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When does the line form?

Hi Gs,

The Creators just announced that episode 1 of Poptropicon Island – Line Forms Here – is coming out for Poptropica members next Thursday, August 28. If you’d like to see some behind the scenes information, click here to view the BTS Overview and Theory on the first episode. 😀

dateConAnd speaking of forming lines, Poptropican Portraits Season 2 is just on the horizon – stay tuned for more info! 😉


9 thoughts on “When does the line form?”

  1. I will do my method at Episode 1 as same as episode 4 on survival and episode 3 on mission Atlantis. What is the method? When i am stuck at somewhere i ask it at the blog post then nobody answers for like 5 minutes then I finally remember something and figüre it out myself.:)

  2. Yay! Season 2 poptropica portraits!
    And so excited for poptropicon island!

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