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Winter lore and headquarter tours

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato and I’m here with another poppin’ post for you all!

Yesterday, on the Creator’s Blog, Skinny Moon thought it would be cool to make a post about the inside of PopHQ itself, located in Boston, Massachusetts!

Although it’s nothing absolutely spectacular, Jessica went out of the way to show us all the merchandise toys that they have within the office as well as the never-before-seen wall clings that take up wall portions around the HQ. Some of these clings have been seen before in the Periscope livestream that Jessica hosted just last March, but it’s still cool to see the uniqueness of the locale anyway!

In addition, in the Creator’s post, Jessica says that the in-office Berry Delicious Smoothie area (based off the infamous beverage franchise from Zomberry Island) is more so used for getting work done and meeting with other Creators as opposed to actually selling smoothies. Well, good thing we don’t have to worry about having the Creators turn into blue zombies any time soon! ;P

As a side note, just in time for the holiday season, the official 2016 holiday graphic has officially been shown!

falalalala is it new pop.jpg

It might look like just like any other graphic, but there is a chance that this is a glance at the look of New Poptropica! After all, one of the things promised was a newly updated look for Poptropicans, and these two kids look like they could possibly visualize this. From their eye colors to the sleeves and mittens, and even down to the shoes, there is a different vibe as compared to a typical Poptropican. Then again, it could always just be my wishful thinking taking over and that this is just a stylized piece, yet it still looks cool either way!

Anyway, since the end of the year is fast approaching, the question of the hour is: will New Poptropica actually make its rounds this year as promised? If we hear of or see anything, we can promise to you that the Poptropica Help Blog will be here to share it!

BT out!

11 thoughts on “Winter lore and headquarter tours”

  1. I was thinking the same thing about the graphic, it does look very New Pop like. However, I don’t think the New Pop will come out this year; the Creators will probably be taking a holiday break very soon. January, February, March even, I think New Pop will most likely release sometime in early 2017.

  2. If these are what New Poptropicans will look like, the New Pop may not be so bad. I’m definitely looking forward to the release of the New Pop a lot more than I did when I heard its initial announcement back in April.

  3. Woooo hoooooo the poptropica looks are not that bad at all in fact they are not ugly they are better in the old look we have! Also for the players who played Poptropica in around 2010 and 2011 and older remember when we had the countdowns. The poptropica creators should do the big countdown to new poptropica. Reply if you agree

  4. New Pop sounds a little scary, at least to me. But yet again, I haven’t been around for a little while, so how am I to know anything? I guess I have to admit that artwork is nice. Brace yourselves, people!

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