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The new theater showings may make you fidget more…

Hey Poptropicans! First of all: Happy Easter! 🐣🐣 Poptropica Worlds has yet to be risen, but in the meantime, the Movie Theater is here to be resurrected from your forgotten memories…

We’ll get to the news after Poptropica’s Easter bunny, Dr. Hare, does his hoopy dance. 🐇

Preludes are ridonkulous and I should just get to the point? Okay, okay…

The Movie Theater on Home Island (both online and on the mobile app) has been updated with some new videos, including the following (as noted on the Creators’ Blog):

  • 😎 Schaeffer McLean — See this 12-year-old skateboarder go on awesome adventures
  • 😁 Batman Unlimited — Watch as Batman swings into action to save Gotham City
  • 🤓 eScape — Check out this science fiction, video game-based adventure
  • 😂 Fidgetmore —  Giggle with this animated series starring Fidgetmore School’s teenagers

There is something else that they haven’t mentioned: each video is now preluded by a 15-second ad for the Nickelodeon series Hunter Street, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to escape it. It’s unnecessary to see it over and over again, and I strongly urge Poptropica to change this so it doesn’t need to be viewed more than once.

The lineup for the theater videos has also changed a little, with the Types of Teachers one at the forefront, and it no longer autoplays (although the prelude ad does). This is an improvement from the PHB’s last post about the theater, and I even mentioned that being one of the better videos, so it’s great to see that recognized! However, I still hope to see more improvement with regards to categorization of the videos to make it easier to find something tailored to each person’s tastes and demographic.

Anyway, what do you think of the new videos and changes to the theater? What kinds of videos would you like to see? Comment here with your thoughts! The Creators like hearing feedback from the players, so remember that your input matters. 😉

Stay popping!


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