Monster Carnival Island, Survival Island

Survival (ep. 1) out for members & Monster Carnival here for all!

Psst! The Survival Island Guide for Episode 1 is now on the PHB!


Hey everyone! Today’s a big day regardless of your membership status, because there’s good news either way! Survival Island: Episode 1 is now out for members! No demo for non-members, though.

survival marquee

Non-members can now play Monster Carnival Island fully through! Be sure to check out our Monster Carnival Island Guide so the monsters don’t get you down.

monsterc for all

After six years of rumors, the legendary carnival is finally in town for all Poptropicans! So non-members, is the Ferris wheel’s face creeping you out yet? And members, how’s your fire going? Take the poll below, and tell us what you think of these islands in the comments or on the PHC! 😀

29 thoughts on “Survival (ep. 1) out for members & Monster Carnival here for all!”

  1. first comment, WOOHOO! anyway i’m going to be a member tomorrow so i wish i could be at least in the top 100 finishers of survival.

    p.s: my username janna.badawy, add me! visit also my blog:

  2. Ugh… forever loading screen of doom, CURSE YOU!! DX
    I mean, um.. at least my blimp was struck by lightning. But then forever loading screen happens when I try to go back onto the island.

  3. Hallelujah! Praise the Poptropica Developers! I love Monster Carnival Island! Can’t wait to get my computer back from the shop! Stupid little brothers, I told dad not to leave his hammer on the floor! Uh… sorry, off topic XD

  4. The tinder is pretty easy to find. the tinder is actually the birds nest on a tree where the squirrel is at.The only way to get it is to follow the wood pecker until he is at the same tree where the squirrel is at.Then the pecker will drive the squirrel nuts and the squirrel will eventually fall from the tree.Finally you can grab your tinder/nest. I was also one of the few people who completed the first episode of survival island. Anyway,hoped this helped in any way 🙂 Oh if you wanna add me or see if i really did complete the episode my username is berries175 and my poptropican name is Prickly Dragon 😀

  5. I’m sorry i know i’m off topic but i was wondering how you made your own Poptropica website. I kinda want to do my own too. If you could please help me that would be great 🙂

    1. The PHB started up with something called WordPress, which you can also use to start up your own blog for free. We list Poptropica websites on our Poptropica Web Directory, so check that out! (That would also be the page where your comment belongs, so next time, please look around for the appropriate place to comment to be considered “on topic”.) 😉

      1. Since the island is spread out into episodes, we’ll probably have to wait for a week or two instead of a month. I watched Thinknoodles’ walkthrough for Crash Landing, and it was only 15 minutes long.
        On a quite unrelated note, I think that Survival’s episodic system remind me of Telltale Games. They have some sort of development system where they release new episodes on a certain schedule, like The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us. I think that’s what the Poptropica Creators might be going at for this island.
        Anyways, Survival Island looks awesome! I can’t wait to play it! 😀

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