Survival Island

Survival (Ep. 5: Escape!) for members, but nothing new for non-members?

Hey everyone! Quick post to let you guys know that Survival (Episode 5: Escape!) is now out for members! If you need help, click here for the PHB’s Survival Island Guide, which includes all five episodes and plenty of pictures. Or, check out our full video walkthrough series. 😀

survival5 carousel

When you’ve escaped from the dastardly Myron Van Buren, be sure to check out your ranking on the World Champions Map to see how you stacked up with other Poptropican competitors across the globe! Tell us what you thought of the final installment of Survival in the comments and on the PHC!

By the way, there’s nothing new for non-members today, despite hopes for PoptropiCon Ep. 1 (currently out for members only). Sorry, guys — maybe next time! 😛 But if you are a member and need help on the island, do check out the PHB’s PoptropiCon Island Guide! 😀

16 thoughts on “Survival (Ep. 5: Escape!) for members, but nothing new for non-members?”

  1. All good poptropica islands have to have a good villain. Myron Van Buren was a good one. He had one of the most epic defeats of any poptropica villains. I wonder how long he will spin around on the saw mill. I also got rank 100. Its an average rank but pretty cool cuz its 100 lol

    1. and the other problem is which is a big 1 that we were left out completely this time poptropicon is still for members too wow poptropica overdid it 😦

    2. I know right! This is getting ridiculous… What if some people can’t get membership?! I just wish that Poptropica would sell Early Access Passes in the store like they used to. Their latest post on the Creator’s Blog talks about how Members have it all and other people should ‘join the club”. And they also said “Imagine what you’re missing! So if you’re not one of the select few, why not get Membership today?” It’s not like Membership is bad, they’re just overdoing it. That’s my online rant for today… 😦

    1. yep 😦 and i just cant wait for survival to be free for us i hope they make it free and all cuz i am having a weird thought in my mind that they might do something with the timings of islands getting available for everyone what if now u wont be able to play some certain parts of the islands if u are a non member D: anything could happen

  2. Cool — but they should’ve released PoptropiCon to non-members so the rest of us could have something to play too. Also, why does Captain Crawfish play as a random girl character, instead of his own peg-legged, red-coated avatar? 😛

    1. agreed slanted fish is completely right it would have been much better if he played with the real captain crawfish

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