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A shadow is creeping across the frontier, and its name is El Mustachio Grande. He’s the meanest, nastiest, outlaw in the land, and he’s terrorizing the good folks of Wild West Island. With your trusty horse by your side, only you stand between the Mustachio gang and total anarchy. Can you bring Mustachio to justice, once and for all?



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Cast of Characters

These are some of the characters you’ll meet on Wild West Island.

Wild West Island characters
Wild West Island characters


  • Wild West Island is Poptropica’s 17th island. It was released to members on February 14, 2011 and March 11, 2011 for non-members.
  • Elmer the horse may be a reference to Elmer’s glue. Horses used to be made into glue.
  • You can get a bonus Rattlesnake Wrangler costume if you lasso 5 more cows after getting the Old Saddle from the cowgirl at Rock Ridge.
  • All the towns contain posters of El Mustachio Grande and his crimes, such as “Stealing Marshal’s Lucky Underpants.”
  • Common room: Dusty Gulch Hotel
  • Starting from January 27, 2011, there was a preview version of Wild West Island available, in which you could play a sneak peek game called Round’Em Up. The objective was to lasso cows and bring them back to the ranch within a time limit. A new prize every other day for a total of 7 prizes: Sheriff Hat, Sombrero, Hat and Bandanna, The Loaner, The Hombre, The Kid, andย Wunder Bubble Tonic. A special prize, the Wild West Hero outfit, was available to members only.
  • One of your opponents in the shooting competition at Dos Cactos, Annie Oakley, is based on a real American sharpshooter of the same name.
  • On March 18, 2011, Wild West Island costumes were released to the Poptropica Store – Peacemaker and Outlaw for girls, Lawman and Outlaw for boys.
  • In Spanish, El Mustachio Grande means “The Big Mustache.”

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click onย Guideย at the top of this page.

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63 thoughts on “Wild West Island”

  1. A shadow is creeping across the frontier, and its name is El Mustachio Grande. Heโ€™s the meanest, nastiest, outlaw in the land, and heโ€™s terrorizing the good folks of Wild West Island. With your trusty horse by your side, only you stand between the Mustachio gang and total anarchy. Can you bring Mustachio to justice, once and for all?

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    1. I think that the name El Mustachio Grande is probably a Spanish name, but if he is Spanish or something, why would he be in the Wild West Island?

      1. probably because they are in Texas or some other state close to Mexico.

      2. I am mexican and this “Mustachio Grande” thing slightly offends me cuz some ppl think mexicans just wear sombreros and eat tacos all day but that is SO STEREOTYPICAL! Its not freakin fair.

    2. it just means the big mustache in Spanish, its supposed to be funny, but they should have given him a different name!

    3. Its spanish…I should know because I was born into a spanish family. And it is a weird name. It means The Big Mustache.

      1. It’s supposed to be ironic because he’s supposedly all big and tough. It’s funny. And they really had ridiculously tacky names back then.
        I like it. And they won’t change it because they obviously like it, too.

  2. wild west island guide
    1 go to the right until you see a person yelling at a horse. talk to him and say i think i can tame him afterwars a small game will launch. the controls are simple just have your mouse follow the moving cursor below the horse. after a minute or two it will stop. and you have a horse no. the poptropican will give you a horse whistle in case you ever get separated.
    2 go over to the messenger on the horse while you are on your own after a short conversation she will give you a letter you must deliver to the marshal at diamond field. leave the town. to move your horse just hold the mouse and for directions click the map button.
    3 once you arrive talk to the deputies and they will tell you that the marshal is at the saloon. go to the right and leave that part of the town and enter the saloon talk to the two men at the end of the saloon (not the unconscious one and the hicuping one) they will challenge you to a game of chewing gum spitting (it i just like hoops just aim, click and hold) afterwards the marshal will regain conciousness talk to him and he will give you his badge. put it on go to the deputies office talk to him he will tell you to go get a marshals portrait. go back to dusty gulch andtalk to the man outside the portrait wagon. just try to keep it focused on your poptropican. afterwards you will recieve your portrait. now return to the deputies office use your portrait recieve the pea shooter.

    1. 4 all of a sudden there will be a jail brake and the mustachio gang will enter and take out the inmate. go outside, they will escape.
      5 how to get the spud gun and the gold treasure map- go to dos cactos, for the treasure map go into the aces casino. go to the top floor and talk to the poptropican he will challenge you to a game of slap jack. (the aim of the game is to click on any jacks that appear on the pile before anyone else. watch out for feigns, wait for it to be completely on the pile before clicking it. to win have everyone else run out of cards) after the game when you win the poptropican will say i don’t have enough money to pay you but i have this map. now for the spud gun leave the casino and go left until you reach an area with a big sign over it saying shooting contest, to start it talk to the guy in the white and black hat (the controls are putting the mouse slightly above the area you want it to land on, clicking to shoot and just move the mouse left or right on the screen to change the target area) after 5 rounds of you winning a poptropican will have a small talk with you and give you the spud gun.

  3. here`s a FULL walkthrough:

    > Go up to the guy who is struggling with the horse; click the last thing to
    > say. He will ask you to tame the horse then, follow the directions on how
    > to tame him. If you win you will get the horse! Move the horse the same
    > way you move your poptropican. Go up to the tired looking lady and say
    > the last thing. She will give you a letter to give someone. Go to the town
    > to the right that has horse training and go in the saloon. You will see
    > guys with gum all around them; ask them to join the game. Follow the
    > directions in the game and try to win. When you win go talk to the guy
    > sleeping that you saw when you came in. click on him and he will get the
    > letter from you. He will talk to you about mustachio and you will receive
    > his badge. Exit the saloon and go left. Go up toward the middle of the
    > clock tower and go inside. Try to get to the top and click on the gears.
    > When you click them your poptropican will say that you need oil for them,
    > and then exit the clock tower. Go to the left and then you will see a
    > place that says marshal.
    > Click on the guy (thatโ€™s not in the jail) in there then, pick the last
    > thing to say. He will say you need a picture. Click on the pea shooter
    > and he will also say you need a picture. Exit that place and go to the
    > left to the diamond plains. Go back to the dusty gulch and talk to the
    > photo guy. Try to hold the camera steady using the mouse until he says the
    > picture looks good. You will receive a picture and go back to the marshal
    > place and tell the guy about the picture. You will receive the pea shooter
    > and mustachio`s gang will break someone out of jail. Leave that town and
    > go on the plains, you will see horses. Click on the horses and they will
    > get scared. Go towards the rock ridge I think itโ€™s called, go to the left
    > and click on the girl with all of the cows. You will receive a lasso and
    > you must go look for a cow. Go west ( to the left) and follow the foot
    > prints until you see the cow, chase and lasso the cow (same way as the
    > game before the island was released) then bring it to the ranch (look on
    > the map if you need help to find the ranch). Go back to the lady and she
    > will give you a saddle and ask to help get more cows just like you did. Go
    > to the lady AGAIN after you finished getting all the cows into the ranch.
    > She will give you a little present. YOU HAVE TO PLAY TO FIND OUT WHAT IT
    > IS! Ok, now go to Dos cactos. Go to the guy with the big head and he will
    > ask for a flower, while youโ€™re there try to win the pea shooting game
    > until you defeat EVERYONE! Then you will get a potato gun as a prize!
    Then go into the casino and go up to the guy and play slap jacks. If you
    win you will get a map. Examine the map and leave. Go to the spot and
    click examine, your poptropican will say that you need a gold pan. Now go
    to the trading place on the main part of the island, and now its YOUR
    CHOICE the gold pan for gold OR the oil can for the CLOCK! SO just oil the middle
    row of gears (don’t waste oil) and the
    gears will move! go outside and click on the orange haired dude, then go
    to right to the train station and ALL ABOARD! Go to Dos Cactos and the
    train will be robbed just follow the directions.
    then when u win go to the rock ridge and on the bottom there is a guy
    crying, talk to him then grab the map piece above his head.
    Go back to the trade shop and TRADE AGAIN for the pan this time.
    THEN go to the spot on the map for the gold and keep trying until you get
    a gold nugget. Then go to the guy at the rock place who gave the guy the invisible
    tonic stuff and give him the nugget. You will get one of everything!
    go up towards the train and you will see a bird. click him and a key will fall. grab
    the key and use it on the door to the right. when you go in go in the mine cart. it will be
    another mini game. when you win, go to the top and get the flower. now go to Dos
    Cactos and give the boy the flower. You will get the other map piece!
    Now go to the new place that you just got on the map. THEN use the invisible tonic
    and go to the right and go in the door BEFORE it wears off. There is ANOTHER game
    you have to complete! When you finally win mustachio will run into the desert and you have
    to go after him. when you lasso him take him over to diamond plains and you will win the island!!

  4. 6 cattle catching- go to rock ridge and talk to the lady near all of the cows she will tell you that a calf escaped. leave the town and follow the foot prints and that will eventually lead you to it. now to use the lasso just press the space bar button and wait for the lasso to be in the direction you want it to be in and press the space bar again. now just lead it to the spot on the map marked ranch and put it inside the pen. now return to rock ridge and talk to her again she gives you a old saddle she will also request that you get her 5 cattle that also escaped, you can find them between the rock formation below dos cactos and the ranch. after getting all 5 return and she will give you a rattle snake wrangler outfit. now go back to dusty gulch and enter the barter shop and ask for the gold pan. now go back to the river area marked on you map where the gold is. click it and now use the gold pan (to sift out the rocks move the pan from left to right not any other direction)

  5. 7 after receiving the nugget talk to rock ridge and talk to R.J. earls, use the gold and he will give you a invisibility tonic (does sales pitch) “now in five different shades” now go up until you reach the mining area. now click on the bird and have your spud gun equipped. that will knock the key off its neck. after picking it up you can now access the mine. once inside just jump in the mine cart. (controls- just click and make sure you hit the bats and the track targets) after a few minutes of that you are in a main area pick the blooming flower and leave. now go back to dos cactos and give the flower with a poptropican with an over sized head he will give you half of a map leading to the base of el mustachio (if you are having difficulty finding him he is outside by the dos cactos train station)

  6. 8 now go back to the trading post in dusty gulch. talk to the poptropican inside and trade the gold pan for the oil can. now go over to the broken clock tower inside of diamond fields jump up the building until you reach an area with a poptropican with a red beard go inside the door/window next to him. after navigating the area for a while (hint try getting to the ladder at the end of the right side of the room) at the end of that you are in the clock area. use the oil can (it is simple just click and hold the oil can on a gear until it sparkles for it to turn properly, you only need to do 1 line of them.) once you get that over with leave the building and head over to the train station
    due to technical difficulties (and a lot of glitches the poptropica creators have not taken out ex. if you shoot one of the enemies 3 times and it falls in the concentration part it re spawns in the same place with full stamina) the train defense and further part of the guide will be continued later

    1. okay here is the last part
      10 after the train robbery you will be in dos cactos. now go to rock ridge. the banker will be standing in front of the former bank. above him is the final half of the map. now mustachios hideout will be marked on your map. go there and when you arrive use the brown invisibility tonic and enter the cabin. to drive them out from behind the objects shoot the musket, the wick on the candle, the bag of gold coins on top of the safe where there is a nearly torn seam. and the bottle of root beer on the shelf next to the wagon wheel. to successfully shoot them press the concentration bar to shoot them once they are out from behind the objects. after you shoot 4/5 mustachio says you will never catch me and tries to escape. leave the cabin and the camp and chase him until he stops at a ridge don’t bother trying to capture him while his horse is running. now once he stops use your lasso and take him over to diamond fields and now you have finished the island.

  7. LOL. i just found something. When you go to the Marshal building in the Top View, The Marshal sign is actually spelled “Marhsal” ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I followed the calfs footprints, but when it saw me and ran away I lost track of where it went. Now i can’t find it anywhere on the map

    Hijuyo: Go back to Rock Ridge and talk to the person again, then leave town and follow those same hoofprints. This time, when you see the cow again, make sure to keep track of where it goes and use your lasso!

  9. El Mustachio Grande means ‘The Big Mustache’ in Spanish.
    This in very fitting considering El Mustachio Grande has a large mustache.

  10. ok i went into the tunnel where the clock is and i went go go up to fix the clock and i got stuck i glitched and fell through right after the first wood support was supposted to fall i jusped over it and fell in and i cant get out can anyone help me please.

    Hijuyo: Click here to use the PopTransport tool to teleport yourself out of your stuck location.

  11. I Think I Understand Why They Made His Name Be So Weird, On Poptropica Everyone Has Weird Names.Cool Lion,Massive Kid,Icy Dragon,etc.So The Creators Were Just Thinking Of Something That Was Spanish And Western,But Also A Poptropica-ish Name,And That Name Happened To Be El Mustachio Grande (The Big Mustache)

  12. I Just Realized That The Group Is Called The Mustache Group;When They Broke Out Of Jail They Said No One Can Stop The Mustachio Group! But My Question Is,If Its A Mustache Group,Why Were There Girls In The Group?(They Didn’t Have Mustaches!!!) Its Really Only The Leader That Has A Big Mustache,Then Again I Didn’t Really Get A Close Look At Them,They Ran Away Like Chickens After They broke Out of Jail.But Still,On This Island They’re Really Going Against People With Big Mustaches,But Then On The Other Hand The Old Marshal Has A Mustache.Wait Why Am I Talking About Mustaches And The Old Rootbeer Drinking Marshal That Practically Lives In The Saloon???I’m The New Marshal And I Don’t Have A Mustache So Everything Is Great.

  13. I was just wondering, does anyone know where the green checkered skirt is? I’m almost certain it’s on Wild West somewhere, but I can’t find it. There’s a red one just like it on a lady in Diamond Plains. I had to change into the ninja costume for Red Dragon, and I want to get it back. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. On the second round of the shooting competition your opponent “Young Kid” is actually a fictional character from one of country legend singer Johnny Cash’s songs! And if you talk to him before the shooting competition he’ll actually recite a line from the song.

  15. I fixed the clock and rode the train, but I didn’t get to play the mini game, and the bank never got robbed. Did I forget to do something??

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