The Missing Link: Poptropica Origins (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1, go ahead over to that post before reading any further. Seriously, it won’t make much sense. 😛 Also, this post contains island spoilers, so be warned!

Hi Gs,

So, you leave Time Tangled Island. That story is over. You’ve saved the future by fixing the past, and that’s the end of that. But what if it wasn’t?

After Time Tangled, then comes 24 Carrot – right? There seems to be no time difference there… unless you take into consideration that 24 Carrot technically WASN’T the 4th island. Monster Carnival was planned to be the 4th island, and if you’ve played MCI, you’ll remember that the island was based in 1956 – and from what we learned in the previous post, Time Tangled Island was based in 2007.

Monster Carnival on the map

My theory is that the time machine you receive in Time Tangled is the reason for the time period changes that happen frequently throughout the island timeline. If we’re assuming that the islands play out like a story from Early Poptropica to the most recent island, then this explains a lot. But it’s not just assumption.

AstroKnights Island is set in medieval times – another specimen of time travel. During the island you must travel to the moon to get a new rocket from high tech aliens.


Now, travel 600 years in the future, to Lunar Colony Island. This island is presumably in the current time frame. In the island, you travel to the moon in search of a lost scientist. If you’ve played the island, you’ll know that the moon seems to be completely barren except for the moon bases that were man made.

So, what does this mean? If both Astroknights and Lunar Colony were in the same time frame, then we would still see aliens on Lunar Colony! The origin of Poptropica has to do with aliens.

The next part will be coming out soon, and I’ll be touching on Zeus and his part in the grand scheme. Until then,




17 thoughts on “The Missing Link: Poptropica Origins (Part 2)

  1. Advika says:

    This is AMAZING! I always thought that SOS island corresponded with Mission Atlantis! Even though they’re different time periods; I thought we would go down in search of fish but instead encountered the ship Titanic; thinking it was Atlantis where we saw hallucinations of dinosaurs and aliens!

      • Advika says:

        SERIOUSLY?! Okay; I’m jealous of your brain. Are you Sherlock Holmes; cause he is AWESOME! TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME! x keeps on cheering for 6 hours x Tell me…tell me…te– x faints and is out of breath. Sleep cheering x Tell me, O’ Oracle of Greek Mythology…x doing the air-guitar while sleeping x

      • Advika says:

        SOS ISLAND CORRESPONDS WITH MISSION ATLANTIS CORRESPONDING POPTROPOLIS CORRESPONDING WITH REALITY TV ISLAND?! Think about it! SOS island involves Titanic the Great to sink underwater and therefore aliens and dinosaurs are there…eventually; there’ll be so many dinosaurs, that they all go hungry. If you’re hungry, you’re angry/moody; so you’ll go by each day looking for food. Each step a dino takes is as good as an EARTHQUAKE! (AKA Poptropolis Games Island) After every earthquake is a volcanic eruption (Reality TV island’s Totem Hop and Kite Flying Thingy).

      • Advika says:

        AAAHHHHH! HPUTERPOP, THIS IS AMAAAAAZING! x doing the air guitar and going WILD x CATCH ME; LARRY! AAAAAAHHHH- ow. I said ‘CATCH ME’ not ‘MISS ME’…UGH! Look; I went to the Mystery Train and found an AMAZING discovery! In Erik Weizs’ room; the ‘starry night’ painting was found above the bed! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I! AM! AWEEEESOOOOOOME! CATCH ME NOW, LARRY! x falls but STILL isn’t caught by Larry x Gr…Lawrence Gatto Gamage Normaaaan! YOU! ARE! SO! DEEEEEAAAAD! x kills Larry with Sharingan, Chidori and Orichimaru x TAKE THAT, LARRY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! x coughs x Ow…WAY less dramatic than I’d hoped!

      • Advika says:

        I’m crazy, you know. I’m like…Shawn Spencer…Jim Carey…Ryan Stiles…Colin Mochrie…Brad Sherwood…Johnny Depp…Robin Williams…Bugs Bunny. I’M SO AWEEESOOOOME! I’m a crazy vampire who LOOKS like a girl, but…her personality is so boyish. Whatever shows that I’m doing an action…LIKE THIS! x doing the air guitar x

  2. FunnyMonster says:

    i’ve been meaning to ask this question for a while now: is anyone else having this problem with the new poptropica design: (even though its not that new) whenever I try to play an old island, the playing screen gets all tiny and weird, but whenever i play a newer island with sound the screen is fine. maybe it has something to do with me using ubuntu?

    slantedfish: The old islands have always been that size; the newer islands were made with bigger screens.

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