her parents however, remembered the horrors, and agreed not to tell little Claire until she was of age to hear it. That day was today, two years ago.

“Mom,” Claire said, “why did you never tell me this?”

“Because Claire, this is not what I should be telling you,” “Your dad and I agreed never to say anything about this, I shouldn’t even be telling you this now!”


“No buts Claire, I am going to bed, and so should you.”

Then a wonderful idea came into the head of 15-year-old Claire Greene. She said, “Mom!” “Mom wait!”

“Yes Claire.” Said her mom tired.

“Mom, I have the most wonderful idea!”

“What is it Claire?” Replied her mom, carelessly.

“I must go to Shark Tooth Island!”


“Why not?’


“Because why?”

“Because we can’t.”


“Because Claire!!!!” “It’s boring.” “Besides, it’s not safe for a girl your age, or a lady my age!”

Claire was determined that she goes to where she was born, and where she lived for 3 years! She must go!

She woke up the next morning and was feeling wide-awake, so, she made breakfast for the family. Her mom was already up, which was surprising, because her mom never wakes up on time. Unless she is waiting for a phone call or stayed up all night. But don’t be thinking her moms a partier, because she isn’t.

Claire assumed that her mom was up because she was waiting for a phone call because her mom was on the phone. But she was wrong. Her mom was up because she called someone.

Turns out her mom had called her grandma in Shark Tooth and asked to stay in Shark Tooth Island. Her grandma had recently overcome surgery but fortunately she said yes. Her dad only got 10 days of work off for the year so they were spending them in Shark Tooth. Her dad wasn’t so happy about it but her grandma did say it had changed a lot.

Not much happened between then and when they arrived in Shark Tooth, so I am going to go from when they arrived.

Claire could tell that her parents were surprised with the drastic change of Shark Tooth. Claire thought the islands first impression was great! People greeted her with lays, welcomed her happily, you know, Shark Tooth people were known for their hospitality, and they are always welcome to new people. That’s why Shark Tooth is such a big tourist attraction, at least now it is.

They got in the cab and said, “32 Main Street!”

And the cab driver replied, “There ain’t any houses in Main Street sorry ma’m.” “But there is a little street after it with the address 32 sandy shores.” He finished.

“Ok then,” said mom, “We’ll go to 32 Sandy Shores.”

When the Greene family finally arrived in Sandy Shores they saw an older looking lady in the front yard tending to roses.

“Oh!” Said the lady, “You must be the Greene family.”

“Yes we are,” said my dad, “Is my mom here?”

“Oh, Henry!” She said

Then suddenly when the lady finished you could see a flash of remembrance in her father’s eye.

“Aunt Lucy?” “Aunt Lucy is that you?”

“Oh yes Henry it’s me!”

Then Henry, her father ran to her and hugged her.

“Well, you all probably want to go inside and see Mary, eh?”

“Yes we do!” We all said and walking into the house.

Aunt Lucy gladly led us into the house and had drinks ready for us in the living room on the coffee table.

We all said hello to grandma Mary and then we unpacked into the guest rooms. Then, we rearranged ourselves in the living room.

“You guys will have so much fun here!” Grandma said. “ “We have the docks nearby and main street right next door!” “And for you, bubbles,” she stopped, “remember when I used to call you bubbles, or spotted bubbles?”

“Yes grandma,” I said. Then she went on about the town.

“We’ll have so much fun grandma!”  Said Claire.

Her mom and dad were really excited to go to the Coconut Café because they heard it’s a great nighttime spot. Although she really wanted to go to the Museum because she heard that Professor Hammerhead’s work was there. She knew it was a long shot, but she wanted to visit Hammerhead’s house so she could meet him. (She is very interested in Hammerhead’s studies.)

She was 15 so she walked out the door of her Grandma’s house the next morning all by herself. Many people said hi and she even got a free coconut milk! But she saved that for later.

When she finally came towards the Museum and Tourist office, she found this sad looking man outside. He stopped her and said, “Stop, Stop!” “The devilish Booga that shark is in the waters of Booga Bay.”

She kept walking thinking he was crazy.

When she was talking to the man he spilt his drink on her, he was in such a hurry! So she went down to the bay to wash off, because she was wearing a swimsuit under being on an island and all it was OK.

At the shore she was stopped by another person, this time a woman, crying she said, “My son was captured my the evil Booga the Shark!” “Save him, please save him…”

After two encounters with people who know of the treacherous Booga, the shark, and many signs telling her to watch out for it she decided to believe the people and help them.

She walked back to her grandma’s house and didn’t say anything of the journey she was going to have. (Because she knew her parents would fly home the instant she said anything about it.) She quietly ate dinner and went to bed.

The next morning she got dressed and was walking out the door when Aunt Lucy saw her. She asked, “Where are you going Little Missy?”

“Um, I am going to cruise the town, yesterday I only looked at the museum.” Said Claire.

“Ok,” replied Lucy, “I just wanted to know, oh, how about breakfast?”

“I am OK, I might stop by the Coconut Café on the way.” Claire said. Then she walked out the door. Although, Aunt Lucy did seem a little bit suspicious.

Claire did actually stop by the Coconut Café to get some breakfast. After she walked until she came to a lady in the Ancient Ruins. The lady said, “Oh, can you help me?” “I was looking at my research I had done on the shark, Booga, and one of my pages flew away.” She finished.

“Sure!” Said Claire, “I would LOVE to help you.”

“OK,” she said, “I’m pretty sure it landed on this building above me.”

“Alright,” said Claire, “But I’m not so sure how do get up there.”

“Oh,” said the lady,” I thought you were a native islander, so I assumed you would know.” She finished.

“Well, I sort of am, my grandma lives here and I was born here too.” She said.

“Ok, cool, anyway, if you keep walking there is a rope leading up that tree, (she pointed to a tall tree in the distance) and then you can jump from the tree to the building.”

Claire waited till she finished then walked down to the tree and climbed the rope. It wasn’t that hard because she took gymnastics for years in Madison Island. Anyway, when she got to the top she jumped onto the ruin and retrieved the paper. Then, she climbed back down and gave her the paper, although, she didn’t take it.

She kept shoving it to her saying, “Here, here’s your paper.”

But she kept shaking her head, until she finally said, “ Oh, it’s that one, you can keep this kid.”

Claire said “Thank you” and then left down the hill. But Claire stopped when she came up to the rope she had climbed before. She remembered that when she was climbing the rope went higher but she didn’t know where it led.

She climbed the rope and when she got higher she started to her someone humming then they would stop and something would splash into a pot. Or at least that’s what it sounded like.

Finally, she reached the top and talked to the man. She asked him what he was doing and if he knew anything thing about Booga the shark.

He replied, “Medicine Man only speak to Native Islanders.”

Then she remembered when she was at Booga Bay a man gave her a free grass skirt and said that she would look Native if she work it. She said “OK.” Then went below to change into her grass skirt.

After, she climbed back up a little faster and said, “You know anything about Booga medicine man?”

Luckily he replied and said, “Yes, Yes I do.” He said and stopped.

“Well what is it?” Claire asked.

“To save the people of the island you must bring me 3 things.” He said, “They are deep in the islands Ancient Ruins.” Then he went behind two-palm tree leaves as big as 7 of her heads and started doing something else.

She climbed down and walked in front of the Main Ruin and said to her self, “Her we go,” then walked inside.

As soon as she stepped inside she fell. Down, down until she hit the floor. There were 4 ledges on side to side and she knew that was the only way to get down. So she slowly when form ledge to ledge then down another dark hole.

This time she ended up on a rope. She grabbed the rope and slid down until she was at the end of the rope. She looked around the dark room and saw bunches of ledges spread out all over the place. She jumped from ledge to ledge and thought, “this is definitely the hardest so far,” then would have to jump to yet another ledge hanging from a thin wire above her head.

After at least 30 minutes of near-death experience she ended up at a big golden statue. She was about to jump until a HUGE work came out of nowhere and crawled fast as a cat a long the outline of the sculpture then she jumped quickly onto another platform.

This time she had to jump onto a moving platform. She was prepared for this. So when it was time, she closed her eyes and jumped.

Luckily she didn’t fall, or there would be no story.

The finally came to a keypad that had weird writing on it. She remembered the same writing on the piece of paper the lady let her have back outside. She opened her backpack and said, “It’s worth a try,” and worked out the translation and when she punched in the numbers she was in. Out of nowhere a concrete wall opened up and she once again walked into solid darkness.

After that, she fell into a chamber and captured a bone, and kept walking knowing after everything she won’t let a bone ruin everything. She picked it up and kept walking.

She came to another chamber and walked slowly looking carefully at the carvings on the wall. Each one telling something about the story of someone, something! She knew it! It was the future story of shark Tooth Island! There was a carving of a huge shark, a medicine man, and even someone like her collecting things and bringing it to others and saving the day. She was determined to win this one.

She was walking out until she came to a podium with a golden bowl on top filled with electric green sparkled jewels inside. Claire had never seen anything like it! She grabbed the bowl and went up a concrete tube out.

She came out on Main Street. She knew she was there, but she had never noticed the whole before. She knew, she would have noticed it before. Someone must have known she was coming and made it. Besides, they didn’t have concrete in 2000 B.C.

She ran as fast as she could to Ancient ruins and once again climbed the ropes to the Medicine Man.

She said, out of breathe, “Medicine Man, please help me.”

He replied, “Here, I will make a medicine for you out of the stuff you brought me and put it in a coconut for you.” “Then, take it to Booga Bay and shoot it out of the coconut shooter, Booga will fall asleep.”

“Thank you,” said Claire. And went off with the coconut.

When she arrived in Booga Bay she swam as fast as she could to the coconut shooter and let it fly! She was waiting for something to happen. Then Booga sank and started to sleep.

She swam again as fast as she could and came to an island with the sign HELP carved smoothly into the sand. She looked around and two boys ran toward her. They were Professor Hammerhead and that lady’s son! She talked to them for a while and took them back to shore. Everyone congratulated her but there was one person’s appreciation she loved the most. That was Professor Hammerhead’s. He said, “Thank you for saving me dear lady, I can now finish my research.”

“Oh, your welcome Professor, I am always happy to help.” She said and started to walk.

“Wait,” said Professor Hammerhead, “I must congratulate you with this.” He handed her a gold medallion with Shark Tooth Island on it.

She was about to save something when Professor stopped her and said, “Thank you” once again.

And if you are wondering who I am dear child, I am Alexandra Hemming. Most know me as “Aunt Lucy” the one who watched her quietly behind. [The End]

Captain Crawfish Returns: by Happy Fang

Happy Fang has long defeated Captain Crawfish… it was already 7 months since he defeated Captain Crawfish.He brought back Fort Ridley it’s treasure to rebuild the fort.The fort has long been repaired and looked better than ever! There were brand new cannons,in total there are now 55 cannons compared to the 6-8 cannons when Captain Crawfish raided Fort Ridley! The fort is in great condition,it can withstand an attack worth 5 pirate ships! Happy Fang,HF became celebrity on Fort Ridley… he was welcome everywhere on every island for defeating the long hated and feared Captain Crawfish… HF is now strolling the seas in his Pheonix Warbird collecting wealth.He now has 10,000,000 dubloons!

He also kills the occasional sea monster and sinks the occasional pirate ship… But something has been bugging him for a while… He wonders where Captain Crawfish disappeared… When he sunk the Crawfish pirate ship,Captain Crawfish was left behind… He said he’ll get his revenge someday… but,HF now ponders on some raft he spotted on the open sea.He goes aboard and finds a message from who? NO! IT CAN’T BE!! It reads “From Captain Crawfish to my enemy,I have come back with a fury only matched by a sea monster guarding her young! By the time you read this message it will be too late…” and the message ends there… Could he really be BACK?? then you hear a distant distress call coming from a merchant ship…

You see Captain Crawfish and his ugly crew come aboard the ship and capture the ship! You rush saying “Crew,get ready,BATTLE STATIONS !!! CAPTAIN CRAWFISH IS BACK!!! Then you rush to intercept the newly captured ship and chase it.You finally shoot 3 cannonballs in the main mast and end the ship’s ride.Then you come on board with your ship to the ship and you see Captain Crawfish! You hold your trusted sword close by… then he speaks “Ahhh,Happy Fang,we meet again! I knew I’d get my revenge on you someday… I told you,and I keep my promises! Now,scallywags,bring out the prisoners!

You see a boy and a girl binded with Captain Crawfish’s ugly crew holding them tight with cutlasses and pistols close by… HF speaks.”Captain Crawfish,you’re back! I always wondered when you would be back… now you have come to get your revenge on me! Well,just try… I defeated you once,I can defeat you again!” Then Captain Crawfish said “Well,just try!” Then began a battle between your crew and his! swords clanged and pistols shot out bullets from every cor ner! Then you spotted CP,Captain Crawfish about to kill the kids! You stopped in just in time to start a fierce duel! You were both equally matched and Captain Crawfish escaped and threw the twins in the water!

You saved them just in time but you let that dreaded pirate escape! Then you fired a lucky shot.You hit the captured ship’s hull and the ship sunk… You then calmed down the twins… they said that their parents disappeared long ago and the Captain cared for them… then Captain Crawfish came and killed everybody except them… that’s when you arrived.You vow to capture Captain Crawfish and bring him to justice for real this time! You then sail to Fort Ridley and find an emergency! You see the fort in slight damage… the governor said Captain Crawfish tried to steal his treasure but he was holded off by the fort… You tell him you won’t rest until you capture Captain Crawfish.Then you wonder how he survived…

You go to Golden Harbor and to to the bank.You ask the loan officer if a Captain Crawfish came.She says that he had a 155,067 dubloon amount saved for him.He took the money… Then you now know how he got to survive… now,you ask the twins if they want to come to Fort Ridley to get a new safe home and they refuse.They say they want to serve you because you saved their lives.Then you remember the faces of the crew of CP… You have seen them on each island! You rush to Parrot Port to intercept the old legless man without teeth… You ask him to come with you… but he escapes… You see the green pirate on your way out of the diner,he says that you helped him,he has to help you.His parrot arrives  and says the crew member is at the grass hut…

You capture him… you owe your thanks to the green pirate.He says “We’ll meet again! Matey!” Then you sail to bouffant bay to capture the other black-hatted one.He gives a chase but you get him… Then you go to the Pirate Outpost to capture the purple female crew of CP… She runs and you start a battle! She calls all pirates to battle… She almost escapes but you get her and you escape from an angry mob of pirates… You sail away with 5 pirate shops on your tale… You sink all of them and collect their ill-gotten gains… about 150,000 dubloons worth… You then arrive at Fort Ridley… You dock to tell your investigation but Captain Crawfish comes to you in his original ship and sinks your ship! He destroys the fort again with ease but loses about 85% of his ship’s health…

He then comes to retake the treasure and you chase him… you are Fort Ridley’s only hope! the governor spots him in horror and is captured… He is about to take the treasure but you and your crew once again start battle… there is a fierce duel but he defeats you and your crew.Then the green pirate comes and saves you by knocking him and his crew out… He then speaks to you: “Greetings friend,I said I’d be back…” HF says “But…but…but… who are you!?” he says “I am the spirit of Captain McGregorr,I save sailors and bring justice to the outlaws…

I will take Captain Crawfish and his crew to Davy Jone’s locker for eternal punishment for their evil deeds… Since your ship is gone,take Captain Crawfish’s ship… I am certain it is the best ship you’ll ever have. Bye now” You then are thanked again for saving the island… but you never know when Captain Crawfish will come back… while you are sleeping you have a nightmare with Captain Crawfish in it…

Terrible Times: by Loud Shark and Universal (Maroon Beetle)

It was winter, in Poptropica, and Universal was about to blow up Time Tangled island. Universal was filled up with gernades, and TNT. Loud Shark was walking past the time machine and future machine. He saw Universal, and he ran to him. But it was too late, Universal threw the gernade in the machines, and they blew up.

At that moment, every Poptropican felt a stroke, and some had heart attacks. People from the past started walking from the time machine, and they were wondering where they were. “I thought I died”, said Thomas Edison. “Oh well, at least we can make more stuff like machines and paintings” said Leanardo Da Vinci. Loud Shark came runing to them and said “Your in great danger, Universal just blowed up the time machines, and now hes going to blow up poptropica!”

“Dang it, now I cant do any more paintings” said Da Vinci. “Ill help you deafet Universal”, said Zeus. He stuck a batterie in his pants and said, “I got the power!”. Loud Shark exepted. Off they went, runing to Universal’s lab”. Universal was sleeping, but Loud Shark had a plan. He got out a green liquid. He was about to pour it on Universal, but he woke up and kicked the liquid out of Loud Sharks hand. It splashed on Zeus, and he became a mouse! A black hole was in the lab, and they kept fighting. But then, they droped into the black hole, and they were never seen again.

Squeezy Sinker’s and Shiny Heart’s Adventures: by Squeezy Sinker

This story is about two 12 year old poptropicans, Squeezy Sinker and Shiny Heart. They were best friends since they were 6 and together, they saved Poptropica from danger. Well, not really cause the Poptropica Police would just bring them back to 24 Carrot Island. Typical.

“You are both too young,” they would say.

That annoyed Squeezy Sinker because she knew that she and Shiny Heart were kind of heroes but nobody would realise. Everyone kept on saying that they were supposed to be “normal kids” that do what other kids do. Their moms kept on lecturing about how dangerous it is to help save islands and all that blah blah blah.

Enough of the boring stuff, let’s just get straight into the story.

Squeezy Sinker was enjoying a nice slice of carrot cake and a pitcher of milk at the 24 Carrot diner. Shiny Heart was on holiday at Shark Tooth Island for one week. A waiter with a big hairdo went over to her table and gave her another portion of milk. “No thanks.”

Her Popmobile vibarated. She had got a text. Squeezy Sinker took out her Popmobile from her pocket as quick as a flash. It had been 3 months since she had one single text from anyone.

From: GS
To: Squeezy Sinker

Hi SS. Taylor Swift is coming to town! Yay! Are you gonna get tickets to her gig? They just came out! You have to get them at the kiosk. Okay, gotta go, see ya!

She just had to get hold of those tickets. Squeezy Sinker payed the waiter 3 credits and ran out of the diner. She still had a total of 250 credits so she decided to go for it. She hopped on her green bike that she bought at the Cheese. [The End]

Island Ideas

Set sail for the high seas; adventures await ye!

Toothpaste Island: by Green Boa

Here Poptropicans always have shiny white teeth, and they brush them everyday! But when the tooth fairy sends you a secret message she tells you “The cavity chemist is meddling with peoples toothpaste, so their teeth are going rotten!” She sends you into the enchanted forest to get 3 things. The ‘Plaque Protector’ from the endless cave, the ‘super shiner’ from the top of the tallest tree, and the ‘wonder whipper’ from the cavity volcano.

On the way, you meet three people who have lost ten things each. One has lost 10 toothbrushes, one has lost 10 tubes of toothpaste and the last person has lost ten cups. If you can get the 10 toothbrushes in time, the man will give you a ‘cavity killer’ suit that will let you into the cavity volcano. If you get the 10 tubes of toothpaste, the lady will give you a ‘tooth torch’ so you can see in the endless cave. If you can the 10 cups the man will give you ‘super sticky toothbrushes’ so you can climb up the tallest tree. Once you have all three things, you have to sneak past the cavity chemist’s guards and put the ingrediants into the mixture so everyone’s teeth will be clean again.”

Hope you like it! I also have an idea of what Monster carnival would be like…

Monster Carnival Island: by Green Boa

“Wow! Monster carnival has finally been released (plus members only get it privately for one week! xD)! You arrive in a small town, where everyone is excited about the carnival. You play a game with a man in the street where hides a ticket under a cup, and suffles the 3 cups around. If you find the cup that has the ticket you get to keep it. You go up to the entry booth (no ques? that’s odd…) and give the odd looking man the ticket you won. He gives you 10 ‘Playing Coins’. “Each game costs one coin! Enjoy your day…. muhahahaha!”

‘Was that an evil laugh?’ you think to yourself, and you decide to be careful. The first booth you come up to is the ‘Dodge the Ball’ game. You go inside, and you are told to dodge the tennis balls as the machine throws them, but the machine starts throwing lasers instead! You make a run for it and a blue monster whispers to you in an empty tent. “Everyone is evil here… all the games are very dangerous and if you fail them the owners will turn you into a monster, like me.”  You ask the blue monster “How can I escape?”

She answers “the only way to escape is to play all 10 games and survive. Then you can be let go. But first you will need to turn off the Monster Machine or all Poptropica will be made into monsters!” You leave the blue monster and play the next 9 games. If you win all of them you go out the exit and ask people in the town for help, but they don’t believe you! Then you here a voice from inside dog kennel, and inside is a monster who tells you “I was turned into a monster, but I escaped. I’ll help you turn the machine off!”.

You get covered in sticks and leaves to make you look like a swamp monster, and you sneak into the Monster machine room and switch the machine off, so everyone is back to normal!”

Underwater Island: by Jane/Wild Flame

Thousands of years ago, not long after the many different islands of Poptropica were formed, there was a war going on between the people of the land, humans, and the people of the sea, merpeople. Fierce Crush, the human leader, and Blue Tail, the merpeople leader, loathed each other greatly because they were different.

After a few decades of fighting, the humans finally agreed to give the merpeolple an underwater island all to themselves if the merpeople promised not to bother them. Fierce Crush was very reluctant in signing this treaty, and everyone feared that one day, his heir would try to defeat the merpeople once and for all. That day has finally come! Invisible Crush (Fierce Crush’s heir) has stolen the Aqua Gem, a special kind of jewel that was used by the merpeople to sustain life on their island. Now that it’s gone, the merpeople don’t stand a chance!

It’s up to YOU to put a stop to this. Swim the depths of the ocean with a special swim suit merpeople created, fight fierce monsters, and defeat Invisible Crush! Once you succeed, you will be given the island medallion, and be able to turn into a merperson whenever you wish. (Your tail is customizable. You can change the color, shape, size, etc.)

Sweet Tooth/Candy Island: by Smart Crown

You go to Candy Island and then you see a guy with an illegal carrot hat. You talk to him and he tells you that Betty Brownie from RTV is giving everyone a sweet tooth. He tells you your mission to attack her big Candy Machine. He gives you a toothbrush and some toothpaste to try to shoot her with and a carrot trigger so that it will hurt the machine. You have to go underground to Brownie Boulevard where you are supposed to find an old lady with a candy cane in her hand. She wont let you go and she keeps whacking you with the cane.

You have to beat her. You use the carrot trigger because her shirt has a carrot with an X on it. You know she hates carrots. You shoot it into the cane and she falls down crying. She says “You win!” and “Here’s your reward!” And she gives you floss. You continue until you see Betty Brownie in her rocket-ship like ship that shoots out candy and milkshakes. You shoot her back with the toothbrush and toothpaste and carrot trigger and then you shoot floss that grabs the ship. Betty Brownie goes to jail and everyone is healthy again. Remember that guy at the beginning? He gives you an Island Medallion and 100 credits!!

Wolf Island: by Rose

I have an idea for an island. A lot of people love wolves, right? I was thinking an island involving, like, werewolves. Like, you could be a werewolf. It would kind of be like a magical setting with wizards and all sorts of magical creatures.

Morph Island [Part II]: by Popular Walker

[Continued from Hannah’s idea in the March magazine!] So in the beginning you travel to morph island and land to find abandoned buildings that look like ruins (for Monty has been ruling for over twenty years) except for several animals wandering around the town. You pass a rather large parrot, about the same size you are, who is choking on something. You help the parrot by giving him the Heimlich maneuver, when he finally stops choking he thanks you and you are shocked to find that he can talk.

Here is the difference. Instead of Monty personally turning you into an animal himself, he instead has put a spell on the island that whoever comes to the island will turn into an animal after a few minutes of being there. Immediately after the parrot explains this to you, you begin to change, as the creators would probably do this if the island were actually being made. I’m not sure of what animal you could turn into. It could be random for each player or each time you visit you become a different animal or maybe everyone could just turn into the same animal and the creators could put a poll for it on their blog.

Either way, you begin to change and are shocked at the results. Who wouldn’t be? Throughout the island, you find pieces of paper that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to show a series of symbols. These symbols are the key to getting into Monty’s kingdom. Also while the parrot thanks you claim that you wish to help everyone and defeat Monty, and the parrot joins you in your quest.

Easter Eggs

Surprise! Try out these cool tricks with your own Poptropican!

Cave Hiding: by SuperGrape

(Required: Completed the Mythology Island quest.)

  1. Finish Mythology and put Hades’ crown and Poseidon’s big fork thingy on.
  2. Go to the Gnarly Monster’s cave.
  3. You can be anywhere in the cave when doing this, but its cooler in the water cause when you move it looks like your jumping out of the water. 😀
  4. Stand still in the spot in the cave you chose, and press space repeatedly till you disappear. You’re now invisible! This only works when standing still, so if you move, you’re visible again.

The Jail Elevator: by Green Boa

(Required: Flying power; from defeating at least 5 villains on Super Power Island)

  1. Go to Super Power Island.
  2. Go left to the County Prison.
  3. Activate the flying power.
  4. Click on Sir Rebral (the one with the green glasses).
  5. Your Poptropican will go up to land next to him, but….
  6. Your Poptropican falls! S/he flies up and tries again, fails. Again, fails…. etc etc

Underground Superhero: by Green Boa

(Required: Flying power; from defeating at least 5 villains on Super Power Island)

  1. Go to Super Power Island.
  2. Go into the water, on the left side of Main Street.
  3. Activate your flying power.
  4. Fly up a TINY BIT so your feet are still in the water.
  5. Go right, staying the same height.
  6. When you get to the ground in Main Street, you will not go up, you can go underground! (This is a nice way to blast out from for a dramatic entrance for a rock show or something.)


Crowds wearing all sorts of unique gear love making music with the awesomest Poptropica internet rock band sensation around – the Flamin’ Skulls! This picture below is from the Flamin’ Skulls Memorial Day concert, where everyone had a great time rocking out! 🙂

Crazy costumes are definitely in!

And of course, say cheeeeese!

Fan Art

What do you get when you mix Poptropicans with creativity? Poptropica fan art… and haikus!

I’m With Stupid: by Sunset1624

How did I get stuck with these penguins? o_O

Fool’s Money: by Kambanjo

A short comic about a Poptropican’s unsuccessful attempt at theft.

The Mighty Ice Cream: by Green Boa

You don’t ever DARE insult ice cream.

How Did I Get Back Here?: by Ocean Clover

Jeez, talk about safety hazard…

Poptropica Haiku: by Lewis/SpottedPenguin

(A haiku is a three-line poem with 5 syllables on the first and last lines, and 7 in the middle.)

Nice Poptropicans
Lots of great islands to play
I love this website

Dr. Hare (Evil Bunny) Haiku: by SpottedPenguin

This bunny is evil
Lives on twenty four carrot
He wants to rule all

Mythology Haiku: by Silverwolf1

Meeting Greek figures
Gods, goddesses, and heroes
Winning the medal

Cruel Statue Placement: by Popular Walker

Isn’t that kind of harsh?

Poptropica Rox Baldy: by Giant Rock

This is not a Poptropican, but it’s a real face.

Cartoonish Giant Rock: by Giant Rock

Giant Rock’s cartoon-style rainbow Poptropican!

I Do Know Who Bucky Lucas Is: by Kambanjo

Always, always order pizza, otherwise you will be having a late dinner. (Note: This image file is rather large, so please click on it to see it in full readable size.)

Poptropica; Red: by Shurjo

The Poptropica logo is looking mysteriously spooky!

We All Scream For Ice Cream: by Green Boa

Poptropica Store’s ice cream costume – it’s cool. (Pun intended.)

A short goodbye story to Poptropican’s 911: by Sunset1624

I was reading the 911, waiting, rather impatiently, for the April issue of the 911, which was last month. Something new caught my eye. It said: “May 2010′s issue will be the last. Please send in anything you want to have published before the first Sunday of June.” I was thinking in my head: “O_O WHYYYYYYYYYY?!” I had planned a story, about a runaway poptropican, which was not finished yet.

This story seems I bit crazy and dramatic, I know, but I quite liked the adventurous stories and the funny comics and all, new ones being published every month. I had even posted there that if I was an author of the PHB I would try to help keep the monthly issues of 911 going. But, of course, I would have as much luck as most of everybody else of ever becoming an author. I’d even posted a new blog post in my PHF blog.

But anyway, I didn’t really understand why they weren’t continuing the 911, except that Hijuyo had recently said, “We don’t have time to continue it any more and figured this would be a good time to end it because after May’s issue is published, there will be one for each month. Sorry to disappoint everyone.. :/” Of course, I was disappointed. But at least we had the archives! xD

And knowing that this may be the last ever issue of the Poptropican’s 911, hopefully this story ends up in this issue. If not, you probably wouldn’t be reading this now! So I thank everyone who participated in the last monthly issues, mainly Hijuyo, for creating the wonderful idea of the Poptropican’s 911. 🙂

The End.

The Poptropica Help Blog hopes you’ve enjoyed the twelve epic Poptropican’s 911 magazines we’ve put together for Poptropica fans everywhere to enjoy. We have now completed our collection of monthly magazines, which started last year in June 2009. It’s been a long journey, but a memorable one that Poptropicans can look back to in the years to come.

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)

126 thoughts on “Issue #12: May 2010”

  1. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to any of the Poptropican’s 911 magazines, and to all the readers for making it this far. 🙂


  2. I, *sniff* 😥 loved the 911s, they were the best adding to the PHB, and like Hijuyo said, anyone who contributed should be very proud of themselves, because everything was AWESOME!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    The Poptropican’s 911, best thing ever!!

    ~Green Boa

  3. LOVED this issue. Nice comics, graphics, stories, and everything! Totally worth my time reading it as always. Nice job PHB staff! Perfectly assembled magazine. 😉

  4. I know this is late, but I have a haiku about Mythology Island:

    Meeting Greek figures
    Gods, goddesses and heroes
    Winning the medal.

    I love Poptropica and reading the PHB (I come everyday). I’ll miss the 911, but I’ll enjoy reading the stories again.


    Ps. Will you still post multiverse screenshots?

    Hijuyo: We might occasionally post Multiverse pics, but you can also find screenshots of Flamin’ Skulls concerts on the band’s blog. I added your haiku to the magazine. 🙂

    1. I just realized this- The haiku about Doctor Hare is a nice one, but it starts and ends with 6 syllables. I just felt like pointing it out, sorry.

      Hyper Star: I’m sure it’s OK, but nice eye. 😉

  5. NOOOO I was gonna start a story about a poptropican who travlels through time (it takes place on time tangeld of course) uhh oh well. 😥

    Hijuyo: You can post it in a comment on any of the 911 pages for people to read, and we might add it into one of the pre-existing magazine issues.

      1. Hey, guys. When I came to a common room, my jacket and headphones were gone! Did someone hack it or what?

  6. *sniff* Oh, well. The 911’s are gone, but a new history of treasures have just begun.

  7. AWWWW… I loved the 911s! The Easter Eggs and comics were actually funny…unlike other blogs/sites…
    Well, atleast now I will have time to read all the stories from beginning to end…

  8. Its sad that the 911 stopped. I still remember back when we had to vote for the title. Everything was great in this issue. Thank you PHB for giving us all 12 issues of Poptropica awesomeness!

  9. Well, I understand that the 911 has to end. So I guess we can atleast see the magazines right? Well, since 911 lasted for 1 year who would like some…. CAKE!! 😀

  10. I have an Island idea : Fashion Island!
    The island itself looks like New York (but even more glamorous!). Theres a boutique were you can costumize really cool outfits. The plot: Somone stole The models dress (or suit, for guys) an u have to find it. THere’s a lot of andventure and conspiracy, and in the end when you get the medalllion, after the outfit has been modeled, you get to keep the outfit 😀

    1. Yea a fashion island is a great idea! 💡 It would be so cool to get some really nice outfits, maybe they could even sparkle or something! :mrgreen:

  11. EVERYONE, LOOK!!! poptropica help blog actually posted my character, Crazy Tornado! Yep, that’s me! but i do regret buying the clown costume.

  12. Hey I e-mailed an easter egg to the PHB did you even look at it? It was from the same e-mail posted with this comment.

    1. There’s Sarah Snooty and Hippie Harry in the newsletter-But what about my favorite RTV Contestant, Hip Hop?

      1. Okay.
        This is what he will say.
        Hip Hop: *screams so loud that everybody looks at him*

  13. PHB, I’ve sent you many comics before and I don’t know if your saving them or you never got them or I forgot to add something. Please tell me what happend, I sent you these months sgo and I am curious sorry if I wasted your time.
    ~Cooky Monzta

    Hijuyo: They may have been published in previous issues, or we never got them.. :/

  14. I really wish these would continue! I really wanted to do some stories, I had some good ideas! Oh, well! A big thank you to all who who contributed!

  15. I have lots of ideas about additional Poptropica Islands. Where can I discuss them?

    Hijuyo: You can mention the ideas on the main Magazines page.

  16. How, HOW to you get that flute thing one poptropican has in the multiverse picture?

    Hijuyo: It’s a hack that allows you to Customize your Poptropican with handheld items, but Coderkid hasn’t made it public in case the Creators fix it.

  17. It is actually sad that you posted Truth or Dare in the last issue. I wanted to see more. 😦

    Hijuyo: Sorry, the author only sent one in for this issue. :3

  18. idk
    i just lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee poptropica its so awsome but i want a poptropica magazine sooo bad i love u poptropicA

      1. Mine is:
        Truth: I played a trick on my parents.
        Dare: To disturb Grandfather when he’s having a headache.

      2. For truth:

        GS:*passes lie detector true successfully*Hmm,good,you’re lucky.

        For dare:

        Me:*passes out after 3 slices*
        GS:*throws me into the Closet of Madness*
        Random Poptropican: Hey,isn’t he the zombie leader?
        GS: What?!But–
        Me:*comes out of the Closet as a giant zomberry*ROOOOOOOAAR!(Translation: Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!)*starts rampaging*
        Everyone except me and every other zombie: o_O

      3. Truth: I got in trouble for walking around the house without stopping.
        Dare: To talk to someone about my cat.

      4. Yes.

        Truth : I have the eye-patch of Captain Crawfish himself!

        GS:Hmm…really? Let’s see…*passes lie detector through me* *lie detector goes successfully* Yep,you’re free.But show it to us, will you?

        Me:*takes out eye-patch from my closet*


        Captain Crawfish:Hey,no fair! How’d you get it?

        Me:It was temporarily customizable in Friends and I managed to get it. *sticks out tongue at CC* Same thing for Binary Bard’s jester hat,cyborg eye,and cyborg part of the face.

        Binary Bard:Wait,what?! *swears in binary code*

        GS:Oh,never mind. 🙄

        Dare :To eat an year’s supply of chocolate.

        Me:*eats an year’s supply of chocolate in 76 days*

        GS:Whoops,looks like your times up! Will you-

        Me:Who said anything about time limits?

        GS:*looks at Dare part again* @#$%^&*$$^%$##%#!*^##$?($% !

        Thank you. *bows*

    1. Truth
      My cat is a gray tabby.

      To throw a gangster into the water.
      Hip Hop: WHAT?! *runs away*

      1. Truth
        My cat hates gangsters.
        Hip Hop: What?
        Me: Sorry, Hip!

        To wake up Grum when he is taking a nap
        Grandpa Grum: What are you doing in my room, Raymond?! Get out!
        Me: I cannot do that, Richie!
        Richie Rebel: Oops.

      2. I do!

        Our dog’s name is Cuddles.

        To costomize someone from Reality TV.
        Me: Ah, much better!

      3. Truth:
        I finished a lot of islands.

        To sneak around and touch my dad’s things.
        Me: Heh heh!

    2. Truth: I’m a pig.
      Dare: To try not to freak out on a spider.
      *spider hangs down*

  19. I have a story–

    Sticky Clown and the Super Villains-Part 1

    Once,there was a poptropican named Sticky Clown.He lived in a small house in Shark Tooth Island with his wife,Red Lizard,and son,Bendy Pear.Unfortunately,they always were exploring islands,so they rarely got to be together. Sticky Clown had all of the island medallions in his inventory. One thing bothered him,though–in Super Villain Island,the 4 super villains had escaped.But where?He decided to explore. He took his bag and jumped on his blimp.He was going to find the super villains.

    To be continued.

    1. Sticky Clown and the Super Villains-Part 2

      Sticky Clown took the blimp to Super Villain Island. There he took the Suez helicopter to the prison.Suddenly, just as he was landing,he saw a familiar flying machine—but then it flew off into the sky . He then took his phone out (just in case of new mails)–he had 2 new mails.

      The first one was 2 months ago–around the time Super Villain Island was released.It read-

      Dear Director Clown,

      We have just found out Director D has escaped! Be on the lookout for him.


      The Agency of Spy Island.

      Then Sticky Clown realized something–D wasn’t there at the prison-he had escaped! And that flying machine–slowly he started to realize how much danger he was into. He read the second mail,which was delivered just yesterday:

      Dear Clown,

      We will get you.


      The Five Villains.

      P.S.Tomorrow at Super Villain,10 am.

      Sticky looked worried.He looked at his watch. The time was 9:58 am.He immediately took out his spud gun from wild west island.The machine was there.He shot it.It hit the self-destruct button.The machine exploded–Director D’s old machine,from Spy Island.2 figures fell. One of them threw something Clown couldn’t see.It hit him in the face,causing him to fall and die go unconscious,in the water.

      To be continued.

      1. Part 3

        Sticky Clown woke up underwater,and swam back to the base.There,he saw the broken machine,a carrot(apparently the thing which had hit him),and two villains–Dr.Hare and Director D.He phoned the police from the prison,who came and arrested them and put them back in prison. “Funny,”a policeman said,”their totems were removed,but how did they get it back?The police must have put them somewhere else carelessly.”Sticky nodded.Right now,the Black Widow,the Binary Bard and Captain Crawfish were still on the loose.He had to get them back to their leashes.

        Right then,he had a phone message.His phone gave a message tone.Clown took his phone.He read his message.It was from somebody anonymous.It said:

        Meet us at the Safari at Nabooti.Have news.


        Immediately he took his blimp to Nabooti Island.There he took his plane to the safari.Some familiar figures were there-the Black Widow’s ex-right-hand man,the Princess of Arthurus (with her guards and maids,of course),and the pirate from Parrot Port,Skullduggery Island(with his parrot,of course.”Come into the internet cafe,we should talk”,said the ex-right-hand man.They went into the cafe,as Big Zeke welcomed them all.

        So they ordered some hot chocolate.”Sticky,”,the princess said,”what do you know about the villains?”

        Conversation and , of course,,the story to be continued.

  20. I remember these! Before I made a WordPress account I’d read them and think they were hilarious! I don’t remember any of them after November 2009 though, I think maybe that’s when I went “off” Poptropica. I still think they’re really awesome though.

    1. Never mind, I read the page more carefully. But can I still post a story here about Poptropica?

      1. It’s too time-consuming for us to post more 911s, but you’re welcome to post 911-worthy stuff (stories, island ideas, comics, fanart, etc) in the comments. 🙂

      2. Either way, I’m going to post a story here so you can see it.

        The Poptropican Private Eye by Yellow Comet

        It all started at the last Girl Scouts meeting I ever went to. It was so many months ago now I can barely remember the details of anything that happened. So many things have happened since then; so many things that were bigger and more exciting than I had ever imagined my life would be.

        My name is Smart Owl, but everyone calls me Owl. They just don’t want to admit that I’m smarter than them, and calling me by my first name would just be blatantly admitting it. I’m eleven years old; however, at the time that our long-winded tale begins, I was only ten. Let me tell you something – if you read through the entire tale of the Poptropican Private Eye, you’re in it for life. This is your last chance to turn back.

        Anyway, onto the story. I was at my Girl Scouts meeting. It was a dark and stormy night and we were hanging outside the Carrot Factory on 24 Carrot Island when Tough Boa showed up. Tough is mean. She is tough. She is a bully. But now, she was holding a newspaper. And she was crying.

        “My cousin, Zany Boa, has gone missing!” she said, anguished. Everyone stared at her in disbelief. And my mind started whirring. I had an idea. That is how the Poptropican Private Eye begun.

      3. Hey, Sticky Clown! I have a truth or dare!
        Truth: I have two cats- One boy and one girl.
        Dare: To play a trick on my parents.
        Mom: Mike, come down here now! I need to talk to you!
        Me: Uh-oh.

      1. Yes, I am afraid of clowns.
        My truth or dare:
        Truth: I got detention many times.
        Dare: To not take a shower for another week.

    1. Please!
      *Angel and Devil come out*
      Me: Who are you guys?
      Angel: I am your angel.
      Devil: And I am your devil.
      Angel: Wilbur, I know it takes a long time for someone to make a truth or dare.
      Devil: What? NO! They will never respond to him!
      Me: Um, maybe they will make up a truth or dare soon.
      Angel: That’s right. *smiles*
      *Devil gives Angel and me a strange look.

      1. Truth: My real name is Rusty.
        Dare: I’ll be right back.
        Green Seal: Who are you, anyway?
        Me: I usually- my name is Rusty.
        GS: *looks in dare part again* Guys! He called himself a bad name!
        Me: That’s not a bad name. *gets out rock star 2 guitar, goes to a high place, and starts playing the guitar*

      2. My turn!
        Truth: My Club Penguin membership expired.
        Dare: To talk to other people for no reason.

      1. Truth: I am real.
        Dare: to grammatically hack rewrite and reverse-engineer the Island X Chronicles so that E. Vile finally becomes good…..
        *E.Vile appears*
        Evile: “O, no you won’t, Renaldi.”
        *kidnapps Renaldi*
        Evile:”Post on the Ongoing story Chain about JJ and Island X or Renaldi gets it!”
        Renaldi: ” Oh my goodness he has a KNIFE!

    1. Cool.
      Truth: I am a nonmember.
      Dare: To costomize only the Reality TV contestants’ clothings to see if I am popular.

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