Top Five Poppin’ Items We Wish Existed in Poptropica!

Hey folks, Cobalt here!

Poptropicanos, I’ve hopped on my blimp and traveled to the PHC (that’s our Poptropica Help Chat hangout) and beyond for answers… to ask the Poptropica community if they could have any item in Poptropica that doesn’t currently exist, what would it be?

pop items

I got some awesome answers, answers that I mostly agreed with, and I decided to compile my favorites right here in a top five list! Here we go!

#5: Boomerang

How awesome would it be to have an item that could knock other things down for you, and immediately come back to your Poptropicano? Sure, you can do something like this with the Realms hammer, but what about one for the rest of Poptropica?

Awesome idea, Draco! 😀

Screenshot at Apr 05 14-22-46

#4: Teleporter

Now trust me, this idea is awesome. Sometimes, walking from place to place just takes way too long, and we’re forced to pass through ads along the way. Islands like Arabian Nights, I would teleport happily. Ad teleporters are cool too, and have been known to exist if you know where to look (though we don’t want them getting patched!).

Regardless, it’s a lovely idea, and at certain times on an island’s quest, I only have to agree. Thanks for the idea, TechWizard! 🙂

Screenshot at Apr 05 14-20-01.png

#3: Shoes

We’ve all seen the booted bandit, and we’ve all seen how spiffy footwear can look on a Poptropican. While big ones like that may look goofy, an optional shoe feature would be pretty sick. Great thought, SHSLDespair! 😉

Screenshot at Apr 05 14-25-14

#2: Skateboard

This is actually my thought, but a skateboard. It wouldn’t really get in the way of speed, it could be the same pace as walking for all I care, but we need a skateboard, man! You press spacebar and it goes back into your hand. Now, while skateboards do exist, (ex. the teen in Early Poptropica), they aren’t functional for you or anybody else. Change that. Change that right now. 😡

No, I’m just kidding. Though, any kind of travel would be cool in my opinion. 

Here is my absolute favorite that I got, from our own HPuterpop. I was planning on putting this in a top five wanted game features post though to be fair, he interpreted it as an item card, and considering I had the same exact thought, I just had to put it in.

#1: Eye Changing Emotion Card

Screenshot at Apr 05 14-40-41

You mean no more ASG-ing for a specific eye emotion? Or glitching over it in general? Being able to display your eyes’ emotion besides the default actions in common rooms? Only sounds reasonable and logical, I can’t see that happening. 😉

I definitely think all these picks are worth having in-game, what do you think? What’s an item you want in-game? Taco bout it below! 😛

39 thoughts on “Top Five Poppin’ Items We Wish Existed in Poptropica!”

  1. I like this post … I’ve never really thought of what kind of items I’d like to see before. Hputerpop’s suggestion about the eye emotion cards would be awesome, though. And a skateboard would be epic! You could press the shift key and do tricks! And, perhaps, it’d just be an item card, so you could buy it from the store, and change the design and stuff. ;D

  2. The throwing stars from Red Dragon Island are sort of like a boomerang. They don’t come back to you, but I guess you have an unlimited supply xD. My favorite on this list would have to be the shoes. I just played Wimpy Boardwalk where you need the shoes to climb onto the roof and get the kid’s flying disk. So that makes 2 islands that sorta have shoes! I have just realized that walking barefoot everywhere is not a good idea. Poptropicans have walked through sewers, rainy days and frozen islands. WITHOUT SHOES. Yuck!

  3. good point I wish you could change eye color like on lunar colony and keep it maybe they could release these items as members only and later make them 75-250 credits

  4. These are actually really cool ideas! Traveling is always very time consuming, but I understand why there isn’t a teleporter. However, skateboards, bikes, etc. would be really cool and useful! As would the boomerang! As for the shoes and eyes, I’m always a sucker for customizing your character. 😛

  5. A good card in the store could be a card that makes your poptropican look like a sumo wrestler like in Prepare for Impact

    1. Lol the first thing I thought when I read that was… what? Would you hold the purple potato or BE the purple potato. Here is a picture of a purple potato:

      1. You guys didn’t know that!? Man, these you guys need to pay more attention during vegetable class… Anyway! I think we really need pets in Poptropica, and not just followers. We should be able to adopt animals that we find in realms. Well, I have trapped a few animals in realms, but I felt bad looking at them trying to escape and I let them go…

  6. These are all really cool ideas! I wish there was an option to make your avatar taller or shorter, so everyone’s unique… The skateboard idea is my favorite here, I’ve always wanted some other kind of transportation besides walking. :p

  7. Being able to grapple onto other items with a boomerang would be awesome, but that would making islands a bit easier than they should be(i.e. receiving Early Poptropica’s Signal Flag before dropping down from the clouds).

    Technically, there are teleporters in-game already on specific islands: Time Tangled Island’s Time Device doesn’t only transport you through time, but space, too, since not every time period is in the same place 😉 ; 24 Carrot Island’s Carrot Transporter will transport you outside of the factory; Mythology Island’s Touchscreen Mirror allows you to transport yourself to either Mainstreet, The Underworld, The Sea, or in front of Aphrodite; Steamworks Island’s Teleporter is supposed teleport you back to the Maintenance Mech’s cockpit (although a glitch breaks the game when used); and finally – Red Dragon’s Magic Amulet will transport you back to the Magic Tree House from anywhere on the island when used. Although, a teleporter that expands upon the concept, allowing you to go anywhere on any island, would be swell – unfortunately, that would probably ruin the purpose of exploration in addition to event sequence breaking on some islands 😛 .

    Shoes are something simple the Creators could bring to the table to spice up Customization. They have already used the concept twice, even planned at one point to include Gravity Boots on Lunar Colony, and yet it is still not a feature. Allowing the customization of footwear would be a huge change that they could add upon overtime, even though it is 47 islands late.

    A skateboard, or any kind of alternate transportation to speed up our Poptropicans, would be a major convenience. We’ve already had multiple vehicle examples on past islands to show how well this concept works (i.e. Astro Knights Island’s Hoverboard; Steamworks Island’s Maintenance Mech; Wild West Island’s Horse; Shrink Ray Island’s RC Truck; Night Watch Island’s Scooter; and Arabian Nights Island’s Magic Carpet). Having a functional skateboard or other tide to be used anywhere would be great to have 🙂 .

    If I could change the color of my eyes a la Lunar Colony’s Eye Color Changer with the click of a card would be another expansion of Poptropica’s customization that the Creators should implement. . If that is added to the Store for non-membership-only, I am definitely getting it 😉 .Not only that, but being able to customize different eye styles should be added to the game – for the time being, though, the Avatar Studio Glitch is the only way to change eyes.

  8. My character would look awesome riding on a skateboard. I like TechWizard’s suggestion, too. Sometimes it would take too long to run across an entire scene, so I wish I would just teleport to another scene automatically.

  9. I do think Poptropica needs cat/ dog followers >.< I've been expecting one like since last 2 years or something 😛 I know there IS an actual dog follower on the app, but we need an online version too, people 😦

  10. Eyes. I want eyes.
    i really want blu eyes that don’t look creepy.
    What? you people want shoes!!
    I’ve never wanted shoes.

    OK! Guilty. i tried to wear the Flip flops from Wimpy kid, but they went away!
    i deny ever saying this though…

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