Is Galactic Hot Dogs a full island? (+ item names!)

Hi Gs,

UPDATE: It’s Poptropica-official… Galactic Hot Dogs Island will be a full island! 😀

But do read on for a little extra insight, including the names of the items in the upcoming Island. 😉

I suggested in my last GHD post that the Galactic adventure may be a full island, what with the Poptropica Creators suggesting full islands coming back on Twitter, and there not being an episode section on the island tour page – but more clues lie within Poptropica’s files.


It seems even more certain than ever before, however, as the island name in the files is labeled “GHD“. Not “GHD1” or “GHD2” – just GHD. Considering that they always file episodic adventures labeled with numbers, it seems odd that they would leave the name after adding all the items for the island.


What are these items, you ask? An egg, a fuel cell, a fruit, a gelatin salad, a giant spoon, a guano, a map-o-sphere, a seed pod, and of course, the Island Medallion.

Also, they added the icon for GHD Island, which is a giant G… how original. 😛





3 thoughts on “Is Galactic Hot Dogs a full island? (+ item names!)

  1. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    I’m not completely looking forward to this island, but I could be more interested if it’s a full island. This episodic thing is killing me TBH. I now understand what the people who hadn’t read Diary of a Wimpy Kid felt like.

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