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More on Our Discovery Island!

Hi Gs,

A while back, I posted about a new venture: Our Discovery Island – and online world using Poptropica’s engine. We now have way more info about what it has in store. Let me fill you in…


You definitely have to buy the books to easily access the islands – and it’s one island per book. The activity books include a DVD, activity sheets, and stories. The DVD contains cartoons – they’re not bad, either – including the same voice acting from the islands.

The islands are incredibly long – I went through Family Island and collected pictures for (hopefully) all the characters in the island. It turned out to be 90ย charactersย – 90! A regular island on Poptropica has about 30!


And yes, I plan to document the game on the Poptropica Wiki. It may take some time. ๐Ÿ˜› From what I learned, the background art in ODI is incredible – they don’t let the 2D boundary get in their way. They use 3D trickery to make the world seem much more immersive.

Oh, one more thing: Tropical Island held a surprise for me. While playing through the island, it showed a family tree, and what appeared to be Mordred from Astro-Knights Island! I’m not completely sure that this is canon, but it definitely showed Mordred’s parents! Sadly, I didn’t get a screenshot, but hopefully I will later.

What does this mean? Do these universes crossover? Tell me in the comments!




20 thoughts on “More on Our Discovery Island!”

  1. Hey Poptropicans, it’s me, Popular Wolf (A.K.A. PW), with another theory! Okay, okay. Here goes nothing… *Note: most of these connections are weird*
    Once upon a time, Pearson and Poptropica worked together in perfect harmony. But suddenly, their relationship was cut short. So, Pearson milked their time with Poptropica. Or so we thought.
    Poptropica Learning still exists in the app store, and as the Pearson books keep circulating about Poptropica, Our Discovery Island continues.
    But maybe… maybe this was MEANT to happen. This game might not just exist for educational reasons, but to further explain backstories of Poptropican characters, our avatars, and even Poptropica. Cue the dramatic music!
    Why would Modred be there? That I do not know. But has anyone else noticed that Mordred has a different skin tone than Binary Bard? I don’t know, but maybe this family tree is trying to add on to Mordred’s story. I need to play to get more info, but I think this makes a lot of sense. Like my previous theory (see “Missing Link: A Realization”), I believe everything Poptropica related (game-wise and book-wise) is, well, related. Connected in some way.
    And seriously. I bet that we have all pondered upon the back stories of characters like Captain Crawfish (yum), Black Widow, Professor Pendulum, and even ourselves.
    How do our characters get immersed in Poptropica? Do we have families (c’mon, we can’t ALL be orphans)? Building on what Blake said, how do we have our blimps (not easy to afford)? And let’s not forget the magical inventory-bag which you can stuff poles, godly items, and giant toy caterpillars into.
    I really need to dig deeper and provide more evidence, but seriously, what better explanation can I provide since I have not played Our Discovery Island?
    HPuterPop, you must post a new “Missing Link” post soon! Or at least screen shots of the game play ๐Ÿ˜›
    Hope you guys enjoyed! I am currently busy writing a Poptropica story explaining some of my theories and what I think happened as far as back stories go. Visit my blog, http://www.poptropicanewscenter.wordpress.com, for updates on it, if you are interested in my theories.
    That’s all I have, thanks for reading!

  2. Our Discovery Island is insecure. I managed to get into an account (There was a password hint) and change the character. Odd. I didn’t do anything else but the account also lets you view the email which I think is unsafe for a kid’s game

  3. Why does:

    Petshowfan looks like a young professor pendulum
    sydvicious looks like a young speeding spike
    balloon man looks a bit like a younger version of the pretzel guy from Super Power

    Is Our Discovery Island a younger version of Poptropica? Probably not and I’m probably wrong because they probably took some characters from Poptropica and redesigned/photoshopped them or something. Still, looking at the image made me think about it. And what HPuterpop said about the universe crossover would sort of make sense.

  4. No, I don’t think the worlds “cross over” into each other.
    I think they’re just reused character models from Poptropica that unintentionally look similar.

  5. i thought this is a private server or a bootleg of poptropica at first…then i saw it and it was powered by the same creator of poptropica

    everyone feel the same too?

  6. I got into an account, and it was on Movie Studio Island, but it said the access code expired. I didn’t do anything to the account though.

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