Top Five Connections in Poptropica!

Wihi folks!

Yes, I am back at it again with the white vans another Top Five post. This time is focusing a bit on some awesome connections in Poptropica that you more than likely aren’t aware of. Let’s begin!

5. The Costumizer Shirt is wearable… kinda.

The newer (yet still rare) original Rock Star costume had a green shirt, yellow star, and just overall looks incredibly similar to the shirt on the (updated) Costumizer button, and leads me to believe it is intentionally the same one.

4. The Green Hawk

This costume from Masks & Capes on Super Power Island actually belongs to a superhero, the Green Hawk! The Green Hawk comes from one of the Poptropica toys. Also, I totally wore that outfit ironically at PoptropiCon, heh…


3. Factual, Furry Monsters

Before Time Tangled became a SUI, most areas had these bubbles for an iconic creature called the Fact Monster, which when clicked would offer factual information related to the area. Although there was never an official Fact Monster character in-game, this costume was leaked around the time Monster Carnival was rumored to come out (before 24 Carrot).

However, as we know, the leaked monster parts were recycled onto a series of monster costumes.  Now that’s a good way to make your hard work not go to waste!

2. Doctor… who?

Doctor SmartyPants – seen on a poster in PoptropiCon – feels almost too similar to our kid-testing doctor in the beloved Poptropica parody island, Mocktropica. Everyone seems to be a parody of someone in that island, so it makes sense the doctor would be as well. Despite the two being of different genders, I do feel this is super awesome if I’m right. 😀

Now it’s time for one connection you wouldn’t believe. We all know the gods of Poptropica only appeared in-game during and after Mythology Island… but what if I told you one god was there from the beginning?

1. Apollo statues

On Time Tangled, an Apollo statue appears in Ancient Greece. Well, it doesn’t say Apollo, but if you click on it, it does. The pose also references an iconic real-life classical Greek sculpture known as Apollo Belvedere, with one obvious difference: the Poptropican version is clothed.

Three years apart from each other, with no consistent storyline by any means, the same character appears again as a statue – on Mythology Island.

Yeh, I know it isn’t as drastic as if Myron Van Buren had first appeared on Early Poptropica (which did not happen), and this Apollo connection is just a popular Greek mythological character who incidentally had a minor role in two islands, but it is super cool… and a connection I doubt you knew. 😛

Wowie Spencey, two Top Five posts in a week, how good do you feel?


Well, until next post comes around!



36 thoughts on “Top Five Connections in Poptropica!”

      1. Usually when it comes to blogs, I check every 15 mins to see if there’s a new blog post. I don’t usually like posts, but I decided to this time, not knowing no one had yet. Besides, it was almost time for me to go to school anyway.

  1. The only two I know from the list are: 4. The Green Hawk, simply because I included that card in my Super Power Island Item Collage; and 3. Fact Monster, since I played Time Tangled way back when those Fact Monster bubbles still existed along with seeing some of the leaked outfits 😛 . Great list and post, by the way 🙂 .

  2. I absolutely LOVE these top five posts! Wait, I forgot something… *reads last paragraph*. WHAT!? Myron Van Buren was in Early Potrop… And in Survival he tricked me and tried to… AHHH!!!

    1. Hunt your Poptropican down for sport? Was that how you were going to end that sentence? Tallyho indeed 😛 . I honestly didn’t know Myron Von Buren was in Early Poptropica at one point – I must’ve missed it 😦 ; oh well.

      1. wait… Buren was in Early… Pop-

        Buren! you’d better be glad the Beavers got to you first! Because i spend 2 weeks stuck in bed after that whole surviving thing for what felt like a month!!!if you ever escape those beavers, you’d better run. You’d better RUN
        *Pant Pant*
        Ok, I’m good now. When was this?

    2. Clarification: Myron van Buren was not in Early Poptropica. It was just an example Cobalt used to downplay the connection he made in comparison, but I’ve edited the wording to make that more clear. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂

      1. I had a hunch that was Spencer’s intention with that Myron Von Buren remark, but I just wasn’t sure since I wasn’t playing at the time directly before Survival Island’s release ^^’ .

  3. i really liked this post. just one question. Why did you change your mouth? Cause i just realized that you did.
    Well, it helps i haven’t been on since Saturday the 9th.

  4. Just to comment on the Apollo connection: there was a statue of Apollo, the god of music and prophecy, on Time Tangled Island because we were in Delphi, his sacred city. That’s why the Oracle, who good gives prophecies (hints to future events), in his temple. Apollo is also a Greek god, that’s why he is on Mythology Island.

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