Chattin’ it up on the PHC!

Hey, it’s Angry Wing! I’m just here to remind everyone about the fun PHB chat we’ve got right here on the site. In fact, here’s a hello from some party-goers.


Busy day.

Anyway, feel free to check it out anytime. There’s usually always someone online to hang with. If you look up, right below the header, you’ll see the tab that says Chat. (Take all the time you need to find it.) You back? Good. See you there!

~This has been a public service announcement VIP fun tip from Angry Wing (your favorite author, right?)~

11 thoughts on “Chattin’ it up on the PHC!”

  1. Hi there! hey Slanted Fish! i have a question! on the poptropica creators blog how to get your avatar on a t shirt it has you! so are you one of the poptropica creators!? or do you know any of the poptropica creators!? becuase when i saw the how to get your avatar on a t shirt and it had you i was suprised it had you!

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