Blue is the new maroon – the sneaker race of the week!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with an update on the sneaker race of the week!


Did you hear? Maroon is sooo last week! This week, Speedy Samwow has a new pair of colored shoes to offer us if we beat this week’s race and world record. This time, we are heading towards the self-aware island of Mocktropica as we scale up Mount Funshine!

If you are able to scale this test of endurance and reach the Jardine Juniper Tree in under 40 seconds, you’ll earn those good ol’ Poptropica-blue shoes!

However, despite all the flack I’ve given maroon, you still have a chance to get them – on the mobile app that is! Now, you can race Speeding Sam at the Arabian Nights lair of thieves on the Poptropica app!

So as we wait for more details on anything related to New Poptropica, at least we still have the opportunity to make “What are thooose?” jokes for just a bit longer.

BT out! 

57 thoughts on “Blue is the new maroon – the sneaker race of the week!

  1. Tall Cactus says:


    Anyways, if there is one thing we know about the New Poptropica, is that it’s going to completely change the community forever…possibly in a bad way…people are going to quit no matter how great the update could be…I hope it’s good so I’m not one of them.

    • Creepy Goose says:

      The place of the race is always in the background of the feats of speed image, but in the background of the same image on the board in Home island is the inside of the ghost pirate ship in GHD. Maybe the next race will be there?

  2. Fearless Rider (AKA Marshmallowlilypads) says:

    Yay!!! Blue!!! They will match my hair! Wowza, we have to go up Mount Funshine? *Takes walking stick off of wall* Let’s do this thing.

  3. Lucky Wing says:

    I have been wanting these since i heard of the shoes!!
    *runs off in a streak of red*
    You wait! i’ll be blue soon!!
    *skids to a stop*
    Ok, that sounded weird.

  4. Tall Moon says:

    Why, instead of the viking girl, is the Hot Wheels Battle Force Five guy next to the MOTM photo booth? Is this happening for anyone else?

  5. P̤̮i̤̮n̤̮k̤̮ṳ̮ R̤̮a̤̮n̤̮d̤̮o̤̮m̤̮n̤̮e̤̮s̤̮s̤̮ says:

    Yesss! Blue shoes!
    Tip: If you wear a pair of running sneakers in the mini-game, you can make your time to 25 seconds

  6. That Clean Shark Dude says:

    *dramatic entrance*
    I’m baaaack!

    Anyone? You guys remember me, right?

    I’ll go now

  7. happy penguin says:

    my other shoes are gone I only have the blue ones 😦
    there are 2 blank cards in my inventory when I’m in non-sui though..
    are they gonna make it available to non-sui islands too? that’d be great.

    • ѕιlly pelιcαɴ ♪♫ says:

      I thought I was the only one having this problem! Yeah, they should make some for non-SUIs! 🙂

  8. short feather says:

    who wants battling balloons silly streams fireworks and dancing to els19 multiverse p.s this is a costume party also

  9. ☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠ says:

    I can’t seem to get the green shoes. When beating Sam, he doesn’t seem to finish the race and I’m left standing next to this space, pirate, zombie dude while he vigorously brandishes his arms in my face

    • ☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠ says:

      Never mind. I just ended up waiting for him at the end of the race so I knew he would end up jumping right after me.

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