Mission Atlantis Island, Survival Island

Survival (Ep. 4) for members & Mission Atlantis (Ep. 2) for all!

Survival Ep. 4 written walkthrough and video guide now available! Tally ho!
Or if you’re surfing for our Mission Atlantis Ep. 2 written & video guides, we’ve got those too!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly inform you that Survival Island Ep. 4 (Cabin Fever) is out for members! No demo for non-members though. The PHB’s Survival walkthroughs & video guides cover all episodes. When you’ve finished Episode 4, be sure to check your rank on the player map!


There is some good news for non-members as well – Mission Atlantis Ep. 2 (Fortress of the Deep) is out for all! If you need help on the island, feel free to use the PHB’s guide, which has lots of pictures! When you’re done, you can click here to check your rank on the map!


So, members, how’s Van Buren’s hospitality? And non-members, what have you found under the sea? Take the poll below, and tell us what you think of these islands in the comments or on the official PHB chat, the PHC! 🙂

42 thoughts on “Survival (Ep. 4) for members & Mission Atlantis (Ep. 2) for all!”

    1. Only step on the carpets, then jump on the animal’s heads. Grab the key with the spear so you can reach it.

  1. In, the hunting room, right under Myron’s room. Just walk in and you’ll find a mask and the spear will be next to it.

  2. Ok, lol, its in the same room as the spear. Go to the end of the room. There is a costume in this locked box thing. Use the key to open it.q

      1. I just thought of something!!! The security code is by MM… who is Max Mcgullicuty!

      1. The animals were cool, but not the fact that they were hunted and stuffed. I think Myron Van Buren is one of the actual “evil” villains, because he hunted and killed animals. Lots of other villains just want to “take over the world”.

      1. You don’t. 😛 Instead, use it to make the guard dog fall asleep. if you aren’t there yet, then you’ll need to wait for the guide or figure it out. 😉

  3. Which one do you guys think is better so far? Mission Atlantis or Survival? I like Survival more because I’m more into the story, but Mission Atlantis is okay too and I’m going to play Episode 2 right now and get a 32nd medallion!

    1. I strongly dislike Mission Atlantis. My bro helped me out. 😛 I love Survival, and its getting more interesting!

  4. i got the rank #302 on the island……I could have got #12…..not TOO bad i guess (frown)………

  5. I have finished Cabin Fever and… my fears have came true. Wow, I can’t believe it…

  6. Number 608: Pretty good considering that I just got home from classes, baseball, and much more all day. I just got home 10 minutes ago and completed it that quick xD suchskill

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