Creator Q&A: PHC Discord Edition

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here. Today, I was simply minding my business on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), chatting here and there with the community.

And then suddenly, she appeared… At around 1:20pm EST, the one and only Skinny Moon (Poptropica’s social media manager) decided to drop in to the PHC and chat some with the community. We thought it would be a good idea to compile this little impromptu Q&A session in a post for you guys, and so, without further ado, here it is!

qa sm

Tall Cactus: Any news about the New Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Nothing I can say yet. Trust me, when I have news, you guys will know!

Slanted Fish: Any behind the scenes info? 😄
Skinny Moon: Ummmmmm… well…. hmmmmmm…. 😉

Tall Cactus: When will you have news? lol
Skinny Moon: I know you guys are starved for info, but I don’t have the go-ahead to give any out. 🙁 We are SUPER busy working on both the current Poptropica and new Poptropica!

Slanted Fish: Any info about the contest winner’s call with Jeff Kinney?
Skinny Moon: The call got SUPER delayed because of a ton of things – health problems, business trips, etc. – and I just got access to the video recently. It’s on my list of to-dos to watch it and figure out if it needs editing before posting on YT!

Slanted Fish: Any news about officiation of the wiki/other sites?
Skinny Moon: Wiki also on my to-do list!

Slanted Fish: Would you guys be able to update the Daily Pop at least with some old pictures of the creative process and such, since you can’t share anything new at the moment?
Skinny Moon: I asked about posting older stuff on the Daily Pop and we’re going to look into it!

idk: Is the new membership page mobile-friendly? That’s what it looks like.
Skinny Moon: Yes, new membership page is mobile friendly

Tall Cactus: When do you think New Pop will be released, at least? And will there be a new island on the current pop?
Skinny Moon: New Pop scheduled to be released late this year and there will be new islands (plural!) on it!

Ylimegirl: Are we still going to be able to play the old Poptropica islands with the new Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: The old Pop won’t just disappear when the new Pop debuts, so you’ll still be able to play old islands there.

Slanted Fish: Are all the current islands going to be on the new Pop, with the new art style?
Skinny Moon: Can’t yet talk about on specifics regarding current islands and New Pop. We’re super busy working on new features for both the current Poptropica and making the New Poptropica. I know you guys are used to bunches of islands coming out each year and this year isn’t typical. But trust me, we have SO MUCH awesome coming your way!

Perfect Sky: I think I’m the only one wondering if there will every be new popgum….
Mad Apper:  Every new PopGum? Even Island-Flavored? What am I saying? Yep. New PopGum to go with every island.
Skinny Moon: Oooooh, I like the idea of new PopGum for every island!

Ripley: Wait aren’t you the one who runs the FB page?? I’m Lizzy, that chick you roasted in January. ^w^
Skinny Moon: Hi! Nice to see you! All you PHC people – if you’re on Facebook, come say hi there, too – like Lizzy!

Tall Cactus: So, will there be a new island on the current Pop?
Skinny Moon: I can’t comment on potential new islands. Sorry! 😦

Criaha: What’s your personal favorite island?
Skinny Moon: Hmmmmmm… that’s tough… I like MOTM a lot.

Slanted Fish: If it’s okay to ask, how is Poptropica doing financially? There have been a few rumors in both directions, but they’re mostly speculation.
Skinny Moon: Poptropica is doing great!

idk: Since the new Poptropica is being built in Unity, have there been any changes within Poptropica’s development team? Any new creators because of this change?
Skinny Moon: Our Creators are loving working with Unity. I’ve seen some awesome early animation – I wish I could show you!

CraftyPoptropiqueen: Is Binary Bard ever gonna come back? ;w;
idk: E. Vile come back, please. 😢
Criaha: Wait, I don’t want to sound annoying, but will ringmaster raven come back? O3O
idk: Dr. Cumulo Nimbus gets no attention either.
Tall Cactus: What about Black Widow?
Skinny Moon: I will let the Creators know you all want to see the villains come back!

Brave Tomato: How’d you get the community contact job? ^^
Skinny Moon: I’ve been working for the company since January 2015 and was hired to manage the GHD blog and social. That went well, so they gave me Poptropica. And then that went well, so they gave me everything social media-related under the StoryArc Media umbrella – though right now I’m pretty Poptropica-focused.

Tall Cactus: Is there gonna be a Pop TV Show?
Skinny Moon: Though we’d LOVE a Pop TV show, that’s not something in the immediate future…

Angry Tomato: Any new islands?
Skinny Moon: All I can say about new Islands is there will be new islands in the New Poptropica!

Criaha: I was just wondering, will you ever have LGBT characters?
Skinny Moon: Excellent question. I don’t think I can officially say anything about this yet, but trust me when I say allowing full customization of a player’s character is something we’re discussing for the New Poptropica.

MissEligon: I have a question, I feel like this might be something to hide until later, but will we ever hear more about the infamous for villains?
Skinny Moon: Hmmmm… TBD… 😉


Quite the interesting Q&A session, despite being an unexpected visit. It really was a fun time, and we’re hoping Skinny Moon will stop by more often! 😀

Jessica also showed off her 5-month-old puppy, Toby, while on the chat, so I gotta add that in here. 😛


If you’re not already part of the PHC community, we would love for you to join. It’s a friendly place where you’ll get to hang out with lots of Poptropicans, including PHB authors, other Poptropica bloggers and artists, and as you just saw, even the occasional Creator! Find out more on our Chat page!

Meme King out. 👑

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

56 thoughts on “Creator Q&A: PHC Discord Edition”

  1. Ahhh, a Q&A where we could have gotten some juicy New Pop info, but instead we were left with more questions than we started with. At least we got some info on other things! And it was pretty darn fun, too.

  2. Her puppy is adorable and I love it. I got to see two dogs and three cats today. Today is a Good Day

  3. I missed out… Why did she just answer the LGBT question with character customisation? 😥

    I love the creators cause they get connected with the community, but Jessica, please answer our questions! 😦

      1. Never mind, you probably can’t answer them since they’re about New Pop.

  4. I can’t believe I missed it! I’m on vacation so there wasn’t any Internet connection for most of the day. Although, at least we got some of the answers! Too bad that for a lot of it she probably wasn’t allowed to comment on. :[

  5. The one time I’m not on discord Skinny Moon shows up… I have a lot of questions to ask you Jess so reply if it’s okay for me to ask you a few questions 😉

  6. Despite the unexpectedness of it all, it was really cool to chat with Skinny Moon and get at least some answers about things we’re wondering about! Thanks for stopping by, Skinny Moon! Hope you didn’t think we were too crazy! 😉

    Thanks also to UiPE for compiling the Q&A! 😀

  7. ( Snarky Girl Voice ) OOH! Gossip! Time to tell all my cats!!

    Thats not what I meant, Mr. Mittens!

  8. Unfortunately I missed it, but I did happen to get compiled screenshots of Jessica’s entire visit – although some messages may be missing since others deleted their own messages before I got the chance (I backtracked hours later to Discord’s old messages just to see what I missed 😉 ). The overall image was too large so I was forced to divide it into 2 parts:
    (Warning: The second image was so large that I had to find an alternative image hosting site to even upload it. If the webpage crashes while you are on Chrome close some of your tabs and it may load properly- the same advice may or may not work on other browsers)

  9. I sure hope Poptropica never, ever, EVER, does what Criaha asked to do. There are people on Poptropica who strongly dislike LGBT (me), and if Poptropica did that, they would lose a lot of players. Look for yourself on the PHB About page comments and see how many people are in a Religion that doesn’t support LGBT. Poptropica, I hope you’re listening and take my word on this. Poptropica, please don’t become one of those games that get caught in that kind of stupid stuff, and believe me with this. The entire Poptropica company will go downhill if you do that.

    1. If Poptropica added an option where someone can change their character’s gender, I don’t see how that would affect you. I mean, if someone wanted to change their character’s gender, wouldn’t they just do it on a new account anyway? If they added options like that, you don’t need to use them.

    2. @TheColt, Other Poptropicans would like that feature. Plus, kids don’t know ( or care ) about LGBT, so don’t talk about it.

    3. While I get that this is currently a hot topic of debate, please don’t be disrespectful towards people groups just because they may be different from you. They are human just like anyone else and should be seen as such.

      Even for a religious person, it is entirely possible (and very much appropriate) for them to appreciate a LGBT person – as a fellow human being – without supporting the LGBT lifestyle choices they may make. As the saying goes, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” Also, identifying as LGBT is not the same as actually committing LGBT “sins” (which, remember, they themselves would find nothing wrong with – and whether or not it is one’s business to get involved is something else to consider).

      With that being said, since this is a controversial topic, Poptropica would probably want to be careful with how they handle it, if they consider addressing it in the game.

  10. Hey paul when I go to the link it says the instant invite is invalid or has expired. I dont think that I ever got banned and would like help connecting

    1. The link should not be expired – I’ve tried it and it works for me even on an incognito browser where I’m not logged in. Try typing the url into your browser’s address bar.

    1. Oh, sorry to hear that. If you would like to appeal your ban, you should private message (PM) an admin on the chat with an apology and explain that you understand what was wrong and that you don’t plan on repeating it (as long as this is sincere, of course).

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