Issue #1: June 2009

Issue #1
Date: June 7th, 2009

★The Poptropican’s 911★

For all your Poptropica emergencies!

Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog’s first issue of the Poptropican’s 911! 100% awesomeness lies ahead of you. This is definitely a must-read for all Poptropica fanatics.


We’ve selected 2 Poptropica-related questions from our e-mail inbox this month to answer… and here’s what we’ve got.

Hey, when is Astro-Knights coming on ~Popular Kid

jesterIt is being released to the public on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009, but if you would like to play it now, you can visit the Poptropica Store and purchase an “Astro-Knights Early Access” ticket for 500 credits ($5 US dollars). There’s also a cheat where you can play it without the pass by clicking this link.

Whatever happened to Monster Carnival Island on Poptropica? Can you bring it back? ~Isela O.

We don’t know what happened to it, but we think that a possibility is that there was a leak in the game (see this post for more info). Unfortunately, we don’t know when it will come back, if it even will. Sorry, but all we can do for now is hope! Update: There’s now a PHB article about the Mystery of Monster Carnival!


Get ready to battle Dr. Hare on Agent Shadow’s wild adventure!

Shadow Dr. Hare: by Shifty Shadow

Based on the PHB’s one-million-hit Monster Competition!

Shifty Shadow sat at her computer. She was reading her favorite blog, the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB). Everyone was excited, since new outfits had come out in the Poptropica store, and awesome stuff had been released. Not only that, but PHB had recently gotten 1,000,000 hits, a big reason for celebration! And the PHB staff, (Scary Tomato, Smockers, Codien, and Grumpy Wolf) were planning on celebrating it with a contest, scheduled to be announced today. She kept checking posts, waiting for it to come out. After a little while, Shadow decided to play computer chess while she waited.

After four games of losing to the computer, Shadow went back to the PHB website. Finally, there was a new post, and the contest had been released! It was a monster competition, she read—for awesome monster costumes. It was a drawing, really—whoever got their name drawn got a costume. 20 costumes were available. Not much to it, she thought. She just had to email her name to the special contest address, posted here—wait. Where was the address? She scrolled down. No email address. Shadow rubbed her eyes. It had to be there, of course—but it wasn’t.

Suddenly, the header at the top of the screen blinked from the friendly blue to a sickly shade of green—and the pictures of the staff had been removed, and replaced with crudely drawn stick figures, meant to resemble them. Scrawled all over it were words saying that PHB stunk. This wasn’t supposed to happen! Codien would never design a header that said stuff like that!

That’s when Shadow noticed the signature in the corner: Dr. H. Of course! Dr. H. stood for Dr. Hare. But, what did he want with PHB, or the contest?

Suddenly, the light for her email started blinking. She opened her inbox. There was a new email from PSA, Poptropica Spy Agency, where she worked. She opened it. It was probably a new mission. But the first few words caught her eye:

Hello, PSA agent. I am Director E. I am temporarily replacing Director D while he is on holiday.

The message went on to describe the mission she’d been on lately, when she’d destroyed Dr. Hare’s spaceship, sending him to float around in space. Since then, PSA had been keeping a close watch on him via radar. However, a certain spaceship filled with dogs (that’d been her doing, too) had crashed into him, interrupting the beacon and losing Dr. Hare’s trail. Shadow immediately suspected that he’d caught a ride back to Poptropica, and ended up on Super Power Island. But, the email said that apparently Dr. Hare had been making his way through the internet, and was now being classified as a “Virus Hare”.  The PSA beacons had worked frantically around the clock to pick him back up, and had finally found some evidence. Apparently, he had somehow managed to make his way into the PHB website, and stole the special email address for the contest. Then, he also stole the header, and retreated to somewhere in the web. The PSA beacon had lost him again, and the new mission was to find Dr. Hare and stop him before he did any real damage to PHB or Poptropica itself.

She didn’t have much to go on; the email said there were no clear motives for Dr. Hare to be doing any of this. It also said that Dr. Hare had somehow gotten into the PHB website; maybe he was still there. So, Shadow pulled PHB back up, and started looking carefully through the pages. First, she checked the Home Page; he wasn’t there. Next she searched the About Page; this time, she caught him peeking out from behind a comment. Quickly, she clicked on him. A message came up on the screen.

You have just managed to grab Dr. Hare as he tried to crawl away. Let’s start questioning.

Letters appeared as Dr. Hare started talking. “Ahhh! Let go of me! Put me down! What do you want?”

She typed in a reply. “Where is the secret email?”

“What do you mean, email? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You know. The one for the PHB competition!”

“Oh, he he, that. Well, I didn’t take it!”

“Are you sure?”

“No, it wasn’t me!”

“Did you steal the PHB header?”

“No! I didn’t steal the header, either! But I might know who did! Can you keep a secret? Apparently Director D has been working undercover and is actually evil! But wait! You knew that already? BUT DID YOU KNOW I HAVE AN INVITATION FOR EVIL GENIUSES ON THE PHB?! Wait…you didn’t know this. Great. Well, now you know!”

“Tell me where it is.”

“No, I’m not going to say where it is; even if I did it has a password.”

“What’s the password?”

“The password? Hmm, there is no password. Wait, no it’s not! I WAS LYING! Go ahead, try and find it. It’s hidden on the blog. The only way to find it is to search “Evil Invitation”. Didn’t see that one coming did you?”

Shadow started to leave the page, to go search for the invitation. But Dr. Hare wasn’t finished.

“Wait, no, where are you going? No, don’t search for that! No, stop reading my invitation! Ahh, I hate you PHB agents!”

A light clicked, and Dr. Hare disappeared. A few pink words at the bottom of the screen said, “RABBIT OUT!”

Shadow typed “Evil Invitation” into the search engine. Bingo! A link to a website came up. Dr. Hare’s website! Shadow clicked on it. A new internet search popped up, and a website came up. The header was all pink, with pictures of Dr. Hare all over it. Suddenly, Shadow recognized it; it was the PHB header, and it had been majorly vandalized! The pictures of Scary Tomato, Smockers, Codien, and Grumpy Wolf had been replaced by pictures of Dr. Hare, and Dr. Hare stood by a sign that said, “Dr. Hare’s Lair”. So this is where he’s been hiding, Shadow thought. No wonder. The only link to Dr. Hare’s website had been hidden on PHB, and no one would ever have guessed that to find it, you had to search “Evil Invitation”. Dr. Hare was pretty clever after all! He’d just have to work on not revealing secrets when being questioned.

Shadow started reading the posts. The first was by Dr. Hare, calling for all evil minds to come together. He said that he needed a plan to destroy PHB! Okay, so this is where he’s trying to get, Shadow thought. But, how in the world would he be able to do that?

Shadow scrolled down. The first post was by Director D! Shadow gasped. Of course! If there was any evil involved, Director D was sure to be there. In his post, he brought up several ideas about how to destroy PHB. The last one was the one that would probably work; stealing something from PHB. Dr. Hare replied in one of the comments that they should steal the header, but then mentioned that, while infiltrating PHB, he had found files about a monster contest. The contest would be for 20 monsters, and Dr. Hare thought that if he had 20 monsters to do his bidding, he would be able to take over Poptropica! So, his plan was to steal both the header and the email address, and say he wouldn’t return it until they gave him the monsters!

“Yikes!” Shadow said out loud. “We’ve got to stop them! They’ll take over PHB, and when they do that, they could take over Poptropica!”

The next few posts were messages back and forth to and from Dr. Hare and Director D. Director D had distorted the header, and hidden the email on the website. Dr. Hare was having trouble finding it, and it would be up to Shadow to find the email and the header before Dr. Hare did.

Quickly, she searched all the links. Just comments. Finally, she found one titled “The Secret Page”. She clicked on it. A page came up titled, “Problem?” It said that there was nothing here, and if she was looking for something, to go somewhere else to find it. Shadow scrolled to the bottom of the screen. There, at the very bottom, was a link to the secret page. She clicked on it, and a password came up. Suddenly, something in the website header caught her eye. The words “Evil minds” were scrawled down the side. Of course! That was the password! She quickly typed it in, and, sure enough, the page came up with the header and email address on it!

Immediately, Shadow typed up an email to the PHB Staff, alerting them to go to the website, and where to find them. They replied a little while later, saying that they’d found both the header and the email. Thank goodness!

Now, this should be the end of the story, where PHB and Poptropica are saved and everyone lives happily ever after, but it isn’t. When Dr. Hare found out that PHB had gotten their things back, he was furious. He and Director D held a secret meeting, to decide what to do next. And their plan was to recruit new villains, ones with super powers. They needed to get back that email, and do it fast. They needed those monsters! And they decided on a plan that would take more than just one Poptropican alone to defeat them.

That’s all for now, Poptropicans. You’ll have to wait for the next issue to see what happens next! And be on the alert…PHB and Poptropica may need you to save the day.

Submit Your Own

What kinds of islands would you want to go to on Poptropica? Sonic fans and cheese gobblers, you’ll love these!

1. Sonic Island: by Oumer26

I would want to see an island about Sonic and it would be called Sonic:Race to Mobius Island.It would be about when Eggman Nega uses a huge blast of Chaos Control by the Super Emeralds and the Master Emerald combined and when he uses Chaos Control he travels to Mobius and is planning to destroy Sonic’s Home planet.Mobius was the planet that used to be the place that Sonic lived in but Sonic traveled to Earth.But before Eggman Nega traveled to Mobius he destroyed Earth first.Now I will talk about what will happen in the island.You are Sonic and you have decided that you will go to Mobius and stop Eggman Nega and Tails and Knuckles will stay here and restore the Earth.Next you start going after Eggman Nega.You use the Tornado to go to Mobius.When your in the plane you dodge all the comets the androids throw at you.When you finally land on Mobius you run to the tower which belongs to Eggman Nega.You have to just run straight at the androids and they will just explode.When you get to the tower all you have to do is go to the Main Control Room and blow the tower up before Eggman Nega or anything dangerous touches you.When your done with that the Earth will be fixed by Tails and Knuckles and you get the medallion for defeating Eggman Nega and Tails and Knuckles get one too for saving the Earth but you get the highest medallion of all,the Platinum medallion. Sonic rules!!!!!

But of course, you’ll need energy to save the world. Get the nutrients you need by eating healthily, with… cheese?!

2. Cheese Island: by Neat Whale

The citizens of Cheese Island need more chesse, and the only recipe is torn up!!! You need to make another one before Master Food takes over the town. The hungry people are depending heavily on you!

Easter Egg

Play on AK Island without the Early Access Pass!

This month, we reveal a major treat that could not have been possible without the help of Motionman95. This 13-year-old Flash Developer discovered something pretty amazing… just click this link!

Yes folks, you can play Astro-Knights Island without the Early Access Pass, and with a bigger screen, too! Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Poptropica account.
  2. Go to the URL (link) mentioned above.
  3. Right-click and press “Play” on the menu that pops up.
  4. Now press the “Save and Quit” button. Be sure to log out.
  5. Re-login, and enjoy Astro Knights Island!

[Note: No longer works. Here’s another cheat instead: type 411 in your Nabooti Island cellphone for a brain helmet!]

Fan Art

And let’s finish off this issue with some fine arts from our fellow Poptropicans. Sit back and relax for…

An Ode to Comic Kid: by Popfan/Golden Eagle

As a young child, he would gaze at the TV screen,
As Arachnidman, and Ultraman fought crime.
And as he got older, he knew what he wanted to do,
Own a shop, filled with accounts of their struggle to keep their identity,
and keep the world safe.
Along with detailed drawings.
As he got older, he was pestered by bullies (skeptical adults, mostly his mom, who wanted him to be a doctor),
He stayed strong.
With his vicious facial acne,
Geeky suspenders,
And taped up large glasses,
Everyone in Poptropica knows him,
As Comic Kid.
Or Hot Dog Boy.

Percy Jackson, Poptropicanized: by Nate W.

This is an idea of what Percy Jackson might look like if you met him on Poptropica!

Dr. Hare Wallpaper: by Motionman95

If you like Dr. Hare, download this desktop wallpaper for your computer!


Mythology Island Postcard: by Ikewb

[Edit special from June 2010] Greetings from Mythology Island! Wish you were here!

Bottles of Mysterious Liquid: by Cool Dragon

[Edit special from June 2011 – click for better view]

Cool Dragon and her horse, Elmer, were galloping through the desert when they came across…

Take a look at our main newsletter page for more information about our Poptropican’s 911 magazines. Thanks for reading! 🙂

325 thoughts on “Issue #1: June 2009”

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! But for the Astro-Knights link, there is no “Save and Quit” button, just a Save button. And it doesn’t work. 😦

    1. I did, but there is no save and quit button, and whenever I try to go to another street or in a building, an Error notice pops up! It is at

      1. It looks like it’s just on my account. I went on another and it worked fine!

      1. How about one for reality TV? You can make hippie on a stage or something like that.

  2. Can you get to Astro-Knights from the balloon if you leave, and do you get 100 credits for completing the island?

    1. I’m not sure if you leave the island can you come back, (I’ve never tried) and I’m sure you get the 100 credit.
      Eureka! I think I just came up with a hack to get lots of credits! Thanks, Rachel!

      1. The idea for the hack is simple, seeing if it works is the hard part. I can make a hack where you can re-play the Mordred part, and as a result get the 100 points. But I won’t know if it works because I don’t think I can beat that part over again, because it’s very hard.

      2. OK! That’d be great! Could you post the link here? I can’t get it by e-mail. My dad won’t let me.

      3. The second I go on the link, it says, “This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.” Then it takes me to

      4. BUT, Just before the link opens up, it shows a flash of where I am in Poptropica. In the BB boss fight room! So here’s what happens-
        1: It loads, just like on your other thing.
        2-It shows here I am in Poptropica (where the cheat took me- the place where you fight BB.)
        3- A notice pops up- This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.
        4- It takes me to
        P.S. A little while back, Codien posted a link that showed me what I think was the same message.

      5. When I won, it did the whole thing but when it was supposed to take me to the king and queen it put up that message and sent me to I’m going to need to go to a computer that has that thing. Also, at the beginning, once I clicked play, it took me straight to the boss battle. There was no Save and Quit button and the Poptropican play field took up the whole screen, no blue edges. I use Safari Version 3.1.2.

      6. So you are saying that you don’t receive the points? Oh, and the error message has nothing to do with what your computer does or doesn’t have, luckily. Your on a mac.

      7. So the thing won’t work on a Mac? Because I think that it’s the error message that ruins it. Because when I beat him, it showed that “the king and queen request your presence” thing.

      8. Once I can, I’ll try it on my grandmother’s computer. Its not a Mac. Unfortunately, they are on vacation but i’ll try to convince my dad to let me go there.

      9. I think that if I tried it on a non-Mac computer, it would work. Aww… I like my Mac.

      10. I’m sure you do love your Mac, they are awesome! PC’s suck. Unfortunately, I’m using one. 🙂 Every computer will get that error message. Your computer is Mac, but the error message is not related to that. It’s related to the hack, which is why you always have to press “Save and Quit” to access other buildings. Thanks, but don’t try it on your grandparents’ computer!

      11. I’m not an expert at these things (translation: I know nothing about these things) but on a non-Mac computer, when you won, wouldn’t the link it took you to be the one where you get the 100 credits? If it’s an adress like the one you posted, wouldn’t going to it get you 100 credits?

      12. I just logged on to the character that I was using, and found out that instead of putting me back on the spaceship when I got the error message, I was in the boss room! I beat BB and got to the throne room, but I didn’t get the credits. I didn’t get the error message, everything worked fine, but they won’t give you the credits.

      13. Motionman95, I tried the Astro-Knights Cathedral glitch and it worked for me! What I did was log into poptropica, logged out, then I did the URL you said, defeated BB, clicked next on that box, then I exited that and logged into poptropica again, defeated him again, and won the 100 credits and the medal! Thanks a lot! 🙂

      1. When I type in ‘Cheerful Claw’, ‘Cheerful TOMATO’ comes up, not Claw.

      2. It works for me! Type in your username for it to work, not your Poptropican name.

      1. oh no!its binary bard!dont worry ill handle this!destroys evil robot!

  3. Yay!!! It’s out!!! One thing I’m bummed out about though: I should have waited before I bought my early access ticket.

  4. it’s a random drawing. once all 20 monsters have been given away, all the players who got the costumes won.

  5. Wow, guys!! I was acctually just foolin’ around when I came up with ‘Cheese Island’ and I didn’t know it would make the Poptropica 911!!!!! Thanks!!! This is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!

      1. And for that matter, any reason to not eat cheese. But to everyone else, ALL HAIL CHEESE!!!

      2. your welcome. but what do you think would be cool: Frezee Pops island or Shakspeare island?

      3. Hmm…give me a specific Shakespeare title. Freeze Pop Island, huh? That has some possibilities…

      4. Ah, yes. Maybe you would have to make the right people fall in love with each other again. I actually don’t know much about this play (except from what I got in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody), so correct me if you want to change something.

      5. heck, i was born on shakspear’s birthday (april 23) so i pretty much LUV his plays. if poptropica made an island for it, i’d flip out with happiness.

      6. OK, I sent the e-mail, and PHB replied back, saying they liked the idea!! YAY!! :mrgreen:

      7. Wait, what about a mix between Shakespeare and Freeze Pop island! LOL! The freeze pop could be reciting romeo and juliet for his play, and then he melts under pressure! Just Kidding! :mrgreen:

      8. I’ll tell u what would b cool, MAGIC ISLAND! which would suit me since im “Magic” Storm!

  6. OK, Purple Sword and Green Seal get the Astro-Helpers Award! The award that you get for helping people complete Astro-Knights Island! Huzzah for them! And let me just say for all the people you guy have helped, THANK YOU!!! :mrgreen: To award you, I will give everyone ACTUAL moon cakes (I got the recipe from those cute little aliens from Pewter Moon). Eat up, people! :mrgreen:

      1. LIke Purple Sword said, you have to climb up the chains to get to the left of the dragon, then get to the lever and click on it to pull it, and the dragon’s mouth should open, and you have to shoot the ice arrow into its mouth. Then repeat this three times to win.

  7. Yay!!!! Thank you guys for printing my story!!!!!!!! I LOVE this!!!!!!!! And, WOW!!!!!!!! I don’t have to wait to play Astro-Knights?!?!?! TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have an idea for an island!!!!
    The Poptropica Devils need your help! Led by Zach Poprise (Parise), you will play for their team, and lead them to the Cup of all Cups!

      1. Wow. Oh wow. That image generator is really sweet!!!!! How does it work? I only had to type in my username, and the picture of Shadow came right up!!!!!

      2. Love the wallpaper! (Do you mind if I download it?) Oh, and that Poptropica Character thing just gives me Cheerful Tomato, not Claw. 😥

      3. Motionnman5, your thing works great! It was that simple! It works perfect! And I love the wallpaper, by the way. :mrgreen:

      4. Wait, but how do you share what your character looks like? Please, what do you click on? I already clicked share, and it gave me a huge list of sites, but the closest one I found was Bloggers. Is that it? Help me! ❗

  9. Why is sonic in here?

    ST: Oumer26 submitted “Sonic Island” as his idea of what he wants to see in Poptropica. 🙂

  10. “taking over poptropica and the internet since 2008”
    good one!thanks very much,motionman95!

  11. Glad to see you guys like my stuff! I’ll continue to try and give back to the Poptropica community! If you have any ideas for wallpapers, or other things (like the image generator) comment here!

    1. Cool! I was thinking of, maybe, Astro Knights Knights (The knights of AK) on a wallpaper, that would be cool as! Or, super villains from super power, oh gosh I could go on! 😀 😀 😆 😆

      1. Isn’t that from the sneak peek that everyone thought was from Astro-Knights island, you know, the one with the crystals? Where comic kid was picking them up and admiring them? Because I see pink crystals in the background. Maybe it was supposed to go into Astro-Knights, and they decided it wasn’t very interesting, and made it a party room!

  12. Oh no! When I went on poptropica (I used the “Easter Eggs” and went to Astro-Knights) it loaded and sent me back to Early Poptropica! It worked fine yesterday! The creators probably found out… 😥

      1. I like it! It’s like an elf gone MAD. 😀 It’s cool looking. How do you like mine?

      2. Yours is really cool man! Its like an evil ninja under cover with Mordred, and has a cool cape! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Oh and thanks for the comment about me i think the same thing lol!

      3. I love it! Especially the Rudolf nose. And it looks like you got the mechanical fever! 🙂

  13. My idea for a cool island would be kinda like this…
    A parade is coming to town, and it’s really popular!Rock stars, clowns, floats, and so much more will be there, and you just got tickets! But then you realize at the booth that the tickets are counterfeit!The person thought you did it, and you get stuck in jail. Now you have to escape, and try and convince the cops that you didn’t do it and hunt for the criminal.
    Does anyone think it’s good?

      1. Thanks to everyone who likes it! I never thought anyone will even like it a little.

    1. Yeah, I’ve always wanted one! We could send them in to PHB, they pick their favorite…I don’t know…20 or something and we can vote on the one we think is the best!

    2. I’ve never been in a best dressed competition, it would be a good idea! I’ve got a costume prepared! 😆 😆 😆

      1. Cool idea! But how do you take pictures on a computer??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      2. I doubt my costume would win, because I can’t figure out what I should wear! Hmmm…

    3. no no no. because i don’t know how to send stuff on the computer. I would rather give them our account and see how we are dressed.

    4. As motioman95 says, lets just give them our usernames and let them check our Poptropican out. Anyways, it wouldn’t be bad if we give them our usernames because they don’t know our passwords. Oh, and it’s going to be hard for them to look at ALL of our Poptropicans and pick which one’s the best, so why don’t we have categories like prettiest or coolest? Sorta like a yearbook.

  14. Well motionman95, I logged on my account, went to the link, and pressed play, but then a note that says “The page at requirs AC_RunActiveContent.js.” befor I can click save and quit. Can you help me out.

  15. New instructions:

    1.) Clear all your cookies, and history.
    2.) Go to “” and log in.
    3.) After you log-in and Poptropica has loaded, go to “”
    4.) You should now be able to access Astro-Knights island. Press “Save and Quit”.
    5.) Wait until you see the log out screen, then log-in from “” and play Astro-Knights!

    Tell me if they work for you!

    1. Not to be rude to you all either, but:

      1. It’s off-topic, and causes others to go off-topic as well.
      2. The PHB can check for new posts theirselves.
      3. It really doesn’t matter who says it; we’re going to post about it anyway.

      Scary Tomato

  16. Well, Incrediable Fish, that would be very difficult, if not impossible. Besides, don’t you think things would get out of control if we could get credits for free?
    The Poptropica creators should add a feature where we can share credits with each other.

    1. it’s *Incredible. Anyway i was joking i know nobody can do that!. i just want credits badly. lol.

    1. I also finished Astro-Knights island! Not to brag though, because I’m sure a lot of other people have also finished it. And that Dr.Hare outfit is cool! :mrgreen: 🙂 :mrgreen:

  17. On the poll 13 people entered 1000+ even though that is impossible!

    ST: It’s not impossible; you can buy as many credits as you want with real-world money here.

  18. Um, i have an idea. I don’t know if you guys will like it: JAIL ISLAND
    A teenage stealer runs behind the museum worker and grabs any key. He finds out what the key goes to! He shoves the stolen product in your hands! The police think you stole it and come and arrest you without Court. They send you to “America’s Biggest Long-Gone Jail”. The Jail is HUGEOSO’. Your one jailroom is huge! You will find tool after tool to cut the bars of the jail. You must still get past the guards use one of your tools’ to distract them and get out. The police will still find you! You must make a run for it. Find a power jug on the island and find a secret space-ship. Use the power in the jug to fly the space-ship. But Oh-No! There are fierce police on each island and YOU have to defeat them. Use your tools, and mostly your jumps. One secret planet has captured the museum stolen property! Get to the planet, defeat the TEENAGER and bring back the museum property. Tell the cops that you didn’t steal it. The teenager will admit it and you will become a cop as a reward! Also you’ll gat a medalllion.

      1. I tried to go on Poptropica, but before I logged in, loading takes forever. Why did this happen?

      1. Oh, OK! Sorry, I just got sorta worried. And I read both over, and they are different.

  19. ANIMAL ISLAND: The farmers have hit a hurricane and their farm is destroyed! The animal are hurt! You must attend college for 1 day Poptropica style! You will be in college to do Veternarian work. You must pass the vet test! [No worries it is not real college work]! If you don’t, retake it. If you do, you will become vet and help fix up the broken bones of the animals. You will work through medical things. The farmers are very poor, so you have to be humble and do it for free! You must fix the animal right or else you must start allover again! Fix them all and earn a medallion!

  20. No offence guys, but most of these “Island Ideas” are not the types of Islands the Poptropica creator would make. I mean, look at the pattern of the current islands. They want all Islands to be appropriate for all ages. Not to be mean, Poptropicathunder, but how do you see that animal fix-it idea coming true? I doubt the Poptropica creators would let a 5 yr old handle surgical tools on animals in the game. Unless you feed them the right mixtures of medicine to cure them, then the idea is possible…

    1. Here is an island 4 all ages! MAGICAL ISLAND!
      Magical island is home to lots of magical creatures such as fairies, elves, wizards,genies, uncorns, flying horses,friendly dragons, and more! But when pirates steal a magic flower, whose energy helps keep M island alive and steal the fairy queen, u hav 2 go on a journey to get back the flower and save the queen. Along the way, u hav to race on the back of a flying horse/unicorn/butterfly, fly like a fairy, mix potions, find a magic genie lamp and more! And hows this? In the end the fairy queen grants u three wishes. U simply say wat it is u want, like u could hav a hand-held item(eg skateboard)a clothing item of ur choice, a special ability or emote(like the abilty to fly or turn invisable or to look confused)or to hav ur own pet(eg. cat, dog, mouse, hamster, horse, bird, a baby dragon even) that follows u around on any island!

  21. I’m giving away an account!
    It’s a 6 year old boy, I made him for the advertisements you can only get into as a little kid. He’s got 100 credits and six islands done including AstroKnights.
    Please don’t change his password in-case another ad comes out so I can play him. 🙂

  22. Here’ my idea for PARADE ISLAND:
    A parade is coming to town, and it’s really popular!Rock stars, clowns, floats, and so much more will be there, and you just got tickets!!!! But, once you get to the parade, you realize that you are in a parallel dimension, and everyone in the parade has been whisked into parallel dimensions too!!!! With the help of the dashing Papi Trahpikah, save all the peeps and make the parade happen!

    1. Here’s the plot:
      A parade is coming to town, and it’s really popular! Rock stars, clowns, floats, the Poptropica Penguins hockey team, and so much more will be there, and you just got tickets!!!! But, once you get to the parade, you realize that you are in a parallel dimension, and everyone in the parade has been whisked into parallel dimensions too!!!! Once you’re in the parallel dimension, you find a character named Fierce Leaf. Fierce Leaf helps you in your battles, but when you get to the last character you find, the main protagonist, Thirsty Rider, comes in. Thirsty Rider is a ninja, bandit, vampire, and rock star at the same time, Fierce Leaf is only a ninja, and his real name is Fierce Rider. Then Thirsty Rider goes into battle. Fierce Leaf does a bit of damage to Thirsty Rider, then Thirsty Rider knocks Fierce Leaf out. Then, you fight Thirsty Rider. If you lose all your health in the battle, Thirsty Rider will do a movement which brings her back to half health, and you to full health. Once you defeated her, the last person you have to rescue, Blue Kid breaks free. Then, Blue Kid uses his teleportation powers to go back to Poptropica. Then, the mayor of the town gives you the island medal.
      Oh, and here’s what Thirsty Rider and Fierce Leaf will look like:

      1. Uh… the beginning of this is EXACTLY like mine, and it has the same first sentence, and I posted it before you. I am pretty sure you copied it, although the plot is different… :crying:

      2. My own new island is Zom-Reality TV Island.

        (Continued from RTV) Everyone turned to zomberries except RTV contestant Hip Hop! He needs your help to escape from the zomberries. Due to his lack of sleep (Time: Midnight), Hip is inactive.

      3. This is how to complete it.

        Luckily, some people come to the rescue for Hip Hop to survive. They tell him that all the people including the contestants changed to zombies. They give you a map, Hip exits, and you follow him. When you and Hip come out, A whole lot of zombies walk over to him. You know that there are so many cars, too. You enter one and turn on the car lights. Then all the zombies walk away.

        Does anyone have anything else to add to this?

      4. After that, you and Hip enter a room and lock it. Suddenly, zomberries break in and pull Hip away. You try to grab his hand, but the zombies are already gone. You grab a key and unlock the room and exit. You walk all over the street until you see the zomberries. You take the gun from Zomberry island(I forgot the name) and start shooting the zombies until they turn to normal. You see Hip-but is this real? No. Hip has turned into a zomberry, and you try to shoot him until he looks normal. The people who turned to zombies start looking at you. Then someone comes and thank you and gives you the Island Medal.

      1. *Gasps* Now that’s just mean. 😥 (JK :smile:) But that’s still depressing to me. It’s SUCH a cool sword!

      2. here is the plot we could have island about mcdonalds .and mcdonalds was shut down becase ronald mc donald was missing you would have to go down to the sower and navigate through all the tunnels and paths and there is all these rats in your way you jump over them and when you see an opening you will see ronald behind bars next to him there is this big hamburger that has gone bad you have to deafeat the hamburger monster return ronald and then you get a medal and you get a frre happy meal

      1. yeah but the sword is from nabooti, but you cant get it anymore, im pretty sure im the only one that has it

    1. That sword is awesome! And I love the mechanical face thing! But how do you show the image of your poptropican on the comments? ❓ I really want to show my main account, a girl who has completed all the islands. As you can guess from my comment name, her name is Calm Spinner. I change outfit a lot, but right now I like it because it looks like a bathing suit. And it has the smile necklace from Shark Tooth island (the one the medicine guy has) and is wearing the Grass Skirt over black pants. Sometimes she will wear the cool sunglasses which used to be a bonus item, but not really. She is wearing a ponytail, too. I really don’t know why I purchased so many items because I never even wear them!

      1. Please Help! I really want to send the image!
        P.S.- I am looking for the sunglasses, and my character is getting a tan! :mrgreen:

      2. *Sigh* Once you’ve got the picture, you copy and paste the stuff in the box labeled ‘You can use this URL to share your avatar with friends!’ Remember to get all of it when you copy it. And also leave some space from what you’re saying before you paste it.

      3. I still can’t do it! I did what you said, but nothing happens! Help! My character wants to be showed! :crying:

      4. i think there should be an island thats called Animal island and theres this bad guy named cruel shark and he hurts the animals and uses them as slaves. they have obeying collars on too. you have to use your powers and abilities along the way. fight your way to cruel shark’s castle and free the animals. dodge the animal slaves and cruel shark. but be careful though because all of the animals a different abilities so fight them off one by one. when you defeat the last animal, cruel shark comes out and fights you. steal the remote for the obey collars and push the button on it and let the animals free. as a reward you will have an animal follower and medallion. the animal followers you can choose are: a cat, a porcupine, a penguin and a rhino. and also, the animal followers do not float. they run after you being loyal and happy.

        `popular wing

        btw im not the popular wing up their ^^^^^^ im a different one! 🙂 thankies to you all

  23. WHAT ABOUT CLUBPENGUINISLAND?binary bard has done it again!he excaped the mystyriose planet by using scrap metal from his old machine!you go to a strange vessle that leads to the BLACK HOLE!AAAAIIIIIEEEEE 80 80 but suddenly,everything was quiet you look out the window and see poptropicas old planet called earth uh? 😕 you panic as you go deep,deep,deep down into earths atmoshere!!you starded toslow down as you try to control the ship but it lead to the GIANT PNGUIN RELAME OH NO! 😯 you crash througe the castle window and see 50 foot penguins stomping on the floor you cant repare the ship on time!!! 😦 beacause the music is so loud that you cover your ears!that means you have to dodge all of those dancing feet!two minets later you came out ecsasted thew,that was a close one. 🙂 but you saw more troble, a giant flipper came to you and smushed you. you try to pick him up but all you hear is a giggel. so you sneak to the inventors room and found a toy rocket then blasted out of the castle to the cloudy ground-all the way to clubpenguin and landed on the beach and one penguin said OH WOW A HUMAN!!you ran to the sport shop with 30 penguins with strange colors on their skin after you!you went to the HQ with gary the gadget guy he was a penguin toohe told you to get a monkey reanch but when you were inoringed by the inventions he made……the next thing you knew gary was two stories tall gary still wanted you to get the monkey reanch at the sport shop but you are not sure if you can do that,can you?after all of that hand excapin,ball runnin,andclimbing you are fineshed!YAY! 😆 😆 you ggive the heavy monkey reanch to gary and gary grew you to normal size and then,for an award you get to see a surprize! to be continiude…………… 😉

    1. Sounds awesome! the only thing is that Poptropica is going agaist the Poptropica creators. It is sorta like a battle to see what can do better. CP is doing better because it has been out long. Then i guess more players would go on Poptropica, not CP, but the CP makers would get mad and might buy poptropica from the money from Disney.

      1. You know though, Club Penguin IS popular, but there are lots of kids (like me) who don’t play it much at all because it requires money to have a membership. I think a lot of kids play Poptropica as an alternative to Club Penguin, because (as of right now) you don’t have to pay anything. Besides, Poptropica is WAY more fun, anyway!!! 😀

    2. your sorta right guys,il cancle the next part ok?but i might get worried now if poptropica does better then cp and teases cp THAT wouled be a disaster.NOW i know 😉

  24. I think poptropica should have a holiday island with a mission for every holiday. And holiday island should have costumes for every holiday. It will have all holiday missions on 1 island

  25. This is just an idea.
    Paradise Island! Where you can swim, sit in the nice open spaces, walk to the nice beach, get attacked by Poptropican-eating birds! Ahh Poptropican-eating birds!!!!! You have to get your Paradise back! Travel through the ocean, eat and through pies at each other! Say your favorite saying! “Life is good when you don’t get attacked by Poptropican-eating birds!” Chat and battle along with trying to say alive in this awesome paradise!

      1. sorry throw and btw what is your favorite part of working on this blog Scary Tomato, Codien, Smockers, and Grumpy Wolf?

  26. PREHISTORIC ISLAND the prehistoric crew has caught dinosaurs from time and now they are running loose because of the troublesome titanosaurus and you have to get diffrent kinds of tools to get the prehistoric crocodile,pterodactle,and so on. The T-rex you have to use YOURSELF as bait to lead it into the cage. when you get the dinosaurs to their habitat you earn a medallion from the head of the crew. Who likes the idea?

      1. Yeah! That’s even better than my own idea, the parade island thing on comment #35.

    1. one sec i will add another one soon like in a hour keep your votes in your mind. -Incredible Fish!!

      1. if you can’t click it put it on your search bar Not search side bar!

        Incredible Fish

      2. I just saw you on Poptropica! I was the girl in the purple dress who asked you to play Soupwords and balloons. I know it was you, because it looked like you. You had on antlers, right? And half of the robot suit, with the lazer gun. It was in the Crop Circle Inn, on Astro.

    1. I so wish we could costumize hand held items, I would love a sword (preferably yours 😉 ) or a money bag, hey, it could be a newsletter idea! 😀 😆 😀 😆

      1. i think its a cheat because i have seen no one in the world who has a sword that big in poptropica

        ST: It is from a retired Nabooti cellphone code. Unfortunately, you can’t get them anymore. 😦

  27. It’s mean of you, Quick Flame, to keep tempting people with your awesome-super-cool-really-big-glinting-in-the-Poptropica-sunlight-sword. Shame on you. 🙂

    1. LOL, fantastic sword, Quick Flame! 😛

      On the day Nabooti Island was released, if you punched in certain numbers into the cellphone your character would wear a certain item. Soon afterwards, though, the majority of these special items disappeared, and to this day only 4 remain. (Check the Cheat Codes page for details.)

      One of the retired items was a big sword. Quick Flame used the sword’s special code on the cellphone (which sadly does not work now) and got it for his character.

      Because the most of the phone codes lasted for such a short period of time, the retired items were of course rare. And since you can’t Costumize the handheld ones, those have become extremely rare.

      As Flame said, apparently the Poptropica Creators never took the sword away from his account. This is why he still has it, and as explained above, why barely anyone else does.

  28. I just got the coolest idea! (I hope the Poptropica staff sees this)

    It was a blast having Merlin as a pet/companion throughout Astro Knights Island and I miss him now that he’s with the princess. So I was thinking… what if you could buy your OWN pet with your credits and take it along on your adventures? It’d be cool if there was even an island where you had the option of using your pet’s special abilities to help you throughout your mission!
    Wouldn’t that be awsome?!

      1. my poptropicans shirt might be really RARE

        ST: The shirt isn’t rare; you can commonly find it from people on Main Street (most islands). Anyway, cool Poptropican! 😉

  29. Hi, my name is Indigo B. Some call me Indie. I was wondering, if i dont have an e-mail, (even though im 11) how can i give you my story?

    ST: We’d prefer to have it e-mailed, but if you can’t, just write the story here in a comment and say “Submission for newsletter”. Thanks, Indie! 😉

    #1 Comical Sun: Native god!
    Hi!I’m Magic Storm! Im also known as MS, Magic, Magicool and for some strange reason, the guy at the coconut cafe insists on calling me ‘Little Miss Pixie’! This story Im about to tell you is about my best friend Comical Sun. She lives at Time Tangled island. And since I live at Shark Tooth, it means that we have to fly over long distances to visit each other. So last Saturday, I waited on Main street wharf for 100 days(okay, only an hour)for her to arrive. When she (finally) arrived, I tied the blimp rope to a post on the wharf and CS (as she’s known for short)Sild down.I couldn’t help but notice that CS had a new hat. It had a cartoon picture of a sun with the words ‘sunny dog’ inside. Weird. I thought. We decided to get some ice-creams at the coconut cafe(if anyone is wondering they make the icecream with coconut milk) and go over to booga bay for a picnic. So we went over to the coconut cafe. There we met the coo-coo guy that gives out free samples of milk. “Oh no! It’s the coo-coo guy!” cried CS.
    ” Coo-coo from drinking so much Coo-coonut milk!” I joked.
    “No wonder he’s so nutty!” giggled CS.
    We bust into giggles. Then we waited. Why? Because the coconut guy is beside the door, so we figure if we wait until someelse leaves or goes in, he’ll be distrated, giving us just enough time to slip in unoticed. When someone finally came along we went in for our ice-creams. Then we left for Booga Bay. But before we got there we saw none other than my twin sister Tough Storm! Well, she’s autrilly older than me(by 5 hours!), but she sure lets me know it!. “Hey sis! mum says you have to clean your room!” she said.
    “But I cleaned it this morning!” I cried.
    “Nuh-ah!” She pulled out a video camera and showed me footage of her sabotaging my room.
    “Hey!” I yelled. “What was that for?”
    “Hey I’m your older sister. Someone has to take the blame, and since your younger, you have to,”
    Now It was about that time that, without us realizing it, CS ran off into the jungle off the side of the path. Meanwhile, Tough and I were still arguing.
    “Well YOUR younger!” she said starting to leave, “Oh and by the way, Since your room is messy and mine isn’t, I’LL be getting pocket money and you won’t,”
    “Oh year? What about the other chores I’ve done that YOU havn’t?”
    “Stole your money,” and with a casuel yawn, she took off. “Well thank goodness shes gone I said before realizing something. CS was gone. Now CS can get distrated easily, and she had ran off into the forest chasing after a 50 credit note, unaware that she was in a very dangerous place to be. You see, while some natives(like me and my family) live alongside non-natives peacefully, some do not, and those natives lived in the exact same jungle that CS was in at that moment and they AREN’T welcome to strangers. They followed her at a safe disance before poncing, tying her to a tree. Now most people would be afaid of us, since natives usually have cat ears and occasionally whiskers, but not CS! “Hi!” she said.
    “Ih?tuobagniklattahw?” they murmered. One of them took her hat and the natives looked at it closely. Then they looked at CS with her bright, sun-yellow skin and round spiky hair. “Sun god!” One cried. Then they all started yelling “Sun god!” while they untied her and picked her up and took her back to their camp where not only she was confonted by more natives, but she was treated like a KING!(or queen in this case).
    (To be continued)
    Submission for newsletter

      #1 Comical Sun: native god!
      part 2
      As I searched the island for Comical Sun, I realized that oviously, something had happened.
      “What if she got kiddnapped!” I realized. “No, she couldn’t of been. There were no buildings in sight! But there was a native jungle near by……. I know! maybe she got captured by natives!” I ran over to where we were interrupted by Tough Storm who was, obviously, very tough! As I rounded a corner, I peered though the trees and I saw something very unusral. I ran into the jungle and found a 50 credit note stuck in the same banana ice-cream cone that CS had by the foot of a tree. Oh no! she probibly has been captured! I thought. Time to find my distant cousins! I finally found their tribal village where they looked at my cat ears yet normal futuristic clothes in confusion, as if considering whether to attack or not. “dneirfmaI!yakosiiT!” I yelled.
      They nodded. “ehsohW?” I said pretending no to know the kingly(or not) ruler sitting on a throne.
      “SUN GOD!” someone repiled.
      “Sun god fodneirfI!” I said.
      They nodded. I walked up to the ‘great’ and ‘all-powerful’ sun god.
      “Sunny! Where have you been and just what ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!”
      “Sorry Magic, but they captured me and pampered me and fed me and bathed me and dressed me, and helped me do my-”
      “Year, year, so what? Let’s go!” I said quickly.
      “But they think I’m sun god!”
      “Go figure,”
      “By the way, how in the name of a sunny-day do you understand them?”
      “I’m a native myself andd trust me, their toungue is easy to understand because they speak,read,and write BACKWARDS! But still, why would they think your sun god?”
      “I think it has something to do with my new hat,” she said, thrusting her hat to me.
      “Of course! Your hat has ‘Sunny DOG’ written on it! To the natives, ‘dog’ would say ‘god’. Then theres the fact that ‘dog’ was inside a picture of a sun, you had ‘Comical Sun’ written inside, and the only word that natives say forwards besides ‘god’ is ‘sun’,”
      “Oh. What?” said CS.
      “gnidnatsrednussimaeberehtyrroS” I announced to the natives.
      “What does that mean?” asked CS.
      “‘Sorry, there be a missunderstanding,'” I whispered.
      “Sun god on?” one asked.
      “thgirstahT!” I said.
      “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..” sighed the crowd.
      “Thanks for getting me out of this,” whispered CS.
      “Nothin to it,” I repiled.
      “But there must be someway I can repay you for this,” CS said.
      “No there isn’t,” I said. Then, I lightbulb went off. “Autrilly, there is one thing,” I said with a mischevous smile.
      It happened like this: Tough Storm was walking down to Booga bay with MY pocket money, ready to spend at the Shark-Tooth anueal carnival. Then, as she walked past the jungle along the path, she stopped to pick up a 50 credit note she found lying on the ground. But as she went to pick it up, as fast as lighting she was tied up to a tree. Then she saw her sister, Magic Storm and her best friend Comical Sun walking calmly towards her.
      “Well, well, well. look who’s huggin’ a tree now!”
      “Magic! Help me!Why did you do this to me!?!”
      “Oh no, I didn’t. They did,”
      Just then, a dozen natives leapt out of the trees and land behind CS and me. “I get them to untie you if you promise to be nicer to me and you give me back my stuff!” she said.
      The natives pulled out their weapons.
      Then the natives crept closer- and untied her.
      “Listen Tough, I know your always mean to me and I can easily get my revenge, but I don’t want to. All I want is to be friends,”
      “Sis……I……Tha……Oh…..I’ll be your friend.”
      “That’s all I can ask for.”
      And then, we hugged.
      Everything went better after that. Me and my sister became very close best friends. We ans Comical Sun would hang out together. And we even made own group called the ‘Poptropica Galz’. Sometimes we even pretend we’re spies. In fact I can remember our very first real mission together…… But that’s another story.
      THE END!
      By Magic Storm
      Submission for newsletter

  31. No/no Poptropica game, Game/game Poptropica died.
    And once I saw that a boy got hurt, I tried to move myself around.
    But all of a sudden, the website froze, and then it said funny words to me:
    No/no Poptropica game, Game/game Poptropica died.
    And then I tried to make my dream go away, but you know……..

  32. They should make a Percy Jackson Island on Poptropica. I mean, isn’t Rick Riordan one of the creators?

  33. It would be so cool if you guys brought this back! I bet its a ton of work to put together though. Most of the authors here are in high-school right? I am too and I know how busy it can be so its cool you all still have time to work on the blog. I still think it would be fun to bring it back though… Maybe a smaller version 😉

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