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PHB Sunday Special: Hacks, Music, and Genius

Hi Gs,

A while ago, Strange Cat (or Christmas Clown) mused that I may become the new Codien…

I didn’t really take it seriously, but now, I sort of wonder.  I think I may have hit the jack pot, I can prove it to you with a link.  Maybe even a couple links.  Anyway, let’s break this down into parts.

Gamer Guy

The talk of the town is that Gamer Guy got fired.  Well, I’m pretty sure he didn’t get fired.  I have my theories, but I also may know who he really is. I don’t know for sure, but Kyle Fox sure fits the description:

I believe that Kyle did a one time job for Poptropica, and the posts were just part of that.  They took advantage of the situation, and made it into a sort of publicity stunt.  When the job was over, his fun was over. This seems to be slightly forced though, so what do you guys think?

The Music

If I haven’t told you before, here it is:  if all else fails, I will root for the new improved islands JUST because of the amazing soundtrack. Jeff Heim is a genius, his music is genius, and you can hear the actual original soundtracks from their original files. This is only the beginning.  More will be revealed later.

The Backgrounds

As well as music, you can view the backgrounds of scenes just like you can view items!  Sadly, you can’t save them to you computer, as they are shockwave files, and some of them are off of the screen.  Maybe in the future we can have a page dedicated to the backgrounds, as there are key words to reveal them.

The Body

You can also view parts of the Poptropican body!

The Sounds

You can also hear the sounds!


In  all, I think that this is a major breakthrough, and it’s not just for the sound islands.  To file away everything together will be a huge undertaking, but I think that it can be done!

There is more than just what I showed you today; the possibilities are endless!  I will post more some time or another. 🙂



49 thoughts on “PHB Sunday Special: Hacks, Music, and Genius”

      1. I really want to know. Ive been interested in how poptropica works ever since i started playing it. Anyways I spend hours on my computer everyday, with nothing to do but play poptropica, Ive beat all the islands I can play, some multiple times, and I would like poptropica to be more interesting. Even just possibly seeing sneak peeks of the new upcoming islands.

      1. I do not know. If you use Chrome you can always right click and select Inspect Element. That always has some good stuff.

      2. Yes, but you have to use them with style 😉
        The tab I find my stuff is the Networking tab 🙂

  1. Kyle Fox’s LinkedIn page says that he “composed, performed and recorded the music for Poptropica’s new game, Mega Fighting Bots“, which as we know is what Gamer Guy was promoting on the Creators’ Blog! He worked from October 2013 to December 2013 – 3 months, which seems reasonable seeing as “Gamer Guy” was an intern.

    Anyway, these are some really cool finds, HP! (Could you let me know how you found all these files/links? Perhaps I can help you document them.)

  2. LOL, I thought GG didn’t exist at all, the Creators just pretended to be him to promote their new game, MFB. But I guess you’re absolutely right, GG is probably Kyle Fox. But anyway, yeehoo to me for figuring out that the Creators did that to promote MFB (umm, SP, you’re not the only one that figured this out 🙄 ) Anyway great findings HP!

    1. can confirm:
      you can find additional names by going to a poptropica room (on non upgraded islands), right clicking the page background (not game background), and clicking view source. There you will find the page information. look around line 50 you will find the necessary information to input onto the link above. Example:
      I’m currently trying to figure out how to manipulate the page view size. I found that using a combination of zoom in, restore down window (changing window size), pulling the image to the right as much as possible, maximize window, then repeating from restore down window, helps increase view range.
      more examples:

  3. this is kinda off topic, but i dont know where to put it :/
    Zoom in all the way while on S.O.S so you can see out of the main playing view. at the main street area (where you start) and at the bottom, slightly under the water youll see two mysterious looking poptropicans… im not explaining this very well :/ just look at the picture

    1. Explanation: these are test dummies, or in other words, for scale. You will see different dummies in the Daily Pops. 🙂

      1. oh, thanks! it was kinda bothering me, they weren’t cosumizable or anything :/
        and I have a comment awaiting moderation, it has some links that I think you may be interested in… you should keep your eye out for when it gets approved.

  4. Well, now that you posted this, I guess it’s time to share my other secret:



    It’s because of this:

    [audio src="" /]

    How does this relate to spy?

    Well, look at the url! It says “Spy_Main_Theme.”

    You can download it too! But I don’t wanna say so the creators don’t get mad.

    1. ok, ok, ok, ok!
      your post posted 4 times :/ lol, anyways I guess i wont be evil and keep it to myself… but i would really love helping you guys index them all, i actually find it fairly fun and im extremely bored right now!

  5. I wonder if theres a way to open one of the files, in the same tab as your poptropica game is in… possibly applying an item to your accounts… but if we found something like that, id recommend protecting it with a password, so it doesnt turn out like m.a.p did…

    1. I have the exact same idea!!! And you are right, we would have to keep that one secret.
      Awesome! Wanna email me, we can work on it…

  6. Ummm.. i bet you can move around the .swf to change your costume. Yes i did just comment on a 2 year old post.

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