The Poptropolypse Games?

(misspelling is intentional)

Hey guys, BT here. Now, there’s been some peculiar activity in the island of the Poptropolis Games. Apparantly, when you go on the map, you see that island shaking and a question mark icon over it. Here’s the news article the Creators had released:

DECEMBER 21, 2012 — We are tracking reports of seismic activity in the North Poptropica Sea. Initial data indicates that the tremors are based in the proximity of the Poptropolis Games. Mews Foundation seismologists are en route to the location to investigate further. At present, there is no reason to fear widespread earthquakes or further damage to the Poptropolis ruins.
This is a breaking news story… updates as events warrant…

Okay. An earthquake. …Huh?

We all know today’s date: 12/21/12. But what’s with this whole earthquake thing? Unless…

is Poptropolis going back into the sea for another 100 years? Could be a possibility. In the meantime, we can only wonder what the heck are those Creators up to…

BT out!

26 thoughts on “The Poptropolypse Games?”

    1. Looks like Harold Mews is your go-to guy for just anything. I checked out the island myself, and it is shaking! Wonder what they have planned…

  1. Dear Mr. Tomato and Company
    I confess for using the term “Poptropalypse” in a post on my blog, although I thought that I was the first person to coin that term. For further information, please visit my blog (funbrainplayground.org). (Note: this is for the PHB creators only and by no means an advertisement)

    1. Hey Popular Seagull,
      It’s probably just a coincidence. Besides, you spelled it with an A, while Brave Tomato put an O (BT is a girl by the way :P). Anyway, considering the nature of the post (Poptropolis + apocalypse), it’s not that hard to see how both of you came up with the term. It’s by no means copyrighted, so it really doesn’t matter. 🙂

  2. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I TOLD U THE WORLD WAS ENDING!!!!!!! NOW POPTROPICA IS TOO!!!! *buys millions of dollars worth of food* *rents underground, emergency room* *stores money in a safe* *lights house on fire* *gets A TON of water* *installs toilet* *brings down books, wide screen TV, and computer* *locks door* *hides under blanket* *crys* 😥

    1. So the choices (including this) are:

      a) The island will sink.
      b)A new challenge will arrive.
      c)The Booga Shark will rise, not realizing he is in the wrong island, and cause havoc.
      d)Poseidon will appear.

      And finally:

      e)Zombies are probably causing havoc, right now.

  3. Hello! I survived the end of the world in the Zomberry Island 2000 trailer!!! Wahoo! Oh yeah, and WHAT are the creators DOING?!? I think I like the idea… no offense… but Poptropolis Games is the island alot of people who aren’t willing to try harder and harder and harder get stuck on. So they might modify the quest a little and then add an “EASY”, “NORMAL”, or “CHALLENGE”.
    Or their just thinking up their crazy creations…
    P. S. How can you make a star on the keyboard like Brave Tomato’s? I know it’s off topic; I was just wondering.

      1. I’m with you buddy. It’s the only island that I haven’t completed 😦 I hope it goes back underwater. It’s made so poorly.

  4. okay theirs only one ex plantain first of all the world is not ending ware still hare aren’t we? okay the only ex plantain is that Dr.hare is behide it think about it he wants to take over poptropica so he’s properly behide it . and if he is how are we going to stop him and what if we can’t it could be the end of poptropica as we know it. we can only hope for the best.

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