Make way for Arabian Nights, Ep. 3!

arab3 members

Hey, clear the way in the ol’ bazaar
Hey you! Let us through – genie’s out of his jar
Oh come be the first on your block to make a wish!
Make way! Here he comes! Cast spells! Bring a dish! 
Ah! You’re gonna love this djinn!

It’s here! After months of waiting, the final part of Arabian Nights Island, Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For, is now available to membersUpdate: Our guide is now available! You can also check out Captain Crawfish’s official video walkthrough here:

In addition to the video, if you’re holding off on playing the island, or are a non-member, you can also check out our Behind the Scenes post for Arabian Nights Ep. 3 for some more spoilers. 😀

When you’ve completed the island, you can check what rank you finished at on the Arabian Nights World Champions Map. Grab your magic carpets, and hop on for a whole new world.

With skeleton keys, surprises nightlong
With genies and palaces, and wishes gone wrong
With forty thieves, a grumpy princess, and a desperate sultan’s plea
Make way! For Arabian Nights… Ep. 3!

64 thoughts on “Make way for Arabian Nights, Ep. 3!

  1. Brave Dolphin says:

    My ranking was 13- my best yet 😀 My favorite episode yet, and I didn’t even like the first two much.

    • Symphony says:

      Ghost? Seriously? If you WERE a ghost – you’d be my best friend. x turns around to see adoring fans x Oh, bite me!
      Leo: I don’t understand how you CANNOT love the attention! x on an airing live episode of Showtime x
      Nikki Heat: Mr. Valdez, is it true you’ve taken up the title ‘Bad Boy’?
      Leo: x smiles to the camera x Guilty.
      Leo’s fangirls: x gasp and fall to the ground x
      Nikki Heat: CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! x falls to the ground x
      Leo: Wanna fall too, Adsuke? x turns to Adsuke and smiles x
      Adsuke: Ahhhh, no thanks.
      Leo: Your loss! x turns to the camera and smiles x Leo Valdez – Bad Boy.
      Cameraman: x falls to the ground x

      • moody tuna says:

        shes a ghost who likes kittens. wait adsuke…. adoring fans?! WER DID U GET THOS?????

      • Symphony says:

        Adsuke: x about to answer x
        Leo: x interrupts x Heeeyyyyyyyyyy…are you my fan? Cause I know you from somewhere! Have I seen you in camp? You look a LOT like my cousin. Did we go to High School together? I could’ve SWORN I saw in–
        Adsuke: LEO!
        Leo: x looks at Adsuke x Hm?
        Adsuke: Jason and Piper are waiting for you. Meanwhile… x disappears x
        Leo: Pfffft Like I’m going! She’s so annoying, isn’t she? x elbows him teasingly x

  2. I'm so awesome AKA Tamara says:

    I’m gonna miss episodic islands, but I’ve missed the good o’l classic full islands.

  3. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    Hey Fishy, you stole my thing! ;P

    Well anyways, I finished the island, and, let’s just say it may get at least a little bit to your emotions.

  4. Fairy Tale says:

    Now I miss this island. I mean even Arabian nights 3 came after a long time. The feeling is similar to when we watch an awesome, emotional and a long movie and finally it ends and we feel sad wanting more.

    I mean I loved Poptropicon too! But for Arabian nights it was a special feeling!

  5. ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

    No, i’m so totally NOT watching that walkthrough, i’m gonna do this island myself, which I dunno if it is possible xP

    • ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

      Okay, I give up, this island looks waaay too much tempting. Maybe i’ll try timmy failure? :/

  6. Young Singer -Nariko- says:

    Hey Paul.
    You There?
    Do You Have Membership?
    I Just Wanna Know If You Can Play The Island Yet.

  7. ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

    It’s really cool that you get you choose your own wish, I would choose talking to animals, but I really want to see how it is to be a world classs banjo player, haha XD

  8. dangerouseye says:

    Will any of you be doing a review for this island? There’s a lot of hype about this island and I’d love to see what y’all think 🙂

  9. ♦♬ Melody Kitty ♬♦ says:

    I saw the walkthrough, overall the island seems fun to play. At first, I though this island plot was ordinary and simple, but it turned out Extraordinary. It’s length is sufficent , plot was excellent and the outcomes of wishes granted b the Genie were HILARIOUS! It indicates that you have to be very SPECIFIC and PRECISE will ever granting a wish, otherwise you have to get chased by female camels….. jk XD , but seriously, this island made me literally crack up! 4 starts for AN (Arabian Nights) island, ‘cuz the trading part seems confusing (sort of).. 😛

  10. Fairy Tale says:

    Did anyone else notice that after completing an island the page which shows up saying ”Congratulations!” is now a bit changed. At first it was like this :-

    Now it is a bit changed (don’t have the picture ) It now even shows our poptropican’s name. It goes more of a like ”Congratulations [Insert poptropican name here] ! You’ve completed an island quest and earned an island medallion and credits to spend in the store!” Now they have even given two option below it, it says ”Explore more islands” which takes you to the map if you click on it and ”visit the store” which takes you to the store if you click on it. 🙂

  11. Fairy Tale says:

    Slanted fish, I have 3 costumes which I previously saved in my costume closet but now I’m currently a non member , and I want to delete one of them but ain’t able to. 😦 Is there any way to delete it?

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