Shrink Shot Guide

Walkthrough and pictures by Fuzzy-B & Slanted Fish

The Shrink Shot MiniQuest game is obtainable through the Poptropica Store for free. It was originally released in the summer of 2011 as a lead-up to Shrink Ray Island.

To start the game, go to your Store items inventory, find the Shrink Shot card, and click Play This Game.

shrink shot card

How to Play

In this game, you’re a mini human cannonball! You select what angle you want to launch at, how much power is used in the launch, and then – go! Once you launch yourself, you are no longer in control of what happens. You just bounce around the room you are in until you come to a complete stop. Here are the basic instructions:



At the end, your final score will be counted, and you may win some new prizes as well as advance in rank! More on that below.

While you can’t control where you’re going once you’ve been launched, this guide will tell you about what to look for to improve your score!

In flight: spheres & other boosters

There are multiple things that you can fly into while bouncing around, such as the different types of spheres floating around the room. Some of the spheres have point values written on them, and when you hit them, you’ll get that many points added to your score.


Other spheres have arrows on them that send you in whichever direction the arrows are pointing, as well as award you points. There are other objects around the room that you get points for hitting, such as a Poptropica blimp toy and a toy car that gives you a ride around the room.

Prizes & ranks

There are also many prizes hidden in various locations across the room. Here’s what they look like (scroll down for information about where to get each prize and the ranks that award prizes!):


  • There are three crayons on a shelf on the left side of the room. When you knock these crayons over, you’ll win Crayons, which you can use to color yourself or other characters in either red, green, yellow, blue, orange, or purple.
  • There is a balloon floating in the top left of the room. When you hit this balloon, you’ll win the Shrink Ray Balloon, which is blue with a white shrink ray icon on it.
  • There are some packages of grape gum sitting on a shelf near the right side of the room. When you knock these packages of gum over, you’ll win the Grape PopGum (press spacebar to blow bubbles!).
  • There is a bottle of soda on a shelf near the left side of the room. When you hit the bottle, it spews soda into the air and awards you the Soda Bottle item/power.
  • There is a snow globe in the top right of the room. When you hit this with the members-only Spiked Bounce Ball costume, you’ll win the grand prize: the Sparkle Power!

The more points you score on this game, the higher rank you can achieve. At each rank, you’ll receive a prize, and these prizes will help your score get higher and higher.

  • Rank 1: Hard Helmet
  • Rank 2: Bounce Ball
  • Rank 3: Propeller Hat (members only)
  • Rank 4: Spiked Hard Helmet (members only)
  • Rank 5: Spiked Bounce Ball (members only)

That’s the gist of it! Happy bouncing!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Shrink Shot Guide”

  1. I always hit the soda bottle, and it spews soda, but I get a big fat NOTHING!!! Is it a glitch or something?

  2. I won every item, except for the sparkle power. Anytime I get to touch the snow globe, it just wobbles a little. It’s even challenging sometimes to get on the shelf with the snow globe.

  3. I have all of the items for non members, and sometimes, I inflate the balloon, carry the soda and wear the bounce helmet and ball. XD

  4. I have EVERYTHING my favorite is the soda I had a soda party in the soda pop shop with my friend in soda costumes oh and soda pop shop is on early poptropica

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