Daily Pop Sneak Peeks, Virus Hunter Island

A Contagious Prediction

Hey, everyone; it’s me again! I’m sure when you’re flipping through the sneak peeks on the Daily Pop, all you’re seeing is stomachs, livers, and all sorts of stuff inside the body. But occasionally you see something like this:


This is the kind of stuff that tells you all about an island. So now stay tuned while I make a short list of…

Angry Wing’s Bold Predictions!

  • There is a man named Joe Stockman
  • Joe lives on Virus Hunter Island (the cards say so)
  • He wonΒ a trip abroad (travel rating card) and (You Won! envelope)
  • On his trip abroad, he acquired a foreign disease
  • It is our job to cure that disease
  • The common room could be Bob’s Place Barbeque (coupon)
  • Lastly, maybe the disease isn’t a real disease… what if it’s… nanobots?




And we do know what Joe Stockman’s house looks like:


Notice the caption, “A Spartan existence for an average Joe.” Clever wordplay, Creators… Clever Wordplay.

Then there are the character drawings by Nasan Hardcastle.

Now that we know there’s a Video Store Clerk, we can connect that to this Sneak Peek.


By the way, Green Square is a reference to Redbox, and “Bust the Block” is a reference to Blockbuster.


Let the dramatic music play!

(We’ll check my predictions after the island is released.)

Goodbye everyone! *takes a bow*

12 thoughts on “A Contagious Prediction”

  1. Yay, first comment! That’s so cool, Angry Wing! I bet your predictions will be totally true. πŸ˜€

  2. Interestingly, there’s that tabloid from Reality TV Island and another reference to Papa Pete’s Pizza. Also, those green things are viruses, as in Virus Hunter Island, so it could very well be a real disease. πŸ˜›

  3. Okay,so I read a Daily Pop today and I saw a picture of a heart.Though you predicted that Joe was the one who acquired the disease,I think different.The caption in the picture was: Doggone it: The heart beats a little faster for man’s best friend.

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