SOS, it’s the Vampire’s Curse!

Okay, first of all, SOS is now available to the public!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

S.O.S. Island is now available to all!


Visit Poptropica now to play S.O.S. Island!

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Okay, that’s great for the non-member audience out there…
Random Audience Member: But what about Vampire’s Curse Island???
Well, yesterday, the Creators released the trailer… and… let’s just say it’s different from the other trailers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watch the trailer for Vampire’s Curse Island!


The trailer for Vampire’s Curse Island is here!

Pretty spooky, eh?

Vampire’s Curse Island is coming soon to Poptropica. We’ll have a lot more information soon!

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Aha. So this Count Graham cracker (excuse me, Bram) guy is taking an innocent girl? One word: Dracula.
Well, along with the trailer yesterday, the Creators also posted the story page for Vampire’s Curse Island, with once again, an epilogue! Hey, the epilogue’s always somewhere!
The story page reads:
For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?
Okay. The Creators gave us TWO things to worry about. One, getting this Katya girl away from Count Bram, and two, avoid Bram’s vampire curse.
Also, there’s going to be an epilogue bonus quest for members only after you finish the island. It reads:
Poptropica members can play a bonus quest after completing Vampire’s Curse Island. The vampire is gone, but his curse lives on. Prepare to discover even more secrets of Bram’s castle — if a dangerous vampire hunter doesn’t get there first!
 Yikes. Well, the page also shows the store items for members including a count/countess costume, vampire bat PopGum, and garlic breath. They’ll probably be released when Early Access time comes around.
There are also some screenshots, a desktop wallpaper, and a printout poster!
But the release date is still a mystery…
Audience Member: A mystery wanted to be solved!
Calm down… eventually, the Creators will announce more stuff about this island.
BT out!

Update: Here’s Loud Shark’s Lorax Ad walkthrough!


58 thoughts on “SOS, it’s the Vampire’s Curse!

  1. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Wanna know a coincidence? I also had the idea of making a post like this, similar title, and same things to put in it, in the same order. XD One difference: Your post is better 😀

    One thing: Do you mind adding in an ad walkthrough by LS about the Lorax? Ill post the vid in a comment later.

    • lazy moon says:

      you need to find a snail shell,15 silver pennies,and a nail then go to truffula village go up as high as you can click the dirt give it to the guy holding the axe plant a truffula seed and you get a disco tree that you hold in your hand and press space and your poptropica makes a tree and everyone int the scene will start to dance,truffula tree seed does the dame thing as disco tree exept a different tree and no dancing,lorax mustache a giant orange mustache the takes away glasses etc,lorax t-shirt that says THE LORAX,you get to keep the truffula seed not the one above,and fabulous thneed some type of jump suit that has some parts sticking out (BTW i`m not LS)

  2. cttransit487 says:

    News from
    Lots of 6th-12th Grade Campers who attended to go to First Niagara Spring All-Country Open School is going to Hierlozer Middle School to have a opening night of SOS Island.
    by Marky Homes

  3. Joanna, AKA Incredible Bubbles says:

    Hi, this is Incredible Bubbles, real name Joanna R.C. (I am NOT TELLING what the initials stand for, or some of you may hunt my school down and go to the website and go to my blog and find a comment and track down my home address and kidnap me, although I am sure none of you would do that to a fellow poptropican, but, just to make sure.) Well, anyway, I forgot my other E-Mail account but I have a back up one, so all is well.
    If you need me, cause I am a poptropica member, I will be at the arcade on Early Poptropica every Thursday arvo from 4:00 whenever possible, if not, the soda pop shop and at 24 Carrot’s common room at 2:00 sunday arvos.
    The rest of the info will be here ASAP.

  4. MStorm/MBones, wishingIwasademigod says:


    Okay, Creators, now you have REALLY dropped the ball.

    Who ate all your imagination, huh?

    Vampires, seriously?
    Just because a handful of people enjoy twilight (which, personality, i will never watch or read because I think it’s STUPID), you have to go and put out a vampire island.

    Come on!!!! Vampires are boring now!!!

    Bring on Doctor Who island, 39 Clues island, Kane Cronicles island, Jelindel Cronicles island, Video Game Land island (which would hopefully include Sonic, Mario, Spyro, Crash, Pikachu and all the famous gaming icons).

    You guys are really a few marbles short of the bag, now.

    Vampire’s curse?

    I will NOT be playing it.
    Wimpy kid was bad enough.

    (no offence to any twilight fans. Please do not come and hit me with a stick. Or at least until I start martial arts)

    • SC says:

      I remember once I went to the library to attempt to read twilight, but I couldn’t get past the first page. I remember it was all torn up and it smelled bad. I don’t want to try reading that again..

    • Zey-shomi says:

      Whoa there, kiddo, no need to rage.
      I doubt they put it there because of people who like Twilight. And your ideas are not even as creative. All of your ideas consist of stuff from movies and other series that’s not Poptropica’s. Stop being such a spoiled brat and be thankful they’re trying to make new islands.

      • SC says:

        If you did that would be so cool! Could you describe how it looked like to me? I remember about a few years ago, I could’ve sworn I saw a centaur, but I might have been seeing things. Why would a centaur be standing in the middle of the road looking at a school bus? But anyways just describe it and I might be able to tell if you did see a werewolf.

      • lazy moon says:

        it was all a black wolf sillhouette exept for its glowing red eyes and it started to charge after the poptropican and due to the daily pop i think its called the Noken :-O

      • SC says:

        Oh I thought you meant you saw a werewolf in real life… 😕
        Oh well.. But I believe that was a werewolf in the preview though.

      • SC says:

        Oh.. I thought you meant in real life.. Oh well, but I do think your thought of the black silhouette was a werewolf in the preview video was indeed true. If I did see a werewolf for the first time I’d be like “that’s amazing” and then I would run. XD

  5. cttransit487 says:

    Today’s date is February 17, 2012. It is an odd day. Please take out your homework.
    Warm Up:
    Field Trip to Albertus Magnus College for New Haven CRU Vo-Ag Fair is on March 1st. Did you bring the permission slip? If you have it, give it to the teacher. If you do not have it, we can not go there. Make sure you have your
    permission slip.
    Early Dismissal is today!!!!!!!!!!! We will watch the movie. During the movie, I will grade your notes.
    Remember: Third Marking Period Closes Soon. Make sure you do the work well.
    Have a great vacation!
    See you on Monday, February 27, 2012.

  6. Aang says:

    maybe the vampire stole her to make her his bride. tons of stuff in between, and then the vampire discovers his lost love et cetera, “dies” peacefully.

  7. Hijuyo says:

    Wow, Vampire’s Curse Island sounds pretty awesome. And scary. 😛

    Check out the PHB’s Vampire’s Curse Island discussion page by clicking here.

  8. SC says:

    I remember the other day I saw a Loud Shark in a common room.. No wonder I thought I had heard that name before…
    Also, I wish the creators would give us the release date already.

  9. zelda3038 says:

    C’mon creators! I just heard about Vampires curse island and I tryed out the demo.I’ve got a bad idea about the whole Vampires Curse…What if it will turn YOU into a vampire?!And Creators,When will we see the 39 clues island?!I WANT 39 CLUES!I WANT 39 CLUES!I WANT 39 CLUES!Also, Video game island and Kane chronicles island are a must.But also a Hunger Games island would be awesome.

  10. team edward says:

    i want a twilight one! i am adictid to twilight! just think about it .it would be so much fun. i mean maby a little lovey dovey for some but please it would be so awesome! also i hate this island i refuse to play it because i take it as a insult to twilight i mean if ur gunna have something like this i mean put a little edward in to it!

    Hijuyo: The actor who plays Edward in the Twilight movies actually does not like the character he plays. Also, if you liked the vampires, Vampire’s Curse Island should be fun… and more original than copying the plot of another series!

    • team edward says:

      ya i mean its ok cuz it has vamps in it but when u like vamps and u look at mean ones when u like the good ones it just makes me hate it and i bet u if the cullens were real vamps they would not like it for makeing fun of them. but this is just silly. i mean if ur make a vampire island i would like it better if it was about twilight

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