Credits for all – at least 100 credits for replaying an island once!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with a quick post about today’s update to the Creator’s Blog!

In the wake of long-time Poptropicans complaining about not getting any of the newly-increased credit amounts for playing an island they already played, they answered! The latest post by Skinny Moon, in a nutshell, is best described by this picture:

100 credits.png

Now, players who have replayed Poptropican islands get to join the first-time island players in the money pile as there is now a bonus for replaying a Poptropica island (but only once)! Now, this is how the island credit reward system works:

First time finish (Island of the Month): 500 Credits

First time finish (any other island): 300 Credits

One replay (Island of the Month): 300 Credits

One replay (any other island): 100 credits

This month, the islands of the month are Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter Island, so if you want the extra credits, play either of those, whether it would be for the first time or as a replay! On the PHB, you can find the MotM Guide here, and the Virus Hunter guide here.


Once again, I’d like to acknowledge that in the postscript, Skinny Moon made a shout out to this very blog, the Poptropica Help Blog, once again, as well as popular Poptropica YouTuber Thinknoodles. However, this time around, it’s with a disclaimer-y touch.

“Our friends Thinknoodles and the Poptropica Help Blog also have lots of Poptropica walkthroughs (but note that we haven’t wanted them all).”

I private messaged Skinny Moon asking about this statement, and she explained to me that she had to do this when talking about other people’s walkthroughs since they are not personally responsible in case there’s anything inappropriate or any misdirection within the walkthroughs. We assure you our walkthroughs are trustworthy though. 😛

Skinny Moon also dropped us some comments in our earlier post about IOTM, letting other Poptropica bloggers and content creators know that if you’d like her to notice your work, you should tweet her @Poptropica!

So now that island finishers can join in the fun, what do you think? Was it a smart move, or are the Creators just cashing in to the fans? And also, will the Creator’s do a ninth birthday event this year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

BT out! 


14 thoughts on “Credits for all – at least 100 credits for replaying an island once!”

  1. i personally think that they’re caving in to POP-ular(laughs like a idiot) demand. the credit wheel was a nice touch for old timers to get credits. but adding in credits for replays? come on guys.

  2. So confused cause I actually completed Virus Hunter Island AND Mystery of the Map Island for the first time, for the Island of the Month thingy; but I only got 150 credits each. /deep sigh/

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