Time Tangled Island

Time Tangled isn’t Tangled anymore, and a new creator!

Time Tangled1

Hey everyone! It has been confirmed, Time Tangled Island has now been updated with the new navigation/soundtrack upgrade! Here’s the weird thing: the news was posted by an intern for the Poptropica Creators. His name is Gamer Guy!


You may have seen him in previous Daily Pop sneak peeks, and he is also on Zomberry Island (where we had the opportunity to play a video game in his apartment). Anyway, it sounds like Captain Crawfish is a bit wary of him too… (Hey Crawface, why don’t you hire the PHB crew?) Gamer Guy thinks the island isn’t his “type” – there’s not enough music, aliens, or fighting robots for him. Yeah, sounds like one of those 24/7/365 gaming addicts…

Anyway, that’s it Icicles, and I’m TI!

Man I need a better catchphrase… LOL


15 thoughts on “Time Tangled isn’t Tangled anymore, and a new creator!”

  1. Sweet!! Maybe “Gamer Guy” posting is a hint that Virus Hunter is going next? I’m pretty sure they’re going by the most popular islands. As said in the Livestream a month or so ago, 24 Carrot Island is one of the most played islands on Poptropica.

    1. I agree with you on that, but what I’m thinking is they will probably do either Zomberry (Gamer Guy was in it) Twisted Thicket (On the music track), or 24 Carrot (Most played island) next.

  2. Why do you call us icicles, and what’s TI? XD you ppl and your txt slang… Wait I’m using it too O-O ADD ME! (JessieKip)

  3. Haha, I was cracking up when I was reading his post… the Grammar Police is taking note… Anyways… you want to fight robots? It’s called Legendary Swords. You want to fight someone and feel accomplished? We got islands for that! Give it a chance, Abe!

    (XD I have a feeling the next few days are gonna be hilarious…)

      1. “H8 2 dubl post but did u no tht teh mocktropica extras r on da mocktropica island page nao?”
        As hard as I force myself I can’t type with as much swagger as Gamer Guy 😛

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