Poptropica… cartoons?

Hey guys, BT here to share with you something interesting the Creators have been working on. Based on their blog post, it’s going to be a feature for the app with original videos, called Poptropica TV! According to a tweet by Poptropica, it’s coming out next week to the app.

Earlier today on their YouTube channel, the Creators released two new videos! One is a cartoon animation narrated by Shark Guy (glad to see ya back, buddy!) about what sharks are actually like:

At the end of the shark video, the seal man at the end says “Tuna in next week!” There’s no official word yet, but it sounds like these short silly cartoons may be a weekly thing!

The second video is a Draw My Life of everyone’s favorite Mega Fighting Bots geek and Poptropica intern, Gamer Guy! Check it out:

Poptropica has been dropping hints about cartoon animations for a while now via Twitter, and it looks like they were about webtoons with voice acting such as these. What do you think of this first dose? I’m looking forward to what else this’ll bring!

BT out!

11 thoughts on “Poptropica… cartoons?

  1. Eva K Belfer says:

    Ok, I don’t care I u guys respond or not even though I’m ur biggest fan, but I made that request to poptropica creators! I’m kind of the annoying fan of poptropica… 😅 but I just freaked out when I saw it because it was super exciting!!!


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