POPCORN, the PHB magazine: issue #22 out now!

popcorn22 4

Hi Gs – Issue #22 of the PHB magazine, known as The POPCORN, has just been released, with all sorts of Poptropica fan creations, including an adventuring story by Perfect Coyote, a plethora of artwork by multiple artists, and a cool glitch involving the grapple bow tie on Spy Island.

check out issue #22 of our Poptropica magazine now!

…clicked it yet? If not, you’re missing out on a piece of the PHB legend.  😀

We’re going to be stopping the Popcorn publications for now, as it’s had a good run and doesn’t have as many submissions as it used to. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back in the future. 😀

Hope you enjoy our pop-pop-Poptropica Help Blog fan magazine!

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What's popping, Poptropicans?

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