Welcome to the PHB’s Glitching page! Glitching, the term used for using glitches to one’s advantage, has a big part in the Poptropica community, and its users are known as glitchers. If you look on the “Glitching” navigation tab on our site, you’ll see that we link to several resources for Poptropica glitching.

Here’s a brief overview for each of the tools listed on our site, as well as more cool tricks to try.

Ad Transporter: Poptrogiverse

This website developed by KeithSammut lets you teleport to various retired advertisement buildings on Poptropica so you can play the games, earn the prizes, and just enjoy it for nostalgia. Check it out!

magnus chase

Avatar Studio Gift

Our Avatar Studio Gift is a present to the Poptropica community, containing a compendium of usernames that will allow access to rare (typically uncustomizable) costumes on Poptropica by way of the Avatar Studio Glitch, commonly known as ASG. The glitch is explained on the page.

ASG gift

Clothing Parts

This Google document compiled by various glitchers gives the IDs for various clothing parts that Poptropicans can wear. It is best used with iPop (see below). Check out the doc!

Item ID List

This Google document compiled by various glitchers gives the IDs and other useful info for various items you can add to your account. It is best used with iPop (see below). Check out the doc!


iPop is a software developed by Santorno that allows you to easily modify your Poptropican account to your liking. It can add any items to your account, add any clothing features to your character, give you a 5-star battle-ranking, and much more!

To download this software, click here. From the next page, click on the green download button to begin your download. Once iPop is downloaded to your computer, you will need to unzip the folder to unlock its contents. For Windows computers, use iPop.exe for the program, and for Macs, use iPop.jar. You’ll want to use whatever the latest version is (the one with the highest number).


When you open the software, you will be prompted to enter the login details of the Poptropica account you wish to modify, along with an iPop key. You can find the community key in the README.txt file. The PHB can verify that it is safe to enter your username and password on this tool. By using iPop, you agree not to redistribute the software publicly without Santorno’s permission.

If you would like to reach Santorno and other iPop users, check out the #glitchers channel on the PHC!

Name Genie

Just by filling out a quick form, you can automatically have your very own custom named account on Poptropica! Find the form on KeithSammut’s NameGenie website here.


Please read and understand the following before sending a request:

  1. Custom names can only be applied to new accounts (as in, not existing accounts), so you will need to specify the username, password, and gender you want for the account you want.
  2. Names that are not a standard Poptropica name (see list here) will appear in-game (in common rooms and the friends list) as Poptropican Lizard, but will retain their custom appearance on the Avatar Studio. You may request up to four parts to the name (three spaces maximum) or else there will be an error. We recommend one or two parts. Be creative!
  3. Note that inappropriate names will be blocked by the filter.

Have fun with your new custom name!

Promo Codes

To enter these promotional codes, go to the Poptropica Store section of Poptropica, and where it says “Promo Code” in the top right corner, type in the code and enter for your cool new freebie.

  • GHDBOOK: Galactic Hot Dogs Mega Dog costume
  • POPANYWHERE: Poptropica App – Tablet & Phone
  • SKULLBOOK: Skull Pirate costume
  • BURRITO: Señor Burrito Follower – Timmy Failure Island

Hotkeys & Special Effects

Note: Mac users will need to replace “Ctrl” with the “Command” key for these cheats to take effect. Note: Only works on non-SUIs.

  • Ctrl + Shift + R: Completely randomizes your Poptropica character (may or may not acquire a handheld item, such as a basketball or cell phone) – you will lose your current outfit!
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Changes your character’s skin color
  • Ctrl + Shift + H: Changes your character’s hair color (at first it may just show some computer history, but click on the Poptropica screen once and press “H” only and it’ll change hair color)
  • Ctrl + Shift + P: Character wears a pumpkin mask
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1: Character does the laughing emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2: Character does the crying emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3: Character does the angry emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 4: Character does the jumping emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6: Randomizes character (same as Ctrl + Shift + R, above)
  • Ctrl + Shift + F10: Pauses game (or press the pause button in the upper-left corner)
  • S: Press “S” to skip a character’s dialogue when he or she is talking. You may have to click on the screen to get it to work. (note: does not work on SUIs – sound-updated islands)

combining emotes

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are secret surprises often found in many games, including Poptropica. Listed below are just a few of the many secrets of Poptropica.

Nabooti Phone Codes

The cell phone can be found at Mountains of the MoonNabooti Island, inside the cave lying on the bottom left corner of the scene. Enter certain number codes into the phone to get a cool new costume. Note that this can get rid of something you’re wearing.

  • 1225: Santa Hat and Sack
  • 911: Police Outfit
  • 411: Brain Helmet
  • 1337: Nerdy Outfit (Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead)


Skull Mask

There’s a free “Skull Mask” wearable item hidden in a cave in Legendary Swords. To get it, enter the cave from the beginning and pass by the first cave area. In the second cave area, near the place where you find your first Legendary Sword (Rusty Relic), go left and jump up until you reach a brown space filled with strange fossils. Keep going left until you see the Skull Mask, then click to receive it!

skull mask

Viking Suit

  1. On Time Tangled Island, use your time device and click on 831 AD, the Viking time period.
  2. Walk over to the cave area but don’t go inside.
  3. Put on your glider from Leonardo’s workshop.
  4. Jump on the right side of the cave to get the bonus Viking Suit. Glide from the Viking mountain until you land on the ledge with the suit tucked away in the upper righthand corner of the Viking time period.


Hypnotic Costume

Here’s how even non-members can get an otherwise members-only costume! The prize is hidden at the Poptropica Towers on Early Poptropica Island. Go left until you stop at a green tower, jump up four stories high, and find the window pane in the middle with the orange flower pot. Click on the top-left corner of that window, and you will receive the “Hypnotic” costume!


Handheld Items

Want something to hold in your Poptropican’s hands? Try these glitches for a fun new handheld item. Thanks to Fuzzy-B, Samwow5, SL, Elphangor, & Mashimai for their help with these cheats.

ScissorsBig Sword, Scissors, Apple, Spears, Hades’ staff, Bongo, Club, Dynamite

  1. Add the username 55990022567 to your Poptropica friends list.
  2. Go to his costume closet and look for those rare handheld items to customize.

HandcuffsBig Spoon, Book, Swords, Feather, Paddle, Handcuffs

  1. Add the username everything173 to your Poptropica friends list.
  2. Go to his costume closet and look for those rare handheld items to customize.

Cup of colored juice

  1. Enter the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot Island.
  2. Go to the drink-filling area on the left and get any color of juice you want.
  3. Log out and log back into Poptropica.
  4. You’ll be carrying a cup of juice of the color you chose!

Candle & Fire iron

  1. Go to Great Hall in Bram’s Castle on Vampire’s Curse Island.
  2. Click on a Candle or Fire Iron so that you are holding it.
  3. Turn on a Store item card like Torch or Electrifier (you may also be able to use Ctrl + Shift + S).
  4. Turn off the Store item card’s effects.
  5. Exit the Great Hall and you should now be able to hold the candle or fire iron anywhere until it is customized away!


  1. Go to Game Show Island.
  2. Go to your items and turn on the Fan.
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + S so that your skin changes color.
  4. Walk into a room and you should now be able to hold the fan anywhere!


  1. Travel to Early Poptropica Island.
  2. Get your Jetpack and then go to the left to the Poptropica Towers.
  3. Go down the underground area (Dark Room on your Map) where the boy is holding the skateboard.
  4. Climb down the rope. You’ll be holding a glow stick.
  5. Take off your Jetpack, and climb back up to the rope.
  6. When you exit the Dark Room, you’ll be holding the glow stick!


  1. Go to Cryptids Island and go to New Jersey.
  2. Ride on the Motorcycle and stop at the first pace you can.
  3. When you get off the Motorcycle and are holding the Lantern, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  4. Ride back to the start, you should now be able to hold the Lantern anywhere until it is customized away.

Ninja items: Bo staff, throwing stars, smoke bomb

  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and do your Ninja Training.
  2. While holding any of the Ninja items, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. When you are done, you should now be able to hold the ninja item anywhere until it is customized away.


  1. Go into Dr. Hare’s dream on Super Villain Island.
  2. Once in and holding the Pickax, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Press “Wake Up” and you are done. You should now be able to hold the pickax until it is customized away.


  1. Go to the Vikings time period on Time Tangled Island.
  2. Wear the glider and enter the cave.
  3. Inside the cave, take off the glider.
  4. Exit the cave, and you’ll be holding the torch.

Beards, Facial Hair, & More

If your prepubescent face is feeling a little bare, put on a beard to tell the world what a man you are! Or, reduce your status to Baby with one of Mr. Yoshi’s costumes… it’s up to you. Thanks to Nice Dragon, SLPoptropicaaGCHelpFuzzy-B, Elphangor, and anyone else who helped in discovering these cheats.

Short Beard

  1. beardGo to Wild West Island and use the Beard Brew.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Go into a new room and you should now be able to keep the beard anywhere until customized away!

Pointy Beard for Boys

  1. Get Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab from the Poptropica Store and go there.
  2. Enter the orange door to start the mini-quest.
  3. Walk right and jump on the platform there.
  4. Jump off to the left and hide behind the crate of carrots.
  5. Wait for one of Dr. Hare’s minions to walk by on the platform above you.
  6. Click on the Costumizer and then on the Dr. Hare minion above.
  7. Customize his pointy beard!

“Dog” Beard

  1. Go to Lunar Colony Island and click on the guard dog outside Mission Control.
  2. Click on your “Friends” button immediately after clicking on the dog.
  3. Immediately click on your first friend and scroll to the right until you can not see them anymore.
  4. Click on the “customize” button inside the “Friends” feature and customize your “Dog Beard.”

Mr. Yoshi’s Game Show Costumes

  1. Go to Game Show Island and go on the “Mr. Yoshi” game show in Tokyo.
  2. While wearing whichever costume you want (Baby, Chicken, or Bowling Ball) press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Continue on through the game show. Once you leave, you should be able to keep whatever costume you wanted until you customize it away!

Poptropica SWF

There are links to Poptropica SWF (Shockwave Flash) files, eg., where you can see various Poptropica item cards. Replace “13” in the URL mentioned with different numbers for more item cards! Items in the 1000s = island medallions, 2000s = advertisement items, 3000s = Poptropica Store items.

Find more back door Poptropica files on the Behind the Scenes page!

explore, collect, compete

If you know of any other working cheats, glitches, and codes that you’d like to share, you can comment about it here on this page! Check out all the comments below for even more cheats!


2,336 thoughts on “Glitching

  1. Speedy Crush says:

    if you go on top of the chat room in spy island and buy and/or turn on silly streams (while ur on the button for the spray), and while the silly streams are shooting, hit save, refresh the page, and log back on. when it comes to the home page, you will see that you are right below the button with (maybe) your eys pointing down.

    -Speedy Crush

    P.S. If you see a window pop up when you refresh the page, hit retry.(may only be with windows 7)

  2. Speedy Crush says:

    I have a glitch:
    1.Using the promo code coolkids11 in the store (shown above), get and turn on the star power.
    2.Go to any island.
    3.Find that thing thats between main parts of island that has the big ad and cross it.
    You may see one set of stars in the corner.

  3. Courtney says:

    From wild west u can buy the beard potion after finding the gold the guy gave u the map for and u can get a beard for real! Trust me i finished it wen i wus there as a member still a member still havin fun keep on keepin on ppl

  4. Courtney says:

    To get a beard wut u can do is buy the beard potion frum the magician on wild west island just buy it with the gold u found!

  5. Speedy Crush says:

    I learned that the star glitch i found only works when you go left.
    Well, at least when you go from the castle to main street on Astro knights island.

    -Speedy Crush

    P.S. When I said that the pumpkin glitch wasn’t working I meant that it just turns on something called ‘InPrivate’. (I have Windows 7.)

  6. Speedy Crush says:

    I found a glitch:
    1. Play the game ‘switch’.
    2. After you’re done and it shows your score, hit close(the one in the game).
    3. You should see a satellite clue from spy island, even if you’re not on that island!

    -Speedy Crush

  7. Prickly Dolphin says:

    Hey guys, I got a glitch for you. The glitch is called how to make your poptropican think without being in a muliplayer room. Ok here is how.
    First go to Early Poptropica. Second, go to Poptropica Towers. Then, jump on the green tower where the flower and get the secret item. Now, go back to Main Street. Make sure you have an einstein costume otherwise the trick won’t work. When you have it, put on the hair. Click close. Then press the spacebar. You will now think. Now put on the secret item and press the spacebar again. You are now thinking. Note: this could happen for a long time. This will always work. Post it to the Glitches section if you like it!

    • Prickly Dolphin says:

      I got another glitch. Ok The glitch is called how to laugh without being in a muliplayer room. Ok go into your store items. Make sure you have a April Fool outfit otherwise the trick won’t. Ok after you have it, costumize it. Put on the bow. Click close. Press the spacebar and the bow will swirl and you will now laugh. This will always happen. Post it if you like it! Note: The first glitch of mine, you can do that glitch anywhere you like. Post my two glitches to the Glitches section if you like it or tried it!

    • sammyhammgoescrazy says:

      if you go to early poptropica go left until you see the green tower then find the orange plant on a window cilck the first square on the top left and you get somthing that only members can buy

  8. Heather says:

    1~ Find a rope

    2~ Climb up halfway

    3~ hit ctrl+shift+4 and you laugh and look like ur frozen in mid air

    ( it will go away if u try 2 move 🙂 )

  9. Prickly Dolphin says:

    I got another glitch. Ok The glitch is called how to laugh without being in a muliplayer room. Ok go into your store items. Make sure you have a April Fool outfit otherwise the trick won’t work.Ok after you have it, costumize it. Put on the bow. Click close. Press the spacebar and the bow will swirl and you will now laugh. This will always happen. Post it if you like it! Note: The first glitch of mine, you can do that glitch anywhere you like. Post my two glitches to the Glitches section if you like it or tried it!

  10. kelly says:

    Go to spy island (the glass shop) you can only do it when Dr.spyglass is up stairs and have the Bowtie.go to the left where the eye exam sheet is. above the sheet is a shelf.Use the bowtie to get on to the shelf.Click one of the spy item and Dr.spyglass will sink into the ground and you and doc will jump like crazy.One more cheat.It’s kind of the same thing.Begin at very first Go and end at (the glass shop).So do that.go to the left a bit.Use the bowtie up .blast up on the same shelf.Use the bowtie again then click above you.DON’T click the backpack take off the bowtie and you will still have it.

  11. Shiny Laser says:

    Jumping off a building

    do the glitch AAAhhh!!! the cable is follwing me!!! that bernabe12 posted and then click the poptropican closest to you and you fly up to the top of the spy headquarters building and go all the way back down

  12. Shiny Laser says:

    First go to Early Poptropica. Second, go to Poptropica Towers. Then, jump on the green tower where the flower and get the secret item. Now, go back to Main Street. Make sure you have an einstein costume otherwise the trick won’t work. When you have it, put on the hair. Click close. Then press the spacebar. You will now think. Now put on the secret item and press the spacebar again. You are now thinking. Note: this could happen for a long time. This will always work. Post it to the Glitches section if you like it! this glitch is good but you don’t need the hypnotic costume, you can use any hair after einstein hair!

    this one is really good!
    I got another glitch. Ok The glitch is called how to laugh without being in a muliplayer room. Ok go into your store items. Make sure you have a April Fool outfit otherwise the trick won’t. Ok after you have it, costumize it. Put on the bow. Click close. Press the spacebar and the bow will swirl and you will now laugh. This will always happen. Post it if you like it! Note: The first glitch of mine, you can do that glitch anywhere you like. Post my two glitches to the Glitches section if you like it or tried it!

  13. SmartPanda- Caitlyn says:

    I was randomly pushing buttons and i came across a few things:
    1: Control + Shift + P = Pumpkin Head
    2: Control + Shift + H = Hair color change
    3: Control + Shift + S = Skin color change

    Hope yall enjoy these here glitches. Email me for any concerns! :* mwa!

  14. Shiny Laser says:

    If you want to keep the pizza box from reality tv or the fingerprint glass from spy island in your hand you can restart those island’s (if you’ve completed them) and save them in character customizer.

  15. Scary Catfish says:

    Hey its me, SC.. I have a new glitch I found out. How to get the pitcher of milk. You know in Mystery Train where you have to give Tesla? Well when it is in your hand, Do Ctrl Shift S glitch and while you do it, click your backpack. Save the hand item in your costume collector, and you will have a pitcher of milk (or white juice you could call it) It looks like the black juice, but is white.

  16. Lucas1823 says:

    Press Ctrl+Alt/Shift R: Chnge all
    Press Ctrl+Alt/Shift P: Pumken head
    Press Ctrl+Alt/Shift S: Change skin colour
    Press Ctrl+Alt/Shift H: Change hair colour

  17. POPglitches says:

    *IMPORTANT* On Reality TV Island, when you call Papa Pete’s Pizza, click the customize button on the top right of the screen, then click on the delivery person before they give you the pizza and wear all their clothes, including pizza. Click space to throw Papa Pete’s Pizza up.

  18. Atul says:

    i did this glitch where i went into charlies place and try to transform the cat. it didn’t work but my character randomised. then i electrified, got robin hood’s arrow. got atom bomb, and then electrified agained and then the boy, charlie and the cat became atom

  19. kitty says:

    i have a glitch. i call it the spinning acrobat:1. go to spy island and to in the water at the docks
    2.put on the grappling bowtie
    3.connect to the top building.
    3.jump and go to you inventory really quickly
    4.choose the crackers from Big Nate Island or choose the shovel from nabooti island
    5. your poptropican is going up down and spinning at the same time!

  20. Ella Baber says:

    I tried the Mac version of cheats, then when i logged back in, they didn’t work. Why? And i need some more cheats. Please tell me your coolest.
    Happy Walker

    Hijuyo: Maybe you didn’t save your game? It sounds like they worked for you the first time.

  21. boo says:

    i rlly need to now how to do the same thing as some1 else in a multiplayer room there is a vidio above that mand me rotflol! if any1 nows how to do it plz tell me !

  22. boo says:

    oh and i have a cheat lol


    go to any rope u can find on poptropica
    climb it half way
    now press


    all at the same time
    now it looks lik ur character is doing the rope lol

  23. boo says:

    one u have completed nabooti island, jump into the beem of lite were the stature wuz and ull be finding urself standing in mid are u can go one step higher but first u must climb the shelf to achieve this glich lol

  24. funny lightning says:

    to who it may concern,
    you arent yawning on the helicopter, its an animation for the “sad” emote with ctrl-shift or multiplayer

    Hijuyo: It’s both. It’s meant to be a sort of sad yawn of exasperation, I guess. That what it looks like to me anyway.

  25. Purple Dragon says:

    To hold the pizza on Reality Tv Island:
    1-Order pizza
    2-get the pizza from the delivery guy
    3-use the costume collector to save your outfit while holding the pizza
    4-congrats, now you can have pizza whenever you want!

  26. thirsty leaf says:

    red on a rope

    go onto a rope and press control, alt and 3. when the face gets red, press control, shift and 4. you will go back on the rope, but have a red face! when you get off the rope, your red face will go away.

  27. cloeroxz122 says:

    omg i really want to get more coins and i have finished all the islands except for the really hard ones!!!! help me plzz coz i need to get more money!!!

  28. Sticky Peanut says:

    ok, so i was down stairs at Dr SpyGlass and clicked on a prototype, Dr Spy jumped down from the top floor then I used the bowtie and jumped to the middle platform thing and started to swing left and right. It was a funny moment so i paused it, but when i un-paused it, my character began floating in the air. would you consider that a glitch? oh, and my character is STILL floating with Dr Spy jumping up and down.

  29. pizza person says:

    k if you randomize your character and do the angry emote real quick you end up getting light red skin plus i notice that you run faseter

  30. bubbles24572 says:

    Step 1: Go to early Poptropica .

    Step 2: Go to Poptropica towers (to the left)

    Step 3: Now go to the green tower and go up.

    Step 4:Find the window with a orange flower.

    Step 5: Click on the first square (or find an pointer).You will get a cool coustume:a hypnotic! It’s also the 4th rarest item in Poptropica history!

  31. AwesomeBB11 says:

    OMG! Guess what Hijuyo! I happen to be a master of cheats and saving that I happen to have 5 of the costume savers and all for the price of one. Here is one of the exclusive outfits I saved:

    P.S. Do you know where these outfits came from? Because I got them from a cheat. Also, If you dial 123 on the nabooti phone you get a handy branch! I tried it and it worked! Poptropica rules!

  32. Prickly Dolphin says:

    GLITCH: Holding A Glass

    Warning: you must have spy island not done. If anyone has this glitch, sorry I didn’t know and didn’t see your comment,

    1. First go to Spy Island and go to Bad Bistrol. Get the job and you will be wearing the chef’s hat.
    2. Next, go to the guy who is talking to the lady. He will give you a glass.
    3. Take off the chef hat and go to the kitchen.
    4. Jump to the air duck and sneak past the agent.
    5. After that, put on your chef hat
    6. Walk out

    You will be holding the glass! If you finished the island, restart the island. After you get the glass, get the costume collector for 250 credits and save the glass.

  33. Dimitris Blackhart says:

    Howto have a LANTERN (Handheld Item)

    Goto New Jersey (Cryptids) then ride the motorcycle and drop off in any random location . Press CTRL+S *Skin Chnge* then ride the motorcycle and exit the gloomy road . See your hand . :DD

  34. oliver says:

    I have a funny glitch
    wear the hamburger coustume then use the ctrl shift 3 cheat the hamburger coustume and your head pops up

  35. zaph says:

    1.go to super power island
    2.get flying power by fighting 5 villian
    3.go to water
    4.swim on your feet in the water
    6.tata your in the outside

    (this glitch required flying power)

  36. Perfect Joker says:

    i have something funny the disco king anything that have special action(earth astro knight,samurai etc.)
    3.wear the disco king
    4. then wear the suit that you have buy(cowboy etc)

    make sure you only wear the disco king hair and then wear the suit you have buy

    that’s how you do it

    you should dance instead of the suit special action

    • Undefined Undefined says:

      This happened to me on Spy. The cat did strange things, too.I don’t really know what happened or how to do it. It was so strange!

  37. Taylor says:

    Okay, in the Barbie ad, which you dress up the pet, when I was done, you know how it walks on the stage, it was that guy with the big black hair and the white skin and the odd eyelids… Crawling… On the stage, it happened a couple of times to me during the time period that the ad was there.

  38. Wild Bee says:

    Okay so, sometimes when I enter a room I get theses sparkles around my avatar, any explanation? Please help.
    Please and thanks.
    -Wild Bee

  39. lazy moon says:

    00100100100 dun dun dun the headless robot
    use zombie power on a robot(not sprocket) they should be headless for club owner hairless for blue robot(not 1 in b.a) faceless it only works on some robots

  40. Prickly Dolphin says:

    Hey guys and girls, I just found a glitch today. I don’t what to call my glitch. Follow the instructions to know how to do it.

    1. First you should see be on the map where your blimp is
    2. Next click on the Legendary Swords thing
    3. You should be going to the store
    4. Then, click on blimp at the top
    5. You should be on Red Dragon Island or some island

  41. Prickly Dolphin says:

    hey guys and girls, I have a really funny glitch. First, go inside the Gerenal Store on Cryptids Island. Talk to the guy. Click on a model lighthouse and select “Can I buy something” and the guy will say “Can I buy something?” The glitch is called how to get the guy in the genenal store on cryptids island to say “Can I buy Something?”

  42. jess says:

    poptropica help blog you rock and have the best site.can you please please please post a cheat slash glitch i found. if you have the yellow guitar you get from the alvin chipwrecked ad which is open right now or the lemonade mouth press spacebar and music notes will come out and everyone will dance, [wont work in multiplayer rooms] as sooon as the musi notes are in the air customize someone and take the guitar off. the music notes will be stuck in the air an sometimes the people will keep dancing and daceing afterwards. then if you put the guitar back on the music notes come outforever until you leave the place. also, its really funny to use the guitar while on the reality tv show show. its so funny

  43. SL says:

    JUYO LISTEN TO THIS … Ok i have a new pop cheat … Go to cryptids … go to the hobo by Mews Mansion costumize his hat (You need to have alvin experience Parasailing costume from “Zip Line” ) After you costumized his hat look in ur items look at ur Parasailing suit it will have a long beard when u look at it then costumize it then i would recomend save it to costume collecter ~ SL ( Credit to me ) CHEAT ACTUALLY WORKS Look at my beard :

      • SL says:

        If you need more places were beards are listen to me 😉 Captain crawfishes eye patch . cryptids himilayas mountain guider’s hat , cryptids guy that has the bagpipe costume get his hat . the guy in the place where you play darts on cryptids the guy with blue hat get his hat. Wild West guy by the shooting contest get his hat he has a mustache 🙂 ! Wild west guy that sells potions get his hat . Grandpa Grum from reality TV get his hair and glasses. i think if you go to cryptids the guy with the beard on main street i think you get his glasses. Hey ! if anyone knows more plz tell me ! ~SL

    • Serious Shadow says:

      Mr.Mews hat. The guy on shark tooth island that gives away the grass skirts, customize his hair and glasses

  44. Orange Dolphin says:

    Hi Scary Tomato I just want to ask you a question

    1.Why did they take the cool codes erased?
    2.What is that Ctrl+Shift+0?
    3.And do you ever come back in Poptropica I never see you there.
    4.Are u a boy or girl in Poptropica?
    5.And how do u run in a multiplayer room?

    That’s all my question’s Scary Tomato and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you answer Scary Tomato.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

    • Hijuyo says:

      Scary Tomato = Hijuyo (me)

      1. Maybe they did not intend for those cheat codes to happen or be discovered, but we are not the Creators so we don’t know the real reasons for sure.
      2. It’s not a valid code (anymore).
      3. Yes, but you would need to be in a multiplayer room to see other players.
      4. Scary Tomato was originally a boy character, but I now use a girl character. Outside of Poptropica, I’m a girl.
      5. You can’t.

      Hope this clears things up for you, Orange Dolphin! 🙂

  45. Orange Dolphin says:

    One last question Scary Tomato

    Have you quited Poptropica?

    That’s all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):D 😀 😀 😀

    • Hijuyo says:

      “Scary Tomato” is currently known as Hijuyo on this website (that’s me), and I haven’t quit, per se. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  46. qwerty says:

    i dont know if this works for any one else but its worth a shot! on nabooti island once you are finished if you try to jump out the top of the museum where the beam of light is, it doesnt work but if you are in the light youll land on an invisible platform! they go all the way down!

  47. qwerty says:

    i think i kno why the glitches dont work. lots of ppl did em and the creators shut them off or the became over used and became old and stopped working, justa theory

  48. Angry Bird says:

    i hav a glitch!!!

    on 24 carrot island wen u give the cat the milk, keep clicking on the cat until ur back it touching the wall. the cat will stand up & push the wall!!! 🙂

  49. EpicNStuff says:

    I found out that if you are being hit in the butt by one of the angry goats on Nabooti Island in the area where you get the phone while your in mid-air click your mouse once and your face turns into a smile as you fall.


  50. cherida says:

    If you press ctrl + shift + 3 then without leting go of ctrl + shift press 1 your character will laugh so hard his/her face will turn red.

  51. Sarah says:

    i figured out a new cheat related to the black cup stuff, just you dont hold the cup it turns your skin black: ctrl+shift+s when your poptropican is drinking the BLUE shake thing

  52. yemo123 says:

    i got a glitch.
    1. go into a chat room (anywhere)
    2. Click on top of your poptropican (i mean click ubove your poptropican rel high)
    3. its best to do it on the Last top level.
    4. your poptropican will keep on jumping

  53. Shaky Crown says:

    This is a glitch that some people might know about but if you have the disco tree from the Lorax ad this will work for you. Go to Reality TV Island and go on the show. Click on the disco tree item. When someone is voted off (preferably someone on the other side) press the space bar when they start walking. A disco tree will grow. What should happen is that they will start dancing their way off the island.

  54. scarycatfish says:

    Sorry, but you cannot get the spear anymore. A long time ago, during a period of a couple days, you could customize hand items. During that time, I customized Athena’s Spear (Mythology Island) and saved it in the costume collector.

  55. Smart Lion says:

    Can I copy those because my cousin wants to know what are the cheat codes? Please, please, please…………

  56. UnKnOwN says:

    Once you had pressed ctrl+shift+3.then let your chracter move across the screen,your character will have a red face. NOTE:- when you let go of your left mouse botton your character will go normal.

  57. ♫~ℓιηdsεy~ツ~I♥?~♫ says:

    FOUND NEW GLITCH!!!!!!!!! 😀
    ~Walking on thin air!!!!~
    (to do this you must have crossbow on vampire’s curse island)
    1 be on Vampire’s Curse island
    2 go to the part of the island when you set the fountains
    3 equip crossbow
    4 walk towards the high pressure fountain
    – Smart Wolf 🙂

  58. Incredible Bubbles says:

    I once tried the holding black juice trick and the swirl didn’t come up and I couldn’t log out so I ended up with black hair, and it took me ages to get my hair back to normal again, in fact, my hair still isn’t my normal colour yet!!!!!

  59. Incredible Bubbles says:

    Hey, I just managed to stand on thin air in nabooti!
    I didn’t do anything except jump onto a ledge in the museum and then I jumped like I was going to jump onto the top-left ledge from the bottom-right ledge, I missed the ledge I was aiming for, and then I was standing on thin air!!!!
    But you can only do it if you’ve beaten nabooti island, because the totem will still be there if you haven’t, so you’d be standing on the totem, so if you wanna do this, you’ll need to beat nabooti first!

  60. Elijah Miguel Herrera says:

    Guys there is another way of changing your hair color

    1.Go to 24 or whatever carrot island

    2.Go to the diner

    3.Go the the drinking fountain on the left side

    4.Drink any color you want (for example)(if you drink the black punch you will get the black hair).


    One day i went on poptropica and i did the something wrong…… i pressed back at the top left corner at the top of ur computer screen and i went from GIRL TO BOY!!!! GRRRR anyone know how to fix this, please help o_0

    • coolswimmer468 (Mississippi Pepper) says:

      Go to avatar studio, type in rare9 or metalgirl, go back to poptropica and reload the page, you will look like the one you chose and you should be a girl 🙂

  62. wongkangzhao says:

    On Superpower island ,when u finish the whole thing ,U can go under ground by –
    1. On your flying power

    2. float above the sea between the Jail and the is land ( make sure u are near the jail and half of your poptropicain’s feet is in the water .)

    3. Charge straight at the main island(one of the feet must be in the water)

    4. When u reach the island, let go of the mouse and u will be underneath the island ! ( It takes ALOT of tries to get it right but u will love the result , Believe me !)

  63. legodirectorfilms says:

    Hey guys, I’ve found a new handheld item! It’s a candle, so here’s how to do it. First go to Vampire Curse Island, then go to the place where you light up the ceiling lights. Second, grab a pink candle from the table next to the wooden fire place. Third, click on your inventory and select ‘Time Tangled’. Fourth, put on the ‘Warrior Headdress’ then take it off. Last exit the place and you have the candle!

  64. mysterygirl21324 says:

    I got a glitch! First, buy and put on the Pirate Captain costume from the Poptropica store (75 credits). Then, go to Skullduggery Isle, Pirate Outpost. Halfway up the rope that’s holding cannonballs press the space bar. Wallah! You’ll see what’ll happen. Oh, and by the way, make sure to save first.

  65. Speedy Runner says:

    hey I found a glitch if you use the control+shift+3 glitch while you’re on a rope and climb down when your face turns red it will stay red until you jump away

  66. cleanshark says:

    For some reason,they removed the Three Mirrors gold card on the Poptropica Store.How come?

    Hijuyo: Poptropica Friends has a members feature called the Costume Closet which accomplishes the same thing, but you get to keep more than just 3 costumes!

    • lukas says:

      lucky for me i used to have a member account! i bought everything and i can still use it![its annoying though because i have to close and open then close once more to get to the member stuff]

  67. alarming says:

    Heres one: go to the sword thing and if you kill a robot on that bit of grass by the first two when it dies it turns into an afro guy! ( this may only work for a split second, then it turns into robot parts and dies.)

  68. cleanshark says:

    If you are on Reality TV Island,here’s something funny. If it’s the end of that particular day, and you didn’t win the event,press ctrl+shift+4 and then your Poptropican will halfway jump,and he’ll be smiling and on his tippy toes,and if he get’s voted off,he’ll be smiling and floating away.

  69. Blythe says:

    If you have a long range weapon, you can fire it while you’re on the helicopter, and it will fire in both directions.

  70. beanz says:

    if u want to keep the magic amulet in twisted thicket here r instructions:

    1.let the boldozers and such get to the forest, do NOT stop them. the “give up” button instead of the “try again” button.

    3. enjoy your new powers


  71. v.6.5 says:

    new cheat have the wonder tonic from wild west go to 24 carrites use the beard brew then do the glitch black juice then log back in and you will have beard

  72. erin says:

    Girl : Am I pretty?
    Boy : NO.
    Girl : Do you want to be with me forever?
    Boy : NO.
    ……Girl : Would you cry if I walked away?
    ……..Boy : NO
    She heard enough, and was hurt. She walked away, tears ran down her face. The boy grabbed her arm.
    Boy : Your not pretty, your beautiful. I don’t want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away, I would DIE.
    (Boy whispers) : Please? Stay with me.
    (Girl whispers) : I will.
    Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you. Something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm. Tomorrow it could be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life! If you don’t post this to 5 other events. You will have relationship problems for the next 10 years

  73. Slippery Dolphin says:

    Hey guys guess what? I found this cool glitch on steamworks island. Ok.

    1. You have to finish the island (but only until you fixed the Mech thing and wacked the weeds and entered the storage room somewhere on the very top left) and you have to have the teleporter to teleport you directly to the Mech. You also have to be in the Mech part of the way for this to work.
    2. Exit the storage room on the exit on the very top and to the left but NOT on the exit where Sprocket is! Ok, move to the left and if you did it correctly you should be on the Wild Zone (look on the Island Map) and now you have to exit the Mech where the tank with the snowflake is (right where you reach the Wild Zone) and go to the stuck mill wheel (or giant fan) where your person can`t move it.
    3. Jump on the fan thing on the East and go to the far wall on the West. Now go to your Inventory and click the teleporter thing and now you should be in mid air upside down and your head should be in the Mech! Exit the window and log back in and your poptropican should be back to normal (unless you saved it).
    I hope you liked this cheat! 🙂

    PS: How do you do that drink thing again because I tried it and when I logged back in I didn`t have the drink and now I`m still trying to get my pink hair back to normal! Please help! Also please forgive me if I wasn`t specific enough or if I was confusing. Bye! POPTROPICA ROCKS! So does this Help Blog! Add me on Poptropica my username is Beautiful1794 and I completed all the islands and have almost aall the photos! Plus I have some cool costumes you might like! See ya!

  74. Serious Shadow says:

    A glitch: go inside the lighthouse on ghost story island. equip the torch. press ctrl+shift+s. go outside, and you’re holding a torch!

  75. lukas says:

    Guys i got a great glitch! if you go to early poptropica and go to the green building on the street with the clothing lines and knock down the orange flower and click where it was after or go and come back and click the flower and you get a members only item!

  76. Slippery Dolphin says:

    Guys I can`t make the talking mouth cheat work! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried clicking on someone in a multiplayer room and talking to them. While they were still talking I tried to copy their mouths, but they stayed th same! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  77. roberto says:

    wats up i dont know if thise is a glith but go to early poptrpica if you have the jet pack go to the towers and then go to the wires (were the cloths is hanging)then but on the jet pack and bounce on the wire and you will spin and then use the jet pack and u will still be spinning

    • matgj says:

      you can do it by just walk to a side of a building be sure to have space then press when arrow is yellow then fly be sure to have a jet pack

  78. Alina says:

    I did the “turn the cat into a person!” glitch and it made the cat stay in one place and turn my skin purple!

    • coolswimmer468 (Mississippi Pepper) says:

      To turn into a guy/girl:
      Go to avatar studio, type in rare9 or metalgirl, go back to poptropica and reload the page, you will look like the one you chose and you should be a girl, to be a guy do the following but type in fsdummy or KeithSammut19. Hope I helped. (PS click my name for a quick link to avatar studio)

  79. zippy flame says:

    I’m not entirely sure how I did it, or if it can be done again, but I was on the far left of Dr. Spyglass’ store, and I was grappling. I grappled up, and then before the grapple hit anything, I grappled down. The bowtie stayed on me, and a string was shooting straight up. It hit the sky and then.. kept going? I started rising with it, and pretty soon I was off the screen, still going up. I could go side to side, but that made the string stop, and I soon began to fall again, even though it took me a few seconds to be on the screen again. For a minute there, I was flying!

    –Zippy Flame, username is tdthi

  80. tjk; says:

    beware the black juice trick makes ur character sick and it turns green untill u change the skin color

    Slanted Fish: I don’t think it makes you sick, perhaps it was just the skin color that turned green.

  81. lukas says:

    hey guys i found something weird!first turn on atom power. then stand next to somebody and press spacebar. click your invertory. close it. and they should be just like they would with atom power!

  82. Slippery Tummy says:

    Nice! i luv this blog! is there any way 4 me to join? my hub pages blog is rly boring but i rly wanna join this.

  83. serious popper says:

    i found out this cool thing that happens when you change skin colors you need to have a follower any one and every 3 times you do it the follower will dissapear and it will show up at the top left corner and then fly down in that direction its head will stay like that for 5 secs then fly up next to you again

  84. TWOOOOOO says:

    when you are untied in the black widows house on counterfeit island jump right before you exit the door and you will be standing on an invisible table.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Um, that’s only one part of it..? On this page alone, it tells you more than just the randomizing cheat. If you’re looking for other kinds of Poptropica help, be sure to browse our other pages, since we do have island help, cool tools, etc. 🙂

  85. strange beetle says:

    hey, I have a glitch!
    I call it, resurecting hercules! If you use the crayons, from the shrink shot game on the statue of hercules in mytholgy, he’ll turn back into a human and he’ll be colored!

  86. 4rt3m1s says:

    You know my person’s really wacky! Whenever I complete 24 Carrot Island it deletes all my other medallions! 😥

  87. nukeman says:

    hey phb THIS IS AWESOME nice job i also found a cool glitch: hold control shift s and keep holding and ur rainbow like mario with super star man

  88. aussiwe says:

    who wants purple gum you have to purchase the shrink sot game(for free) then play the game and bump into the packet of gum you will get purple gum and if you bump into crayons you will get crayons which let you make people these colours red,green,yellow,blue,orange,purple please add me on popropica my username is diva30271 thanks

  89. Calm Penguin says:

    you forgot the how to hold the torch cheat! Go to the viking era in time tangled island. Go on the front of the cave. Open your inventory. Put on your glider. go inside. Remove the glider. go outside.your holding the torch!!!

    Slanted Fish: It’s listed on this page under the Easter Eggs heading. You may have forgotten to read that part. 😉

  90. Nina says:

    I discovered this glitch when trying to do Purple Thunder’s trick:
    1)Get a balloon from the balloon store on Counterfeit (i got blue, not sure if it works on other colors)
    2)Like Purple Thunder said, go to the blimp and climb the rope halfway then just wait there a few seconds, it will look like you have let go of the balloon and it is slowly floating up
    3)When the balloon “floats” to the top and you can’t see it on the screen anymore click then either click to move on the rope or to the side (i did the right) and u bounce up so your higher than the blimp
    WARNING: (the clicking to move your poptropican can be tricky, you might need to click in different ways like in different directions or number of times but this really does work)

  91. Golden Lightening says:

    spy island (u might need to start over)
    go into the warehouse B.A.D. headquarters with the guard dogs and after u hav talked to the tied up spy in the bank vault who gives you the laser pen, he goes and beats up the guard at the door so u can leave. He is unconscious and has stars above his head, so then u need to put on the chameleon suit (if u don’t already have it on) then customize the guard and take his bandana thing wrapped around his mouth, it will look like your poptropican is wearing a lot of black eyeshadow (like as much as kim kardashian)

  92. Golden Lightening says:

    this only works on mythology island in Poseidon’s lair:
    1)go to poseidon’s lair
    2)put on his trident from your backpack than press space bar and you will do the smile thing and it you will hold out the trident like your showing it off and then you turn electric.
    3)Press spacebar again and instead of turning off the trident’s electric power turning you back to normal, POOF! you will disapear.
    To reapear all you need to do is press spacebar again.

  93. Golden Lightening says:

    not exactly a glitch but its kinda cool:
    go to reality tv and play a season when you start the game and you are with the other competitors (like dr. hare, freddy fry, etc), go to your store items and put on the shrink ray gun then press space bar and everyone turns tiny (except you). They all look like little dolls.

  94. Golden Lightening says:

    first start chewing bubblegum (any kind will do)
    then go to reality tv and play a season
    (you have to play shuffleboard for this to work so you might need to keep going back until you find the game
    then when its your turn to shoot the puck with your face on it, press spacebar and a little bubble will come from your puck.

  95. Icy Speck says:

    My favorite island is Reality TV Island, i figured it out on my own, but i would’ve done it faster with your guides help:)

  96. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    I got a Cheat Code!!

    1. Win most of the ADs in the Poptravel in the Cool Stuff section.
    2. Get out of the AD building, no matter in wich island you are. (Enter to an AD if you didn’t for then).
    3. Click ”Save”.
    4. Log Out.
    5. Wait 10 or 15 minutes to Log In again.
    6. You should have some of the items in your inventory!!

    Note: This only worked once for me, so it might not work for you, guys. If so, sometimes you have to wait 2 hours to make it work.

    Bye! 😉

  97. Aaron Carls says:

    on mystery train when you have to get the guy prune juice as soon as you pick it up press ctrl+shift+S and then walk out and back in if you dont get it back after walking out after you get the key then press the back button till you have it back and you’ll still have the key and the pitcher

    tip: the pitcher disappears after the guy leaves to go to the bathroom but you should get it back when you walk out

  98. Undefined Undefined says:


    Ways to customize this AFRO DUDE like, with white skin, PITCH black hair, these really creepy eyes, etc….

    1: click on a photo that hasn’t loaded yet
    2: let a dog CHOMP! you and then click on your 16th friend, go back to the first friend, click the t-shirt, and BAM! there he is.
    3: cusomize a person leaving a common room

    His eyes turn into little lines, they switch from eyelids to no eyelids, for a split second they turn into DUMMY eyes, and they have eyelashes for the first (normal) blink! IT’S SO AWKWARD.

  99. darleen8 says:

    Hey, this IS NOT a cheat but it will help anyone doing skullduggery island. First, save before you leave port. If you’re like me, you trade and get a lot of douboloons. Then, you’re so happy when…. your ship sinks. if you saved before you left port, when they take away 2,000 douboloons you can get them back. when they take your money, they don’t save it untill you get on land. Once it says ” Your ship sank and you lost cargo and douboloons. You will be sent back to port. Good luck next time” or something like that, x out of that, and you’re sent back to port. then x out of poptropica and come back, HUZZAH! you have your douboloons back!

  100. Rebecca says:

    Wow, it’s been a long time since anyone has comented on here! Sorry I haven’t been on here in so long! I’ve been REALLY busy, but I look foward to the time I have on here!

  101. Undefined Undefined says:

    Be on the lookout for a guy with:

    a: black afro. white tank. grin. black shorts. eyes with line through them. white arms and legs.

    b. bald. star tee. bucked teeth. blue jeans. eyelids. blue legs and tan arms.

    c. puffy white hair with black outline. white tank. grin. black shorts. black eyelids. no arms or legs.

    d: same as a; but with pitch- black skin.

    a is The afro guy, the guy, mystery npc, evil afro guy
    b is the creepy bald dude
    c is the loading girl.
    d is afro guy’s twin

  102. I am angry because most of the hacks are not valid says:

    Why are most of the cellphones codes not working? I really wanted to have a hold handing bag and a skate and a cellphone and a brush and a guitar and… EVERYTHING!

  103. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    I have a new cheat ! It’s to change the weather in Super Villain Island.

    Notes: 1. You don’t need to be member for this, but you’ll need the jetpack power from the monster high AD.
    2. After the cheat, when you click log out and quickly close the tab, when you
    log in again you’ll appear in front of ”the computer” and if you click return to
    game, you’ll se the ”NEW PHOTO ADDED” icon appear again.

    1. Go to Super Villain Island.
    2. Complete most of the quest till’ you’re inside the prison.
    3. When you passed the X-ray and the Scan, use the jetpack power.
    4. Now you can move, so avoid the shower, the dry, and the photo (even if you avoid it you will appear in ”the computer”).
    5. The man you saw before entering the security ”sistem” should be there. Click on him. He’ll say: you already passed security, and the ”door” should open.
    6. Get through the security till’ you reach the door. You shouldn’t see the storm anymore. Now get outside the prison.
    7. Voila ! No more storm, or black shaking water !

    If there’s something you don’t understand or the cheat doesn’t work, ask me.

  104. The EVIL AFRO GUY says:

    The evil afro guy and other npc glithes

    Hungry popper: he is bald. he has a star shirt and also jeans.
    EAG: he has strange eyeballs. they get these lines through them and then they get all cross eyed.
    The twin: just like EAG, but with PITCH black skin.
    Loading girl: go to your friends. see what I mean? The girl with the black eyeshadow is her.

  105. The EVIL AFRO GUY says:

    add shirtlessguyglitch for a shirt that is tan colored and looks like your not wearing a shirt! girls can do this.

  106. Gaurav (@gg873702) says:

    thnx! i was so upset that i didn’t change my character’s characteristics but now i bookmarked this website and copied the link so if i have any problem then i just come to this site! thnx creator!

  107. Wtf says:

    I got a cheat code!

    1, click Ctrl,Shift,and 3 at the same time.
    2. As soon as your head is about to go up, click Ctrl,Shift,2 at the same time.
    3. You look like a red-faced cry baby! XD

  108. Lazy Flipper says:

    oooooooooh i gotta glitch! –
    you hold down the button ctrl shift 1 2 3 or 4 and once you hold onto it your face will freeze either happy, really happy, or closed eyes! try it i just discovered it now… :p

  109. Mad Halloween Scientist, Mad Tornado says:

    How can I get a Dart in poptropica ? (Handheld item) Because my friend Red Lizard has one, and I want one too.

  110. Gentle Typhoon says:

    OK so, I was looking through the boredom busters, and I wanted to do the one with the bug people in multiverse room until they leave, so I went to super villian island because I know that its the newest island, and I thought more people would be there, so when I got in the multiverse room, I found a way past the patched mouth glitch! some girl in there had the “talkative mouth”, so I made sure that she didn’t notice I had customized off of her when she was walking I quickly customized her mouth, and now I got the nonstop talking mouth 😀 also, if you add tough spider you can get it off of them too 🙂 -Gentle Typhoon (or Bronze Seagull)

  111. raymond says:

    Whoa wimpy boardwalk was so amazing,lunar colony, and super villian im waiting for willy wonka and the chocolate factory|!!! heheheheh! 🙂 raymond

  112. happy horse says:

    i have a really good one that gives you flying powers. here’s how to do it:1. go to any island 2. customize the handheld apple from Applebee’s Apple Power Glasses 3.jump in the air and hold your cursor up 4. when you are in the air and holding it up, push the spacebar rapidly and you will fly when it rains apples!awesome right?

  113. happy horse says:

    if you add ginger1540 you can go to her closet and customize all the handheld items above and she has a complete cat costume. you can find the tail form the werewolf costume in the poptropica store.(ginger1540 is my main account. my other account is molly43r1)

  114. happy horse says:

    i have another good glitch. this is how to kiss. this is how to do it: on the green t shirt icon on the upper right corner on your screen. this gives you the power to customize.
    2. click on a boy character if your a girl and girl character if your a boy.
    3. quickly when the screen is loading, rapidly click repeatedly on the spot where the character you are customizing usually stands.
    4. your character will move close to the customizing character.
    note: you may have to try this a few times before it works so be patient.
    hope you like it.
    -Happy Horse

  115. happy horse says:

    i have another one its not really a cheat code.
    1. customize shorts from a random player.
    2. friend Ginger1540
    3. go to her closet.
    4. customize the outfit in the very back (the cat costume). but only customize the body.
    5. your poptropica player is naked

  116. happy horse says:

    i have a much easier way to get the glow stick. just go to your photos for early poptropica island. look for the one where it shows you in that dark place where you find the golden. it should say something like “my GPS dosent work down here” or “taking the scenic route”. find the icon on top of the photo that looks like a shirt. customize the glow stick. THE END

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Depends on the internet browser and what you need the “tools” for. Find out the name and version of your current browser and try looking it up on Google. If you just need the “tools” to clear your cache or something, look up how to do that with your browser instead.

  117. dskgmdfksgmkfdms says:

    what do you mean by Code. Item Name

    Slanted Fish: They’re codes you can enter on your cell phone from Nabooti Island. Crossed out codes don’t work anymore.

  118. Box says:

    Easter Eggs (all using the water spouts on Vampire’s Curse Island):

    1. Cover (with boulders) the first two spouts.
    2. Walk away, then run towards the two remaining spouts.
    3. Keep holding down the mouse, and when you run over the spouts, let go.
    4. You will go flying into the air, but will continue the normal running motion.

    1. Cover (with boulders) the first two spouts.
    2. Walk onto one of the spouts.
    3. Let go of the mouse, and you will walk in place on top of the spout.

    1. Cover (with boulders) the first two spouts.
    2. Walk away, then run towards the two remaining spouts.
    3. Right before you get to them, move the mouse down so you roll.
    4. Make sure you stop yourself so you don’t go flying off of the spout.
    5. Let go of the mouse. You will stay on top of the spout and will be tumbling around continuously. [Depending on how you land on the spout, you will tumble very fast or very slow.]

  119. Fearless Heart says:

    1. Go to recent activity
    2. If there is not a dummy in the front try later.
    3. Go all the way through.
    4. Go to friends and look at yourself.
    5. You will probably have dummy eyes and a different costume.
    (I do not know how to remove the dummy eyes.)

  120. Patricia D. says:

    I have a glitch sometimes it wont work follow this steps:

    1. Go to Super Power Island

    2. Go to the jail where the big green thing there…

    3. Swim or fly or just flying with your feet is almost in the water.

    4 If you are in the sand and then stop holding the mouse..

    —-/\/ote—– : Excuse me if that never works dont blame me and dont ask me i have 2 poptropicans….hope you like it 😀 …. Maybe

  121. Slippery Dolphin says:

    Erlinda10 says:

    June 26, 2009 at 1:33 am

    Another glitch.

    switch heads:

    1. In astro knights, go to that fountain and enter.

    2.then jump up to the table at the end of the room.

    3.wait until two poptropicans put heads together.

    4.then jump into the ground and the boy puts his head on top of old granny!Jump up into the table again and old granny put her head on top of the youngster!

    (this glitch may be hard. Just keep trying. And wait patiently.)

    Tip: Talk to the youngster (little boy) and the granny might come over to his head and do the 4 steps above. (this may take a few tries.)
    @Erlinda10, oh my goodness I tried it and it actually worked! 😮 (P.S sorry this comment is pretty long!)

  122. matgj says:

    go to a place where the ending is a water place(any place with water in ending) go zoom 500% then jump(when jump hold arrow to go to side then down but to walk you need to hold it) you will walk underground

  123. Christmas Clown says:

    New RTV glitch!

    1)Go to RTV island.
    2)Customize the lightning bolt staff.
    3)Participate in RTV.
    4)Play mountain race.
    5)Press space-bar.
    6)Your character will run but not move his/her legs.Also,lightning won’t appear but the ground will shake! 😀

    Also,could you give moi credit for this? :innocent:

  124. lone hawk says:

    water slide glitch:
    1.go to super power island
    2.go to the edge of an island (u can use any of theboth island)
    3.when arrow is yellow press but your flying has to be on
    4.then hold it
    5.tada your water sliding oh and this is the only island you can do this

  125. darleen8/Slippery Tummy says:

    Hi Everyone!I Ifany1 is veiwing this now thatcan help me, Please do. Does anyone know how to log into the xat chat thing? I’ve triedwith my picture, but It wont work. Annyone out there plz help!
    S.T. (no, not scary tomato, but I wish i was) Out!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Our Xat chatroom, the PHC, automatically logs you in if you have a Xat account. If you don’t, you’ll still show up, but as a guest with an auto-generated name. You can change your name and picture by clicking on your name, which is listed at the top of the right column – along with everyone else who’s currently online.

  126. Short Crush says:

    i have a glitch : if you have membership and have completed the bonus quest and have the amulet go to twisted thicket island and activate dryad flying power and go on top of the electric wires and fly downward till you are on the rope of blimp and then run side ways and the wire disapears from under you and ou apear to be runing on thin air

  127. KAILEY says:

    I have a glitch, it is probably not cool but here it is 🙂
    ok first u need the shrink ray gun from the store and then you go to spy island then you go to the guy that is hiding in the trashcan and u can shrink him:D its funny.
    oh and u can customize him too!

  128. Short Crush says:

    i have another glitch : if u have the jetpack from early poptropica island go to the island put on the jetpack then travel straight from early popotropica island 2 wild west island and presto u will still be wearing the jetpack

  129. katie says:

    this is how you get a skull its a membership item for free
    -get legendry swords then go to the cave where you get the sword there should be a skull on the wall click it and you got it.

  130. Jumpy Rock says:

    you can get a drinking glass for your poptropican to hold by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S while you have the mans drinking glass at the B.A.D. Bistro on spy island

  131. Jumpy Rock says:

    get a drinking glass for your poptropican to hold!!! all you have to do is go to the B.A.D. Bistro on spy island and press Ctrl+Shift+S while you have the mans drinking glass in your hand!!!!! it will stay until you customize it off!!!! and please add me, Jumpy Rock to your poptropica friends for i am awesome 🙂

  132. itstoostrangeforme says:

    Here’s a glitch:
    1. Go to Astro Knights island
    2a. Click on the foutain thing that lets you in the Mordred Club.
    2b. Enter the password for the fountain
    3. click on it again
    4. you should be under the ground.

  133. itstoostrangeforme says:

    I think this may be a glitch:
    After you beat Red Dragon Island, go talk to the kappa fisher. He says what he says before he caught the kappa.

  134. Bob Bobert Bobaroo (sadly,my real name) says:

    i know a glitch for legendary swords island. start the island, go to the last exit but DO NOT ENTER EXIT TO MAIN EXIT WHERE YOU BATTLE YOUR FIRST ROBOTS! jump into the wall to the right of the skull mask twice (doesn’t work on the skull mask side of the wall). If you jump once, it will kind of push you against the wall and the second time you do it, you be trapped through the wall for a few milliseconds and then you will be pushed through the wall slowly and you will go through the wall. PLZ REPLI IF U LK IT!!!!!!!! THX!

  135. itstoostrangeforme says:

    1. Go on the Mystery train
    2. Go to the bathroom
    3. Open stall doors
    4. Jump on the toilet
    5. Close stall doors
    6. You should disappear, then fall from nowhere

  136. itstoostrangeforme says:

    1. Go on the Mystery Train
    2. Go to Harry Houdini ( Erik Weisz)’s Room
    3. Jump on the thing holding the books
    4. Jump into the red thing with the rope
    5. You should be above the screen and staying there until you drop.

  137. Friendly Star says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUND A GLITCH!!!!!! If you press shift+cntl and then p you”ll have a pumpkin head!!!!! just do it again to take it off!!! so awesome!!!

  138. Samwow5 says:

    Um, how do u write words on the screen? I remember they had a glitch on here that said a text box appears and you get to write what u want in it and it appears on the screen. But now it isn’t on here, so how do u do it?

    Slanted Fish: It doesn’t usually work, so it was removed, but I believe it’s the F12 key.

  139. SL says:

    I am very angry these new really good cheats all all mine and who ever told you to put these on here , TAKE THEM OFF Please they were not told to people for a REASON!
    These are all credit to SL , you can make a post and say that the cheats we removed for a reason because of SL and his team. Look I know Elphangor or whatever told you Hijuyo, but he or her didnt have my permission They just want to be cool on your blog, YOu have to delete these for my reasons. Please all the new ones , Thanks

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Actually, I saw the cheats listed online somewhere myself, though it was credited to Elphangor (so, he didn’t tell these to me directly). Samwow5 said that he and you both deserved credit for them (which I gave) and told me it would be alright to put them up, so I did. I have not explicitly announced any of these on the front page, so it’s not drawing in extra attention, but it’s available to people looking for Poptropica cheats. What is your reason for wanting them off? I figured since they were available elsewhere already, I may as well post them here for people to find. There’s no need to be angry about it.

      • StaraptorXD says:

        Fishy, you don’t understand how rare these cheats are (no offense). These cheats are MAJOR and credit goes to SL. If creators find out how rare these cheats are, then they may remove it. It’s best you keep rare glitches to yourself. Also, if people use these new cheats unproperly. Their account may get deleted for having rares. Just Beware. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Creators may even reset your character. Idk if this is true though. But from what I have heard, it is true. Though there are ways to avoid that. It’s best to leave these cheats in the hands of their founders or people who were entrusted with these cheats.


        PS: SL, cheats can be found more frequently. J lee and eddie found some new ones [you know some of em ;)]

      • Slanted Fish says:

        I’m aware that these cheats are “rare.” I’ve also given credit where it’s due, especially to SL. Some of the glitches on this blog have been around for a while (such as the changing cat or choice of beards) and have not been removed by the Creators, so as long as we’re not drawing extra attention to them (and I have not announced them on the front page), it should be fine.

        It doesn’t seem likely that an account would be reset or deleted for “having rares” – if that were the case, the accounts being used to customize rares wouldn’t exist. I’ve never heard of Creators deleting accounts for that reason, but of course people should be cautious in the way they use some of these glitches.

    • Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

      I don’t mean to be rude FrancineGabb, but, what is with the caps? It doesn’t make sense, also, that was kinda off subject. Talk about more on topic things on the right pages. 🙂 pag

  140. StaraptorXD says:

    Um, Fishy, those glitches aren’t supposed to be released to public! They are rare and will get deleted by being noticed by a well-known blog.

  141. Lone Monster says:

    I don’t understand the Customize everything glitch. Sorry, but could someone please help me with that?

    Slanted Fish: I think it’s explained pretty clearly, but which part do you need help with?

  142. DR. HARE says:

    Simply log in with your existing Poptropica account and enter the promo code DRHARE2500 to claim your free Big Carrot outfit.

  143. Speedy Crown says:

    Hey Guys, Im pretty popular on Poptropica, and as u guessed im Speedy Crown, I look pretty good and i would LOOOVEE it if you come chat to me or battle 😀 Im gonna be on Zomberry Island on the 2nd of March

  144. Wild Monster says:

    Walk on rope

    1. on any island climb up the rope on your blimp and stop halfway up.

    2. activate a costume effect and remain on the rope.

    3. Your character will stand on the rope!

    P.s friend me my username is w23456789

  145. icy says:

    Two new glitches 1: the invisble glitch. in night watch after asking the woman to leave jump in the othere tan solon then keep hiting s to skip move well doing this youll be invisible! two :the push man glitch in night watch when your using the flamtroer on a metel door in the vent walk toward it before its gone. when its gone youll bepushing still well moving! itll stop when you either stop moving or jump or

  146. mandogy says:

    Go to Binary’s Dream in Super Villain Island and use the Stopwatch but do CTRL SHIFT S then wake up and you have a freeze time stopwatch outside of dream 😀

  147. Crazy Bean says:

    The customize anything glitch is patched! Everything was fine and dandy when I tried it yesterday, and today I couldn’t exit the photo viewer after turning on the costumizer screen. 😥

  148. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer says:

    Guys! The ads don’t work anymore! They just lead you to the index! 😥

    The creators have been up to fixing everything lately! Who knows what will be next? I knew it! They were secret for a reason! 😥 Now what? The no eyes no mouth glitch? *sigh* What a waste,what a waste. 😦

  149. Crazy Bean says:

    I can do the customize everything glitch again! All you have to do is do the instructions up until the point where you cant exit the viewer(the part thats patched) then switch back to the game and back to the friends again and costumize! It worked for me! (Happy happy) ironically, Im one of the few people who posted the glitch not working any more (I think?)

  150. Samwow5 says:

    Fishy I have a glitch! While you’re acting the scene where you’re the navigator, press Ctrl- Shift-S and it will let you keep the navigator costume!

  151. perfectgamer115 says:

    NO! My costumize photo glitch is broken, as well as ads. Then there’s this grey glitch shirt that crashes my game when I try to costumize it. Also, dummies no longer show up as dummies on Avatar Studio. Why creators!? WHY!?

    • Silver Wolf says:

      The Customize Everything glitch still works. How to still use it:
      1. Go to your closet and click a Poptropican.
      2. Once it loads, exit by pushing the X in the background.
      3. You can now customize!
      Yes, they took down the ad transporters. 😦
      I know why you have a grey shirt (I asked the Creators personally). Only shirts from old ads appear grey and to where you can’t customize them.
      Hope this helps!

  152. Happy Penguin says:

    If you want cat whiskers, go to 24 carrot island and find the cat. Click it and straight after clicking, go to friends. Click the first friend and scroll sideways until you cant see them. Now click the blue t shirt costumizer button and have fun getting some cute kitty whiskers!

  153. robert wasd says:

    i have a glitch too!!!!!

    1.first you have to complete reality t.v. island and mythology island

    2. go on reality t.v. island and jump in the middle of the blades of the helicopter were the trident and crown from mythology island and press the space bar the angry emote (Ctrl + Shift + 3) and you will see your player’s head go over the screen!!!

  154. Chrissy T says:

    I finished Twisted Thicket Island and I just restarted it with the necklace on. The nacklace with the powers was still on but it wasn’t in my items.??????

    • Slanted Fish says:

      If you restart an island, all the items you earned with it would disappear from your inventory. You may be wearing the necklace, but you’ll have to get to that part of the quest to have it added to your items again.

  155. Comical Turtle says:

    I tried the beard cheat for the alvin beard, BUT IT DIDN’T WORK. What do I do? :[

    Slanted Fish: Sorry, it doesn’t work anymore because the Ad Transporter and old ad prizes were disabled.

  156. ???? says:

    How to customize Shark BoY and his deadly fish On his hand….
    1.Go to your friends(Middle of the store and Home)
    2.Add a Friend…Username:sharkboycreator
    3.You add it now and follow the Glitch Of customize anything…
    4.Go to your Friends profile and click on your Photos.
    5.Pick any photo and click on the shirt button at the top of it. This will bring up the Costumizer window.
    6.Click on the yellow blimp icon at the top to go “Back to Game.”
    7.Go back to the Friends section and click on any friend you wish to customize (there’s a tiny blue shirt button to the right that brings up a Costumizer window), or a costume in a friend’s closet you wish to customize.
    8.You can customize anything they have on! (Note: It only works for the first costume you pick, but you can repeat these steps to customize from another costume from your friends or their closets.)See:))))

  157. Comical Turtle says:

    I have a weird one:
    1) Go to Wild West and ride Elmer
    2) Costumize any person
    3) They should have white skin, a big smile, an afro, a white shirt, and black shorts to costumize!
    I dont really know why this is useful, but i found it on my own!

    • Little Dolphin says:

      He is called Afro Guy, and he is the Default Poptropican. I don’t know why he is popping up, though. Do his eyes change?

  158. dangerous eye says:

    Oh,Hav i got a glitch for YOU!On wild west island,in the train robbery minigame,i shot El Mustashio Grande 2 times with the spud gun and when he came back,HE WAS COMPLETELY RED!!!(this glitch is extremely rare)

  159. FABIO says:


  160. FABIO says:


  161. Grey Club says:

    How to Have prune juice in your hand (Mystery Train Island)

    1.Go to tesla s Room

    2.get the prune juice Shift+ctrl+s

    4. Now you will have White prune juice

  162. FABIO says:

    i have an awesome glitch first go to mythology island but don`t finish it go to your friend list and add blake29882 then go to his closet and you can costumize Poseidon`s staff thing and it will work . i will be sure to send out other glitches when i get the chance P.S add me vanina2 no membership anymore 8)

  163. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Hey,in Mythology Island,after you solve it,go to the beach where you saw Triton,go by the sea then use your trident.Press SPACEBAR twice then you’ll be invisible 😉

  164. Belle says:

    HI. I tried the glitches. They are awesome, but changing the cat won’t work for my character. Can you help?

  165. Brave Wolf says:


    I accidentally did the one with the fsdummy that involves giving your character that same outfit, except it changed my character’s gender! I didn’t mean for it to happen either…I just wanted to see what fsdummy’s character looked like and then my laptop crashed and when I logged back in I was a boy! I still have all the same costumes and can customize my old items but I’m a BOY! How do I change it back?! Someone please tell me!! I have over 32 islands completed and membership….Someone please help!! )):

    • hatersloveme2490 (still hatersloveme4897) says:

      Same thing here,I was a boy and I was searching random people to add and I did not used fsdummy then my computer crashed and started over Poptropica and when I logged back in,I was the girl on the Avatar Studio.Still,I have my friends and 35 medals and membership,but at least I’ve got boy and girl store items!

    • Brave Wolf says:

      @Silver Wolf: I still don’t know what to do!! I really wanted to try a lot of these cheats here and everything and like I said, I have 32 islands completed as well as membership, I REEEAAALLLLYYY don’t wanna have to make a new character!! ): I’ve had this account since about 2010! If anybody knows how to help either one of us, please help!!!

      • Silver Wolf says:

        I have completed 33 (i think and I have Membership, too! I really don’t wanna change my character, either, because I own a blog and my name is used a LOT. )’:

  166. lol says:

    LoL! when i put the balloon on, everyone crowded around me and they all tried to customize and then so many people tried to be my friend. LoL!!!!

  167. smart ant says:

    the costomize all glitch doesn’t work anymore and please find another glitch so I can costomize all stuff the poptropica creator’s fixed that glitch I think in april 29 2013

  168. smart ant says:

    the costomize all stuff glitch doesn’t work anymore the poptropica creators fixed it and hi.juyo please find I another glitch that allows you to costumize all p.s I don’t know how to spell costimize and please reply and take the costumize all glitch down since it doesn’t work and the video down too.

  169. maroon snowballl says:

    when you first land on sos jump on the boat and at the end when you go off the screen jump, and you will be sliding back

  170. maroon snowballl says:

    when you land on sos island get on the ship and go until the boats off the screen, then you will be sliding backwards on the water

  171. Red Ice says:

    I have a cheat. Go to Early Poptropica, go to where the 8 bit characters are, and go down the well. Get to the bottom where the water is. Get in the water. Point your mouse up and jump, but don’t jump on a platform. After you jump, keep your arrow ➡ up, and you can hop on water! (Note: you might be able to do this in other water too.)

  172. Random says:

    I can’t do the noncostumizable character glitch! I did exactly what was written on those three geishas in Red Dragon, but it doesn’t work for me.. 😦

    Slanted Fish: The glitch is not for Poptropica human characters; it’s for cats, dogs, robots, etc.

  173. yellow wolf says:

    on shrink ray when you have stacked up the cat food you can stand in the middle of it
    if a script for poptropica is running slow on your computer hit the x button, a thing will pop up hit no this will cause your computer to freeze with your body doing all the common room motions and moving handheld items

  174. Ding says:

    Wow,the bell does make a ding in charlies supply co.I wonder why they didnt put SFX or music for any other part of poptropica ._.

  175. Funny Pelican says:



  176. musabelievix :) says:

    question is this a glitch: i went to nabooti then saw the red jewel but i already finishied the quest is this a glitch? and also when i was just jumping i was standing in air it’s like there’s a platform there

  177. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Solve Early Poptropica then go in Wild West Island (you need the jetpack from Early Poptropica) and put in on then SUCCESS!YOU CAN FLY!

    Slanted Fish: You can only wear that jetpack on Early Poptropica.

  178. angry foot says:

    to make Santa use cellphone from nabooti island type 1225 to get the hat and bag then get the Lil demon and grab the shirt and pants get the beard cheat from this page press ctrl+shift+h tell your beard is white

  179. Golden Hopper says:

    Heres a glitch i found out
    press ctrl+shift+1 and hld them.Then you move your person (without letting go of the other buttons) you will be crouching down gliding on the ground! Its cool…

  180. Snowpup101 says:

    I found a really weird glitch. In the seraphim tribe common room, I went off the page and when i reloaded, i had stars following me everywhere!!

    • Hyper Biker says:

      You don’t need to reload, it happens to other Poptropicans too. Although I don’t know why, Fishy can u explain?

  181. quick snowball (queen of recycling) says:

    on SOS island if you zoom in in really far you can jump off the screen and you will be off the screen and underwwater

  182. BTV Solo Review says:

    I don’t even know how I finished up here, however I thought this submit was good. I do not recognise who you might be however certainly you’re going
    to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

  183. quick snowball says:

    go to ghost story island, you have to have not passed it, do the non-customizable character glitch to the seagull in the fountain and the souvenir guy will show up

  184. Fearless Pelican says:

    I found a glitch! here are the steps to make the glitch work: first complete mythology island. .then go on an island besides mythology, and use the teleportation mirror that Drachma[i think that is her name] gave you. you will then automatticly be logged out.

    Slanted Fish: Actually, Aphrodite gives you the teleportation mirror. The drachma is the coin. 😛

  185. dangerous thunder says:

    on the no eyes and no mouth cheat how do you refresh poptropica?

    Slanted Fish: Click the refresh button at the top near the address bar.

  186. Get Domain Name says:

    Hey there are using WordPress for your site platform?
    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started
    and set up my own. Do you need any html coding expertise to make your
    own blog? Any help would be really appreciated!

  187. hppybean191 says:

    on someone said on SOS when you start swimming you will find a guy standing in water with NO LEGS i wanted to see that so i tried doing that all the sudden it glitched the background turned PURPLE and i was falling through the ground in STEAMWORKS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  188. crazy turtle says:

    on reality tv island before you start the mini game hit ctrl shift 4 and you will be stuck in that position

  189. Happy Scorpion says:

    I’m confused about the noncostumizable characters like dogs, cats, and robots. How do you do it? What do you mean by “scroll to the right”? Any help would be really appreciated! 🙂

    Slanted Fish: “Scroll to the right” in this case means moving your cursor to the right side of your friends list (where the avatars are) so you can see more.

  190. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Found another glitch but you need to be a member.
    1.When you are beginning a game in Reality TV island or ready to vote,use Hades crown,Helio Gum and Flower Power.
    2.Press SPACEBAR then you’ll be floating in air then press it again and your flower will be floating!

  191. Happy Eagle says:

    I found a glitch!!! you have to be able to fly on super power island. Go to super power island and turn on flight, then go to Dr. hares secret lair (from the store) You should be able to fly while completing the minigame

  192. wild knuckle says:

    i did the Non-costumizable Character (dogs, cats, robots) glitch and the robot did show up but i wasnt able to costumize my character 😦

  193. Yay says:

    To get a Pizza Box, enter Pizza Pete’s number (555-PETE), when the pizza lady comes you get the pizza box from here, then you’ll be able to keep it until you continue the island or until customized off.

  194. Lauren20568 says:

    I have a glitch!
    Ok you need to be a member…
    Get the *Inside Out Power* in the poptropica store
    and also get the *Virtual Virus Costume* Also in the poptropica store
    The put on the *Virtual Virus Costume*(you dont need to put on the head) costume then do the *Inside Out Power*.
    You should have no legs or no feet
    (found by: Lauren20568)
    Have fun!

  195. The Recycling Queen says:

    In Puerto Rico on cryptids island customize the guy with mustache. Click on his hair and you will get the mustache too.

  196. tngirl182 says:

    i am currently stuck in the subway on zomberry island and the subway gates are lock so i cant get out. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. nick m.pratt says:

    it’s the best game I’ve ever played in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. Chris leonard says:

    what ever happened to the gun belt customization. like there on the cops in super power island. ive seen them on other people even. how do you get them?

    Slanted Fish: Use the Costumizer tool (green shirt button) to copy clothing items from other characters onto your own.

  199. Ella says:

    when u complete the nightwatch island and go back to the security office the chick repeats what she did at the start of the island
    weird 😐

  200. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    Can I use a couple of these (Linked back to here) On my new glitch page?? Like the one for the Super POWer Island cuffs and the Viking Suit??

    ~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

  201. Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

    Umm, I did the No Eyes No Mouth glitch, but all I ended up with was no mouth… Anyone tell me if I did something wrong in that process???

  202. emma says:

    cheat to win reality tv every time: click start todays game. if its a game you know you can win, play it if not hit the back button and you will be able to get a different game. after you win the mini game you’ll be taken to the voting section. click on one of the other players and as soon as the words “the votes are in” pop up hit the back button. it will take you back to the voting page but there will be one less player. keep voting and hitting the back button until you win

  203. Young Flame says:

    I have one. If you try to defeat Twisted Wizard in Wimpy Wonderland without the cheats, after you fail, Greg will follow you on the first floor untiil you move to the next screen.

  204. yaahzee12 says:

    to get a talking mouth here’s what you need to do:
    1.add to your friendslist trollfacer2
    2.costumized the mouth already have a talking mouth

  205. 2happy4u says:

    got 2.. 1.put on a short dress (btw this only works for girls) then get prom princess put on the bottom of the dress then take it off you will not have any legs does not work in common rooms 2. (you must complete twisted thicket) take the path the worker guys took then you will find something white and red use the customizer and you get a rare flashing helmet 😀

  206. lilie (katniss4662) says:

    lol i did the dog beard and accidently clicked my 2nd friend but it still worked. btw on fb I wanna use these cheats and I know its illegal to stell of ppls websites with out getting the rights so (yeah I know im a goodie goodie)

  207. Aragwen says:

    HI! I CHANGED MY SKIN COLOR!! MY SKIN ACTUALLY LOOKS NORMAL!!!!! My skin used to be tan, and I didn’t like it, so I would just go to the tanning place at Night Watch Island. But that always wore off. If you want to see me, friend “aragwen2”. Thanks!

  208. scaryplug says:

    WOW COOL!!!
    I went to spy island and try that non costumizable thingy
    on the black cat
    now i can costumize the cat ears and the whiskers and nose 😀
    thanks phb!!

  209. Noisy Stomper says:

    when I do the no eyes no mouth cheat and I customize as fsdummy I cant get the stars to stop following me after I take off the star costume can someone please help me on what to do.

    Slanted Fish: Go to your Store inventory and click ‘turn off all special effects’ at the bottom.

  210. Marili says:

    what should i do with the Poptropica SWF cheat? only a giant card appears 😛

    Slanted Fish: Not much, it just lets you view part of the file. 😛

  211. the magic snowball (from poptropica) says:

    no boat on early poptropica
    1. give the flag to the pixlated guy.
    2. quickly run to the dock
    3. the boat wont be there!

  212. 2happy4u says:

    lol this is funny: in early pop in that dark place I had the applebees apple so I costumized one of my friends then I exited out I had my apple only there was light anyway! it was so funny.

  213. shaw says:

    when i log in it says something about i have to plug in adobed flash. i dont know what to do or how to do it

    Slanted Fish: Download the latest version of Adobe Flash for your computer (Google it).