Glitch alert: blimp not moving

*pokes blimp* hello? are you alive??

Hey Poptropicans! Recently, there’s been an issue where the blimp on the Poptropica map won’t move, no matter where you direct your cursor or what island you click on – meaning not being able to travel to a different island. If you’re currently Blimpstuck, read on for a quick fix to get yourself out!


First of all, this seems to be happening on the SUIs (the colored, updated islands), such as Mocktropica, so avoid those for now until Poptropica fixes the bug. Anyway, to get out, just go to your Store inventory items and travel to the Haunted House. (If you don’t have this gold card item, you can get it for free in the Store.) From there, click on the hole you emerged from to travel to another island, and this time the blimp should be working.

*performs CPR on blimp* stay with me! come on! i’ve still got islands to see, you know!

Again, I’d advise you to stay away from SUIs for now, until the glitch is fixed! In the future, if you run into any bugs, remember to try using a different web browser or computer, and contact Poptropica (via the Contact link on their homepage) about any issues so they can fix them. Happy blimp traveling!


34 thoughts on “Glitch alert: blimp not moving”

  1. Hmm….maybe the blimp isn’t feeling well…I know! Hey blimp,how are you feeling?

    Blimp: I…..just want to tell you how I’m feeling,
    gotta make you understand,
    never gonna give you up,
    never gonna let you down,
    never gonna run around,
    and desert you,
    never gonna make you cry,
    never gonna say goodbye,
    never gonna tell a lie,
    and hurt you.

    *closes ears*

    A blimp….a blimp just rickrolled me. O_o

  2. Wait I got the glitch in Thursday I was going to change the color of my hair when I finished it didn’t even move and I never got this post so I just thank myself that if I get a game card like (haunted house) it worked thanks

  3. That’s why SUIs were a bad idea!!
    Captain Crawfish:*still inside closet*We shouldn’t have made those…..
    Me:SHUT UP CRAWFISH!!! Now my blimp keeps singing random songs li…
    Blimp:WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!?! *starts to boogie*
    Me:SHUT UP BLIMP!!!!
    Blimp:*still not shutting up* OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!!!*does gangnam style! blimp style*

    1. Me/Quick Fang: I am sooooo glad my Blimp isn’t
      Blimp: I knew you were trouble when u walked in! So shame on me now!
      Quick Fang: *pops my blimp* RIP blimp. AW man! Now I’m stuck on survival island. Oh well.
      Blimp remains: Bow chicka bow wow! That’s what my baby says! Mow mow mow and my ๐Ÿ’œ starts pumping!

      1. Quick Fang: Aw, darn it!

  4. Well, I see that it’s been happening to a lot of people (Some kept coming to the chat, and a lot of people were asking for help on the matter), but it hasn’t happened to me at all, and I just left Poptropolis… Weird right?

    Something else I noticed….. I’ll say later, I gtg, sorry!

  5. Guys!!! I contacted poptropica,and they replied to me this morning,and they said they have fixed the bug!!!! Bye Bye frozen blimp!

    1. Every time I hear the word frozen, I think…
      Blimp: Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore! Let it go let it go! Turn away and slam the door!
      Quick Fang: *pops blimp again* oh well.

  6. I am lord of the tacos! Huh. Always wanted to say that. Btw, never happened to me. Um…I am lord of the tacos! XD

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