Galactic Hot Dogs Island

Galactic new Store items & island extras!

Hi Gs,

As of now, you can grab a couple of new Galactic Hot Dogs Island bonus items in the Store. The “F.R.E.D. Follower” is now available, free for everyone. The arm sort of overlaps your character when you’re standing still, but it’s still a cool follower and makes me wonder if you’ll have F.R.E.D. as a follower in the actual island as well, considering he’s a helping robot in the comic.


The second item is a “Galactic Space Suit“, which is for members only. I do like the torso piece – it looks cool with the red theme I’m rocking on my Poptropican at the moment.


Members can also print out a GHD poster with their character alongside Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger by getting the printable poster in the Store.

ghd poster

Finally, everyone can download the free GHD desktop wallpaper from the official Galactic Hot Dogs Island tour page!


Anyway, tell me in the comments what you think about the upcoming GHD Island. And if you want to get caught up on GHD-related stuff, check out the GHD post category here on the PHB.



8 thoughts on “Galactic new Store items & island extras!”

  1. Hp do you know any REALLY rare cheats or glitches I want some like the shirtless glitch and the sticky eyes glitch and other rare ones

  2. Even though this id kind of off topic, as of today it has been a year since the Poptropica creators announced Monster Carnival Island.

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