Introducing the Poptropica Help Network (wait, what?)

Hi Gs,

Um.. well.. this happened. We decided after a long debate that we’re reverting the network and blog back to the PHN and PHB. The response from the community wasn’t the greatest, as we soon realized.

If you missed it, we changed the entire branding of the site to a catch all term – Poptropedia. New url, new logo, new everything. But things didn’t go as planned, so we decided to scratch it. There are pros and cons from both sides, but ultimately we wanted to go with something recognizable.

poptropicahelpnetworkoverBut now is as good of a time as ever to announce the new hub site for the Poptropica Help Network, featuring links to all of the Poptropica Help sites! This hub is generally just for new viewers or anyone who wants to learn more about the entirety of the community – eventually more will be added, but this is a start! (We may start self-hosting the site, but no promises! 😉 )

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know about the revert – tell me what you think! 🙂



26 thoughts on “Introducing the Poptropica Help Network (wait, what?)

  1. Slippery Raptor says:

    The case is finally closed. Thanks Fishy, Sam and HP for the awesomeness! You guys are the best. The PHN is in full swing! 🙂

  2. Spotted Dragon says:

    Yay! To be honest, I was never a fan of the name change and was hoping things would fall through… I’m really glad that the Poptropica Network has a chance to rise up again!

  3. renaldiinfernus says:

    I’ve never seen the PHB revert on an issue so fast….I almost thought that the Poptropedia thing was a late April Fool’s joke, and not a funny one at that. I was in favor of a new effort to branch out and unify various Poptropican fansites into a network, which had some limited success a few years ago. HP and the rest of you guys really had something unique going on, and that merger w/ the Poptropica wikia was a good call too. But to rename it all the “Poptropedia…,” well, that didn’t feel right.

    The name feels awkward to say, and despite what you pitched about it being more recognizable and memorable, Poptropedia doesn’t make me think about Poptropica…unless I really think about it. The PHB’s 3 letter acronym was short, sweet, and in my opinion, much more memorable. The same thing could be applied to the PHN. Your point about the other acronyms not catching on as much, well, I think if you pushed at it more this time around, it would gain more popularity. Poptropedia isn’t as recognisable as Poptropica Help, and when a newcomer wants to find help for their blue Pearson game issues, well, it’s a no-brainer. I think I can see “Poptropica Help Tweets” and “Poptropica Help Walkthroughs/Videos” becoming a think (if they aren’t already).

    Whatever direction you go with this network, it will still be the Poptropica fansite we all know and love, and I’m glad I’ve been around long enough to see it grow along with Poptropica for over 6 years. I hope this network can make it even better.

    But seriously, you’ll have to pry the PHB from my cold dead hands while still smoldering from the fire I would light to the Poptropedia banner. 😀
    (jk i love y’all)

    • adsuke says:

      Dude…that comment was WAY too long…
      Naruto: Was that a COMMENT or a SPEECH?
      Sasuke: It’s a comment. Just like the password I said…remember?
      Naruto: …Was that a PASSWORD or a SPEECH?
      Sasuke: x face palm x You really are just one big problem.
      Sakura: Sasuke; you’re so COOL!
      Kakashi: x disappears x
      Rasuke: Whatever. x disappears x
      – Rasuke

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