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Zomberry: Day Zero- Part Three of Six

A new page has been added to Zomberry-Day Zero, peeps!

(click on this image to enlarge it)

Oh, Joe, you had no idea how ironic your statement was there…

It seems like our suspicions were correct when we said that the smoothies are responsible for the demise of Eastman as they know it. One girl’s coughing after sipping a smoothie, and another looks like he’s going to faint. Then lucky Fred’s eating plain ordinary fruit and seems to be okay. Oh great… this is gonna get dark.

Were you originally planning to spend the holidays with a bunch of zomberries? It seems like the action will begin next page…

BT out!

27 thoughts on “Zomberry: Day Zero- Part Three of Six”

  1. Ooooooooooh my god! The magic is in the air for Christmas and the apocalypses! Yeah! *cough, cough* I mean… oh, how tragic… 😥

  2. the members only items came out today! if you don’t want to regret what you buy then don’t get the Big Blue or Safety Flare. buts that’s just my opinion. you can still like it. i like the ZMB Unit.

    1. Dude, or gal, F.Y.I the items are free so you dont “regret what you buy” and your bag has unlimited amount

  3. Calling all Poptropicans and Poptropicets! Spotted Dragon (Jingle Dragon for the Holidays) wants everyone to join her multiverse room! She is throwing a prom for everyone! You can talk, play, and meet new friends! Ladies, put on your best party dress and gentlemen, try not to look too disgusting! There will be an announcement of a prom king and queen at the end and Spotted Dragon will provide entertainment at the end too, if no one volunteers! I’ll be there the whole time, but probably not always there-there.

    Time: Dec. 7 – Dec. 9
    Rules: Do not use potions on other people, only yourself, Do not place anything (Ex. The Safety Flare)
    Hostess: Spotted Dragon
    Room Code: ABW68
    (The tables are under the umbrellas and the top “floor” is the dance floor)

    Also Spotted Dragon is looking for waiters, waitresses, a magician, a singer, and a couple people to help make sure everything stays under control (A.K.A. Guards). If you volunteer for one of these jobs, please ask me first and come dressed according to your job.

    To Slanted Fish: I hope it’s ok that I’m posting this, I don’t have a website.
    Also! The next Zomberry comic has come out!

      1. jingle dragon:your multiverse room code expires when you exit Poptropica. i tried having a multiverse party through the comments and i told everyone to come the next day. i set up the mutiverse room and logged out. but when i logged back on my Poptropican was not in multiverse anymore. it was in super power

      2. HH, I know, I didn’t log out or close the tab. I made it so it would stay up, but my computer sucks and things broke. :/

  4. BTW: You may not see the “tables” I placed down, so just remember that the top floor is dance floor and the rest are table areas.

  5. hey sf what website did u make this blog on?
    i have a website but its not good & i cant change the image so plz tell me!
    thanks, toaau

      1. Hey Toauu – this blog was made with By ‘image,’ I’m assuming you mean the picture at the top, called the header image. With WordPress, you can change that by going to Appearance -> Header on the dashboard. Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. AKA Golden sponge

    Here’s what I think…

    FRED DID IT! * Shoves Him in front of camera *
    Fred: What?! I’m innocent!
    Fred: Fine! My fruit is really cheese….
    Me: Oh. Your in the clear. FOR NOW!
    Fred: * Running * WAHHH!! MUMMY!

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