Mocktropica Island

Mocktropica’s Trash Bin

Hi Gs,

The cliche trash can rummage was rehashed yet again in Mocktropica, but this time the contents were quite interesting (thanks Nameless UnDEFiNed for the following photo):


First, they had something I like to call comic relief… and it was VERY comical. 😛 Check out these trashed characters:

But then, they got into some pretty touchy areas. Silver Wolf was the first to point out that one of the folders said plainly: Monster Carnival, NOPE! Does that answer the age old question? It’s a pretty sad answer… I don’t want it to be true…

monster carnival nope

Next, there were two blue print pages scribbled with perhaps scrapped ideas. One of which was promised, although scribbled up…

balloon boy return battle arena

If you play to the end of the game Legendary Swords, a screen pops up that says “Battle Arena, Coming Soon!” But this page is scrunched up. It seems as if they will never continue the Legendary Swords game, which is sorta sad. The game was a cool idea.

Also, this cool idea was introduced: the afro guy as a Poptropica toy! That would be epic.

undefined guy

There were two seemingly binary letters in the trash bin. They were the same thing, and translated to English, they didn’t really mean anything:  n73Y


But I sort of wonder if this is some sort of code. It didn’t redeem anything in the Store, and it wasn’t a Multiverse room code. What do you think? If you find anything interesting, tell us! 😀

Lastly, something sort of strange…

when pigs fly

I’ll leave you with that to muse over. 😉

Also, a note for the Poptropican Portraits this week: I’ll be posting them on Saturday, because of the holidays yesterday, and because I have a derp load of requests to draw! 😀

There’s more trivia over on our Mocktropica Island page, so be sure to check that out!


28 thoughts on “Mocktropica’s Trash Bin”

      1. It’s sad to think that the Legendary Swords Battle Arena might be canceled… 😦 I was so excited for it when pictures of the MFB Battle Arena popped up, before I knew it was for Mocktropica.

  1. Yeah, I saw those. Interesting…
    I really hate to be against practically everybody, but I’m dreading that “Balloon Boy Rescue Island!” BB is my favorite Poptropica character and I want him to be safe and all, but if we rescue him, than he won’t be himself anymore! He’ll just be a regular Poptropican! The running gag won’t be on anymore islands! Does ANYBODY agree with me? 😦

    As for the battle arena, I hope they make one soon. I was looking forward to that. Oh! Maybe the Sky Pirate/When Pigs Fly Island is hinting at all those Daily Pop Sneak Peeks in the sky! What do you guys think? IDK about the binary code though. Hmm…

    1. I agree about balloon boy. 🙂 He is the awesome poptropican that floats off on a balloon! He wouldn’t be himself if there was an island about him being rescued. If there would be an island about it I feel like it would kind of be a little like the Creators were running out of ideas for islands. I have two ideas: 1) The Creators are making bonus quests for all the islands (but would they do that?) or 2) That was one of the dream island contest ideas( like they were doing daily pop pics about peoples dream islands) Let me know if you have any more ideas.

      1. I definatly agree. I always laugh so hard whenever he makes a cameo.
        They should do more.
        The only thing i don’t like about Balloon Boy is the FNAF version. Which one had it first?
        Meh, who cares? Pop is better.
        Because FNAF is evil.

  2. I found a Daily Pop of the Trash Can, EMPTY:

    I also found something else out. It’s about the return of Monster Carnival Island. Check out Super Thunder’s blog to see my post, and what I mean.

    1. Also check out my STB post about what I think of the MCI Script in the trash…….. It’s not what we think.

      Maybe the Creators’ Resolution is to bring us MCI?

  3. The mysterious code thing you found in the trash looks what that glitching boy said and yeah I just finished that island I noticed that looked it up and found this.

  4. Definitely interesting. But I have one (ok, maybe two) questions….WHY has this only been found now and if these really are plans for the future, why would all of it be found in a Mocktropica dustbi and not one of the more new islands?

    “gasp” or this could all be a conspiricy

    1. This post is actually from Dec 2013, around the time Mocktropica was released, so they’re not new findings by this point. Mocktropica is full of references about the Poptropica gameplay, and this dustbin is part of that. They’re not necessarily plans for the future – just some interesting Poptropica tidbits. But who knows? 😛

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