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New Poptropica – Monster Worm!

Hi Gs,

Finally, some new content! Earlier today, Skinny Moon gave us an inside peek into the New Poptropica that we’ve been promised — the development of a “monster worm” creature that will apparently appear in an upcoming island.


The bulk of the post, which you can read here, was written by Jon Pitcher, a veteran artist for Poptropica. He gives a step by step development process for creating the creature. This includes a developmental sketch, vector illustration, coloring, and animating. The process is impressive, as is the final product. Here’s a summary look at the process:


Some notes:

  • Jon reveals that this creature has an earthy, dirt-covered home. What this could mean? Am I the only one to think of Crisis Caverns?
  • The art style is definitely different from regular Poptropica. It startles me that this is just a worm, considering the level of detail that went into it.
  • The FPS of the animation seems dramatically increased. Will this be a constant in New Poptropica?
  • The vector illustration is made with Adobe Illustrator – perhaps the rest of Poptropica’s graphics use this tool as well?
  • One of the programs he’s using is called “Spine”, a 2D skeletal animations tool. What does this mean for the Unity theory?

Equally intriguing is what seems to be verification that New Poptropica is still on track to be released later this year (how much later remains a mystery). See you next time, Poptropicans.


25 thoughts on “New Poptropica – Monster Worm!”

  1. Very intriguing indeed. The ‘monster worm’ looks a lot like some sort of faceless cuttlefish. Anyhow, nice post! 😉

  2. Wow, I’m impressed by the level of work and detail that went into this creature. I do think the style isn’t too different from the current Poptropica and would fit in fine.

    Well done, Poptropica artists and animators, and great step-by-step post by Jon Pitcher! (You too, HP. 😛 )

  3. I saw this, it’s cool looking! Exept it makes me nervous to see what this’ll be a part of…
    I can imagine this really well.
    *Lucky’s playing Poptropica and in the middle of the forest*
    OK… let’s see… There’s a hole here…
    *Worm jumps out of hole*
    *Lucky shrieks really loud and long before running away*

  4. I love the animation! Hopefully this island (or 24 carrot) isn’t the first one. The first island should be something like “Early New Poptropica”.

  5. One thing I noticed about the first few pictures is that there seem to be other projects open. I wonder what “Cook”, “CrazyComet”, and “old_lady_parts” are.

  6. So the first thing I see is the word worm. And it just happens that I played slither.io 5 minutes ago… Let’s just say I’m inserting a slither.io reference here.

  7. I had a chat with Skinny Moon earlier this year, and I asked if new pop would be like a Christmas present to all of poptropica and she said something like that.

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