Red Dragon Island Guide


The Magic Tree House has landed on Poptropica! Join Jack and Annie on a journey back in time to a world of samurai warriors, sumo wrestlers, and even greater dangers that lurk in the clouds. When trouble strikes, it’s up to you to master a set of elite ninja skills and undertake a dangerous rescue mission. Can you find your way back home, or will you be stuck in old Japan forever?

For walkthroughs on Red Dragon Island, scroll down.

Released: May 5, 2011 (for members)
or June 2, 2011 (for all)
Common Room: Frog Creek Library
Preceded by: Wimpy Wonderland Island
Succeeded by: Shrink Ray Island

Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photos | Trivia

Island Extras: Map | Official Tour | Desktop Wallpaper | Prepare for Impact! MiniQuest | Book: Magic Tree House #37: Dragon of the Red Dawn

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Super ThunderIcy Comet, & HPuterpop

Go to Red Dragon Island if you aren’t already there. Go to the far right of the Main Street, and there will be a tire swing in the background. Enter that back yard. You will see a flying spark guiding two kids (Jack and Annie) out of the back yard. Once they’re gone, go to the swing and cut the rope with a click.

Now, roll the tire all the way to the left side of the island (past Main Street and through the bumpy floored woods) until you get to a tree house. Pick up Jack’s Glasses on the ground.

jack's glasses

Then, leave the tire directly under the tree, and jump onto it, springing you onto the out of reach ladder. Go inside the tree house. Jack and Annie will be there. Give Jack his glasses so he can see again.

Walk to the left side of the tree house, and pick up the book titled Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Home Town USANow, go ask Annie how the tree house works. She’ll tell you to pick up a book, and get the book to her right, titled A Journey to Old Japan. All you have to do to get to either location is point at the book and say you want to go there – just like in the Magic Tree House books!

treehouse books

Use the Japan tour book, and you’re off to Old Japan!

Once you arrive, exit the tree house. Jack and Annie will go explore, and tell you that you need a kimono to blend in. Jack will give you a Magic Amulet to return to the tree house whenever you want.

Go to the left end of the area, and two guards will arrest you and send you to jail for not having a passport. Use the Magic Amulet to teleport yourself out.

Now go left again, but this time go into the now-open Bonsai Tree Shop. Ask the lady about kimonos, and she’ll give you Kimonos to choose from. Go ahead and put the kimono on. You’ll also get a Passport from inside the kimono you choose (it doesn’t matter which one you choose).

red dragon1Exit, and go left past the guards. The Samurai will catch Jack without a passport, and they’ll be sent to prison. Oh no!

red dragon3Go left, past the crumbly bridge, to East Edo. At the steps leading up, pick up the Rotten Fish.

red dragon4Continue up those same stairs and through the door, and there will be another chained door. Go right beside the rocks, and a Parchment will drop to you. Read the letter written on it.


Now, go back down to East Edo. Go to the next page to the left, West Edo, and you will pass another set of stairs, as well as three geishas. Go left, and you’ll be at the Secluded Lake. On a stepping stone, there will be a Bag of Mortar. Take it.

red dragon6Go inside the little hut made of bamboo, and talk to the old man. He’ll tell you that Basho was just in town buying some eggs. Now, go back to East Edo.

You should come to two samurai holding up five people. Help the samurai by lining them up in order. The fifth person has stolen a fish — but they are not in order! For this next part, the people are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (from left to right). Trade 5 and 4. Trade 4 and 1. Trade 3 and 4. The samurai will catch the guilty one, and send him away.


And, in return, the samurai will give you a Betting Slip for the sumo wrestling match, and he says he’ll split his winnings with you. Yay!

Now go back to the crumbly bridge, and use your Bag of Mortar to fix the bridge. It’ll be like a jigsaw puzzle. Just put the bricks where they look like they belong.


Once the bridge is fixed, a really fat muscular guy will run through. Pick up the Bonsai Scissors dropped by one of the citizens because of the bridge shaking. Now go down, just below the bridge, to the guy fishing.

Use the rotten fish to try to catch the kappa. Light the wood in the bottom right, and click on the boulder to the left of the hole on the ground at the right. Shoot the beehive at the whole in the tree. Click the frog until it lands on the lily pad that has bubbles under it. Turn off the fire by clicking the wood again, light the lamp, and click on the rotten fish.


Yay! You’ve caught the kappa! Get up and go right, back to the Bonsai Shop. Go inside, and talk to the lady that gave you the kimono.

Use your bonsai scissors, and help her by cutting the bonsai, which you must cut perfectly to match the picture to the right. Every single leaf. When you’re done, click the finished button.

red dragon13Once you’ve accomplished that, a guy will walk in and buy a bonsai tree.

Exit and head over to the sumo match, which is located on top of the stairs of West Edo. Go inside. Once inside, talk to Yokuzuna’s (the fat muscular sumo dude that ran across the bridge) manager (the guy who bought the bonsai). He’ll ask you to help him with signing autographs. All you have to do is copy down the pattern of each Kanji character, step by step (use the chart for accuracy). Once you’re done with that, go talk to the other cowardly fighter inside the hut.

He’ll ask you to take his place. What can you do? Take his place! Go fight. One way to do it is to avoid all of his attacks. He will get mad and slip off the stage.



Three mad samurai will come and tell you that they’re going to take you. Just then though, the old man from the hut at the secluded lake will come. That’s Basho! He says to meet him at his home.

red dragon15Go to the hut, and he’ll tell you that after seeing you help everyone, he wants you to be his new student ninja. You’ll start your training. Basho will give you some tools and Ninja Outfits (you can wear either black or white). Put on the ninja outfit, and Basho will teach you how to use your tools.

You’ll learn how to use: 

  • Shuko claws to scale walls and trees (they’re automatically equipped at all times)
  • Bo Staff which can spin to deflect things being thrown at you (press spacebar), or vault you over great heights (press spacebar while running, and jump)
  • Smoke Bombs to temporarily blind an enemy (press spacebar and aim your cursor at the target)
  • Throwing Stars (also called shuriken) for stealth (not combat!) – use it to slice ropes that may be holding onto objects to drop them. Don’t aim these at enemies or they will notice you.
  • Grappling Hook to swing around – just click a metal hoop when you see one, and you’ll automatically swing from it. You’ll keep swinging until you jump off.
  • Ninja Vision to scope your surroundings – use it to see what’s around you!

Refer to the list above for a reminder on how to use each trick!

red dragon16Once you’re done with training, go to the wall next to his house. You’ll have to fix it, very much like the bridge, by putting the bricks where they belong.


Then he’ll tell you he just needed it fixed. He’ll send you to save Jack and Annie, and to find the Shogun. Return to the Fortress Cliff (with the locked door). At the same place that you got the Parchment, climb up the stone wall, and continue left.

Your shuko claws only stick to the lighter stone. You can use the moving logs as quick platforms, but DON’T get hit by them. Also, you can “skim” up through the walls by dragging your character upwards.

fortress gif

At the top, go left. Use your Ninja Vision to see where the guards are. Drop a bomb to blind them all. Go through the window, above the guard.

Fortress, Level 1

Inside the fortress, run right and throw a star at the rope holding up the green platform to bring it down, allowing you to go further. Remember, you can scale walls by default now. When you get to the metal ring, click on it to swing across (you can also smoke bomb the guard below, but you don’t have to).

Drop down and pick up the Haiku, then vault over the spikes by running and pressing space bar with your Bo Staff. Jump down, climb the wall, and grab the key – you’ll need it to enter the next level.

If you get caught at any time, you’ll start again at the beginning of the level you were caught in, and you’ll have to grab the key again (but not the haiku if you’ve already gotten it).

Now go right, onto the platform, and smoke-bomb the guard. Run past him to the platform on the other side, then throw a throwing star at the rope to drop the weight hanging there. Jump onto the weight, swing from the metal ring, and land on the other side. Climb the walls up, avoiding the spikes, and go through the door to the next level.

Fortress, Level 2

This level involves shadows. Use the throwing stars to put out the lights, and don’t hit the samurai! Put out the first light, jump down, put out the second light, drop down, and put out the light from the pink lantern as well. Jump over the guard and keep to the shadows, then smoke-bomb the next guard and jump up to the wall and then the platform.

You’ll encounter the first of the mean boxes that shoot spikes at you and ultimately keep you from your goal (you can’t climb the sides of these boxes!). You can, however, deflect the spikes by spinning your Bo staff – so do that. Then, jump up on the box and go down the wall.

Jump down to the small raised platform in the lit area, and swing from the hoop to grab the key. Swing back to the platform, smoke-bomb the guard, and run past to the other side.

Go up, grab the Haiku piece, and climb the rope. While on the rope, aim a smoke bomb at the guard, then quickly get to the top edge of the wall. Stay there as you click on the metal ring to swing yourself over to the door to the last level.

Fortress, Level 3

Combine all of your knowledge in this level. First, put out the light with a throwing star, then sneak past and swing across by clicking the hoop.

Use throwing stars to bring the two green platforms down, then smoke-bomb the guard and get past him over to the wall. Jump to the left and grab the key. Then get back on the wall and go further down until you see the rope holding up a long vertical crate. Still on the wall, aim a throwing star to bring the crate down.

Jump onto the crate, then jump onto the next crate (you can blind the guard with a smoke bomb if you want, but it’s not necessary). Drop down and pick up the last line of the Haiku.

Go back up, smoke-bomb the guard, and keep going left. Use a throwing star to bring down the green platform, and spin your Bo Staff when spikes come shooting your way. At the end of the left side, climb up the wall, then jump down to the space below and spin your Bo Staff again as more spikes come towards you. When the spikes stop, run and vault up to the top of the box where the spikes came from.

Just before you get to the door, you’ll need to knock down the green platform blocking it with a throwing star. You can do this while swinging on the hoop, but if you fall, refer to this gif for how to do it from the platform below.

To get through the final door, you’ll need to recite the entire Haiku – if you’ve collected all three pieces (there’s one in every fortress level), you’ll automatically say it!

You will enter, and the evil Shogun will tell you not to hurt him, or else Jack and Annie (who are locked up hanging from the ceiling) will never get out. Using your shuriken, shoot at the rope holding the cage, and it will fall, bursting open.

And then… aaagghh!!! It’s raining fire! Wait… no, you’re just under attack.

red dragon10Along with Jack and Annie, you’ll be transported to Mount Fuji, where the Cloud Dragon waits at the top. Climb the mountain, and get on the Cloud Dragon.

The fight between the Cloud Dragon and the Red Dragon is simple but difficult. Keep shooting at the Red Dragon, but also stop it from destroying the city by shooting your water at the houses if they start burning, and recharge in the clouds when you run out of water. Try to keep chasing the Red Dragon’s tail so you can keep shooting him.

If you lose, you can try again, give up, or try again in easy mode. You won’t need to recharge if you do it in easy mode.

After this fight, the Shogun’s reign will be over! Basho will explain that the Shogun is his brother.

He’ll apologize, and you can go home now! Use the Amulet to get to the tree house. Then, use the Frog Creek Book, and you’ll arrive back home. Annie will give you your Island Medallion and you will also receive Poptropica Store credits! Congratulations; mission accomplished! 🙂

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Red Dragon Island is Poptropica’s 19th island. It was released on May 5, 2011 for members andJune 2, 2011 for non-members.
  • As of July 10, 2015, the island became locked to members only, with a demo for non-members.
  • As of April 1, 2016, as a result of winning a month-long March Madness voting event about bringing back one members-only island, Red Dragon Island was re-opened to everyone.
  • This island is based on Magic Tree House book #37, Dragon of the Red Dawn.
  • The preview for this island is a Sumo game, released in April 2011, and which you can still play by getting the “Prepare for Impact!” gold card from the Poptropica Store. (The PHB also has awalkthrough for this game.) As you win sumo matches, you’ll gain ranks, each with its own costume. The ranks are: Juryo (starter), Maegashira (highest for non-members), SanyakuOzekiYokozuna (highest for members).
  • Common room: Frog Creek Library
  • It’s possible to have the Poptropica name “Red Dragon”.
  • The members-only Midnight Red Ninja costume from the Poptropica Store is inspired by Red Dragon Island.
  • The treehouse takes you to Edo (there’s “East Edo” and “West Edo” on your Map, among other area names), which was the old name for Tokyo, Japan.
  • Basho, the old man in the hut who trains you, is also the name of a famous poet from Japan’s Edo period. He is recognized as the greatest master of haiku.
  • There’s a woodblock print artist in West Edo. You can click on the hanging prints to take a closer look at the art.

the tree house started to spin…

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      Hijuyo: Unfortunately, it sounds like a glitch. I’m not sure how to fix it; maybe contact Poptropica about the problem? There’s a Contact link on the front page.

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        Slanted Fish: No, they give you 50 credits for completing it the 1st time and none after that for the same island…

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      2. There’s a picture in the guide you can refer to. Follow the steps of which performers to make trade places: Trade 5 and 4. Trade 4 and 1. Trade 3 and 4.

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    Hijuyo: In a sense yes, but using walkthroughs isn’t against Poptropica’s rules, and some people may really be stuck and have nowhere else to turn. However, it does feel better if you are able to solve an entire island all by yourself. 🙂

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    Hijuyo: Try to get every leaf right – look at a leaf, compare with the picture, and decide if it should stay or go! Don’t forget – the undo button’s there if you need it. Good luck! 🙂

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    Hijuyo: You need to collect the kimono from the closet on the far right side of the woman’s hut first.

    1. Yeah I did that already.

      Hijuyo: Just follow the guide step-by-step. Read through it and do anything you might have missed. Skipping around usually won’t work because there are things you have to do to be able to continue on with other parts of the island quest.


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    Hijuyo: Pay attention to every leaf and carefully decide whether one should stay or be trimmed off. Each leaf matters!

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    Hijuyo: You may be missing a few steps first. Make sure you have followed everything the walkthrough says before getting to the part about the mortar and bridge.

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  28. it doesn’t say where all the pieces of the haiku are and i still don’t know where the last piece of the haiku is and i think you have to refresh the whole game because it has many glitches like the one that happened to me and others that commented on glitches, plus i’m 11 years old and you should really check your work even if you think it’s perfect, you still have to check it.

    1. um. don’t critisize this guide. it’s perfect. the last piece is in the centre of the whole mazey thing. And also, don’t say ur age.

  29. Well i looked through the guide and everything for red dragon island and i couldn’t find a way to get out of it. i’m in the part where we already traveled to china and when i try to leave I cant! Please help me! I’ve been trying everything but it wont let me out!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!:|

    Slanted Fish: If you’re stuck, use the PopTransport to teleport out.

    1. You can also use the magic amulet to go back to the tree house. If there are no glitches, you should find a book that says ‘Frog Creek Pennsylvania’ on it. If it’s not in your inventory, it will be somewhere in the tree house. If that doesn’t work, there’s a glitch.

  30. It says that the weapons will stay up their but i don’t see them when the training ends, do they pop back when the mission starts.

  31. When i tried to see the samrai holding up the people, I couldn’t! I had already talked to the guy in the hut, and when it didn’t work i went back and talked to him again. It still didn’t work!

  32. Help me I cant pass the last room fortress thingy!!!!!! I need a way to climb onto the ring to go into the door!!!! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE! _ _ oh how sad.

  33. Hey, umm, everytime I start the island and i go to the tree house, I dont see Jack’s glasses there. is this like a glitch or something?

    Slanted Fish: Jack’s glasses should be on the ground near the treehouse.

  34. Lol if this was real (and that ofcourse, I was my character) then wouldn’t it be easier to get myself arrested on purpose, then teleport Jack, Annie, and I back to the treehouse? Did anyone ever realized that? :p Also, that yellow bird (near the steps you had gotten the rotten fish) was from Wild West Island, wasn’t it? 😮

  35. I was on this island and I was in the tree house. I hopped through the window and a little while later, I was on Steamworks island! LOL 😎 😀

  36. u kinda missed telling about the kappa fishing part

    Slanted Fish: It’s mentioned in the guide, just under the getting Bonsai Scissors part.

  37. Hey! I’m pretty sure I found a way to get ninja items to carry around. The last thing I had equipped before I got to Jack and Annie was the ninja stars, and even after I left the island they stayed. So to get it you have to have it equipped before you leave the island and it stays with you. 🙂


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