Mission Atlantis Island, Survival Island

Mission Atlantis is coming out next week!

Hey everyone! My assumption was right: the Creators will be alternating episodes! Mission Atlantis: Episode 1ย (“Into the Deep”) will come out on April 17, 2014 to members!


Non-members, there’s nothing to frown about because Survival: Episode 1 (guide here)ย will come out on April 17, 2014 to everyone! Anyway, I’ll try to get a guide up as soon as I can. Cya later!


30 thoughts on “Mission Atlantis is coming out next week!”

  1. I thought you were a teenager, it kinda sounded like it in the live stream (don’t know which voice is yours, they all sound like teens. Hp sounds like a preteen though.) can’t you stay home if your a teen? Why would your dad need to go? Don’t you have older siblings? ANYTHING??? I NEED THAT GUIDE MAN!!!! Ok, I have a problem.

    1. Well, I’m 14, they are going a hr away and say if someone breaks in I can’t call for help really (911 of course) but when they/I notify my rents they will be in an appointment or an hr away. My dad goes because he doesn’t feel comfortable with my mom driving with my brother, an hr away over a huge, long bridge in a city that is huge. I can try to convince my rents to let me stay or I’ll get my grandma to spend the day over here. :p

  2. Um, I’m happy about MA, but they are taking WAY too long to announce the winners of the CYDI Contest. Anyone agree?

  3. can’t wait for Survival: Episode 1 for non-members there nothing to on pop cause I beat all 37 non-member islands

    1. Uh…….Um………Word of Advice….Never ask anyone about personal info like that again because it makes u look like ur obsessed or ur a stalker xD

  4. Have you commenter and readers never noticing nothing about when is Mythology Isalnd going to updated.

    Slanted Fish: Yeah, it’s been a while since they mentioned it…

  5. Yahoo! I’m so excited but the suspense is killing me! I’ve kinda already watched the walk through numorous times….. Guess that island will be finished soon

  6. What the heck????? after that mean email they sent back about rumors on poptropica help blog or whatever look what is here:

    Well, obviously we can’t go around getting everyone in the world a free iPad. But if you’ve noticed the Poptropicans on our homepage running past while holding their own tablets, you’ve probably also wondered how you can get one for your Poptropican.

    It’s easy: just find one of the billboards that you see above on an Island’s Main Street. Watch the video, and at the end you’ll get your personal Poptropica App Tablet! It’s only available for a limited time, so grab it fast. You don’t want to be one-upped by the next model.

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