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Community Celebrities: Mighty Gamer


Hey guys, Slip here!

Welcome to a brand new Community Celebrity post! Community Celebrities is a series where people from the Poptropica community are interviewed so you can get to know them more! Like Stolen Snapshots, it used to be on Slippery Raptor’s Blog, but will now be on the PHB instead. You can check out past celebrities here.

Anyway, welcome: Mighty Gamer! You may know her around the community from her MPIP story, her blog, or more recently, as a PHB author. Let’s begin!

What’s the best Island in Poptropica? The worst?

I’d have to say Red Dragon is the best island. Or, at least, it is to me. Though, my opinion on this matter has changed quite a bit over times. Over the course of island completing, I’ve found myself enjoying islands like Astro-Knights or Counterfeit. But for now, Red Dragon remains my favorite.

As for the worst island, I’d have to say either Super Power or Virus Hunter. I can’t say which is worse, as I’d had equally the same frustration, but for different reasons. As far as Super Power goes, I find it too repetitive with hardly any storyline. And Virus Hunter, well… I find it way too long and complicated. Not just that, but it was also very buggy and would lock up way too many times. It wasn’t very enjoyable, to say the least.

What’s your medallion count?

My medallion count is 56 – I’ve completed all the islands, though. For some reason, not all my medallions are showing. I’ve completed PoptropiCon – Episode 1. I’ve tried replaying it, but it’s still not showing up. Perhaps I will need to contact Poptropica. But yeah, I’ve technically beat all the islands.

What’s your favorite game?

Poptropica! C’mon, Slip!

Really, though, my favorite game is actually that. I do play other games like Minecraft, The Sims 4, 60 Seconds!, Bloons TD5, Undertale, and other various games and apps, but I mainly play the game we all know and love today. I’ve come to love the game and its community so much, that I’m often either on the PHC or the MPC Discord server. Either that, or I’m browsing different blogs and its contents. I’m very active in the community!

Who’s your favorite villain?

As I said on question 1, at one point or another, Counterfeit was one of my favorite islands. And we all know what well-known villain was on that island: Black Widow, of course! I think that with a great island, a greater villain should be later revealed. And in this case, it’s our beloved art thief! The main reason I love this villain so much is because of her setting – Counterfeit Island. I believe this island has a good storyline and a good flow.

How did you find the Poptropica community?

The PHB. Generic answer, huh? But yeah, that’s how I got to discover the community. I never really interacted with those around me, though. I basically just read a few PHB posts when curiosity arose, and rarely commented on posts I found interesting. But thanks to joining Twitter, I began to interact with others. I’m not exactly sure of the date, but it was early November of 2015. I started commenting on the Creators’ tweets, and then I started following my fellow Poptropicans, and then I made a blog due to seeing how many other people have made them. And so much has happened since.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like gaming, reading, writing, drawing, and blogging! I also like collecting Snapple bottle caps (as weird as it sounds, they do have cool random facts on them), snow globes (I’ve spent quite a bit of money on them), and I’m always on the lookout for old books (I recently bought a children’s book from 1912 – it’s very worn, and was dusty when I found it). I collect a lot of things if you haven’t noticed by now. 😉

Any extra information you want to share with the community? 🙂

I’d like to encourage everyone to take a look at my blog, Explore Collect Compete, where several Poptropicans, including myself, post. We’re currently looking for just one more author – see this post if you’re interested!

Thank you so much, Mighty Gamer, for taking time to answer this! You’re one awesome Community Celebrity! Stay awesome!

-Slippery 💦

47 thoughts on “Community Celebrities: Mighty Gamer”

  1. LOL that paragraph about ECC is kinda outdated…Ian left, and there are like three new authors, we currently aren’t looking for anymore. Whatever…

    Anyways, cool post!

  2. Cool,so this is now a PHB thing,nice!

    So what makes you eligible to be interviewed exactly here?

    I’m…asking for my gorgeous friend.

    I see him whenever I look in the mirror.

    (I can hear the comments already-SC confirmed narcissist!)

  3. I kinda agree about Virus Hunter not being that good of an Island, because not too long ago, I was battling a virus on Virus Hunter and something glitched on me, so I had to log back in, and when I beat it ,the thing you go through to get back out was closed! I hope to see a lot more Community Celebrities on the PHB! I love reading them on the Slippery Raptor Blog!

  4. Hmm, very interesting! My 2 least favorite islands are Mocktropica and Virus Hunter Island

  5. Monkey Wrench Island was the worst. You do not need a tutorial to how to move a Poptropican!! It’s too obvious not to know. The story makes no sense either. Why can’t I use MY OWN blimp for the race? Why can’t I just fix the plane instead of relying on a guy with a sager. And how the heck did the guy got on aboard the blimp?
    The island is absolutely lame.
    Super Power Island is not that bad, but could have been better. Virus Hunters Island is pretty bad, but Monkey Wrench Island is worse.

    1. Monkey Wrench Island is intended for new players, and while clicking around to move your Poptropican is easy to figure out, it doesn’t hurt them to experience it in a tutorial, particularly for trickier maneuvers like climbing rope. You don’t yet have your own blimp for the race, so that’s why you can’t use it.

      Not sure what you mean by “guy with a sager”, but your character does attempt to fix the plane with the wrench – to no avail. Plus, considering Crusoe snuck in from the bottom of the blimp, it’s not hard to imagine that he could have climbed aboard unnoticed.

      You’re of course welcome to have your own opinions about the islands, but try not to be misinformed. 🙂

      1. I played the island before it was on the map so I wouldn’t know it was for beginners. I do not know who but that bed on my blimp or why the heck Crusoe would climb aboard if he was sleeping. Also it didn’t need to pause the game to tell me how to move. I hate games that do that. Plus I’m pretty sure after you first get your Poptropican you move it to the blimp(which has a rope) by yourself.

    1. I’m guessing… doesn’t he have time to work on three blogs? Or I’ll send him a message on Tumblr if he’s moving completely EVERYTHING from his blog to the PHB.

  6. Heh… I’m not alone! I collect Snapple bottle caps too. The facts are really cute. i love e’m.
    I will not be on the Phb this Tuesday – This Friday because i am going away to a church camp… for almost a week.( Cue booing ) Yeah i know… you’ll miss meh.
    a lot of you won’t.
    Farewell, my fwiendz!

    1. I also won’t be active on the PHB from next Sunday to next Thursday, because I also have a Church/Bible camp in northern Minnesota without a computer. I’m super excited!!

      JK, i can take it. I was gone not to long ago myself, but for a different reason.
      PHB commenter: Why?
      *cough cough* Stalker.
      PHB Commenter: i just want to know…
      Not saying! What are you even dong on my comment? shoo!

      1. You’re not the only one. Timmy keeps on commenting without permission!
        Timmy – Can I come out of my cage now?
        Hush, Timmy! Hush!

      2. I don’t even know how she’s doing it. She’s in jail, without a phone or internet…
        Perfect Cheetah: As far as you know.
        No! Give me back my phone!
        PC: Never!

        Try me!
        PC: Hey, last time we fought, if i remember correctly, we were pretty evenly matched…
        That’s only because you’re an alternate form of me! Now give me my phone!

  7. Same about having that Poptropicon episode 1 problem. Poptropica needs to fix that please. I have 55 medals not 54! 😡

  8. Mighty Gamer, I have a question. You said you like Undertale. I’ve been having trouble finding friends who like Undertale. Any advice?

    1. I love Undertale! What most of my friends do to find more Undertrash is scream Undertale memes and voice act in the middle of public places all the time. I have the best friends. ^^

      Who’s your favorite character? Mine is Papyrus! *Bonetrousle intensifies*

    Jk it’s Young Singer.
    ( shifts eyes to profile pic )
    ( cough cough )
    Stranger ~ Oh! you managed to ACTUALLY make your profile worse! Good for you!
    Meh ~ Thanks! :3

    1. i did see your new profile pic! it looks cool!
      @Stranger Are you also part of the random handful of people hired by Perfect Cheetah who are hijacking comments and making me miserable?

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