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Music album one, dust bunnies, and more on Dr. Hare

Hi Gs,

Poptropica Music Album: Volume One

A new type of Poptropica media is out and available for download – music (of course we already knew)! Poptropica Music Volume 1 is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, featuring 12 tracks. Each track is $0.99 USD, which is pretty pricey considering you can listen to tons of Poptropica music on our Behind the Scenes page (which boasts 100+ tracks).

You can also buy the whole volume for $8.99 on Amazon, or $9.99 on iTunes. It includes one unreleased track, the Back Lot main theme, which hasn’t been uploaded to the files yet (don’t worry, we’ll find it soon 😛 ). You can listen to the preview here. :3 Also, these tracks contain added sounds exclusively for the album, so that might be worth checking out!


Dust Bunnies & more on Dr. Hare

Recently we released a post about Nate Greenwall’s portfolio which included lots of unreleased material for Poptropica. We did not show all the work, however, and on the “Character Designs” page you will see a character drawn in a Poptropica-esque style. It’s a bunny in a purple suit with a tank on his back that has the word “dust” on it.

Obviously the idea is a dust bunny, but my point is that with the Poptropica like style, it may be an upcoming villain and nemesis/comrade to Dr. Hare, or perhaps an old draft of what later became Dr. Hare. As you know, Dr. Hare was created by Nate, so he would likely be the one to design a second bunny character for Poptropica, should that happen.

Also, something no one else noticed – the LEGO design image for Dr. Hare’s minifig reveals what’s behind those goggles! It’s not a big discovery, but it’s one step more into why Dr. Hare is how he is. Just look at those manic eyes.

Mission Atlantis Hub

I’ve recently released a new video on my channel that is a “hub” video for Mission Atlantis. It includes all the links to everything you need to know about the island, and I’ll be making hub videos for all the episodic adventures eventually. 😀

Poptropican Portraits: Season 2 is still coming very soon. 😀



7 thoughts on “Music album one, dust bunnies, and more on Dr. Hare”

  1. Who knew that a bunny-based outfit could look so…awesome!!? Well anyways I think the dust bunny might be an early concept art of how they want Dr. Hare to be or something? Or maybe he’s a villain in the superhero movie trailer in Poptropicon? Just wild guesses.

  2. Hmm… You know, I don’t know when the Dust Bunny was drawn, but is it possible that it’s from Mocktropica Island? It looks to have the same build style of the MFB’s, and he could be Janitor or something? Not sure, worth guessing.

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