2 thoughts on “Clara_ASG”

  1. @jacob777777777, so sorry for bothering you but the Clara ASG is not working(heres a brief summary), when i tried to get the costume by using the pop avatar studio it wouldn’t show up but the other nutcracker ASG’s would. So then I went on to using the ASG customizer it stated this,”Clara (“Clara_ASG”) is not a valid ASG account. If you own the account, add the Early Poptropica jetpack to its outfit and try again.” so i don’t know if you could fix or not because i don’t know your time schedule but if you could make adjustments it would make me very happy, THX. (p.s, Besides all of this i would also like to say thank you in general for making these ASG’S these are by far my favorite to use especially Clara (I guess we have that in common) so yeah and i also just realized that this is very long sorry;)

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