Monster Carnival Island, The Missing Link

The Missing Link: Monster Adventure

Hi Gs,

Am I back to talk about Monster Carnival? Not quite. I’m here to talk about an explanation to a mystery about Monster Carnival – but it goes deeper than just that.

strangeMonsterAdventureThe image above was found inside the “gameplay” file for Poptropica – back in the day, they used to keep a lot in that file, including unreleased material. First of all, acknowlegde that the “Monster” text used in the logo is the same font used in the Fact Monster logo. That’s where things start to get interesting…

monsterA1As some of you may recollect, there was a plethora of unreleased monster costumes that were leaked quite a long time ago. This was before the store, and so many people believed that they were for the forgotten Monster Carnival island (read the full story here). This may not have been the case. View the image below — see the (uncanny) resemblance between the last two images?

monsterA2There were obviously plans with Fact Monster in the primary years of Poptropica — remember the Fact Monster bubbles in Time Tangled Island, the island which was supposed to be followed by Monster Carnival island? And did you notice that the bubbles were taken out in the updated version? Almost like covering up tracks…

monsterA3The last point is the creator. Fact Monster is the only creator not to be found in an island — and he’s a real creator with a real life personnel, Jess M. Brallier. What I’m getting at is that there might have been a Fact Monster character in an island, and they had just never released the island, thus never releasing the character. The special prefix “Fact Monster” is owned by a number of accounts, mainly “dummy1063“, previously thought to be the creator’s account, but later found to be owned by PHB viewer, Pixel. The fact (no pun intended) that Fact Monster is a prefix proves that there were once plans for a Fact Monster character… And by the way, the Fact Monster prefix shows up in friends, so that means it passes through a special name filter for only creator accounts.

monsterA4“Monster Adventure” may have been a preliminary Monster Carnival, but what if Monster Adventure was an island or mini-quest based around Fact Monster? The leaked monster outfits have the likeness of Fact Monster (actually, one of the costumes is an exact replica), and the logo uses the same font that the Fact Monster uses. ย This still doesn’t solve the mystery, but it sure makes the answer a lot brighter. What do you think? Tell me in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚


12 thoughts on “The Missing Link: Monster Adventure”

  1. Remember the guy atop the hut in Shark Tooth Island? Well, he also says, “How did I get here? I’m supposed to be on Time Twisted Island!” You all thought it was for an SUI “Easter Egg,” but I’M thinking it links to this. Could it be a new island? A new mini game? We must answer all the questions to get to a goal? (Trivial Pursuit, Poptropica Style ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) It most definetly links some how. Why else would they let that guy up on the roof, shouting the island name wrong? <— joke ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Actually (not sure if you already realized this, since you did say “joke” at the end) – the soldier advertising “Time Twisted Island” on top of a hut in Shark Tooth Island was placed there many years ago, before Time Tangled was released, to advertise the upcoming island (the Creators advertised it as Twisted, not Tangled).

      He was recently brought back in February 2014, presumably to advertise the SUI version of Time Tangled, but strangely, they have not changed his speech from ‘Twisted’ to ‘Tangled’. It probably has little or nothing to do with ‘Monster Adventure’, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. i figured out how to make your character look like fact monster put on that costume then make your skin orange make your purple and that’s the best i could do to make it look like that

  2. But the fact bubbles were there for a pop-up to a website for extra facts, and it would have caused lag problems in the SUI (and there were probably business problems) so that’s why they took it out…
    Yes they made a costume. Marketing, funding, money. That’s why.
    “Monster Adventure” seems like the real mystery. It was probably canceled because of business.
    “Monster Adventure” seems like the only new thing to me, it seems like everything else has a reason, I’m sorry, it just seems…..odd.
    I like the “Monster Adventure” though. Hopefully that’s released, good thinking on that.

  3. It would make sense, considering Monster Carnival had to be released years after its due date… Perhaps the reason is because the Creators had to remake the island due to a problem with marketing after they had finished it, which I imagine takes awhile to do.

    1. The Creators did say that the reason they put off Monster Carnival all those years ago was simply because they didn’t have an idea they were happy with – but eventually (as we know) gave in to fan demands and worked on it so they could release the island.

      The mystery now is this “Monster Adventure” – interesting post, HP! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. That was quite an interesting post. I was a little bummed out when the Fact Monster bubbles weren’t in the SUI version of Time Tangled Island. I really liked them.

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