Issue #11: April 2010

Issue #11
Date: April 4th, 2010

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s eleventh issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! April showers bring May flowers!


Need some help with Poptropica? The experts are here to answer your questions!

I can’t finish Mythology Island because I can’t find my drachma because I used it to buy the wind bag? ~Lmrfood

You don’t need another drachma, because you can get free refills for your wind bag by going back to the person who sold you the wind bag.

Recently I was on Poptropica and I was playing Reality TV Island and I was delivering the pizza but I never got to keep the pizza! Is there anyway to get it back? ~Kevin O.

Sorry, we don’t think there is any way for you to get the pizza if you have already finished with that part of Reality TV Island. If you wanted to keep it, you could have saved it on your Costume Collector (from the Poptropica Store) while you still had it.


Everybody waits for you now… what happens next?

The Unknown Island [Parts 8~12]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

[Continued from March’s magazine!] Part 8:

2 hours ago, back in Poptropica…

“What?!  No treasure?  You’ve got to be kidding me, Sam,” said Pete irritably, talking on his cell phone.  Pete was a criminal, and a greedy one at that.  He was smart, but used his brain only for evil plots to get richer.  Pete stomped along the sidewalk angrily.

“No, no, don’t talk in that tone, Sam!  There HAS to be treasure there.  Or else.” said Pete, holding his super-expensive cell phone to his ear.  “Well, check again!” Pete yelled, which caused some poptropicans to stare.  “Listen, Sam,” hissed Pete in a quieter voice, “there has to be treasure in there, and if you don’t get it and give it to me, you’re fired!”

“Yeah, now that’s better, Sam,” said Pete.  He hung up, and put his phone into his pocket.  Pete felt something crunch underneath his leather shoe.  “What’s this?” He stopped and picked it up.  It was a piece of paper which looked very old and was crumpled.

Curious, he straightened the paper and looked at it closer.  “Huh,” he commented as he examined the paper.  “It seems to be a map of some kind,” Pete smiled, and his golden tooth gleamed.

Part 9:

“Er… boss?  Um, don’t you think this might be kind of… fake?” said Carl — one of Pete’s employees– timidly.  “Now, if it was fake, do you think I’d be showing it to you?” replied Pete, aggravated as usual.  “Er…” said Carl, wringing his hands nervously.  “The answer is no, Carl.  It is not fake.” said Pete.  Although Carl disagreed, he kept silent.

“So guys, what I need you to do is help me find the island on my private jet,” said Pete to the rest of his employees.  A bunch of people raised their hands, wanting to board the “Pete Force 500″ : the fanciest, biggest, and most expensive plane in Poptropica.

“Eh, I choose Jack and Fred,” said Pete.  “Yes!” they said simultaneously and high-fived each other.  Pete rolled his dark brown eyes behind his sunglasses.  “When do we start, boss?” asked Fred.  “Now,” said Pete.

The three poptropicans stepped into the “Pete Force 500″ — Jack and Fred ooh-ing and aah-ing and Pete rolling his eyes.  Pete sat down next to the pilot.  “So, uh, pilot-guy, I need you to fly around the sea, looking for some island that isn’t an island that we already know.” said Pete.  “Well, firstly,” he said in a British accent, “my name is not this ‘pilot guy’, it’s George.  And secondly, I have not a clue what you are trying to explain to me.”  Pete frowned.  No one, no one, had ever talked back to him.  He decided to ignore George’s comment.

“All I need you to do is to um, look for an island, but not the islands that we already know and can get to on the blimp.  An island, that looks like this,” said Pete, showing the pilot the map that he’d found.  “Okay,” said George.

Part 10:

On an unknown island, 3 hours later…

Green Seal took out the laser pen from her bag.  She quickly cut the bars of the cells, allowing 55 poptropicans to break free.  They had gotten in the factory through a window which Friendly Heart had used her shovel to break through.  From there they had laid the stink bomb which Green Seal made on the floor, causing all the guards to leave.

At first the poptropicans were stunned.  To them it seemed like the bars had just cut in half by themselves.  They just stood there in their cells for five minutes, and Green Seal, Friendly Heart, and Shiny Shell took off their chameleon suits and told them to go.

“Go silently, and wear these,” said Green Seal, and passed around chameleon suits.  The poptropicans nodded and did what Green Seal instructed.  In a matter of minutes, the room was empty of poptropicans.

They lead the group of poptropicans to the plane, which was hidden by palm trees.  It was a tight space to fit 58 poptropicans, but they made it, and some were given jet packs.  They flew in the night sky, a strange sight..

But, suddenly, in the middle of their flight, something else was heading their way– a big plane.  Suddenly a large net from the plane shot out, capturing 58 poptropicans..

“Oh no, not again,” some poptropicans moaned.  Then everything turned black.

Part 11:

“Wow,” said Pete, surprised.  “The amount of money in ransom I could get for these poptropicans…”

Green Seal awoke, rubbing her eyes and hoping the event was just a bad dream.  But it wasn’t.  A poptropican with sunglasses stood before her, with two big poptropicans behind him.  “Hey guys, look,” said the poptropican.  “It’s a kid.”

Green Seal froze.  She decided to not say anything until she knew who that person was and whatever it was he wanted.  “And one more,” said the poptropican on the left, pointing at Friendly Heart, who was still unconscious.

Green Seal thought about a way to escape.  They were in a small, white room with no windows and one door, which was locked and had four poptropicans blocking it.  And what happened to their plane?  Green Seal turned around and saw a crushed brown plane behind the poptropicans.  The Nabooti pilot would not be happy.  But at least everyone was alive.  Even if they were held captive.

The poptropican with the sunglasses chuckled.  “What are you going to do now?  Call your mommy?” Green Seal clenched her fists angrily.  “I’m no ordinary kid,” she said, rather boldly.  He chuckled again, which made Green Seal even more mad.

Then, as if out of nowhere, Green Seal punched Pete in the stomach, with such an incredible force, that he and the guards fell back.  They were completely knocked out.  Green Seal stared at her hand for the first few seconds, wondering how she could be so strong.  Then the moans of the poptropicans behind her woke her from her trance.

She woke the other 57 captive poptropicans.  Green Seal realized she was stuck.  Pete and the guards were waking up, meaning they couldn’t get through the door, and that meant there was no exit.  Or was there?  Couldn’t she simply make an exit?  Green Seal smiled.  She could.

Part 12:

First, she looked through her bag in the broken Nabooti plane.  She got out a set of parachutes (from the game, Sky Dive) and jet packs and handed them out to everyone.  Then, using the same force as she did with punching Pete, she used her fist to make a massive hole in the plane wall.

The wall crumbled easily, which was still unexpected.  The poptropicans hurried out the hole, with their parachutes and jet packs, lead by Green Seal.  They went down slowly, as if it were all a dream.

And, as fate would have it, they landed on Spy Island safely.  Pete’s plane was still flying in another direction.  They waited until the plane was gone, then sighed sighs of relief.  They were free.  All 58 of them.

An old poptropican walked up to Green Seal, smiling.  “I knew you would do it.  I just knew it.” she said.
“Aunt Starfish?” Green Seal hadn’t recognized her at first.
“Yes, Green Seal.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but–”
“Tell me what?” Green Seal asked curiously.
“You have magic,” she stated.
Green Seal blinked.  “Magic?”
“Yes.  Magic.  You have the power to do anything you want to.  All you have to do is just think about it hard enough.”
“How do you know?”
“I gave it to you, that’s why.”
Green Seal was confused.  “What?”
Aunt Starfish nodded.  “I gave it to you the day you were born.  My magic was withering.  It needed a new owner.  So I gave it to you.  I performed a spell to transport my magic from me to you.  And from what I’ve seen, it has worked.”
“Oh.” That explained her sudden strength.  “So that’s why you told me to save you.  And that person who teleported the note to me.  Does he have magic, too?”
Aunt Starfish laughed.  “No.  That’s all he can do, just teleport things.  I think he’s just been near radiation too much.”

Then Friendly Heart emerged from the bushes.  “Have you been spying on our conversation?” Green Seal asked.  “Maybe.” Friendly Heart smiled.  They all smiled, then laughed.  “And you must be Friendly Heart,” said Aunt Starfish.  “Yes, yes, I am.” replied Friendly Heart.

And they all lived happily ever after.  Aunt Starfish and Uncle Starfish came to live with Green Seal and Friendly Heart joined them.  Green Seal was never bored anymore.  Pete and his guards were stuck in jail for twenty years, not only for the kidnapping, but also for the other crimes they had committed.  And the island remained unknown.


Author’s Message: I hope you enjoyed the story!  It’s completely fiction, just so you know. Green Seal, Friendly Heart, Shiny Shell, and Blue Starfish are all accounts of mine.

The Counterfeit Case [CHAPTER FOUR]: by Neat Whale

[Continued from March’s magazine!] Neat Whale ran up tho the front stoop, panted, and turned the pine-pop-wood key in the lock. When she opened the door, she put her guard up–anything could happen to her now. But when she got upstairs, she couldn’t help herself. she let her guard down as she ripped off the painting that the man had sold her to see, in horor…

“IT’S THE SCREA–hey, who turned off the lights…?” said NW, slowly, cautiously, when…

Everything went black.


Neat Whale finally came to her senses, and woke up to see a woman with frizzled hair and red earings, and some really pretty red lipstick. It took NW a little longer to figure this one out, as she asked, “Who are you?”

The woman smiled mischeviously. “I am the Black Widow–the world’s greatest art theif!” NW’s eyes widened. It all made sense now, every puzzle peice fit. Except…what about the Scared Man…?

“But… but…” sputtered Neat Whale, “I thought you were a cop!” the Black Widow–or should I just say the BW?–silenced her, screaming, “Enough! I’m asking the questions here!” and NW shut up. BW continued.

Neat Whale’s binds were really starting to bother her now…

“I know you spoke to that cursed curator.” said Black Widow. “You know where the art is hidden! Tell me!” she cried, leaning closer to NW’s face, her hair rubbing against Neat Whale’s white lipgloss. NW jerked back as well as she could, and cried, “I have no idea!” Neat Whale’s mind was racing wildly by this point. And she didn’t know…figures that the lady must have read that book she read in second grade, what was it called, ‘Number The Stars’, where the people say it’s easier to be brave when you don’t know anything? Aw, well, where do books matter now, anyways?

BW jumped up in anger. “Don’t get comfortable. I’ll be back!!!” she cried, and left the room. Neat Whale gluped. It was one thing to have always dreamed about, as a child, getting captured by Captian Hook and taken to Neverland where at least Peter Pan would be there to save her, but now, this could be her last moments, and no one was there, and her Mom lived 50 years away! How would she ever find out, ever, ever, ever…?

“Life was so much simpler when I didn’t go off on this stupid quest.” mumbled NW, suddenly notcing the Scared Man behind her, also bound to his seat.. Voice rising in anger, NW yelled, “And you! You set me up! Man, I can’t stand ANYONE in this room–well, except me…me, I like.” The man grunted and said, “I’m afraid we’ve both been set up, my friend. For years I used to be the Black Widow’s right hand man, but now she’s betrayed me.” He stopped and grunted again. “C’mon and see if you can work your way over here and I’ll untie you.”

Neat Whale’s bind were REALLY hurting her now… and pulling on her hair…and now she felt sick….

NW rocked back and forth, slowly at first, and then more easily as she tried to work over to the scared man. Moments later, they were untied, and the man said, in a soft, gruff voice, “Now let’s catch the Black Widow!” And with that, the pair ran off in the directon that the Black Widow left. Neat Whale still felt sick….

The scared man lead Neat Whale to a new room, and she slowly worked through it, trying her best not to be seen by guards. She started talking to herself to calm down. “Up over that stage…on that box…wait, wait, don’t let that guard see you!…Ahhh, that’s better…look out for that guard…jump up on the couch….Wheeeee, this is funnnnnn!!!…ok, Neat Whale, over there, and…yes, wait, no, what’s this scaner thing doing here? Uh…” Neat Whale stared dumbfounded at the machine before her, and then she snapped her fingers, and grabbed the card that, it’s amazing to believe, yesterday she had obtained, and ran it through the scanner. The door opened, and the Scared Man followed her in.

This was it.

The Scared Man flew past her, and jumped onto a huge…uh…whats-it-called…lever, and yelled, “Turn the handle and rasie me up so I can catch her!” The Black Widow heard, and laughed. “Catch me?!” she jeered, “Catch THIS!” and she threw a beautiful peice of art over the side. The Scared Man’s face looked shocked. “She’s destroying all of the art we’ve stolen!” he said, his voice desprate in despair. “Please, don’t let more than a million dollars of it break!”

The Black Widow laughed.

Neat Whale’s stomach suddenly stopped hurting.

It took a while, but NW finally got all of the artwork from dropping, avoided almost all of the bombs, and the Scared Man made it up there and knocked BW down. Neat Whale climbed up and over and talked to the museum curator, who was waiting for her above the room. The Scared Man ran off before anyone saw him. Neat Whale tried to get him, but wasn’t fast enough…

The Curator then showed where all the valuble art was: right behind the walls! Neat Whale went around, admiring everything. “Another case solved,” she said, smiling. The end.

EPILOGUE: It was about 4 months since NW saved CI that day, and she was thinking about the Scared Man. She never knew where he went, and she always thought of him as the Dad she never had…the Dad she didn’t have…Neat Whale didn’t have a Dad.

Not hesitating, NW grabbed her time device to go back to see if she could find him…ever.

The Mysterious Poptropican, Chapter Three: An Old Friend: by IkeWB

[Continued from March’s magazine!] Finally, Stuart and Peppermint were ready to set off on their adventures. Stuart had the books, and Peppermint had all the equipment. But the hardest part was getting there. Stuart knew a pilot, but he hadn’t seen him for a year and a half. The pilot was a close friend of Stuart’s family, but he had moved farther north in the state. Stuart quickly decided that he should get in contact with him.

“Hey!” said Peppermint. “Finally decided where to go?”

“Yeah, we have to contact an old friend,” replied Stuart. Stuart went into the next building they saw. It was a barber shop. Stuart rushed in asking, “Can we use your phone?!”

“Fine, fine,” replied the barber.

Stuart picked up the phone book and looked for the pilot’s name, John Mack. Finally, he found the listing and quickly called the number.

“Hello? Who is this?” asked John.

Stuart quietly replied, “This is Stuart. Remember me?”

“Oh yeah! How are your parents?” asked John.

“They’re good. Listen, we need a plane over here now. Can you come? It’s an emergency!”

“Sure. I’d be happy to.”

“Thanks!” said Stuart.

Thirty minutes later, Stuart saw the small, yellow plane rushing at him. He quickly got out of the way as John landed right in the middle of the street.

“Come on!” yelled John.

Peppermint and Stuart quickly hopped into the back seat. And off they were to Nabooti Island.

Phoenix Master – The Legend Of Great Booga (Chapter Two): by Hapykidi1

[Continued from March’s magazine!] At the Tourist Center, I met a nice guy called Purple Lion, a friend of Shark Boys, and his girlfriend. I didn’t hear her name,  but me and her were great friends. I had the suspision that me and her had met before, but I didn’t bother to say anything.

When the games started Sharkboy went first. He asked Lion the question, “Truth or Da-” Loin ammidiatly said dare, before shark boy could finish though. “Okayyyy” Shark said. “I dare you to go to the ocean and swim past the abandoned Island and go underwater… then if you can…” “Whoa whoa whoa… not that much info! make it shorter and talk slower!” Lion Interupted. Shark grumbled something under his breath.

Then he spoke slowly and clearly. “I dare you  to swim past  the abandoned island and go under the water for 5 full minutes.” I looked shocked,  because he had given the most awful dare ever, and Lion was grinning. Loin got up, and left and didn’t come back. while we waited we carried on. eventually I dared my dear friend who I didn’t know her name, and she said dare. I thought for a few seconds, then said “Go find Lion.” Shark boy put his hand up, threatening to slap me. All else was uneventful, exept  the girl had returned saying she couldn’t find Lion.

the next day, Lion hadn’t made his way back, but the temple ruins were blocked off. Back to order of when things happened though. When I awoke, I saw feet infront of me. I got up, in the ruined old pajamas i got out of a trashcan back on 24 carrot before the tsunami. When I saw who it was, I was shocked. “U-u-uuhhhhhhh… hello officer…” I said nevously to the policeman. “Young Lady! get back here!” He called. “Sir, I didn’t move exept for getting up.” I told him. “Not you,” he pointed down the allyway i was in. “That’s the womans name.” Suddenly he took off after Young Lady.

I quickly got dressed. I was finished just as a troop of police came rushing through the hallway. “Heh, I could use some glory,” I said,  then I let my wings grow. suddenly I was in my master form, and I had my Pheonix with me. I flew through the allyway, trying not to be seen. soon enough I caught the woman. “Why were you running, Young Lady?” I asked. “I’m not going to talk to you. I let myself go back to normal, and had her stuck. suddenly the Police came.

“I caught her, but no use finding out why she ran.” I told them, then walked off to school. My first day in highschool was a mess! I’m not even going to describe it. the next saturday, Sharkboy, the girl and I went to the museum where Sharkboy had his shift. Sharkboy  out of the blue in the middle of a conversation said “Lion isnt dead. We have a plan. I need you two to help us. “Alright,” the other girl said. “I’ll do it.” They both looked at me. Pressured, I said “Uhmmm okay…” [To be continued in future issues of the Poptropican’s 911!]

Mythology Madness: by Green Boa

“Watch it Lightning! We’re going down fast!” Shouted Green Boa, trying to get the blimp facing upwards.

“I KNOW!” Yelled Friendly Lightning. “I’m trying to get the flame restarted but it’s not lighting in this storm!” Green Boa and Friendly Lightning, two best friends, had been treveling for weeks, looking for new islands, trying to escape the complete boredom of Early Poptropica. They’d where looking for Astro Knights island, but a massive storm had blown them off course.

“We’re going doooooown!” Yelled Green Boa, trying to keep his ice-cream on his head and hold onto his guitar.

“Where does the electronic map say we’re going to land?” shouted Friendly Lightning.

Green Boa pulled the small map (that looked like a video game, and did include games, and special tools) and tried to focus his eyes.

“Looks like we’re heading straight for Reality TV island!”

“TV? We’re gonna be on TV?!” shouted Friendly Lightning excitedly.

“I don’t think so!” yelled Green Boa.

“Why not? Oh of course! We didn’t send applications in!”

“No it’s not that!” Green Boa roared over the storm. “It’s that we’re heading straight into the mouth of the Mt Eruptalot!”

“Mt Euruptalot?” Friendly Lightning screamed. “The active volcano?!”

“Theres only one Mt Euruptalot, and yes, it’s the active volcano!”

“Aaaaargh!” yelled Friendly Lightning. “I’m gonna melt!”

“What about me?” screamed Green Boa. “I’m a ice-cream! And we’re gonna go crash in 3, 2, 1,


The Adventure of Mad Moon (Set Sail!): by Mad Moon / Shiny Mosquito

On a dark, cold stormy night, Mad Moon, a Chinese ninja monk cat, set out on a journey thorough the Pop Ocean. His mission was to steal a rare gem back from a kingdom far away on Evilman Island. The person who stole it was Evilman himself. The rare gem was called the Singing Blues. The gem can sing its song which you can hear from miles away. The type of song it plays is the sad blues. It is the rarest gem in the Poptropica World. The trip Mad Moon was going on was long. I don’t think I should say the list of things he brought but I can tell you he brought only nine of his wisest and strongest ninjas.

“Set sail!”, yelled Golden Bones a ninja. Five ninjas were on deck, three ninjas training, and two ninjas snoring louder two jumbo jets passing right over your head. “Hard to port!”, screamed Golden Bones. The ship was going to crash into a jagged rock!

Monster Carnival: by Daedalus the Friendly Gamer

I was walking threw this path on Reality TV Island the freaky part was I never saw this path. But I did continue to walk, I was curious. I saw a Carnival. I payed the Credits to walk in. I went to the line for cotten candy. There was a boy infront of me he looked at me. All he did was point at the back of me. I looked, thats when I saw a Monster! Everyone ran but besides me I noticed something about this Monster there was a wire on it, and it I saw a remote I picked it up I clicked the purple button the monster roared at me, I clicked another button it started to dance. Hmmm… I thought, someone is pulling a naughty trick…

The Diabolical Scheme, Part 2: by Golden Shell

[Continued from March’s magazine!] Overhead, the Villain King sailed, but very slowly, and you suspect that it’s either on purpose just so the villains on it can see what’s happening below, or that it’s just way too big. Unfortunately, Barry Beast isn’t the only one who’s going to fight you. The huge ship (purposely) drops a huge army of robot versions of Poptropicans, and they all glare at you with gleaming, huge, scarlet eyes. The audience gasps in horror and you gulp, but before you can say anything, one robot jumps on you, wrestling you to the ground. Screaming, you shove him off, but two more jump on you as well. And more. And more. There’s too many on you to fight off! Soon a huge heap of those darn robots are on top of you, wrestling you to the ground, and you squirm and struggle yourself out, panting.

Suddenly, you hear a yell. You look up and see it’s from Fredericka, who’s still entrapped in Barry Beast’s hand. “Catch this!” she yells, and throws something to you. You catch a glimpse of silver before you catch it in your hand. It’s a beautiful silver-bladed sword, with a diamond-and-pearl studded gold hilt. You use to slash at the robots and cut them apart, letting the crackling of wires constantly fill your ears (that can’t be seen, of course). After you slash the last robot in half, you turn and see Barry Beast running off AGAIN.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” You leap as high as you can through the air and bring the sword down onto the monster’s head. Although he’s not bleeding (his skin is made up of many tough layers) he screams with pain and turns around, his arms waving wildly through the air as he tries to grab you. You jump right out of his reach and bring the sword down onto the fist that is entrapping Fredericka, and then you do the same for Carlotta. You keep banging your sword on the fists until finally, you leap back onto his head and start banging your sword on his head again. He lifts his fist to crush you once and for all, but fortunately, at the last second, you leap off and he bonks himself on the head—HARD.

And then, as he yells with pain, you slash the sword across his chest—although it makes a long mark, it doesn’t bleed since there are many more layers of skin—and let the sword light shoot straight into the mark on his chest. Immediately Barry Beast lets out a loud, long howl of anguish and pain, and then suddenly—BOOM! A blazing hot fire-like cloud from the explosion touches your shoulder, and you yelp with pain, but suddenly you feel a hand grab yours and feel like you’re going up, up, up through the clouds of the explosion. Then, you burst out of the blazing clouds like a rocket, leaping high, although Fredericka’s leaping even higher. Then the two of you land just a few feet away from Barry Beast’s shriveled up body, but you can’t help wondering—where’s Carlotta? Suddenly you see her—sprawled across the ground on the other side of the stadium, struggling to get up.

However, before you can even make a single step toward her, a flash of pink jumps in. It’s Dr. Hare! He has the same sphere that the Binary Bard had, and now he presses a button on the back of it and—NO! The long green ray shoots into Carlotta and turns her into a book!

“NO!” both you and Fredericka scream. Dr. Hare turns to face you, the book form of Carlotta now slung over his shoulder, and he laughs at you. “Guess you won’t be seeing your little princess friend for a while! BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!” Then he turns to bound off, but suddenly, POW!

“YOU INSULT TO THE NAME OF BUNNY RABBITS!” Fredericka screams. She lifts her fist, ready to punch him again. He’s rubbing his head, groaning, and—book-transformed Carlotta’s just a few feet away! You scamper to her and grab her up, then run out of the stadium. Fredericka, seeing that you’ve got Carlotta, abandons Dr. Hare and follows you out of the stadium. Once you’re outside, Fredericka casts a star-shaped gold platform, which you and her hop on, with her holding on to you as you drive the gold platform through the air and away from the stadium, the book-transformed Carlotta tightly clutched in your hand. But suddenly, you hear a yell. You turn for a split second to see Dr. Hare on his own platform, chasing you, cackling wickedly.

“DRIVE FASTER!” Fredericka screams at you. “I’m driving as fast as I can, Princess!” you retort back at her. She groans and murmurs something, which suddenly makes our platform speeding up dramatically. The wind whips your hair and whistles loudly in your invisible ears (since you can’t see Poptropicans’ ears), and suddenly, you feel something slip between your hands and—
“NO! CARLOTTA!!!!” Fredericka screams. She pushes you aside (“HEY!”) and drives the platform in a mad rush to grab the book-transformed Carlotta, who’s falling quickly through the air! But Dr. Hare also notices and steers his platform towards the book-formed princess as well. Fredericka reaches out a hand to grab her nearby book-formed sister, but suddenly, Dr. Hare shoves her aside and grabs Carlotta!

“HEY! YOU DIRTY CHEATER!” both you and Fredericka shriek. Dr. Hare only laughs at you and disappears into the nearby sailing Villain King (when did THAT get here?) and you and Fredericka jump off the platform and onto the deck of the ship, before the blonde princess waves her hand and makes the platform disappear. Then, the two of you start searching for an entrance to get in—


You and Fredericka look up to see a spiraling little green plane with smoke coming out of its damaged side, and you catch a glimpse of Coskit inside, trying frantically to steer it, and some brown-haired girl next to her. The brown-haired girl is wearing a pink shirt that has a little name tag on it that says: QUICK FISH. So the girl’s name is Quick Fish.

“RUN!” Fredericka screams, and both you and her are just about to turn to run for your lives when suddenly— BAM!

The little green plane slams right into the deck of the ship and blows you and Fredericka right off your feet and off the ship! You catch a brief glimpse of Coskit and Quick Fish falling in the opposite direction as well. But you frantically wave your arms through the air as you fall, praying inside your head that you and Fredericka won’t get killed once you two land.

Where will you and Fredericka end up? Why are Poptropica’s most evil villains turning Poptropicans into books without pages? What will happen to Carlotta, Green Seal, Scary Tomato, Neat Whale, Coskit, and Quick Fish? And when will Carlotta, Green Seal, and Scary Tomato be rescued? [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Island Ideas

It’s time to save the day!

Music Island: by Denise H.

You arrive to an island with green pasture and cottages.(why can’t the be cottage cheese cottages? 😦  )  You walk up to a woman saying “ Welcome to Music Island.”  She tells you to sing. You do. Then, Binary Bard takes away the music notes! You Have recover  them and get the magic golden harp! You play the harp and music is restored!

Bayou Island: by Denise H.

You land in the swamps of Louisiana, go on a adventure that includes gators, egrets, and catfish. The problem? YOU ARE TURNED INTO A FROG! Escape the voodoo shadow man and turn poptropican again!

Money Island: by Kelp346

The DimeTown Mint Has Lost all It’s Money-Making Equipment!  Search in underground caves, on top of buildings, and more To find all of the equipment and save the country!

Celebrity Island: by Golden Goose

First you go to Celebrity Inc then you mean any super star and a new`s reporter is there then there you say stuff into the mike then you become a super star then a new`s paper come`s up and you will be in the new`s paper. Then the reporter will teach you a song called You Belong With Me and Taylor Swift will have a competition with you and she will forget some of the lyric`s and you keep singing and you will win the competition and you will get a medallion from Taylor Swift’s Manager.

Easter Egg

Stand On Wire: by Lucky Hero

  1. Go to Big Nate Island, go on top of the wire.
  2. Keep going until you see the chimney.
  3. Now, jump!
  4. Make sure you land on the chimney to help you. Be sure that the wire is underneath your feet!


Now that spring has sprung, you can walk a little more casually around the streets of Poptropica! Put on a loose jacket, chew some bubble gum, and plant flowers wherever you go and bring smiles to people’s faces!

Here’s Golden Hammer already getting into the swing of things:

Fan Art

Check out this month’s refreshing new artwork!

Picture of Poptropican: by Goldenbutterfly/Maroonfire23

A simple yet cool line drawing of a Poptropica player’s self portrait.

[This image is no longer available. 😦 ]

Me and My Follower: by Young Tooth

This young Poptropican loves her butterfly follower!

The Grammar Cop Victim’s Fiasco: by Happy Storm

*sigh* No, they are not vampires… been reading too much Twilight? Just kidding!

A Tribute to Golden Eagle: by CoolWing

*sniff* A missed PHB author.

Edison, Poptropica Style: by Hijuyo

Meet Eddie, the Poptropica kid football legend with a victorious attitude!

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58 thoughts on “Issue #11: April 2010”


    Don’t you dare make me go through my angst period again. e-e

    Nice Issue.. ;D

  2. Yeah, we’ll miss that kind soul named Golden Eagle. BTW, nice drawing MF! It wuz great. :3 I’m in the picture. 😀 AWESOME! All the sroties sound so interesting and I can’t WAIT to read them after school is out! :’) That was a beeeaauutiful issue. Nice job PHB!

  3. WOW! 😀 OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW! 😀 COOL COOL COOL! Great job, guys! This is awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this! It’s awesome! cool! 🙂


      2. You made a mistake, 50 bucks per grammar mistake, no 25 bucks. How else am I supposed to pay for my bills- I MEAN, pay for the…awesome Grammar Cop tasers? HEH..

      1. O_O Be on the lookout for Grammar Cops, people…be very careful…be VERY careful. *shudders*
        P.S. You’ll NEVER catch me using bad grammer, Grammar Cops! 😀 But you are AWESOME. 😀 😀

  4. I LOVE THIS!! This 911 is the best yet! 😀
    And I REALLY LOVE The Conquering/Diabolical Scheme Story can’t wait for the next part! 😀

  5. Yeah, this 911 is the best ever! Also, that’s an interesting outfit on the mannequin in the multiverse room…

  6. YES!IT’S FINALLY OUT! THE APRIL ISSUE! I’m going to start posting my chapters for Mystery Island here now. Just the next 12 chapters.
    BTW, the grammar police were HILARIOUS!

  7. Finally, guys, the wait is over! Here it is… the thirteenth chapter of Mystery Island!

    Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 13: Breaking In
    Zany and Bronze stood there, paralyzed in stunned silence. There had been a PROPHECY about them. A prophecy told in an orb that was used for evil, but still.
    “I don’t believe this,” Zany finally whispered.
    “Us? The saviors of this island? Foretold in a prophecy?” Bronze followed.
    Georgino nodded grimly. “Oh, and one more thing,” he said. “No one can touch the Scepter of Darkness except for the Sorceress, let alone wield it. If you do, you’ll be sent to the Realm of Darkness, just like how the orb sends you there.”
    “But the prophecy said that we need to use the scepter!” Zany said. “How can we save the island like this? It’s not possible!”
    “Ah-ah-ah,” Georgino said. “It simply says you must FIND it, not use it. And by touch, I mean, of course bare skin, not clothing. So if you happened to be wearing gloves and smashed it, you’d be alright.”
    “Ok then. . .” Bronze said uncertainly. “And when we find it, what do we do?”
    “Smash it,” Georgino said simply. “It’s alright to destroy THAT. But you only need to destroy the power source, the raindrop shaped crystal on one end. The problem is, it’s extremely hard to find. The sorceress tells us almost everything, as you can see, but she would never give away where she hides her scepter. It means everything to her.”
    “Do you have any idea where it might be?” Zany asked, itching with anticipation.
    Georgino shrugged. “I haven’t the foggiest idea.”
    Bronze sighed. “Oh, well,” she said. “Why not find the scroll first? That should be easier.”
    “No, it isn’t,” Georgino said. “She has the key to it, hidden in her room, if you can call it that. Frustratingly, another thing she doesn’t tell us.”
    “Well, I say we look for the scroll anyway,” Zany piped in. “The Sorceress must keep the scepter close to her, and it seems safer to stay away from her for now.”
    After a moment’s thought, Georgino agreed. “But we have to know when she’s not in her room,” he warned. He gestured towards a large boulder. “That’s the door. And this,” he said pointing towards a large crevice big enough for all of them to fit snugly in, ” will be our hiding place.” He ducked in and motioned for them to do the same.

  8. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 14: The Key
    It seemed to take forever for the huge boulder door to open. But when it FINALLY did, a shadow of a woman entered on a cloud of black smoke. Slowly, the black outline faded into the shape of a beautiful but frightening woman.
    This had NOT been how Zany and Bronze had pictured the all powerful Sorceress of Darkness. They had imagined a tall, dark haired woman wearing a long black robe with pale skin and a devious smile. (Yes, they pictured the exact same thing; just because they had opposite personalities didn’t mean they didn’t have twin telepathy.)
    Well, the black robe was there, if you could call a tight fitting black dress you saw in witches costumes on Halloween a black robe. The dark hair was also a part of her look, but with red and purple streaks every few inches. She had pale skin, too, but she was wearing makeup ; purple eye shadow and mascara so thick that it made her look like she had splashed tar in her face. She had a devious smile resting on her lips as well; along with deep, bloodred lipstick.
    In other words, everything they imagined was there, but in a bratty teen version. The sisters had told themselves not to expect anything too drastic, but. . . she looked so young. Honestly more like she was going to a costume party instead of ruling a dark island.
    While they were gaping at the girl who was known as the Sorceress of Darkness, Georgino slipped out of the crevice and gestured towards the big boulder. Slowly recovering, the sisters followed suit.
    “Follow me,” he whispered, walking down a stone staircase. After a few minutes, they reached the end of the hall- and an enourmous boulder.
    “Here it is,” Georgino wsaid. “Help me move it.” He started pushing the boulder, Zany and Bronze backing him up.
    When at last they opened the door(if you could call it that), They heard footsteps coming down the hall. They ducked behing the boulder.
    “. . . in charge of keeping it safe!” a voice boomed down the hallway.
    “Then there’s something wrong with her brain,” said another lower voice. “You can’t keep anything safe. What would make anyone trust you with the key to her chest!?”
    Zany and Bronze shot excited glances at each other, their pulses quickening. THE KEY.

  9. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 15: The Scroll
    Slowly, the voices became clearer and clearer.
    “Oh, and as if YOU’RE the most reliable person in Poptropica!” said the first voice, louder and angrier.
    “I’m at least more reliable than YOU,” said the second, deeper voice. “Let ME take the key. The last time YOU had it, it ended up underground.” Bronze stifled a giggle.
    “No way!” growled the first voice. I’M in charge of the key. Go away!”
    Zany and Bronze turned to Georgino.
    “I thought you said she didn’t tell you where the key was!” Zany whispered.
    “She didn’t tell ME,” Georgino whispered back. “Apparently, she makes exceptions for a few people.”
    The three peeked over the side of the boulder. One of the Black Men was holding a bronze keyin his gloved hand. That had to be it!
    “Now!” Georgino hissed. The trio jumped out from behind the boulder, and with two kicks, the two Black Men were unconscious.
    Bronze snatched the key out of one of the Black Men’s hands. “Got it!” she whispered excitedly.
    They tiptoed into the Sorceress of Darkness’s room and, after looking around a little, found the bronze chest.
    “Please work,” Bronze whispered as she turned the key in the lock.
    The chest’s lid automatically slid open. The chest was empty, except for a roll of parchment tied with a piece of black ribbon.
    “This is it,” Zany whispered, picking up the scroll as cautiously as if it could be a bomb. After it didn’t explode in her face, she grinned.
    “Now to find the scepter.”

  10. Mythology Madness part 2
    Boa and Lightning were going down fast! Suddenly, it got darker, and darker, then….KAPLONK! They landed in a boat in green water. Lightning groaned. Boa got up. He looked around. “Hey, NOW I know where we fell, man. We ended up in River Styx in the Underworld on Mythology Island!” “Huh?” Lightning looked around. Boa was right! It was true! They did end up in Styx! “Whoa, man! You were right! We ARE on Mythology Island!” “We haven’t found some items yet,” said Boa. “So, let’s split up.” So they split up. Boa crossed River Styx and found the Cerberus. He took out his reed pipe and put the monstrous canine to sleep. Then he plucked a whisker off of him. Then he went out of the Underworld. Luckily, the door was open. He got out of the Temple of Hades, then went to Poseidon’s Temple. Good thing he had the pipe tune and the reed pipe from the Temple of Apollo. He got to the temple of Poseidon. Luckily, the door was open. He went to the beach and reached Poseidon’s Relam. He got the pearl from the clam, and went to the Hydra’s cave. Then Boa jumped on all the Hydra’s heads and got the scale. Meanwhile, Lightning had already got the rare flower from the Sphinx’s Garden, even though she didn’t look like the Sphinx in Egypt. Then he went to the Minotaur’s lair. Luckily, the door was open. He went through the maze and got the ring. Then they met again. Then Hades and Poseidon learned something. Whenever two people must do something, they must work together to do it. Then suddenly, POOF! Boa and Lightning found out it had been a dream. They did have reached Astro-Knights Island. The End. (This story was a reputation to Alice in Wonderland.)

  11. NCIS-Poptropica LA By Golden Hero
    The night settled in Counterfiet Island as a mystrious figure went to a constrution worker.”Um, ma’am, you can’t pass from here. We have construction going o- ow ow oh oh ow ow ow oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………” He was tazed by the mystrious figure. People sceamed. The figure walked on, to Bobo’s Clown shop. She then hopped up to see Bobo. “Where is it!!!!!!?????” she hissed. “Right here Agent C.” whispered Bobo. She snatched the bag, and cut Bobo’s neck with a knife. Then she ran off into the shadows.

  12. I’m finally back! Here’s Chapter 16!
    Mystery Island
    Part 3: The Battle
    Chapter 16: An Encounter
    The moment was interrupted by a chilling laugh.
    “Well done, you three,” said a woman’s equally as icy voice. Zany, Bronze and Georgino spun around and found themselves face-to-face with the Sorceress of Darkness.
    “Georgino.” She clucked her tongue disapprovingly, her smile dissolving. “I suppose I should have payed better attention to that prophecy, now shouldn’t I?” She grinned again. “Well, live and learn. Unfortunately, I can’t let you live.” She raised her hand, which had shadows swirling around it. They slowly materialized into a golden scepter encrusted with amethyst, lapis lazuli, and sapphires with a raindrop-shaped black crystal at the head of it. The scepter!
    There was a wave of darkness- and everything went black.

    . . .

    It was pitch black. The girls couldn’t see a thing.
    “Are we dead?’ Bronze’s voice wavered. Zany didn’t answer. Suddenly, a horrible thought struck her.
    “Where’s Georgino!?”

    . . .

    Georgino was chained to the wall of one of the millions of prison cells on the island. The Sorceress paced in front of him.
    “Georgino,” she muttered. “One of my best men. A shame, really. But I can’t let the disloyal go unpunished.”
    “What will you do to me?” Georgino snorted. “Kill me? Suck me inside that Orb of Darkness? Go ahead! Anything’s better than serving you!”
    The Sorceress grinned evilly. ” No. That’s not a fitting punishment. I’m going to make you AND those miserable girls suffer.” She pointed one finger at him. He felt a prick, then excruciating pain. He cried out in agony.

  13. Mystery Island
    Part 3: The Battle
    Chapter 17: Shock
    “Zany.” Bronze seemed on the edge of tears.
    Zany felt around in the darkness and took her sister’s hand. “Bronze?”
    “What’s going to happen to us?”
    It was another question she couldn’t answer. Not because she didn’t know the answer, but because the answer was too horrible.
    They were going to die…
    A swirling black portal came out of nowhere and started pulling them in.
    They were screaming for their lives…
    But nothing could save them…

    . . .

    Zany and Bronze toppled out of the portal at the feet of the Sorceress.
    “Zany Dragon.” Her voice sounded about as kind as a snake’s. “Bronze Typhoon.” She chuckled. “Sometimes I wonder what those Poptropicans are thinking, the names they give their children. Well, that’s not important right now. What IS is-”
    “What you’ve done with Georgino,” Zany interrupted, trying to sound braver than she felt.
    “Oh, him,” the Sorceress said dismissively. “You won’t see him again for a while. A LONG while..”
    “What did you do to him!?” Bronze demanded, burning with hatred.
    “What’s important,” the Sorceress continued as if nothing had happened, “is what I’m going to do with YOU.”
    “Let us save this island?” Zany suggested.
    The Sorceress laughed. “Nice try.” She was about to raise her scepter when she realized it wasn’t there anymore.
    That was when Georgino appeared, clutching the Scepter of Darkness in his gloved hand.
    He definitely didn’t look heroic. His black clothes were tattered, and his skin was so pale anyone else would have mistaken him for a ghost. It also looked…singed. There was no other word to describe it. Black smoke was evaporating off of him.
    But Zany and Bronze couldn’t have been happier to see him.
    Unfortunately, that joy turned to fear when they saw the Sorceress point at him. More black smoke burned his skin, and he doubled over in pain.
    “No!” Zany shrieked, running to his side.
    Georgino attempted weakly to shove her away. “Go,” he croaked. “I’ll distract her.”
    “Traitorous fool!” the Sorceress screamed in outrage. “Your soul will burn in my realm forever!!!!!!”
    Georgino raised the Scepter and murmured something unintelligeble. A force field of black energy surrounded him.
    “Go!” With his last remaining energy, he pointed the Scepter at Zany and Bronze and muttered something else. They were blasted backwards into their blimp, which had begun to rise.
    “NO!!!!!!!!” Bronze cried. She tried to jump back out, but they were already too high off the ground.
    The last thing they say before the island disappeared was the force field shattering.

  14. Mystery Island
    Epilogue: Home
    The blimp landed smoothly on the little island Zany and Bronze lived on. To them, it felt like a crash landing.
    The place was beautiful, foliage growing everywhere, a sparkling sea drenched in the sun. A white stone cottage stood in the middle of it all. To Zany and Bronze, it felt like a prison.
    They should have been happy to be home, but all they could think about was Georgino. Was he even still alive? Even if the Sorceress hadn’t killed him, he looked like he was dying anyway.
    “Zany! Bronze!” The girls were snapped out of their thoughts by their mother’s frantic voice. Golden Sky was running down the dirt path toward them.
    “Where have you been!?” she cried, throwing her arms around them. “I was going to call the police to report you missing!”
    “Sorry, Mom,” they muttered in unison.
    “Well, let’s get you inside,” she said, taking their hands and dragging them through the door. “You haven’t answered my queston, though. Where have you been?”
    The sisters looked at each other.
    And they couldn’t help it- they cried.

  15. I got a story.Its called:”The kidnapped seal”
    Long time ago, in the little island of astro nights, lived a poor peasent named Beefy seal.She lived in a little hut, with no windows.The only company she had was the other peasents.She worked hard, mending and growing the little food she could.Every day she wished for something good to happen.The people of poptropica had heard of rumers about a war with club penguin, but it was dismissted as non sense.But the penguins had no heed with poptropica, either.But a certain group of penguins were thinking about kidnapping a peasent.She would not be missed, and they would have a specimen to study.They were not nice at all.They were wanted as crimanauls, but they would keep her alive to study, maybe even trade her in to escape the jail.That is, unless they never find poptropica.

    1. A messenger knocked on Beefy Seal’s door.He told her that her mom was the Queen’s sister who had been kidnapped as a baby.She would meet her mom,aunt,and uncle at the castle.She got her own room in the castle,her hair died green,and a instrument called the guitar that was green.She went outside 2 days later at night.The next week her mom would be there!She carried her guitar,wore a purple dress and blue belt,plus green lipstick.She thought about how gorgeus she was,but she never would have guessed about the EPF actully not being lame.

      1. My bored, terrible speller self is back with more of this lame story.

        On Club Penguin, in a lone igloo………….
        “Pearl, I see you have little faith in our plan,” snarled an orange penguin called Flippsmith.
        “Well, we got kicked out of the stupid EPF for trying to kick Herbert in self defense, AND their
        HQ got blown up by the same polar bear, just like the old- what was it again? I know it, but forgot!” growled Pearl.”Look! Pearl, Pinkling, and Ivan! Are we going to go with the plan or drop it?!” shouted Flippsmith. The three others stared at him.”Flipp, of course we will! All in favore of it say aye!” exclaimed Ivan. The others said “AYE!” “Good,” smirked Flippsmith. “We shall begin in the morning.”

      2. That night at Seal’s cottage…………..
        Seal sighed as she looked in the mirror. “What is happening to me! My neighbor Raptor even told me! I’m not the likeable enough person anymore! I’m an annoying lady who acts like everyone should wait on!” she cried.She heard a knock on the door.”It’s very important!” a voice called out. “I’m coming!” replided BeefySeal. She opened the door. Something sweet smelling covered her face, and she blacked out.

  16. I think there should be a tribe war island, kinda like poptropilis games. Except with weapons.
    (No blood.) 🙂

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