Press Record, here comes Poptropica Help Vlogs!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here! Yesterday the PHB brought some saddening news (yesterday for me, at least – time zones are confusing). Slanted Fish is taking a break from the blog, but there’s good news as well, and that’s what this announcement post is all about!

HPuterpop, Giant Hawk, and I (UiPE) have been placed in charge, and we’re ready for something new. Everyone knows how YouTube is this amazing platform for all sorts of people to create all sorts of video content. Well, we believe that video is the future of entertainment and news. Blogging is so old school. We’re moving on to better things…

And so, we’d like to proudly announce the Poptropica Help Vlogs!


The PHV is a YouTube channel dedicated to videos about Poptropica, with a focus on helping out players. Essentially, we’re shifting from the PHB to the PHV. From here on out, we’re not delivering the latest Poptropica news by blog post anymore. We’ll be vlogging (video blogging) instead!

Consequently, we’ll be closing down the PHB. Once we get into the swing of vlogging, there will be no need for this place we know as the PHB anymore. We know some of you may be saddened by this, so we’re giving you a week to enjoy the blog before everything is completely gone. Goodbyes are difficult, but this is what’s best for the future of Poptropica news. We must take advantage of the superior medium of our time, and that’s why Poptropica Help Blog will soon be Poptropica Help Vlogs.

To kick things off, we’ve uploaded a pilot vlog (which is really several things rolled into one) on our channel (which has been in use by the PHB before, though the vlogging is a first). Hopefully, this introduction welcomes you to the future of the PHV by showing the kinds of content we’re excited to produce for you guys. You can check it out right here (and on our channel as well):

We’re using our prior Poptropica Help Videos channel for the new PHV in order to keep our precious subs. Check it out here! So cool, right? Be sure to like, rate, and of course, subscriiiiibe!

• Ultimate iPad Expert •


203 thoughts on “Press Record, here comes Poptropica Help Vlogs!”

    1. *after watching video*

      1. I heard all you guys’ voices in that video, well, except Slipiraptor’s.

      2. It’s cool. Yeah, it’s sorta weird to hear your guys’ voices, but also really awesome! Especially when i nearly spewed Soda over my keyboard when i heard Spencer’s. Thought i knew him for all of 2 seconds.

  1. Just saying, I like reading this stuff a lot better than listening to someone say it in a video because reading is a lot faster than trying to hear someone say it and there are already a lot of other people who make poptropica videos, so congratulations on changing to videos but I’d just rather try to find some other written guide or watch someone else’s videos. Sorry, just stating my opinion, bye.

      1. Kinda like I did at school, I got on one of the calculators and saved a notes page as “my April fools joke” and all it said was nothing.

      2. Mine was i kept you all in supsence on my channel and then did nothing!!
        OK fine, i was busy that night. i didn’t even have anything planned, thought of something the next day. Typical.

  2. Well, it was really nice while it lasted. I agree, though: I don’t see that many blogs anymore (and most of the ones I find are inactive). Oh well, I spend lots of time on YouTube anyway. Good luck with the PHV.

  3. Pls tell me April Fools. Also, fishy was my fave:(. Bye on April 9th I wanna support ya, but mom won’t let me comment,like,dislike, or subscribe to vids. IM LEAVING

    1. I’m not gonna say specifically if this has anything to do with April Fools, but you’ll have to find out within the next few days.
      And, it’s fine if you can’t do that stuff, but I appreciate that you’d like it.

      1. Pleaseee don’t shut down the PHB! I literally cannot access youtube because the computer has some probs and my phone can never play youtube vids anymore!!! How do I update myself on poptropica thru here now? Yeah a vlog is fine but at least keep the blog for people who cannot use or access youtube!!!

  4. Are you kidding? The PHB was the best Poptropica blog ever, and you’re changing it? xD Anyways, funny video.

  5. I hope you are not fooling me, unlike the club penguin joke. I mean, you had posts and everything.How could you not fool someone?

  6. Ok, ther are two things that spells prank. One, “blogging is old school” and two, you said ” not specifically” and not “We are dead serious it’s not a prank.”

  7. Oh, um, uh, I don’t really know how to say… er… vlogging is great and all, seriously, but, closing down the PHB!? Why!? I loved the video :D. But, I don’t want the PHB to close! This seems so serious… but it is April first!!! I… er… aw man, I can’t come to a decision and my feet are tingling. Oh dear gosh it is 2009 all over again…

    1. You are TOTALLY right Quick Wing. Nobody makes big decisions on April first!!! Wait… my friend was out of school today because she had to go to a wedding TODAY. What is going on!? 😦

    1. Lol. Wait… why haven’t I gone to sleep yet?… What the heck, I have been checking on the comments for half an hour! Dude I have got to stop being so paranoid 😦

      1. And, BTW, even though I am not totally thrilled with the idea of the PHB going away, this video was amazing (Amazing… AMAZING!!! LOL) and I hope you guys make more!

  8. I am so happy for this change! Can’t wait to see more of all this good stuff in the future, but I’ll be sad to see the PHB go in a week.

  9. omg,I can’t believe you guys r closing down the phb.I kinda sad about the close down but the phv sounds great.I checked out all the videos. They look AWESOME!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Why the hate? PHV seems interesting 😀

        (Shh, bro it’s a prank c;)

  10. What about like GHA? And the halloween special? And….. avatar studio gift? I only have one week left of this place 😭

  11. This HAS to be a prank. I mean, Fishy would never just up and leave like that, and it must have occurred to them that not everyone who reads this blog is allowed on youtube! (*coughcough* me *coughcough*) (Also, first time commenting here! Yay! If it’s true, though, it might be the last … ;_;

  12. Also, no offense to the authors, but I hated that first Vlog post. I would prefer any PHB post over that one PHV video.

  13. NOOOOOOO….
    *1 day later*
    OOOOOOOOOOOO- *cough cough* *in hoarse voice* Okay, that was a little much, but WHY, PHB!?!?!?!


  15. I got to watch the video here, however … I’m gonna miss this place, despite the hilarious video. “You are not a counter!” XD

  16. It’s all just an April fool’s joke, hehe. Yeah, I was wondering what the big (and probably limited) changes would be. Of course Slanted Fish haven’t left, she’s still on the list over the PHB’s authors. I’m sure she (and hopefully maybe Blake and Samwow5 too) will return when this prank is over. I guess it’ll be announced in the next few days.

    (PS: This is my first comment ever on the Poptropica Help Blog. I love Poptropica and this blog, and I hope none of them will ever be closed down.)

  17. So, something is a prank, either everything (fishy leaving, the vlog, deleting the blog) or just deleting the blog. I mean, even with a vlog, you all would NEVER delete the blog. April Fools joke it is.

    1. But this sounds kinda serious. I mean, all of the authors in the same place… all of the PHB’s videos are marked with PHV… they changed their youtube name to PHV… and, the authors ARE getting older and might need some time to just have some space and relax. The Omegon and Club Penguin prank were pretty much impossible, but this seems so… real!

    1. LOL no need to yell :P. Maybe the PHV is the best thing for the PHB authors to do. But, this is crushing the dreams of people who wanted to be a PHB author someday. I am just having mixed feelings about this…

  18. I hope it is a prank. But, there is one thing that doesn’t add up. Fishy said “….this wonderful place..I may return ” and if its deleted….get me? She can’t return to the wonderful place? I’m suspicious.

  19. Well bye. After April 8 (if not a prank, though probably is ) I’m going to start poptrickia. Also, on EFPRI (Escape from pelican rock) the license plate reference? PHB-1?

  20. What ok is this a April Fools joke?! Cause if so this is not funny! We don’t the PHB to change! Who’s with me?!

  21. Think about it guys, it was posted on april first! Aprial Fools day!
    And Slanted fish posted that the day before that! How can this not be considental hum?!

  22. Lol I think this post has the record for biggest amount of comments (excluding the ASG’s maybe) cuz I just checked and I saw 163

  23. It’s sad seeing the PHB close down, however, gotta admit, PHV does seem interesting 😛 (wink-wink 😉 )

  24. I don’t really like the idea of vlogs. Some people just like reading everything. Now if you did vlogs and blogs, that’s a different story.

  25. Ahem, for 1, READ THE DATE! IT SAYS APRIL 1ST! and second, cough, why don’t you do both the PHB and PHV. I mean all that hard PHB work to waste! sniff, sniff. But hey, this could be a April Fools Joke? :\

  26. THIS IS A PRANK! I mean, it has to be!! They wouldn’t just…DELETE the blog! Especially Fishy…oh, how I miss her….🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠But maybe fishy leaving is also a prank! THIS HAS TO BE APRIL FOOLS!

  27. I never actually watched the video. Now that I have…

    Area of a segment of a circle=(r^2)/2 x (θπ/180 – sinθ)

    Good night and remember a circle is not a semicircle is not an arc is not a parabola is not a hyperbola is not an ellipse is a curve HAPPY HANNUKAH


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