Guess who’s having login problems.

Update: I’m playing it on an alternate computer 😉

Wonderful, lucky old me. So when I first came on Poptropica, everything seemed normal. I know that Hook, Line and Sinker is gonna come out today, I figured I’d just go closer to the blimp- I was in the Control Room on Super Villain Island. However, as soon as I got out, there was an error image on my screen where the gameplay screen once was.Then, a pop-up talking about add-ons appeared on the top left of my screen. Unsure of what it meant, I closed it.

So I refreshed the Poptropica home page and I tried to log in. However, this screen keeps popping up:

This infamous Poptropican Blue Screen of Death. I checked and double checked to make sure that my settings complied with the instructions on the error message, and it did. I tried logging in again and again, yet it wouldn’t go. I even tried rebooting my laptop but it is still not working. I even deleted the cookies on my laptop. But still.

If you guys have any suggestions, let me know- I have no clue why Poptropica decided to be mean to me TODAY of all days.

17 thoughts on “Guess who’s having login problems.”

  1. This happened to me, I had to try a few times too. Your computer has too much storage, poptropica can’t load right. Try deleting software games such as wizard101 or pirate101 or stuff you almost NEVER go on. Go to start->my computer-> add remove software/files-> select seldom used files-> click delete. Then it might work, that’s how I got mine to work. (Seldom means rarely, select rarely used files.)

  2. That happened to me in the past a few times. :/ I think it’s one of your settings for blocking cookies if I’m not mistaken.

  3. *sighs* My dad has been causing problems for everyone lately 😦 I have no idea what I’m going to do for Fathers’ Day
    Zeus (Dad): I’m sorry for all of your friends’ troubles 😦
    Me: GET OUT OF HERE DAD!!! *throws Poptropica Handheld IPad at him*

  4. I’ve had this problem before. If you zoom in (I forgot by how much), strangely, it will let you bypass it. Not sure if settings changed recently though, haven’t played in a year. Worth a shot?

  5. a message comes up, something like ‘hey there! no login and pass_hash (i cant remember the next part)’ and then it shows my user name under and logs me out

  6. This was one of the scariest things I that happened to me back then. Especially when my avatar turned into this very pale, curly haired creep in underwear and glitchy eyes (*uurg* 😬).

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