Poptropica for your Kindle Fire & Plundered Armor for members!

Hi Gs,

I wanted to make a quick post for the Kindle Fire users of the community – I also own a Kindle Fire – to tell them that they can in fact install Poptropica on their Kindle Fire (it’s free, too!). Watch the video below (I apologize for the poor quality of the screen recordings).

The only drawback to this is that you won’t be able to make in app purchases (basically, you won’t be able to install the islands that cost money).

Anyway, I hope you find this tutorial helpful – if you did, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel – I make gaming stuff, art stuff, and Poptropica stuff, so you may want to check it out. 😉

By the way, members can now collect a new free costume – Plundered Armor, available in the Store for Arabian Nights: Ep. 2 (Lair of Thieves), coming out this Thursday for members. Plus, check out the PHB’s Behind the Scenes: Overview & Theory for Arab Ep. 2: Lair of Thieves to get an idea about what’s coming up! We’ll have a guide for the episode as soon as possible. 🙂





14 thoughts on “Poptropica for your Kindle Fire & Plundered Armor for members!

  1. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    Oh it figures you tell me this after I upgrade :p congrats though! You’ve been waiting a long time.

    Sent from my iPad


    • A very merry red spider says:

      dang nameless how much electronics do you have I’ve seen posts from your iPhone 5c ( 5s is better ) and now your iPad you are pumped up in apple products and does it have to say sent from my iPad

      • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

        (I don’t have an iPhone 5c? I have an old used 4 [not 4s]. And the iPad, I just got that as an early Christmas Present. It’s an iPad 2, also used. And it just says Sent From My iPad because that’s the signature. I just got it, I haven’t changed it yet. I don’t mean to show off my Electronics, I just use them. I’ve got my phone, my tablet, and an 8 year old laptop with a lot of broken parts.)

      • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

        Not quite sure what you mean, but no one gives me any money except for my neighbor when I work over at his house and stuff ;p As far as the iPad, it’s just a Christmas present that I got early because I’m getting a laptop we got at Black Friday and my parents don’t want my Christmas Presents to seem like they’re more than my siblings. (If that’s what you mean…)

  2. Booger Face says:

    what the boogers?! it isn’t working! and the poptropica icon isn’t popping up! instead this weird apk icon pops up! help!

  3. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    Now that I’m on the computer I can make a proper comment (Also seeing as how I’ve watched the video now ;p).

    Okay, this is amazing. Point blank. I was just wondering (Even though I don’t have a Kindle Fire HD anymore, my dad lets my siblings use it), does it work for the Kindle Fire HD, and do you think you could maybe reply to my comment the file name that Poptropica should be under? It was kind of hard to read (But I completely understand trying to record it). But who cares about purchasing islands ;p If you managed to get Puffin on your tablet, then it would be fine anyways.

    And as for your video,
    1. Nice hair. I like the Let’s-Slap-A-Video-Together Style. No sarcasm whatsoever.
    2. I know I sound like someone’s mother when I say this, but you’ve grown up A LOT in your year here. Really, it’s almost hard for me to recognize you. I feel sad and old now.
    3. Yeah I subscribed again. I just realized it’s been a year for something else too.

    Thanks for sharing the insight c:

    • HPuterpop says:

      It should work for Kindle Fire HDs, I see no reason why it wouldn’t. :3

      As mentioned in the video, it’s in the “Download” folder. No, I did not forget the s. 😉 The download folder will be in the hub for all the folders, whatever it’s called.

      I made this in about an hour. I was lazy. :p
      And thanks. 😀

      Your welcome, if you have any more questions just let me know. :3

      • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

        An hour is longer than I would’ve been able to stare at a screen, so congratulations on out-lazying me :p

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