Survival Island

Survival Ep. 3 for members, Ep. 2 for all!

Looking for the PHB’s walkthrough for Survival: Ep. 3? Click here! You can also check out the video walkthrough here!
Or do you need our guide for Mission Atlantis Ep. 1We’ve got you “tidally” covered!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly inform you that Survival Island Ep. 3 (Distress Signal) is out for members! There’s no demo for non-members.

Screenshot 2014-06-05 at 12.11.56 PM

However, Survival Ep. 2 (Hook, Line, & Sinker) is out for all! Also, Survival: Episode 2 is now on Poptropica’s iOS app! The PHB’s Survival Island written walkthrough has lots of pictures and covers all three released episodes!


Good luck out in the wild, everybody, and remember to check your rank afterwards (click here for the episode 2 map and here for the episode 3 map!)

Also, check it out — PHB author HPuterpop (user: puterpop) finished third! 😀



41 thoughts on “Survival Ep. 3 for members, Ep. 2 for all!”

      1. You use the pocket knife to cut the branch, stand on the branch when you cut it and it will fall to the ground. Then cut the string down there and the box will fall.

    1. Thanks MF!!! 😀 Omg if you didn’t help I’d be stuck there like, forever (or at least until the 3rd episode guide is up xD ).

    1. There is a plane there then it will fell off then go to next room and grab pocket knife in a tree then cut the branch where plane is then get it. Hope this helps!

  1. now you have to get a lemon cut the branch next to lemon boxes then go down then cut the branch it will fall down grab the lemon. put the penny and nail to the lemon then
    red wire goes to penny black wire goes to nail then click on then close you’ll have a working radio then get to top of the raido tower and use it

    1. To open the crate of lemons, first you have to cut the branch that is attached to the other end of the rope that is attached to the crate. Then jump on that piece of branch and let it lower you until you are about the same level as the lowest branch of the tree, then cut the rope and voila the crate crashs down and is opened!

      And Yamacomur do you need anymore help?

  2. Sorry guys! You don’t know how bad about not finishing the guide tonight, I’ve been sick, I have to get a steroid shot yesterday from some bacteria I caught that messed up my throat, nose, and ears, and I got strep throat.(first the doctors thought I had mono, it was that bad) Anyway, I shouldn’t be pouring out my troubles on you, let’s talk about something cool! Like I said, the post will be about something fun for all of us to do, and I’m sure you all will love it. And I also left you with HP’s video guide, I hope that will help!

  3. Sorry this is off-topic but I noticed that the PHB has reached 12 million hits! Congrats 😀

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