Poptropica Journal – 8/30/10 – Jeff Kinney

Hi Gs – this post was actually a letter written way back in 2010 to the founder of Poptropica, Jeff Kinney. I actually did send it to him, and it’s pretty funny how some of the Island ideas that I had actually were brought to life later, intentional or not. Read the previous Poptropica Journal here.


Dear Jeff Kinney,

I am your biggest fan, bigger than Gram (founder of Poptropica Productions) who makes Poptropica movies! I love your books to! I am going to read your new book, The Ugly Truth. I am even making islands of my own, Survive Island and Phantom Carnival Island! I wasn’t going to let Monster Carnival Island go to waste! I was REALLY looking forward Monster Carnival Island, but one day Time Tangled came out and I didn’t even notice that it was gone. A year later I read about it on a blog, and how it disappeared off of the blimp. I had just read a book about a bizarre carnival that just appeared over night, and it turned out to be a movie! I thought about and I finally got the results: Phantom Carnival Island! Everything is more than it should be, like in the merry-go-round, the horses turn into dragons!

I am already writing the script for my Survive Island! I will send the scrap book for it soon! I write articles about your islands to! I wrote three articles about Steamworks Island! I have found that creating an island can get a little boring, but then something new comes out of your head, and it’s all fresh again!


I used to be writing a diary/journal for publishing, but I realized that it put to much stress on my life, so I quit. See what I did there? I visited your website, and wimped myself. I also listened to Joshes hit song, and believe me; I see what Gregory meant when he said “sometimes I don’t know about that kid” (talking about Rowley)! I really hope that we could meet someday, but for now, I’m stuck in 3rd grade with a bunch of morons! Just kidding (I really home school). Bye!

Andrew L. Wiles, eight years old

P.S. I also draw to, and like to make posters.


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