Issue #10: March 2010

Issue #10
Date: March 7th, 2010

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s tenth issue of the Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies! We wish you luck in this spring season!


Need some help with Poptropica? The experts are here to answer your questions!

Can you get a pet on Poptropica? ~Blue Shield

As of now, no you can’t. However, the ‘Follower’ packs in the Store (such as the classic pack, pictured right) are good substitutes.

I created my Poptropica account when I was 9, now I am 11, will the game still think that I’m 9 or know I am 11? ~Neat Glove

The Poptropican stays the same age, so yours is still 9 years old.

If you have a Multiverse room, do you get to pick out which one you want? ~Golden Shell

Yes, absolutely! As of right now there are five room themes to choose from – Enchanted Forest, Crystal Cavern, Techno Room, Big Brain Factory, and even Sweet Tooth! Have you seen them all?


Will our favorite heroes emerge victorious in all the fierce questing?

The Unknown Island [Part 7]: by Sparkle Star/Green Seal

[Continued from February 2010’s newsletter!] The night was cool, quiet, and dark, which was perfect for the plan.  Green Seal, Friendly Heart, and Shiny Shell hid behind a large bush.  A guard walked past, not knowing someone was there.  The three girls did their best to be silent.  The guard walked away, surveilling another area.“Now we make our move!” whispered Green Seal.  They all moved inaudibly, hiding behind bushes and trees as they went.  Once they had reached the factory, Friendly Heart told Shiny Shell her instructions.  “So remember, you have to go there wearing this chameleon suit,” she handed Shiny Shell one, “and use this rock to crash one of the windows.”

“Okay,” said Shiny Shell, taking the items.“Go!” Friendly Heart whispered.  Shiny Shell got closer to the factory, just until she was about 10 feet away from it, then threw the rock.  The window crashed, and Shiny Shell rushed back to Green Seal and Friendly Heart.  “Good job, Shiny Shell,” said Green Seal and Friendly Heart.  “Thanks,” said Shiny Shell, panting.As predicted, a bunch of guards walked over to the broken factory window after they heard the sound.  “What was that?” a guard asked.  “I don’t know.” replied another.  The guards examined the window.  The three girls crawled –shielded by bushes and trees– around, past the guards, and to the back of the factory. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Official Adventures of Silver Sneeze: Chapter 6, Kick Some Tushy: by Silver Sneeze/Berry Fudge Yummy

[Continued from January 2010’s newsletter!]”Wha!” I exclaimed.
“Come on, don’t be shy. Follow my voice.”the voice started singing. We followed it until we saw a short figure with eyes at the top of her head. Baby Tushy.

“Well, well. Look who’s here. And behind me.”There was Hamburger and Mickayla tied to a chair.
“Guys. Let’s kick some Baby tushy”I said. Should I have put capitals?

“Oh, you shouldn’t bother. I’m a djinn, also known as genie, and a ghost.”
“Here, take this bottlle”Jemma siad. Then she muttered something. A fridge appeared and Baby Tushy was minimized and swept into the bottle. She took the bottle from me and put it in the fridge.

“Why a fridge?”
“She’s a djinn. She needs the hot. So we’ll give her cold. Her spirit will soon die. Now go back to Reality TV Island but untie them first. Do it by typing the opposite of what you typed to get here.See ya!”she disappeared. I untied Mickayla and Hamburger and went back to Poptropica. From then on, Hamburger  was always nice to me but Mickyla sort fo tried to prevent talking to me until, finally, she gave up.

“You put in the wrong coordinates, I’m Jemma, who you think Hamburger is is actually her twin. Mickayla and Hamburger are still tied up and Baby Tushy is warm.”she said sadly.
“Aw, man!” THE END.

The Counterfeit Case [CHAPTER THREE]: by Neat Whale

[Continued from February 2010’s newsletter!] The man was there, all right, and NW would have caught him, if she had just known he was so fast… screaming, “Stop! Theif!” at him as he raced out the back door, NW felt like giving up. But she hopped behind him, and jumped on a scooter to chase him down, looking out for everything in her way. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t catch him. He finally got to the dock, and jumped into a boat, out of sight. NW groaned, and, picking up a strange card the man dropped, walked back toward the museum.

When she walked in the front door, the assistant spotted her and said, “A package came in the mail for you. No return address.” NW grabbed the package, said thanks, and sat down next to where ‘The Scream’ should have been. When she opened it, she saw it was…’The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh? What was going on…?

A small thermometer type thing fell out of the package. She grabbed it and ran it over the package, and read that the curator wanted to see her at…the Pop Art Muesum? “But that’s a different island…” said NW quietly to herself. Sighing, she hopped over to the blimp. At least she could go on a getaway.

The salt-tasting air whipped NW’s hair around her face, geting caught in it. She loved the ocean…she loved water. But she wasn’t here just to feel the water play with her. She needed to go to Early Poptropica.

When the blimp finally landed, Neat Whale cautiously stepped into the muesum, and spotted an elderly woman, who looked really rather beautfiul, her mouth settled into a frown with pink lipstick covering it. Finally, after a long conversation with the woman, NW asked what she could do. “Just be careful,” said the Curator. “someone you trust is watching you very closly. And take this key, and be careful with it…we lost much just to obtain it.” handing her a brown pine-pop-wood key, the woman told her to go on. And off Neat Whale went, back to Counterfeit island.

Deciding to take a little break–she had been on a mission since she got here–NW decided to stop and paint with the man on the street, who she had, only yesterday, written ‘The PHB Rox!’ on a canvas of his. the man looked at NW and whispered, “Psst. Recently, I sold a painting to the Investigator…but with no frame! why would she need a painting without a frame? Very strange…” he said, and returned to his work. Neat Whale jumped up. Pine wood! Countryside! The Investigator’s house was in the countryside! No frame! ‘Someone you trust is watching you very closly’! Could it be…?!

Neat Whale looked at the man, trying to sound calm, “Thank you. I must be going.” and she turned and ran off, ready to take her destiny. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Mysterious Poptropican, Chapter Two: Here Comes Help: by IkeWB

[Continued from February 2010’s newsletter!] Along with getting help, Stuart still had to go to the library to check out the book he had reserved. Once he got to the library, he noticed his friend, Peppermint, as she liked to be called. Stuart rushed up to her.

“Hi, Stu!” Pepperment said. Stuart hastily showed her the letter. She skimmed through it quickly.

“EGAWD!” she said at the top of her lungs. Everybody shushed her. “We gotta go help them!”

“Exactly! Can you help me get them?”

“Sure! But I’m guessing you have a book on hold. Why don’t ya go get it?” said Peppermint.

Peppermint pushed Stuart in the direction of the hold shelf.

“It’s okay!” said Stuart, “I know where to get them.”

“Okay, I’ll just wait here then,” said Peppermint.

Stuart got the book he had reserved plus another on Nabooti Island language. Then he went to the librarian.

The librarian bent over to him quickly and said, “I couldn’t help but listen to your conversation with your friend. And I received a letter just like that…from a dove right?”

Stuart shook his head no. “I got mine from a barn owl.”

“A barn owl, hmm? Well maybe they used just any type of bird to send out the letters. I know where to find the man who captured the people, but I just can’t go.”

“Why?” asked Stuart.

“I’m too old, and I was looking for a young adventurer to take my place. You and that girl seem to make a good team. Now, as I was saying, I know where they are.”

The librarian gave Stuart directions from Nabooti to the island where she said they were being held captive.

“Thanks!” said Stuart.

“Not so loud, kid! People are trying to read.”

“Right,” said Stuart returning to Peppermint with the books and the maps to the island.

“So, we know where we’re going now?” said Peppermint.

“Yep,” replied Stuart. [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Escape (Chapter One): by Magic Storm

A Unique Twist for YOU, the reader!

Author Magic Storm has written the first part for her story, and she wants YOU to finish it! Just for fun, anyone can write a comment at the very bottom of this page to conclude the exciting masterpiece that Magic Storm has begun…

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!! “Wow, is it time already?” I asked myself as I turned off the alarm on my phone. “Thanks for the free balloon!” I called to the clerk at the clown store. “Come on, Merlin,” I said to my little companion. He followed me obediently, and we headed to the blimp on Main Street. Once I landed on Astro-Knights Island, I realized I accidentally let go of my balloon. “Darn,” I mumbled to myself. Getting over my lost balloon quickly, I grabbed some lunch and strolled to my rocket on top of the castle. It didn’t take long before I arrived at the Lava Planet. “OK, Merlin, are you ready?” I asked Merlin, knowing he loved to race me to the top of the volcano. “Hooo!” Merlin replied. “OK. On your mark . . . get set . . . GO!”

I skipped across the platforms being raised by lava as fast as I could while Merlin flapped his wings and flew above me. It was close, but Merlin won. Again. “I’ll get you next time . . . ” I assured him. “Hooo,” was all he said back to me. Remembering why I had to come here in the first place, I entered the volcano. I was heading towards the hidden chamber that kept all the people who were to much of a threat to keep on Planet Poptropica. After I entered the right code, the door opened. My jaw dropped. “They’re gone, Merlin!” I screamed. I was staring at an empty jail cell in front of me. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even move. Then, I finally got a hold of myself and slowly walked forward. After a few steps, a cage fell on top of me!

“Crap,” was the only word I could squeeze out of my mouth. “That would seem to be the right thing to say,” said a familiar voice. “Who’s there?” I asked. To answer my question, Dr. Hare stepped out from behind a wall. “DR. HARE?!?!?” “Yes, it’s me. Along with everyone else you locked up!” All of the sudden, Director D, Binary Bard, and pretty much every other evil master mind I defeated was behind Dr. Hare. “What?!?!? How did you escape?!?!? I THOUGHT DR. HARE WAS FLOATING IN THE MIDDLE OF SPACE!!” I yelled.

“Hooo!” It looked like Merlin was just as surprised as I was. “Correction: I was floating out in the middle of space. After a while, I discovered your little prison here and got everyone out.” Dr. Hare said arrogantly. “So what are you planning on doing now?” I asked. “Do you really think I’m gonna tell you?” It didn’t take me long to think it through. “No . . . ” I mumbled. “Well, if you don’t mind, we’re leaving now.” That was the last thing Dr. Hare said before he left. “Well. That’s just SWELL!” I said sarcastically. [Now it’s YOUR turn to FINISH the story FOR the author!]

Phoenix Master – The Legend Of Great Booga (Chapter One): by Hapykidi1

I have about the worst life ever. I’m an orphan, the one lucky moment I can’t tell anyone about is when I found my powers. you see, I’m a Phoenix Master, among many of the “Masters.” another lucky moment was the saddest as well. I used to live on 24 carrot, I was out of Middle school and i slept wherever I could. I was a popular girl, but not rich at all. One Day, a friend said “You deserve a better life, I know that and so do you. You’re not finding it here though.” she handed me a note. It said:

I dare you to move
~ Invisible Onion”

“Why?” I asked her, but Onion was already gone. I flipped it over, and i saw it was a postcard with many signatures and Onions, saying goodbye underneath it. I sighed, stuffed it in my pocket, and went to ask for food scraps before I left. I planned that I was to go to Shark tooth that day. After supper on the streets I set off.

It took me about a day and a half to get there, when I got there, a man said I deserved something nice to wear, and handed me some credits and a free item the was a slick fake shark fin. When I got to the store, something caught my eye, a Tiger shark outfit. i grabbed it and paid for it. Soon after I put it on, with the hood down, I went to the shark museum.

I explored some, when I got to the bottom floor though, I saw a boy, wearing a Great White costume. I stayed and chatted every saturday, and I wish I still could. about 3 days after I had arrived I got the news of the Tsunami that hit 24 carrot. That meant either Onion was a Master like me, or she died. Anyways, about the 6th or 7th saturday with who I know as Shark Boy, (as many others do) He told me that there was a Truth or Dare game at the tourist center… [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

CSI Poptropica episode 1 “The thrill of the mime”: by Popcheatster

The dark shadow of an ominous figur zoomed by from desk to desk barely avoiding being detected by red lasers. The laser beams scanned the room like an eagle for it’s prey. The ominous figure dressed in black and white zoomed through the area like a dart! Flash!!! He was now gone and into the next room.

There was a security guard slumped in a chair drinking coffee through a see through window. She came out and handed the black and white figure a folder.

The content of the folder was priceless. If people knew. They would put their lives at risk just to get it. The black and white figure darted out of the first room in a flash again! Wisk!

“He’s gone!” said a few police units running into the scene, “he got another one of them. It’s too late now.”

The other officers raced back out of the art musuem. The dark chilly night made the officer shiver. His teeth clacked together and he wrapped his hands across his body. Then all of a sudden the light bulbs burst one after another!!! Boom! Sparks and light bulb peices flew in all directions. Bombs had been planted in them! The officers ducked as sparks flew in all directions.

“After that blimp!” yelled one of the officers blinded by the sparks, “we can’t let the mime get away with that folder! Get the mime!”

The police officers struggled to make their way to the blimp sight but the blimp was long gone. Cars from downtown rolled to the scene. As they peered into the night sky and saw a tiny speck fly off into the endless skies.
“We’ll intercept him on any possible places where there may be any internet source except the cafe here on counterfiet island. He needs the internet,” spoke one of the officers.

Back at the main base at the spy island headquarters. The members of CSI are struggling to put the peices together. “Sir, we tracked down anyplace besides here that has long range internet access and all we have is the cafe on Nabooti island. Based on the time limit. He should already be there or worse…he already posted the stuff he needed and is already gone,” spoke the head Brave Sneeze.

“Sir, what exactly is he trying to do?” spoke White Fang

“It’s classified, White Fang. It’s beyond your pay level.”

“Sir, if we want to solve this case and stop that mime, just let me in on it.”

“Follow me, White Fang. I want to show you something,” spoke director Brave Sneeze as they walked up the metal stairs towards the main computer. He switched the red button and opened a file marked “mastermime:missing 12/23/09. The mastermimes files and everything known about him opened up, “He’s called mastermime. They call him that because everytime he steals a file he’s deadly silent and well…he’s a freak who dresses in black and white.”

“Missing?” said Gray Fang

“(ahem) Well, yes. He dissapeared one night by nightfall. Gone, just gone.”

“What about the folders? Why the heck is a mime after folders?! And why did he dissapear, Brave Sneeze?”

“The folders contained valuable information on…upcoming islands.They’re clues/ sneak peeks, we can’t let that happen. He’s trying to reveal top secret information on a website known as the poptropica creators claiming they created our world. Imbeciles, freaks, nothing more.”

All of a sudden two agents with neuron guns stepped near the computer.

“Sir, we found him and we have him sorrounded near the cafe. He’s there with 6 of those folders stolen from our base. We got ‘im,” spoke one of the spy agents.

Gray Fang an Brave Sneeze and 4 other agents boarded a bright blue and white helicopter. It’s blades whirred loudly as they were lifted into the air.

“Agent, is he armed with any weapons?” asked director Brave Sneeze.

“Oh yes, he has a double A burst laser shot. State of the art technology.Hand held laser pistol. It’s sold renegade alien weaponary, it’s illegal to buy, sir. He probaly got it on the poptropica store, the black market also created by these “creators”, sir”

The helicopter landed on a dirt patch of road. Dirt flew in all directions and blinded the eyes of the agents. As they got near the cafe they saw that 6 armed laser cannon agents had poised a position outside of the cafe. The bright flashes of the computer were seen through the stick windows of the cafe.As they closed in, the mime opened a burst of fire. A laser dart hit a Big Zeke’s truck and it flipped over in a flash of green and exlopsion of fiery red!

The agents moved in towards the scene. The mime used canisters of gas, also illegal items. The cafe was filled with gas. As the gas cleared up the mime was gone. Now, all eyes were on the computer because bright blue words said:

Your post has been published at 2:34 P.M. by mastermime

Back at the base everybody was in a state of panic. New information on the upcoming Greek island was out.

“Wait a minute, go back to the other page, no way back to one of the first posts on spy island. That’s us! Right there! How did they

get a picture of us in our base?” [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Diabolical Plot (Part 1): by Golden Shell

The Poptropican in the pink bunny suit with long ears, rabbit teeth, green goggles, whiskers, and fluffy white cotton tail looked darkly down the table at his other fellow members of the SSPV, his eyes icy and his long rabbit whiskers quivering. “Well?” he said coldly.

Director D cleared his throat. “Um, well, uh….” he hesitated, apparently trying to find the right words. Then he finally spoke again. “Er, um, well…..anyone got a plan on how to take over Poptropica…..?”

“IDIOTS!” Dr. Hare roared. He pounded his fist onto the table, shaking it and causing all the others to jump about a foot off their seats. “For the creators’ sake, do you people have carrots for brains?! WE NEED A PLAN! If we’re gonna work as a team to take over Poptropica once and for all, we need a plan! A PLAN! AND A GOOD ONE!!!!”

The Black Widow scowled at him, her eyes frosty underneath her wild black hair. “Well, have you got a plan, Mr. Bunny Genius?” she snapped.

“Um……well, er, no,” Dr. Hare admitted, feeling stupid.

“See?” the Binary Bard said. “If we’re going to take over Poptropica before taking over the universe, then we need to come up with a plan together. Why else did we create the SSPV, the Secret Society of Poptropica’s Villains?”

“WAIT!” Director D yelled. “HOLD EVERYTHING!!!”

Oh, what?” Dr. Hare snapped.

“Well, this morning I heard that Princess Fredericka and her sister, Carlotta, are going to be at the Poptropica Stadium to watch a head-to-head-to-head-to-head Sky Dive game between four Poptropicans—Green Seal, Neat Whale, Scary Tomato, and some other person,” Director D said.

“Who is that person, exactly?” the Black Widow inquired.

“I dunno, I forget that person’s name,” Director D said impatiently. “Anyway, there are going to be five rounds of that game, like all Poptropica games in the stadium. Once that fifth round is finished, we’re going to use our silver ship, the Villain King, to sail through the sky and in sight of the entire stadium. Then, a troop of our army—”

“What army?” Dr. Hare interrupted. “We don’t have one.”

“We’ll make one,” Director D snapped. “Anyway, like I was saying……………”

When he was finished explaining his plan, all of the other villains were smirking. “Perfect,” the Black Widow commented. “Sounds good to me,” Dr. Hare added. “Me too,” the Binary Bard said. “Then let’s do this,” Director D concluded.

Meanwhile, Princess Fredericka was smiling as she walked into the Poptropica Stadium with her sister, Carlotta. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the very first game held in the brand-new stadium, because on the first day that tickets to watch the Sky Dive game in the stadium were on sale, they had all run out in just half an hour—a new record. Fredericka had been so disappointed when she found out that all the tickets were already gone and she couldn’t buy any for herself and Carlotta, but fortunately, Neat Whale, a close friend of theirs, had been smart enough to buy tickets for them so that they could watch her compete in the huge Sky Dive game—she didn’t need any tickets because she was one of the people that had won the contest to play in the very first game at the stadium.

As Fredericka and Carlotta approached the roped-off reserved area, a brown mustached Poptropican wearing a scarlet uniform stepped in front of them, about to say that they could not sit in that part, but when he realized who they were, he quickly bowed and stepped aside. “Good day, Princesses,” he said. “Good day,” Fredericka and Carlotta both said, and they curtsied politely to the man before he pulled away the red rope that surrounded the reserved area and let them enter it so that they could take their seats to watch the game.

It was quite obvious why Fredericka and Carlotta got reserved seats—after all, they were the Princesses of Arturus, although Fredericka was considered somewhat more special because she was the new ruler of Arturus. Even though they were sisters—Carlotta being the older one—they were different in many ways. Fredericka had long, beautiful blond silken hair, while Carlotta had lengthy, pretty brown hair. Fredericka was adventurous and more of a fighter, and usually fought with a sword, while Carlotta was more proper and ladylike and did not fight very often, but when she did, she usually used a parasol as her weapon. Fredericka was just about never kidnapped because she could fight her kidnappers off, but Carlotta was abducted by the Binary Bard once and was more of a damsel in distress. (If you want to know, Carlotta is the princess that you  have to rescue in your Astro-Knights quest.)

As Fredericka and Carlotta looked on from their seats, the entire crowd of millions of Poptropicans cheered as the competitors in the Sky Dive game—Green Seal, Neat Whale, Scary Tomato, and you, the random person—gathered into the stadium. You all get onto the cloud that is high above the stadium with your parachutes and wait for the announcer to say, “Ready, set, GO!” Once he does, you all leap off the cloud and fall through the air, the wind whistling around you as you look down to see that the ground is getting closer and closer until…………..

“NEAT WHALE WINS THE FIRST ROUND!” the announcer yells.
Dang it. You opened your parachute too late and slammed right into the ground, along with Scary Tomato and Green Seal. Neat Whale was the only one who opened her parachute on time.

The next round……..
“SCARY TOMATO WINS THE SECOND ROUND!” the announcer shouts.
Doggone it. You opened your parachute too soon and ended up floating a long way down to the ground, while Green Seal slammed into the ground again and Neat Whale did the same as you. Scary Tomato beat all of you.

The third…………..

The fourth………..

Now it’s the fifth and last round, but you haven’t won a single round of the game, unlike the others. You pray and hope that you win this round, but it looks more as if Neat Whale is going to win. She won more rounds than all of you, after all—Scary Tomato won one, Green Seal won one, Neat Whale won two, and you won zero.

Moments later………
“[your name here] WINS!”

You won! You won the last round! Even though it’s Neat Whale who is the official champion since she won two and the rest of you won one, it doesn’t matter because at least you won a round of the Sky Dive game. The entire crowd cheers loudly for you, Neat Whale, Green Seal, and Scary Tomato, and Neat Whale lifts her hand into the air to ask the crowd to stop their cheering, while you grin broadly, Green Seal does a little dance, and Scary Tomato just smiles.

But what is this? The crowd stops cheering and instead starts gasping as a blood red fog fills the sky and a huge silver ship slowly sails right out of it.

OH NO! THE VILLAIN KING HAS ARRIVED! [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

The Random Play Without a Name: by Super Grape, Green Seal, Hyper Star, Nice Moon

SuperGrape:  can’t…. breathe… *chokes*

SuperGrape:  need…. air….

SuperGrape:  *gasps for air*

SuperGrape:  help… me….

SuperGrape:  the… smoke… is…. everywhere

SuperGrape:  the… fire….. *chokes*

SuperGrape:  smoke….everywhere…..

SuperGrape:  can’t… breathe…. *chokes*

SuperGrape:  call…. 9…. 1…. 1…. *chokes again

Green Seal:  *calls 911*

Green Seal:  Hi 911

911: Hello, what’s the emergency?

Green Seal:  Um… I forgot…

Green Seal:  I think it had something to do with cheese…

SuperGrape:  *faints from lack of oxygen*

Green Seal:  Oh now I remember!

Green Seal:  Super Grape has no cheese!

Green Seal:  And neither do I!

Green Seal:  Can you bring us some 911?

Green Seal:  911: *sigh* *hangs up*

Green Seal:  How rude!

Green Seal:  Oh well

SuperGrape:  *wakes up covered in flames*

SuperGrape:  AHHH!!!

Super Grape:  I CANT BREATH!

Super Grape:  AND I AM ON FIRE!

Green Seal:  Hey SG.  ‘Sup!

Green Seal:  Wow, someone’s conceited today… xD

Super Grape:  AHHH!!!!

Green Seal:  “I AM ON FIRE”

Green Seal:  xD


Green Seal:  Is that a new song?

Super Grape:  *runs around in circles while being engulfed in flames*

Green Seal:  And it has a dance too!

Green Seal:  I bet 911 would like to see this show!

Green Seal:  *calls 911*

Green Seal:  Hi 911

Super Grape:  *trips on shoe* I’M GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN!

Green Seal:  ‘Sup!

Green Seal:  Wanna see this cool show?

911: Ugh, I have nothing to do… so why not kid?

Green Seal:  YAYZ

Green Seal:  Thanks 911

*911 comes*

Green Seal:  *points to SG* There’s the show!  Amazing, isn’t it?

911: Why, yes it is!  The special effects look so real!

Super Grape:  THE FIERY PAIN!!!!!

Super Grape:  *pulls out dagger*

Green Seal:  Wow, amazing props

Super Grape:  *stabs self in heart*

Super Grape:  *falls to the ground bleeding and burning*

Green Seal:  Amazing actors too :O

Super Grape:  it… it… it’s all over…. *closes eyes*

Green Seal:  Bye SG

Super Grape:  *chokes*

Green Seal:  That was an awesome show!

*firefighters pile into room*

Green Seal:  You should go to Hollywood

Firefighter 1: OH look a grape!

Firefighter 2: I WANNNA EAT IT

Super Grape:  *takes dagger out of heart and throws at firefighters*

Green Seal:  Wow, now firefighters are in this play too? COOL!


Green Seal:  Wow SG, didn’t know you were so good at acting…

Super Grape:  not to mention I stabbed myself!

Green Seal:  0_o Wow, the special effects are so AWESOME

Super Grape:  you know what… I’ll just do this the grape way

Super Grape:  *gets up while bleeding and burning to death and walks to closet*

Super Grape:  *takes out fire extinguisher*

Super Grape:  *puts self out*

Firefighter 1: *eats grape*

Super Grape:  now I just need some band aids…

Firefighter 1: Yummm…

Super Grape:  0_o

Super Grape:  why r u chewing on my leg? 0_0

Firefighter 1: It’s cooked already

Super Grape:  *hides*

Super Grape:  scary men are chewing on my leg!

F1: *follows*

Super Grape:  *jumps out window with dagger in hand*

Firefighters: C’mon guys, let’s go eat this grape!

Green Seal:  *come attacking with forks*

Super Grape:  *starts running* YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!

Green Seal:  *chases in firetruck

Super Grape:  *jumps onto train*

Green Seal:  GET DAT GRAPE!

Super Grape:  *train speeds off to New Zealand*

Green Seal:  AWWWWW….


Super Grape:  wait… the New Zealanders are gonna eat me now 0_0

Super Grape:  *gets on train back to America*

Hyper Star:  WE FOUND HIM!




Super Grape:  *jumps back on train to Italy*

F1: *follows*


Super Grape:  *hides*

Super Grape:  *mouse walks out of shadows*

Green Seal:  GS: Hmmm… I wonder where SG is…


Green Seal:  GS: Oh there you are SG!

Green Seal:  GS: Your play was awesome

Italian Mouse: Ahh… so I see you are in trouble?

Super Grape:  0_o

Italian Mouse: I can help you with your little problem…



Green Seal:  HOW ARE YOU

Italian Mouse: And all you have to do is take me to America with you because…


Italian Mouse: and the streets are paved with cheese!

Super Grape:  no they aren’t 0_o

Italian Mouse: I can dream, cant I?


Green Seal:  GIMME

Super Grape:  how can u help me mouse?

Italian Mouse: I have the key…


Super Grape:  key to what?

Green Seal:  *grabs mouse and runs*


Super Grape:  0_o

Green Seal:  MWAHAHAH

Italian Mouse: *bites*

Green Seal:  Owww


Italian Mouse: YOU WILL NEVR TALKE ME ALIVE *jumps away from GS*

Italian Mouse: COME GRAPE! JOIN ME!

Green Seal:  OH NO YOU DI’INT

Italian Mouse: Together we will unlock the secret of the universe!

Italian Mouse: And destroy these evil people!


Super Grape:  0_0

Green Seal:  YEAH GO HS

Green Seal:  WOO

Italian Mouse: *takes out key to the secrets of the universe*

Italian Mouse: you want this?

Italian Mouse: *eats*


Super Grape:  0_o

Italian Mouse: Now you will never see the secrets of the universe!!! MWAHAHAHHA!

Burned Anon:  That mouse ate the key… o_0

Green Seal:  ooh SG, you just got pwned by a mouse 0_o

Super Grape: I blame the Americans for trying to eat me…

Super Grape: if it wasn’t for them none of us would be in this mess!

Burned Anon:  I’m an… Uh… Greek Anon… so… HA!

Firefighter: THERE’s THE GRAPE

Firefighter: GET HIMMM

Super Grape: OMG A FIREFIGHTER!!!!

Super Grape: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Firefighter: *comes running with a fork*

Firefighter: MWAHAHAHAHA



Burned Anon:  I’m already burned… So HAHAHAHAHA!



Firefighter: *chases Burned Anon*

Firefighter: MWAHAHAHA

Firefighter: YUM ANONS



Super Grape: *is seen jumping onto a train* LATER SUCKERS!




Firefighter: *eats BS*

Burned Anon:  WAIT WUT?!

Italian Mouse: What about me!?!?!?

Firefighter: YUMMMMAY

Burned Anon:  *takes mouse*

Burned Anon:  BURN BURN BURN!

Firefighter: YUMMM

Italian Mouse: I have a spare key to the secrets of the universe at my condo…


Italian Mouse: it’s yours if…




Burned Anon:  Hmm… He asks for good offers…

Firefighter: *eats Anon’s arm*

Burned Anon:  HEY! I NEED THAT!

Super Grape: *is half way to Mexico*


Firefighter: YUMMAY ANONS

Firefighter: *eats Anon’s leg*


Burned Anon:  o_0

Italian Mouse: *runs off to catch a train to New York*

Green Seal:  Oh Hi Mouse!! What are you doing here in NY?

Burned Anon:  *catches train to New Pudding* Mmmm…

Super Grape: *gets off train in Mexico*

MexicanDudePerson: ¡Hey, miren una uva! Vamos muchachos, vamos a comer ya!

Super Grape: Uhh…. what?

Super Grape: I no speaky Spanish 0_0

MexicanDudePerson: Hey persona uva! Usted puede hablar! Todavía estoy que va a comer bien

Super Grape: I don’t know what you just said but I think I should umm… run now

MexicanDudePerson: Atrapa esa uva!

Green Seal:  *calls SG*


Super Grape:  *answers* Hello? I am kinda running from Americans, Italians, New Zealanders, and Mexicans…

Green Seal:  Cool!

Green Seal:  I just wanted to say….

Green Seal:  Something really really important…


Super Grape: Ok…

Green Seal:  I wanted to say…

Green Seal:  HI

Super Grape: *hangs up and drops phone in swamp*

Green Seal:  How rude!

Green Seal:  Oh well xD

Super Grape: wait… there are swamps in Mexico? 0_0

Super Grape: *hops on train to New York*

Super Grape: Adios SUCKERS!

Green Seal:  YAY HI SG

Green Seal:  WASSUP MAN?

Green Seal:  Whatcha doing here in NY?

Super Grape: Oh you know… Just running for my life…

Italian Mouse: Would you like to know the secrets of the universe grape boy?

Super Grape: Uhh… sure?

Italian Mouse: Then come with me to my condo! I have a spare key


Super Grape: Sorry, my mom told me not to talk to mouses I don’t know

Italian Mouse: But I… I… I AM YOUR….. GRAMPA!

Super Grape: What? 0_o

Italian Mouse: It’s true… Now come with me… I know where the secrets of the universe are kept.

Super Grape: Fine Grampa…

Super Grape: But I aint paying for gas

Italian Mouse: Fine

Italian Mouse: Now hurry, we must get to my condo and get the key…

Super Grape: Ok, you coming too GS?

Green Seal:  OK SURE

Super Grape: Let’s go! *gets in car*

Green Seal:  *gets in*

Italian Mouse:  Do any of you know how to drive? I am too short… 0_0

Green Seal:  Um, sure I’LL DRIVE


Green Seal:  *gets hold of steering wheel*


Super Grape: Oh gawd…

Green Seal:  *car crashes*


Italian Mouse: We’re here!

Super Grape: But this is a… trashcan 0_0


Nice Moon:  *Runs over to help*


Super Grape: No we aren’t

Nice Moon:  hi. I’m petunia

Green Seal:  We were supposed to crash into a trash can

Super Grape: I just had a heart attack…

Green Seal:  HI Petunia

Nice Moon:  Were r u guys heading?

Green Seal:  IDK


Italian Mouse:  WE are going to unlock the secrets of the universe!

Italian Mouse: Now then… *digs through trash* Here is the key!

Nice Moon:  U guys look awful! Let’s take you to get some food at the diner right next to me

Green Seal:  EXCUSE MEH?

Italian Mouse:  no! WE MUST HURRY!


Green Seal:  :O

Nice Moon:  except girly over there

Green Seal:  YAYZ

Green Seal:  That’s what I thought xD

Nice Moon:  may I join you on this adventure?

Green Seal:  Wait, we’re on an adventure? Since when?

NiceMoon:  I have cheeesesss……

Italian Mouse:  Fine… but we need a ride…

NiceMoon:  hold on *runs*

Green Seal:  I thought we were just crashing a car into a trash can

Nice Moon:  *back with as fancy sports car*

Nice Moon:  Now… Ill drive this time


Green Seal:  AWWW

Nice Moon:  NEVER AGAIN!

Nice Moon:  maybe on the way back

Green Seal:  YAY

Nice Moon:  may I get ur guyses names?

Green Seal:  I is Green Seal

Super Grape: I am Super Grape… and I am being hunted down by firefighters, Americans, New Zealanders, Italians, and Mexicans

Green Seal:  I’m the one who’s an awesome driver.

Nice Moon:  pssh

Nice Moon:  sure…..

Italian Mouse:  Let’s get on with it…..

Nice Moon:  k go!

Italian Mouse:  WE must find… THE SNOWMAN!

Nice Moon:  *puts car at like 10000000 mph*


Nice Moon:  *puts car at 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 mph*

Green Seal:  YEAH

Nice Moon:  WOOO!!!!!!

Nice Moon:  WOOOO!

Nice Moon:  WHERE R WE GOING!!!!!!


Green Seal:  IDK!!!!


Nice Moon:  I NEED 2 NO NOW!

Italian Mouse:  Alright… go to New Hamster and turn left at the monkey zoo and then into the whale exhibit

Nice Moon:  WOOOOO



Nice Moon:  AGHHHHH!!!!!



Italian Mouse: Now, DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!!!!

Italian Mouse: Till we reach the SNOWMAN!


Nice Moon:  *KEEPS GOING*

Nice Moon:  WERE HERE!

Super Grape: Why are we doing this again?

Italian Mouse: Now no one leave the car… I and I alone must plug the key into the snowman!

Nice Moon:  B safe

Green Seal:  *leaves car*


Nice Moon:  follows GS

Green Seal:  OH well

Italian Mouse: There are sharks out here you know…

Green Seal:  Sharks are cute



Super Grape: Yeah… I’m just gonna stay in the car….

Green Seal:  *follows da mouse*

Italian Mouse: Ahh…. 394 years I have waited for this moment to come…

Nice Moon:  Ur welcome for the car btw

Hyper Starr:  you’re 394? o_0

Italian Mouse: And now I can finally reveal the secrets of the universe….

Nice Moon:  *gasps*


Green Seal:  OMG A SECRET??


Nice Moon:  TELLZ ME!


Italian Mouse: *plugs key into snowman*

Italian Mouse: Yes…. YESSS!!!!

Green Seal:  0_o

Nice Moon:  *GASPS*!

Green Seal:  :O

Nice Moon:  O.0

Nice Moon:  wow…

Green Seal:  :O

Nice Moon:  so glad I came along



Nice Moon:  totally worth skipping mah job at CICI’S pizza

Hyper Starr:  And… SHINY LIKE EDWARD…

Italian Mouse: NOW I CAN RULE THE UNIVERSE!!!! I KNOW ALL THE SECRETS!!!!! For example, the first ruler of the universe was a pie named bob

Green Seal:  :O

Italian Mouse: MWAHAH!



Nice Moon:  *GASP*

Italian Mouse: ONLY ONE CAN STOP ME!

Italian Mouse: AND THAT IS….

Hyper Starr:  ME!

Nice Moon:  BOB?

Green Seal:  MEHHH


Italian Mouse: HIM! *points to SG sleeping in the car*

Hyper Starr:  SG?!

Green Seal:  :O

Nice Moon:  *gasps!*

Green Seal:  SG WAKE UP

Italian Mouse: Which is why I must KILL him!


Green Seal:  GIVE ME CHEESE!!!

Green Seal:  Oh yeah and also run from that weird mouse


Super Grape: what’d you say? 0_o


Green Seal:  NAO

Hyper Starr:  ME HA-I mean… hehe…

Italian Mouse: 0_0 that actually worked…

Green Seal:  OH yeah and that mouse wants to kill you SG

Hyper Starr:  AND ME LOVES YOU! XD

Green Seal:  But you should give me cheese before you run

Italian Mouse: Oh wow….. I guess I’ll just kill you all *plants atomic bomb in whale exhibit and then floats away with snowman*


Super Grape: QUICK! GET IN THE CAR! We can still stop grampa!

Nice Moon:  8GETS IN CAR*

Hyper Starr:  He’s your grandfather…?

Green Seal:  *GEST IN*

Super Grape: Yep

Hyper Starr:  *gets in*

Nice Moon:  *PUTSX CAR AT 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 MPH*


Hyper Starr:  Mt Doom? WHAT HE GOT TO DO WITH MY HOME?

Super Grape:  I heard that’s where the evil lair of Bob the pie used to be…


Hyper Starr:  That’s my home… Did I mention I’m Bob’s daughter and heir to the throne?

Super Grape: You are HS?!?!!?

Hyper Starr:  *nods*


Super Grape: Quick! To Mt. DOOM!

Green Seal:  OK



Green Seal:  IDK

Italian Mouse:  I’m right here *evil smile* and I already have the power… I have eaten the power cracker…. And now… I….. Will…..

Green Seal:  Oh look a cute little mouse! *grabs mouse*

Green Seal:  SO CUTEH

Super Grape: *takes out shotgun and shoots mouse*

Green Seal:  *drops da mouse* 0_o

Super Grape: Now that he’s dead… We must celebrate!

Hyper Starr:  CELEBRATE I SAY!

Super Grape: *two days later in Italy*

Italian Dude: *at award ceremony*

Italian Dude: Ahh… Thank you for saving us from that evil mouse! We have buried him in a far away place where he will never see daylight again


Italian Dude: And now I present to you….. 20 million dollars each

Hyper Starr:  :O

Nice Moon:  MEDAL?

Italian Dude: Or you could just have a medal


Green Seal:  YAYZ

Green Seal:  WOOO

Italian Dude: Your choice… 20 million bucks or a medal

Nice Moon:  MONEYZ

Green Seal:  20 million bucks plz


Super Grape: I’ll take the medal… I wanna be different

Italian Dude: *hands money to everyone except SG who gets medal*

Super Grape: YAY!!! MEDAL!


Italian Dude: :O

Hyper Starr:  And you declare that to EVERYONE?!


Hyper Starr:  ME? EVIL?

Nice Moon:  NOO! SHE IS GOOD!

Green Seal:  :O OH NOEZ


Italian Dude: Bob the pie ruined our country once!

Italian Dude: And it must not happen again!

Hyper Starr:  I’m NOT evil!

Nice Moon:  She has powers that can save us from the evil mouse if he rises!

Hyper Starr:  WAIT! Daddy was… EVIL?!?

Italian Dude: OF COURSE HE WAS!

Italian Dude: He killed all of my friends!

Hyper Starr:  Um… I’m just going to back out now…


Green Seal:  That doesn’t sound evil


Green Seal:  OK *runs with all the money*

Hyper Starr:  RUNNNNNNNNN!!

Super Grape: Hey guys… Look, it’s….. My friend Charlie….

CharlieTheUnicorn89: Hey SG…. I heard some Italian guys wanted to kill you or something? Get on my back… We’ll fly back to Unicorn Valley where we will all live happily ever after!

CharlieTheUnicorn89: *they all get on Charlie’s back*

And live happily ever after!

The end.

The Conquering Scheme (Part 1): by Golden Shell

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as huge crowds of Poptropicans gathered to watch an archery competition specially arranged by Her Imperial Highness, the Princess Fredericka, Golden Shell, new ruler of Arturus, sister of Princess Carlotta. (By the way, Carlotta is the princess that you have to rescue in the Astro-Knights quest.) As ordinary Poptropicans chatted together happily, spy agents from Spy Island stood next to Fredericka and Carlotta as bodyguards as the two Princesses sat upon scarlet silk cushions in their reserved place to watch the archery contest.

The director of the entire spy agency, however, served as the chief bodyguard, and stood near the reserved place, pacing back and forth, back and forth, keeping an eye on the crowds of Poptropicans, who were all now settling on wooden benches. The contestants in the competition waited, fidgeting with their arrows restlessly, a few smiling flirtatiously at Fredericka and Carlotta. Carlotta blushed bright pink and smiled back at those archers, but Fredericka ignored them and turned to a spy agent standing next to her. “Agent Ice?” she said.

“Yes, Your Imperial Highness?” he asked, bowing so low that his dark glasses nearly fell off his face.

“Would you please do the honors of starting the competiton for us?” Fredericka inquired.

“Yes, my good lady,” Agent Ice said quickly. As he bent to pick up the long golden trumpet lying near his feet, he studied Princess Fredericka for a few moments. She was very beautiful, with her long blond hair tied neatly into a braid with a green silk ribbon, just like her sister. Plus, Fredericka was wise, brave, adventerous, and very self-sacrificing—she was more like a queen than a princess, but because her mother and father were still alive, that meant that they still held their titles as queen and king, although Fredericka now had the throne.

“Agent Ice? Agent Ice?!? Will you please hurry and blow the trumpet to announce the start of the competition? The archers and the crowds are getting very restless,” Fredericka said, snapping Agent Ice out of his thoughts.

“Oh yeah—sure, Princess,” Agent Ice said, quickly putting the trumpet to his lips. Then he blew, making a loud noise that immediately silenced the archers and the crowds of chatting Poptropicans. “Ladies and gentlemen!” Agent Ice proclaimed. “In the name of Her Imperial Highness, the fair Princess Fredericka, let the archery competition start!” The crowds burst into loud cheers and applause, and a redheaded Poptropican girl by the name of Silver Star leaped up and yelled, “YAHOO!”

But, suddenly, the crowds stopped cheering and applauding and started gasping. Confused, Fredericka looked around, wondering why everyone had now gone so pale and panic-stricken, even the archers. “What in Poptropica is going on?” she asked.

“Um, Fredericka……look up,” Carlotta said, pointing a shaking hand up at the sky.

“Alright……” Fredericka looked up a little warily at first, thinking that Carlotta was playing a prank on her, but then her eyes widened. Ugly black clouds were filling the sky, blending together to look like a huge fog, and a huge silver ship sailed out of it all, bearing huge, bold red lettering on its side: VILLAIN KING.

“What the—” Before Fredericka could say anything else, a little door opened on the bottom of the Villain King and out dropped, into the field where the archery competition was taking place, a huge red-and-black monster that appeared to be half-Poptropican and half-monster, and his name was Barry Beast. He then started to slowly approach the archers, who were Neat Whale, Green Seal, Scary Tomato, and you.

Carlotta gasped, but Fredericka did not; instead an expression appeared on her face that clearly said, “Oh dang it!” Then, she hurried down the steps out of where she and her sister had been sitting, and Carlotta followed closely behind, holding her skirts up a little so that she wouldn’t trip, as they rushed to help the archers fight Barry Beast. Then, Fredericka leaped powerfully into the air, the long skirt of her green silk dress swirling as she landed next to Neat Whale and you before she pulled her long sword out. Carlotta, however, was more dainty and ladylike, and so she simply leaped into the air, pulled out her parasol, and opened it as she started to land, causing her to float gently down to the ground next to Green Seal and Scary Tomato. (Sort of like Princess Peach’s move, eh? Fredericka’s like the Poptropican version of Zelda while Carlotta’s like the Poptropican version of Peach.)

No matter how much and how hard the archers and the two princesses tried to fight Barry Beast, Barry Beast was never affected the least bit by their attacks. At last, weary and dazed, you sit down on the grass, and so do the others. Suddenly, the Binary Bard swoops in on a floating metal platform from the ship, holding a little silver sphere. Then he presses a little button on the back of it and then it starts quivering and shaking violently before—BAM! A long ray of green shoots out of the sphere and straight into Green Seal!

A few seconds later, Green Seal falls to the ground, but no longer herself.
She had been turned into a page-less book, with her on the cover!
“NO!” Fredericka screams. “NO! GREEN SEAL!”

The Binary Bard simply laughs at her. “Foolish princess!” he says. “Screaming yourself hoarse will never bring your silly little friend back to normal! Now Poptropica, and the universe, WILL BELONG TO THE VILLAINS! BWA HA HA HA!”
Suddenly the Binary Bard stops laughing and an ugly smirk appears on his face. “Wait……why leave now with Green Seal when I’ve got more victims in front of me?” he says. Then he turns toward Carlotta, presses the little button on the sphere, and BAM! The long ray of green shoots out and heads straight for Carlotta so quickly that before she knows it, it’s only half an inch away from her.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!” Scary Tomato leaps in front of Carlotta, shielding her, but by doing this, the ray of green strikes into Scary Tomato, turning him into a page-less book as well, with him on the front!
The Binary Bard smirks again, picks up book-transformed Green Seal and Scary Tomato, and laughs some more, tempting you so horribly to rush forward and give him a hard punch in the face. Then he flies away on his metal platform, toward the huge silver ship.

You stare after him, burning with hatred, wishing so desperately for any way to rescue Green Seal and Scary Tomato. But you also wonder where the heck the Binary Bard and the other villains got that ship. You—


You whirl around, startled by the scream. Then you realize that Barry Beast is gripping Fredericka and Carlotta in his scaly clawed hands, and is rushing away, roaring triumphantly, maybe planning to go straight to the villains and give them the princesses!
“YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE, YOU UGLY MONSTER!” a voice suddenly yelled, and you immediately recognize it as Neat Whale’s. She leaps forward and aims a high-flying karate kick at Barry Beast’s head, but he manages to clamp his jaws onto her leg, swing her around and around as she screams, and then lets go. She flies through the air, still yelling, until—BANG! She lands on the ground, and although you expect her to get to her feet again, she doesn’t. She simply lies there, motionless, and you quickly rush over, panic filling you, until you check her heartbeat and you instantly become thankful that it’s still there. Suddenly you turn around to face Barry Beast, who roars loudly at you, challenging you to try to rescue Fredericka or Carlotta.

Now, you must make a difficult choice—to save either Fredericka or Carlotta.

Fredericka is beautiful, but she is also very wise and may know more things than you do, so that means that she can help you with advice if you’re unsure of something, and another thing is that if you rescue her, she will promise to do a favor for you. Also, if you save Fredericka and you two run into any of the villains or another monster, she will help you fight, because she is excellent  at hand-to-hand combat, is quick and nimble, and nearly unbeatable with her trusty sword, plus she can cast spells and do magic, which helps in fighting. And, if you and Fredericka are surrounded by a wicked army and there isn’t any escape, Fredericka can grab you and do a powerful leap through the air. Plus, thanks to her magic, she and you can stay up in the air until you two are as far from the army as possible.

Carlotta is also very pretty, but like Fredericka, if you rescue Carlotta she will promise to do you a favor. Plus, if you rescue Carlotta and if you two run into any villains or another monster, she can easily put them to sleep for a few hours with her dancing. Also, if you two are surrounded by an evil army and there is no escape, she can use her parasol to have you and her go up into the air and float away to safety. Carlotta is also somewhat good at hand-to-hand combat, and she can knock out someone with just one or two hard whacks of her parasol.

So, who do you pick to rescue? And why? [To be continued in future Poptropican’s 911 issues!]

Island Ideas

If you could go anywhere in the big wide world, where would it be?

Morph Island: by Hannah B.

The character would arrive there and not a person in sight. Instead, the island seems to be overrun by animals. You walk past a parrot that’s choking on a nut and you help it and then it says, ‘Thanks buddy’ and you’re like, ‘What!!?? You can talk?’. Then other animals come and they start to explain that they’re actually people but the dastardly ‘Monty the Metamorpher’ had transformed them into animals so that he could rule the world and if anyone who was still a person was found they would become animals too. And then I don’t know what I’m going to do so let’s skip to the end.

Monty finds you and says, ‘Ha ha ha! What is this? A HUMAN on my island? Bua ha ha ha! Since I am a merciful Lord you can choose what you’re going to be.’ Then you get to choose to be one of 5 animals which can all defeat him but in different ways because they have different abilities. You can choose to be a: Bird=It can fly. Gecko=It can stick to walls. Frog=It can ‘hurt’ the enemy from afar because of its tongue. Scorpion=It can sting the enemy. Wolf=It can bite really hard and run very fast.

Then he runs away laughing evilly. Somehow you find his secret lair and defeat him using the special abilities of the animals (you can make up how they do that) and then you find his morph ray and press the undo button then you become a person again and then you see all the people in the town rejoicing because they’re people again. Then you see a rather magnificent peacock turning into a king who gives you the island medallion. The End.

Doctor Who Island: by Green Boa

A little bit like Astro Knights Island, but you travel through time to find a special energy sorce, which is letting a evil robot race build a massive army to conquer the universe, starting with earth, and WHOOPS! I mean Poptropica! Anyway, you have to fly the doctor’s time and space ship while avoiding aliens to shut down the machine that is supplying the robot power source and return it to ear- no no no, POPTROPICA, and make use the machine to rebuild the island.

Easter Egg

Go for a Helicopter Spin

Ever wanted to ride a helicopter… by holding onto the top propellers? You can have such a dizzy time spinning on Reality TV Island:

  1. To perform this glitch, you must get the helicopter on top of the Wayside Motel on Reality TV Island. Find out how to do this in our Reality TV help guide!
  2. Stand on top and center of the helicopter, where the spinning propellers are.
  3. Your character will spin round rapidly and repeatedly, and yawn while spinning! Alternatively, if you are wearing anything that may trigger an action (example: the Robin Hood bow from the Poptropica Store), you would be doing your special move instead of yawning!


Almost time to put away those winter woolies. Spring has sprung, and fashionists will agree that even trends should suit the seasons. Jackets, robotic gear, and any unique handheld items you find will all come in handy in these times!

The Powerpuff Girls: by Silverwolf1

Though this is a kind of childish TV show, many people miss it – so here they are, Poptropica-style!

Fan Art

Creative ideas presented from the imaginations of kids!

Costume Ideas: by Rebecca-47

Amazing costume ideas that a designer Poptropican hopes to see in the game, for real! Click to view it in full size.

Places in Poptropica: by Magic Spark/Magic Storm

Funny Lion explores Counterfeit Island!

Poptropica Tales – “Clown Da Mime”: by Magic Spark

You can’t fool us, Bobo!

Poptropicool Postcard: by Hijuyo

For the exclusive use of COOL Poptropicans like YOU!

Boy and Girl: by Hapykidi1

Two Poptropican friends hang out in this hand-drawn picture!

The Black Widow Strikes Again: by Green Boa

A 15-frame comic strip detailing the villainous Black Widow’s escape from prison!

Astro-Knights March Calendar: by Fast Runner

If you liked the February calendar, you’ll love this one (I guess)! Right-click and choose to save it as your desktop wallpaper to keep track of the date!

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! :)

134 thoughts on “Issue #10: March 2010”

      1. I remember that play. I came sometime in the middle of it, said,” o_O ” and left. 😀

  1. YAY! The March issue is FINALLY UP! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Also, THANK YOU FOR POSTING MY STORIES AND QUESTION! Only, now that I think of it, I might combine both stories. In the next issue, I’m going to call it “The Diabolical Scheme.” 🙂

      1. Since we did that play on a chat, I was most of the characters… The mouse was my fav. to be 😀

  2. Hope everyone liked my black widow comic! 😀 I loved everything about the issue! The coustumes were super! I ♥ed it all! 😆

  3. Two things cause I’m a huge fan. On Doctor Who island the Doctor’s “time and space ship” is called the Tardis. And two, the “evil robots.” You’re either thinking of the Daleks or the Cybermen.

    1. Yes I know that, but not everyone watches Doctor who, so I just put time and space ship because that would suit best. 😉 Also yes, I was thinking of the cybermen! 😀

      1. It’s a good show, and a lot of shows are an hour long. I’m going to miss David

      2. I LOVE Doctor Who. BTW, the TARDIS actually stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space! Oh and Cybermen are human brains in big metal suits! I watch it and study it hardcore XD

      3. me too. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long to watch it. My mom and I have to wait till about September to see it. It’s like we’re the only ones in the United States who watch it!

    1. How do U get in those big monthly multiverse parties that show up on the 911 with all the poptropicans with rare costumes!?

      Hijuyo: Multiverse parties happen all the time. Our Poptropica Help Chatroom is a great place to hang out if you want to get involved. 🙂

      1. But how do you specifically get in those big multiverse parties that show up on the 911!?

        Hijuyo: The more time you spend online at the chatroom, the higher a chance you’ll get to meet one of the PHB staff in Poptropica by inviting them into your Multiverse room. We can take pictures and post them on the 911s. 😉

      2. How do you invite all those players with rare costumes to UR multiverse?

        Hijuyo: If you’re online at the chatroom and have been invited into a Multiverse, anyone can come – and if they’ve got rare costumes, good for you. 😛

  4. Loved the issue, except for the play, sorry Super Grape, it just didn’t strike my funny bone, perhaps next time you should make a short film? That way it could be seen in action.

      1. I dare because I have the freedom of speech. My opinion gives Super Grape something to possibly work for, the writing was excellent, it simply did not strike me as humorous. I am not encouraging him to please me by not pleasing others but just stating what I thought, that is the point of commenting, is it not?

      2. Grey Sword, please don’t be rude to Simple Peach. He/she was just expressing his/her opinion. Just because everyone else likes Super Grape’s play doesn’t automatically mean Simple Peach has to, too.

        Hijuyo: Grey Sword was joking.

      3. Why thank you Golden Shell! Hijuyo, I don’t call all an all caps sentence with a devil emote at the end a joke. It sounds pretty serious and I can see why, one different opinion in a million of the same can cause a stir among people. Although if it was a joke, it should be better expressed as such.

        Hijuyo: What Grey Sword said can be interpreted as either a joke or something serious; it depends on your point of view. 😐

      4. True, whatever point of opinion, I found it threatening, so I made a comeback. But we didn’t have to make a big deal about it. Grey Sword should probably get over hear and clarify it up for everyone, cause I really could care less now.

      5. Young dragon, i would hate to be rude, but if Golden Shell didn’t notice it as a joke, please don’t rub it in.I have to deal with people who say stuff like that alot. But please don’t do it again.I understand your opinion but it kinda sounded alittle mean to golden shell. But then again, nobody can control someone else.

  5. ROFL, the play was hilarious. It started with everyone wanting to eat SG and then moved on to something different. xD And great drawing Hapykidi1! 😀

    1. thanks. I didn’t ready the play because I started reading and was like; “This is too long! im going back to looking at pictures”

      1. You obviously have not been forced to eat my grandmother’s pies. Your opinion would soon change then.

      2. Sience Bob the pie was evil,he’s ever my Grandma’s mango tango pie or her Cocconut -bannana pie with extra whip cream.

      3. I think he’s either one of my grandma’s pies.They are huckly berry Finn pie(it says”Huckle berry finn in the middle),mississippi river mud pie,or her worst,a lemon mourage pie with extra whip cream.They’re TERRIBLE!

    1. :O LOL!!
      Green Seal:OMG A TALKING MOUSE
      Green Seal:HI TALKING MOUSE
      Green Seal:HOW ARE YOU

      Weren’t you evil…? o_O xD

    2. Stay back!
      I used to have a pet cat!

      And i want the cheese.
      *stares begrudgingly*

      And why did u want to kill your grandson?

      And don’t count on having that cheese 4 long….i have a cheese magnet only accessible by me.

    3. That play was SO HILARIOUS is super grape a poptropion or a grape? If he’s a poptropion (sorry if I spelled that wrong) then it’s kinda like the captaincraw fish thing!

  6. I got a story:made it in honor of the new costumes:Earth Night and Dark Knight.Here it is:A Astro-Knightmare:Chapter 1:The Idea:Hi my name is Yellow Singer but you can call me YS for short.These chapters are the story of how I reclaimed power on Arturus,and the whole Poptropica Universe!You see,I ruled Arturus a few years ago,when the aliens attacked Arturus,before that I was a prince and a knight,I was a Fire Knight(remember the knight on Fire planet?That`s the type I`m talking about) way back then,before I became a Templar Knight,now my dad who is the king,he is also a good blacksmith(a guy who makes metal goods)is making me some new knight armor and a new sword,he told me I have the skills to become a Earth Knight,I also knew that my sister(the one that you meet outside the castle)is becoming a Dark Maiden,which is what a call the knightly armor for girls.I knew that every type of knight except the Templar Knight had a special ability based on their type of armor.My dad told me that the Earth and Dark armor are more powerful than any other weapon and armor in the rich history of Arturus.The next day I realized that the Earth armor would be perfect for reclaiming the power I had when the aliens attacked Arturus!So I tried to get to rule all the planets exept Poptropica and Pewter Moon in the known poptropica universe.I failed my first try to rule Jungle Planet,so I waited to get my heroic side to Mythology Island and I succeded!The next morning I talked to my little brother Rough Icicle,he made comments that I can`t put in these chapters.Then I went on a tour of all the islands exept Astro-Knights,which of course I knew best.I saw stuff that I never knew about,because I was stuck on Astro-Knights Island until I traveled to Mythology Island.Seems like I`m gonna have to wait until my dad finishs the Earth armor so I talked to my sister about my armor,which she knew that my new armor was even stronger than hers.She also told me about my new sword which was the fastest,strongest,sharpest and most advanced of any known sword and weapon that the castle knows of.”Nice,I get the strongest armor and sword.”I thought with a sly smile.Then something happened,The sky turned red and alien ships and a gold and silver alien ship-bigger than the others landed right in front of me and my sister,then my little brother ran in front of the gold and silver ship,then ran up behind me.That`s all I can tell in this chapter.So Chapter 2 will come out when the Earth Knight comes out.

  7. awesome 911 phb staff and commenters especially super grape your play was hillourious i fell out of my seat while reading it cause it was so funny!!!!!!

  8. Lol, i remember reading that play!!!
    One little correction in the play, its MIRAN, not MIREN. If anybody doesnt understand the Spanish, heres the (rough) translation:

    1st line: Hey look a grape! Come girls,let us eat yes!
    2nd line: Hey, grape person! Let us talk! You will be good to eat!
    3rd line: Trap the grape!

  9. LOL, I didn’t know the Astro-Knights princess’s name was Carlotta! 😀 I LOVE these stories, guys! Maybe I’ll post my own in the comments!

    Hijuyo: The name Carlotta was made up by the author of that story; it’s not actually mentioned in the game.

  10. Oh, I have a story now! Listen:
    Mystery Island
    Part 1: The Discovery
    Chapter 1: Shadows
    Ten-year old twin sisters Zany Dragon and Bronze Typhoon hurried into their blimp, panting. After almost getting sliced to bits by a space robot, they were ready to go back to their own little island.
    Little did they know, another adventure was just around the corner.
    “Zany?” Bronze whispered.
    “Yeah, Bronze?” Zany replied.
    “Were those dark clouds there before?” timid Bronze asked.
    “What?” Zany said, looking up. A strong gust of wind was blowing. “Hold on tight!” she yelled as their blimp spun out of control. Just as she was sure they would crash on an upcoming mountain range, the winds died down, and the blimp landed on a small, dark island.
    “W-where are we?” Bronze asked her sister.
    “I’m…not sure.” Zany whispered. Before they could so much as scream, two men in black put their hands over their mouths and dragged them out of the blimp. They took them underground and threw them into a dirty prison cell.
    “What do you want from us!?” Bronze barely uttered.
    The masked men didn’t answer. Instead, they sealed the door and left the sisters in the dark.

    Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

  11. Mystery Island
    Part 1: The Discovery
    Chapter 2: Escape
    Zany felt aroung for a light switch while Bronze was curled up in a ball in the corner. The darkness was driving her mad.
    “How will we get out of here?” Bronze asked her twin sister.
    Pause for a minute. I should describe these sisters. Zany and Bronze were twins, and Bronze was born first. People often mistook Zany for the oldest, as she was more adventurous and wild. She was a natural born leader, and often took charge in tough situations. She had quite a strategic mind. The elder, Bronze, was more timid, shy, and sweet. She was a very strong student, but not a great conversationalist as she often got shy. Like her sister, she had a strtegic and flexible mind, but since she was so soft spoken, she didn’t show it often. These twins were almost exact opposites.
    Back to the story.
    “We’ll find a way, Bronze,” Zany said, not so sure of the idea herself. Her hand caught a loose brick. She pulled it back, revealing a beam of soft light. It took a minute for Zany’s eyes to adjust. Strange, she thought. This island is shrouded in darkness. How can there be light?
    Shaken by the thought, Zany went over to the door and tried to pull it open. She pulled back just as sharp metal spikes sprung out of the door. Bronze stifled a gasp.
    “Zany sighed. They have the place booby-trapped. If we try to escape, we’ll get maimed.”
    “So..what do we do?” Bronze asked.
    Zany put an arm around her sister’s shoulder. “It’s okay. We’ll just have to wait until they come for us.”
    “What will they do to us then?” Bronze asked. “Besides, they might not even come.”
    “Don’t say that!” Zany snapped. Then realizing what she had said, she apologized. “I’m sorry, Bronze. It’s just, under all this pressure, I can’t think straight.”
    Suddenly, the door opened a crack. The sisters stared hopefully, but it quicly closed again. Zany noticed that the spikes had disappeard. Cautiously, she stepped forward.

    Stay tuned for Chapter 3!

  12. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 3: Monsieur Georgino
    “What are you doing?” Bronze whispered.
    “I noticed the spikes disappeared,” Zany replied.
    “So did I,” Bronze whispered, “but that doesn’t answer my question!”
    “I’m going to try to escape,” Zany whispered.
    “What!?” Bronze blurted out. “You can’t! You said it yourself:This cell is booby trapped. You’ll be impaled.”
    “I have to try,” Zany shot back. “Or we might never get out of here.”
    “You just realized that?” Bronze muttered. Zany rolled her eyes and put her finger to the door. Bronze held her breath for her sister. When nothing happened, she pulled it open and stuck a hand through. Zany didn’t know what she was expcting to happen:Maybe darts shooting out of the walls? But no, nothing. She motioned towards Bronze and started to climb up the stairs. Bronze reluctantly joined her sister in the tunnel.
    What the sisters saw when they reached the surface was shocking. Their blimp had been demolished recklessly, the balloon deflated and ripped, the basket smashed to bits, and the ropes cut.
    “Our blimp!” Bronze gasped.
    “Well, so much for our chances of escape,” Zany muttered.She climbed in and pulled out 2 white backpacks. “At least these are still okay,” she said, handing Bronze hers. They strapped them on.
    Just then, another man in black tapped their shoulders.
    “Ahhhh!” the sisters screamed, expecting it to be their captors. When they realized it wasn’t, Bronze said shyly, “Um, who are you?”
    “Monsieur Georgino,” A smooth voice with the slightest hint of a French accent said to them. Then, he beckoned to the twins to follow him.

  13. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 4: The Story of Mystery Island
    Confused, Zany and Bronze followed the mysterious man named Monsieur Georgino to a hidden crevice in a wall. “In here,” he whispered. Still not understanding, the twins slipped in.
    The area was bigger than you might expect. For a room hidden behind a crevice, it was big enough for 2 horses to squeeze in.
    “What is this place?” Bronze breathed, looking around the large room.
    “My secret hideout,” Monsieur Georgino said. “I should tell you how I got here and how I made this hideout, but first, tell me how YOU got here.”
    “Well, it’s really not much of a story,” Zany began. “We were heading to our home island after getting the Astro-Knights Island medallion, but then, a strong wind blew us here.
    2 men grabbed us and shoved us into a tiny prison cell.”
    “Then,” Bronze continued, “Zany tried to find a way out. When spikes burst through the door, she stopped for a while. The spikes disappeared after a few moments, so she tried again. We got out, discovered our blimp, and got our backpacks. That was around the time you arrived.”
    “And, here we are,” Zany finished. “That’s it. We’ve only been here a couple hours tops.”
    “Ah,” Monsieur Georgino muttered, “of course, that old-fashioned trick. Bringing them here with just a little breeze. Works every time.”
    “What was that?” Bronze asked.
    “Oh, nothing,” Georgino said. “Just that wind that brought you here wasn’t natural. The Black Men use that to get people to come here. Either that, or they lure them here by shrouding them in darkness for a while then showing them a tiny light.”
    “What!?” Zany cried, jumping to her feet. “What do you mean, ‘get people to come here’? And who are the Black Men?”
    Georgino sighed. “I suppose it’s about time I told you about the history of this island. And the history about me. Let’s begin.”
    “All right,” Bronze broke in, “but first, I have a question. Who wrecked our blimp?”
    Georgino just smiled. “All in good time, mademoiselle,” he answered. “Let’s start with me. I am a victim of these Black Men myself. One day, when I was on my blimp, heading home, like you, a sudden darkness came over the place.
    It was too much for me to get the blimp in the right direction. Then I saw a small beam of light somewhere. I was drawn towards it like a moth. I realized my mistake as soon as I landed. I’d heard of this place before, but never seen it. I heard they kept people prisoner until they agreed to work for them. And that’s exactly what they did with me.”
    “You agreed to work for them?” Bronze asked, horrified.
    “I wouldn’t help them for a million dollars,” Zany said in disgust. “Not even if they threw me off a cliff.”
    Georgino chuckled. “Well, you two can say that because you think it’s simple. It’s not. I knew a lot of others were imprisoned here, trapped under the Black Men’s thumbs. I wanted to get them out. I’ve been spying on the Black Men for nearly 3 years now.”
    Bronze gasped. “So,” she began, “how much information have you collected so far?”
    “Eh, just enough to figure out what they’re planning,” Georgino replied. “I believe they’re trying to get ahold of enough slaves to form an army and take over Poptropica.”
    “Wait a minute,” Zany interrupted. “Who are ‘they’ exactly?”
    Georgino looked at them solemnnly. Finally, he said, “That is what I was about to tell you. You see, before the Black Men came to this island, it was called Fantasy Island. It was full of wonderful things. But when these villains came, everything changed. They were a group of evil sorcerers come to take over Poptropica. Or so I believe. Anyway, these people shrouded the island in darkness and chased all the islanders off.Then, they used their powers to bring Poptropicans here and…Well, you know what they do.”
    “We could have been one of them,” Zany whispered.
    “Exactly,” Georgino said. Which is why it is essential that you get off the island.” He turned to Bronze. “And, as for your blimp, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that some Black Men went over to make sure you couldn’t escape now.” He turned back to Zany. “So, I don’t think I caught your names. What are they?”
    “I’m Zany, and this is Bronze,” Zany answered.
    Georgino stared as if those were the weirdest names he had ever heard. “All right then, Zany and Bronze,” he finally said. “Let’s get you out of here.” With that, he slipped out into the darkness.

  14. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 5: Prisoners Again
    “Georgino,” Zany said as they walked along the dark outline of the island, “I have to ask you something. While Bronze and I were in the cell, we saw a beam of light came through a loose brick. Does this island have light after all?”
    “Oh, that,” Georgino said, sounding as casual as if they were at a baseball game instead of on a dark, mysterious island. “They use that light to lure people here. Remember that? When it’s not in use, they store it in a room close to all of the prison cells.”
    “Oh, ok,”ZAny said. Honestly, she wanted more than anything to have said instead, “As long as we’re here, shouldn’t we try to help and make this place Fantasy Island again?”
    But she also knew, more than anything, that all Monsieur Georgino would have said would be, “You’re too young for something like this,” which would have made her want to strangle him. Not a good way to get an ally. (The thing is, Zany and Bronze had saved all of the islands that had been discovered on Poptropica so far. The only thing that would have made her want to strangle him would not be that he would be treating them like babies, but that it was completely, totally, untrue.)
    Suddenly, Bronze’s voice snapped Zany out of her thoughts. “So, where are we going?”
    “Not far,” Georgino replied.
    Apparently, Monsieur Georgino’s definition of “not far” was different than theirs. After about a half an hour long exhausting walk to who-knows-where, Zany and Bronze were panting and ready to faint.
    Unfortunately, Georgino noticed. He looked back and said to them, “We can always stop to rest, but don’t slow me down too much.”
    This offended Zany. “For your information,” she fumed, “we saved the princess of Astro-Knights Island. ‘Slow you down’? Maybe. But you wouldn’t have lasted a second with Mordred.”
    Zany’s speech didn’t do anything to move Georgino. All he did was narrow his eyes and say, “Oh, really? I suppose I should’ve just left you to rot in your cell. Would you prefer that?”
    Zany was shocked. “That…was you?” she finally managed to stutter.
    “And if it hadn’t been for me, you’d still be imprisoned,” Georgino said. “Although, I must say, impressive work. I suppose you think you can save this island, too?”
    Zany flushed red. “Well, I…actually, I was going to ask you about that. I mean, as long as we’re still here, shouldn’t we try to save this place?”
    Just like Zany had predicted, Georgino only said that they were too young. Which of course only made Zany’s face even redder.
    “Cut it out, you two!” Bronze cut in. “We’re definitely not too young to do this, but we need to get somewhere right now. Maybe we can come up with a plan to save this place later.”
    Zany growled in frustration. “Fine,” she grumbled, trying to keep her cool.
    Suddenly, Monsieur Georgino’s finger flew to his lips. “We’ve got company,” he whispered.
    As if on cue, 3 Black Men jumped out of nowhere and started to close in on them. Georgino managed to knock 2 of them out, but one grabbed him before he could touch him.
    “Go! Run!” he yelled, struggling to free himself. Hesitantly, the sisters ran off, leaving Georgino behind.
    Apparently, there were backups.
    There were the faint silhouettes of two black
    figures and then, everything went black.

  15. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 6: Preparing for Battle
    Zany and Bronze woke up in a dirty prison cell; the same one they were thrown into when they first arrived at the island.
    “Great,” Zany groaned. “We came all this way just to end up HERE again.”
    “Oh well,” Bronze sighed. “We should be grateful we’re not Georgino. Who knows what they’re doing to him right now?”
    Zany felt ashamed. That was true. They should be thankful they weren’t in Georgino’s shoes.
    “Hey!” Bronze shouted out suddenly.
    Zany snapped to attention. “What is it?” she asked, running to her sister’s side.
    Smiling, Bronze held up a white backpack. “They forgot to confiscate this.”
    Zany felt over her shoulder. Sure enough, her backpack strap was still there. She started to laugh at the Black Men’s foolishness. But suddenly, she stopped.
    “What’s wrong?” Bronze asked, concerned.
    “What if…” Zany began. “What if they took what was inside our backpacks?”
    Frantically, the girls pulled their backpacks off and started digging through them. They breathed sighs of relief when they discovered their item cards were still inside. Then, they started laughing again.
    ZAny dug out one of the few things she and her sister didn’t store on an item card: a red flashlight. Bronze pulled out her blue one. They each shone them around the dark cell.
    “Wait a minute,” Zany said. “We can get out of here. We can save Georgino. I think we can save this island.”
    “I thought you would say that,” Bronze answered with a knowing grin. She pulled out her Heart Knight Armor item card. Smiling, Zany pulled out her Dark Knight Armor one. Simultaneously, their fingers touched the ‘wear’ button.
    Now they were ready for battle.

  16. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 7: A Tough Choice
    How did the twin sisters get out, you ask? WEll, there are special powers that each of the sisters have. The original Dark and Heart Asrto-Knights had the exact powers. It’s very rare. Bronze could blow a kiss through her helmet, causing whatever it hit to do whatever she wanted. (For example, a stone door to open. ;)) Zany could freeze an enemy in their tracks with one cold, steely glare. The helpless enemy would be paralyzed until she released her hard stare. Combined, these powers could be very useful in battle.
    Anyway, I should continue.
    Zany and Bronze crept through the darkness, silent as two mice. Neither of them had needed a moment of discussion. They knew what they were going to do:save Georgino. However, Zany had insisted that they go back to their blimp for a minute. What they saw warmed their hearts.
    “He came back..” Bronze breathed.
    Zany walked as slowly to the blimp as if it were a nuclear bomb. “Yeah,” she whispered when she finally found her voice. “And he left this.” Inside the blimp there was a slip of crinkled paper. It read:
    Zany and Bronze,
    I managed to escape the Black Men. I didn’t tell you this before, but I actually pretended to be one of them when I was spying on them. The men came when they discovered I was helping you get to the Orb of Darkness. (Too complicated for me to explain now.) Anyway, I decided as long as I had escaped, I might as well fix your blimp. Not my best work, but it should be enough for you to escape the island. I shouldn’t get caught again; they don’t know where my hideout is. Don’t try to find me. I’ll be all right. Good luck.
    The girls didn’t need to be psychic to know who G was.
    “I can’t believe he did this so we could go home,” Zany said after they had finished reading the note. “We can get off this island now.
    “I know,” Bronze said, obviously thinking something else. Zany knew exactly what it was. She was thinking the same thing.
    “He…could have gotten captured again,” Bronze finally choked out. “We can’t just LEAVE. Not after what he did for us.”
    “I know that,” Zany replied. She sighed. It was a tough decision. Go home and get away from this dark, awful place forever or help the man who had gone through the trouble to help them escape the island?
    Finally, Zany turned away from the beautifully repaired blimp. “Come on, Bronze,” she said, trying to sound as brave as possible. “We’re breaking Monsieur Georgino out.”

  17. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 8: Prison Break
    “Are you sure this is the right way?” Bronze asked Zany.
    “Nope,” Zany sighed. “It sure seems like we’re on the right track, though. Look, There’s another cell right there.” She pointed to a hole in the ground.
    Bronze shook her head. “We’ve looked through a million cells already. Where could he be?”
    “Could be in his hideout,” Zany said, even though she knew that wasn’t true. That was, of course, the first place they had checked.
    “Oh, well,” Bronze said. “Let’s just take a look.” She made sure no Black Men were around, then gingerly opened the door to the cell. “Come on,” she whispered to her sister, already climbing the steps. Zany cautiously followed.

    . . .

    Where were those two? That was all Georgino could think, locked up in his little dirt cell. “I hope they’re safe,” he muttered under his breath. “Hopefully, they’re off the island by now.” He sighed, hoping that they weren’t looking for him. They would be in grave danger if they were still even here.
    Suddenly, a creak came from the big stone door in his cell. Georgino expected it to be the Black Men, but what he actually saw struck more fear into him than a million Black Men ever could.

    . . .

    Zany and Bronze didn’t expect to ever see Georgino again. In fact, every time they checked a prison cell, they had expected it to be a trap, a cell crowded with Black Men, or with Black Men outside, waiting to lock them in. Their thoughts were no different for this one.
    But when they opened the door, a wave of emotions washed over them: relief, joy, surprise, and, for some reason, fear. Probably because Geogino’s jaw dropped as soon as he saw the girls enter from the seemingly endless staircase leading down to his cell.
    Zany and Bronze smiled. “Hey, Georgino,” Zany whispered.
    Georgino didn’t move.
    “Well, what are you waiting for?” Bronze asked. “Come on. We’re breaking you out of here.”
    Georgino shook his head. “You shouldn’t be here. I thought you would have already left the island by now, but apparently-”
    “We wouldn’t leave you,” Zany interrupted. “Not after what you did for us. Now, come on. The Black men will be here any minute. We can’t afford to lose time.”
    Reluctantly, Georgino got up and followed the sisters up the steps.

  18. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 9: An Almost-Surprise
    “You shouldn’t still be here,” Georgino said for the millionth time. He had been repeating that like a zombie ever since he had gotten out of his cell. Ever since they had started walking to his hideout. And at that point, Zany and Bronze were starting to think they should have just left when they had the chance.
    “And leave you?” Bronze replied. “After you fixed our blimp? Forget it.”
    “You’re in danger,” Georgino said in the same robotic tone. “When the Black Men get you-”
    Zany cut him off. “They won’t get us. We know how to deal with them. At least, now we do.”
    Georgino still wasn’t convinced. “They have their ways,” he said, finally snapping out of his trance. “They…know certain things.” He said the last words as if they would trigger the Black Men to pop out and start questioning them.
    Zany and Bronze froze in their tracks. “What do you mean…certain things?” Bronze asked slowly.
    For the first time since Georgino had escaped, he seemed speechless. And not just because his face was red.
    “And I suppose you’re going to tell us that the Black Men are going to pop out at us AGAIN right now?” Zany laughed.
    “Well..” Georgino began.
    The sistes smiled. “Because if they are…” Bronze started.
    Zany finished. “We’ll be ready.”
    Georgino shook his head and smiled, a little sadly, at the girls. “You better be. Here they come.”
    What was it with those Black Men? Their timing was perfect, every single time. It didn’t change this time as they jumped down from nowhere, like they always seemed to. For a second, Zany and Bronze looked around them, their eyes wide with surprise. But slowly, they started smiling. They turned to Georgino.
    “Oh, we are,” Zany said. Then they pulled their helmets over their faces and charged at the shadowy men.

  19. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 10: The Battle
    Have you ever experienced a real battle with someone? If so, was that someone about 50 men dressed in black who you believe could kill you if you didn’t have any armor on? No? Zany and Bronze did, first-hand. I guess that makes them unique.
    The battle played out something like this:
    “Bronze, look out behind you!”

    “Zany, duck!”

    *stare*”Sit there and don’t move!”

    *mwah*”Stop fighting. Now.”

    All this time, Georgino was just standing there, his mouth open wide in awe. He had no idea that the sisters were capable of fightinf anyone, let alone 50 Black Men. If you’re wondering about that, they fought MORDRED when he was in armor with swords swinging and rays zapping every which way(you’ll find out on Astro-Knights). Right before they headed out to space to battle him, they bought their armor. It helped a lot. They also fought each other a little on the blimp before the wind came, thank goodness, because hey, you never know.
    Back to the battle. Georgino eventually found his voice and snapped into action.
    “Zany! Behind you!” He leaped at the Black Man approaching Zany from behind. They tumbled along the ground until finally, Georgino pinned him down.
    “You go. I’ll handle these,” he called, gesturing towards a group of ten-ish Black Men.
    Zany smiled. “Thanks, Georgino,” she called back, running towards her sister.
    When they had finally fought off the last Black Man, they were all exhausted. Finally, Georgino spoke.
    “Well?” he said.
    “Well what?” Bronze asked, panting hard.
    “Well, are we going to save this island or not?”

  20. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The Quest
    Chapter 11: The Orb of Darkness
    Georgino had said earlier that they were too young to save the island, which was why this question was so surprising to them.
    “S-save the island?” Zany stuttered. “What happened to us being too young?”
    Georgino chuckled. “Well, after seeing what you’re capable of,” he gestured towards the unconscious Black Men, “I suppose you really AREN’T. I know where the Orb of Darkness is. Follow me.” He walked out into the darkness, Zany and Bronze following closely behind.
    “This isn’t going to take us half an hour like last time, is it?” Bronze groaned.
    “Oh, no no no,” Georgino said with a smile. “Just a few minutes.” The girls sighed with relief.
    After a few minutes, the gang stopped in front of a large structure that seemed to be made out of stone. Georgino put his finger to his lips and crept slowly towards the large building.
    “Here it is,” he whispered once they were inside, pointing at a black crystal orb about the size of a soccer ball.
    “Ok,” Zany whispered. “Now what do we do? Smash it?”
    “Of course not,” he said with a shocked expression on his face.
    “Then WHAT?” Bronze whispered, looking agitated.
    Georgino sighed. “It’s complicated. Let me explain…”

  21. The Escape
    Part two.
    As I wonder how the heck i’m going to get out,I see Binary Bard drop a key card. I tell Merlin to go get it. When he goes to get it ,I look around examineing the cage. When merlin comes back I put the card in my pack. Binary Bard comes in the room and I say”why do you look like a joker and you are an evil person. Then looks around on the floorand says “Where did you take my card?” I sigh. “Well?” I ask? “You do realize that you are asking dumb questions.” “Um well. I have somting else to ask you.” What?” He says sighing. I will give you the key card if you unlock me.” He says laghing “That is NOT a key card!!!!” “What?” I ask? “If you looked closly,that is a debit card.” I take the card outand look at it. It is what he says it is. Then he grabs it. “You will be at dinner at 9:00 promptly.” “Oh fine” Then he leaves.

  22. Mystery Island
    Part 2: The quest
    Chapter 12: The Story of The Island
    Long ago, Fantasy Island was an amazing place. It was filled with mystical fairytale creatures. There were many; unicorns, mermaids, fairies. They all lived in peace and harmony.
    Until one day, when they were attacked.
    Many strange men dressed all in black came with their master, a woman in black robes and shrouded in shadows. They chased off the native islanders and turned the island into a dark wasteland. People believe they chose Fantasy Island because it was the only island in Poptropica that appeared to have no problem:it was a perfect utopia. No life except these shadowy people remained.
    They used a black crystal orb to accomplish taking over the island. It was called the Orb of Darkness. When used correctly, it would shroud its surroundings in complete pitch black darkness. People used to believe if they shattered the orb, everything would be better.
    But it wasn’t. The Black Men and their Sorceress of Darkness had two ways to lure people to the island. They would either shroud you in darkness and lure you towards a light, or they would use a strong wind to blow them there. Black Men would grab you and shove you into a dirt cell. They would threaten you in the worst possible ways if you didn’t agree to work for them as slaves. And if you did try to smash the orb, it would simply suck you in and then rematerialize.
    The only way to lift the Dark Curse was to find the Sorceress of Darkness’s scepter and chant a spell that would cause the orb to suck the darkness back in.
    The problem was, the spell was written on a scroll locked in the Sorceress’s bronze chest. No one but her knew it.
    The other problem was that if no one did this soon enough, the villains would have enough slaves and be able to take over all of Poptropica.
    The Sorceress could also see into the future with the orb. It fortold of a time when two brave sisters would come and save the island, wrecking their plans of ruling Poptropica.
    When the Sorceress heard this, she was furious. She ordered that if such a pair looking as such was spotted on the island that they shoule be imprisoned and then sucked into the orb immediately. But she did not listen to the next words, that one of her Black Men would betray her and help the heroines.

    “…those heroines, Zany and Bronze, are you,” Georgino finished.

      1. No, it’s Hijuyo. You’re kidding.

        Slanted Fish: No, Sticky Clown is right.

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