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Rethinking Thor

Hi Gs,

The topic of discussion lately has been Legendary Swords and Poptropica Lands, but I’m going to bring up something else this time around. A while back I made a “Missing Link” post about a Norse mythology based island. I was using evidence from the DPs (Daily Pops) of the time.

However, that theory fell by the wayside when the DPs were confirmed to be for the Poptropica App as a starting tutorial. I thought that I was wrong.

But, just like the recent cropping up of underground themed sneak peeks, this theme has re-immersed. If you’ve been following along with recent PHB posts, you’ll know that mysterious Norse themed traces have been coming from the yet-to-be-updated Lands. A blue glowing hammer can be found listed in the SUI Poptropica Lands files — and this could go two ways.


First, it may not be meant to be there — it’s just a mistake. That is possible considering that it is the only item listed. If this is true, it means that a separate Norse themed island may be coming soon.


It also could be that they’re making Poptropica’s default theme into a Norse sort of thing. This would also make sense because of Poptropica’s floating blimp and the start tutorial for the Poptropica app. Since Poptropica Lands is not necessarily themed after anything specific, the default theme would be Norse mythology.

And check out this image from Twisted Thicket Island, which contains the same symbol as the hammer mentioned above. As you may know, Twisted Thicket has its roots in Norse mythology, such as the naming of the runes you have to collect, so this further emphasizes the theme. (thanks to ayman351 for the pic!)

norse symbol

I would prefer the prior theory to be true, but it just depends. Who knows what the future holds. 🙂 Tell me your thoughts in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Rethinking Thor”

  1. If you look at the pictures of Poptropicon Island you can see in the one that is behind the building a billboard of Thor, maybe that’s where the hammer will be

  2. Thor: *Holds out hand and hammer comes flying to him!* WHOO HOO! *Miljionir drops on his face.* Ouch!!

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